Ozone generators have been used for over a hundred years for purification and sanitation purposes. Ozone's properties as a bactericide, viricide, fungicide and deodorizer are well accepted by the scientific community. Industry and the general public have eagerly accepted ozonation as a water and air purifier. However, it is also well established that exposure to high levels of ozone can be harmful to health, and at certain levels can be a respiratory irritant. Biozone's Purifying Plasma contains ozone. But Biozone's SafeZone? method will not allow the accumulation of ozone to exceed recommended, safe levels. It is a fail-safe method. It does not rely on electronic gadgetry or inexpensive sensors, but combines the science of ultraviolet radiation, atom disassociation, quantum yield, and optimization of unit geometry. In practical terms, this means as the ozone level in an environment begins to rise, the machine will automatically reduce the amount of ozone contained in the plasma, thereby keeping the accumulation at low levels. There is no longer a reason to have concern about the potential harmful effects of too much ozone. Biozone's air purifiers provide all the wonderful, powerful benefits of small amounts of ozone but with none of the worry associated with previous ozone devices.