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Space-Saving Ionic Purifier covers up to 500 sq. ft., removes allergens, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, odors and other pollutants, adds negative ions to theair every second. Virtually silent operation, compact size, filterless operation, no more filter changes, wipe clean. ABS plastic, 31/2 x 12 x 81/4".

  • Panel wipes clean
Customer Reviews:
  • Surround Air Ionizing Air Purifiers
    I bought 6 of these for my 3000 square foot home over a year ago and they work wonderfully. We put one in every bedroom and 2 in the family and living room and our allergies have reduced dramatically. The great thing is there are never any filter replacements to buy - ever! Just wipe the collector clean with a damp rag and reinsert and turn back on. Collector is held in place with 2 thumb screws and easy to remove and reinstall. Only reason I gave it 4 vice 5 stars is you need to clean the collectors approximately every 3 weeks or else their effectiveness degrades quite a bit. If you could go a month or more without cleaning I would have given it 5 stars....more info