Research findings on benefits of supplements for asthma sufferers

Pay attention to this research, my hunch is we will soon find it applies to allergy sufferers too. Researchers at the Canadian Asthma Prevention Institute (CAPI) in March released the findings of a new Retrospective Survey on the influence of nutritional supplements on asthma. The Survey reported results of a group of diagnosed asthmatics that have used scientifically formulated, potency assured, pharmaceutical-grade, nutrient supplements, for a period ranging from 3 months to 6 years. Two of the most significant results reported were - 91.4% experienced improvement(s) in their asthma symptoms, while 88.1% reduced medications (72.9% reduced beta-agonist inhaler use). Beneficial "side effects" included a reported increase in energy (87.2%), improvements in other areas of health (95.7%), reduction in existing allergy symptoms (85.9%) and improvements in sleeping patterns (72.3%)

For more details on the study, and how you can participate in future research:
Visit the web site at This site has a huge list of resource links for asthmatics.