"Seven Steps Towards an Asthma Free Child" Book Review Tips on Treatment for Child Asthma by Murray Grossan, M.D.

Dr. Richard N. Firshein's Breath of Life
"7 Steps Toward an Asthma Free Child" by Dr Richard N. Firshein
Publisher: Mighty Words, In Santa Clara, Ca.
This is a how to book that gives easy steps for people with an asthmatic child should do to help the child, and at the same time help relieve their own anxiety.

As a parent, I appreciate the 5 ways to get your child to eat right - including placing healthy and greasy food on a towel overnight to show them the "yech" fatty grease from the junk food.
The chapter on nutritional healing clears up a lot of confusion on what foods are valuable.
Dr Firshein seems to have treated a lot of children. His breathing exercises are the kind that a mother can teach her child very easily. For example"blow the sailboat to improve air exchange".
There is considerable attention to teaching a child not to panic with his attacks and how to help him feel "relaxed". The visualizations he describes can be learned easily by children.
The text is written very simply yet has a very extensive up to date
bibliography and references. I feel most parents will find material here to help then with their asthmatic child.
Dr Richard N . Firshein practices in New York and his web site is at