Roomaid Portable Air Purifiers

Roomaid Portable Air Purifiers

Roomaid portable air purifiers are perfect as car air purifiers, or for hotels, rvs, trucks, vans, and travel. Personal air purifier ratings, reviews, comparisons and reports by consumer experts are available.

A pint size hepa air purifier (7"H x 8"W) for very small spaces. Best used as a portable car air purifier, on your boat, or even on your desk at work. Good optional carbon filter and Roomaid Auto Adapter Kit for screening out all those unpleasant road pollution odors. Auto Kit contains a cigarette lighter adapter, 7 ft. cord and a seatbelt clip to secure the unit.
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Roomaid Portable HEPA Air Purifiers are ideal for someone who...

  • Wants a small, affordable HEPA filtration system for home or office
  • Needs an air purifier that is quiet enough for a child's room, a hotel room, car, home office or desktop at your office
  • Needs to remove large and sub-micron particles, plus harmful vapors, gases and volatile organic compounds (VOC's)
  • Drives a trucks, vans or recreational vehicles and in a heavily polluted, smog-laden area and needs to remove auto and diesel exhaust, smoke and odor

Features of Roomaid Portable HEPA Air Purifiers

  • Smallest HEPA filtration air purifier: The Roomaid is our smallest, most affordable HEPA filtration system for your home or office on our site. It is good for spaces a little larger than a bathroom. This 7 1/2", portable air purifier weighs just five pounds.
  • Quiet: This air purifier is quiet enough for child's room, a hotel, car or home office use
  • Removes auto and diesel exhaust: An activated carbon inner filter also removes auto and diesel exhaust, smoke and odor, making it ideal for trucks, vans and recreational vehicles.
  • Three Stage Filtration Process: The Roomaid uses a three Stage Filtration Process which ensures the removal of large and sub-micron particles, plus harmful vapors, gases and volatile organic compounds (VOC's).
  • Solutions for severe VOC problems: For severe VOC problems we recommend buying the optional VOC Carbon filter supplement and using it instead of the activated carbon filter that comes standard with the Roomaid air purifier.
  • Cost effective: The Roomaid comes with 2 pre-filters so you can wash one while you use the other one.
  • Accessories: These accessories are included with Roomaid personal air purifiers: 120 Volt A.C. to 12 Volt D.C. adapter with 7 foot cord and a spare washable pre-filter

Features of Roomaid Air Purifiers

Optional Roomaid Auto Kit available

How Roomaid Portable HEPA Air Purifiers Work

Roomaid 3 Stage Filtration

Here is how the 3 stage filtration works:

Stage 1 - Large particles: 1/8" thick foam pre-filter. (washable) Removes dust, lint, carpet fibers, dander. (2 included).

Stage 2 - Sub-micron particles: HEPA - 3000 grade borosilicate filter media removes 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and larger. Removes dust, smoke, pollen, animal dander, bacteria, mold spores, attached viruses, radon daughters.
(Filter life - 2 to 5 years)

Stage 3 - Activated Carbon Inner Filter: Removes odors and VOC's (volatile organic compounds) that off-gas from aerosols, carpets, cigarette smoke, cleaners, furniture, dry-cleaned clothes, glues, solvents, paint, paneling.
(Filter life - 6-12 months)

  • Washable Pre-filter - Roomaid's snug-fitting pre-filter is machine-washable for longer life and slides over the unit like a sock.
  • High-efficiency, German-made motors: Energy efficient, inexpensive to operate
  • Integrated seals top and bottom: Prevents leaks; ensures that all air gets cleaned
  • Powder coated, baked enamel finish: Contemporary look, more durable than plastic
  • Protective internal screen: Surrounds, protects and extends HEPA filter life

Technical specifications of Roomaid Portable HEPA Air Purifiers


Roomaid Portable HEPA Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers dimensions
7.5" tall x 8.5" wide

Weight of air purifiers
6 lbs.

HEPA Filtration removes 99.97% of airborne particulates to 0.3 microns

Air Flow
(in cubic feet per minute)
20 to 40 CFM

Air Purifier Room Area Coverage
75-150 square feet

HEPA surface area
19 square feet

Agency Approvals
UL and Canadian Standards Administration

Fan Speed of air purifiers
Two settings

Filter life
Activated Carbon inner filter: 6-12 months, HEPA filter 2-5 years

Air purifiers power consumption
4.5 watts

Reports by consumer experts on Roomaid Portable HEPA Air Purifiers
Courtesy of Allergy Buyers In terms of doing what it sets out to do our panel rated it 3 stars (good).

  • Eliminate Highway Fumes: HEPA filter for a car to help eliminate highway fumes
  • Small and Light: Office desk top filter or something small and light enough to fit into a gym bag and easy to carry on airlines for putting beside your bed in a hotel room or while visiting friends or relatives.
  • Great Accessories: The car cigarette lighter adapter and seatbelt clip options are great accessories to have if you are on the road a lot.


  • What you need to realize is that this machine is about 1/10 the capacity of some of our larger models such as the Blueair or IQair. So do not even begin to think this machine as being adequate for a small bedroom - it would be undersized. It is good for a space a little larger than a bathroom.
  • While it is undersized for small rooms, it is better than nothing when you are traveling, so the Roomaid fulfills that need very well.
Summary: However, we liked it. We tested it out in a variety of situations and found it lightweight, amazingly small, and nicely quiet. It is a midget air cleaner but we recommend it highly for a limited number of tasks. Add the optional auto adapter kit below and you can take it on the road with you to help in smog-laden areas and expressways with fumes from diesel fuel. If you are traveling by car and have room in the trunk the Hamilton Beach air purifiers are better for vacation homes or hotels rooms.

Best Information About Air Purifiers

Warranty: The motor fan is warranted for 5 years; all other parts except for filters have a 1 year warranty.

Availability: In Stock.

Roomaid Portable Air Purifier - HEPA


Portable air purifiers includes 2 prefilters, hepa filter, carbon filter, 110/115 plug ith 7 ft. cord.

Availability: In Stock

Roomaid Auto Adapter Kit


Optional Kit contains contains a cigarette lighter adapter with 7 foot cord and a seatbelt clip to secure the unit. Great for travel in or out of the car!

Roomaid Annual Replacement Filter Kit


Kit contains 3 pre-filters and 2 activated inner carbon filter blankets.

Roomaid Replacment HEPA Cartridge


Replace every 2 to 5 years depending upon usage.

Roomaid VOC Carbon Filter Supplement


This is an optional carbon(100%)inner canister blanket used for odor/VOC control (use instead of the acti-carbon inner blanket that comes standard with the Roomaid). Lasts 6-12 months.