Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Quadra Compact Silent Air Purifier (one Gray) with one FREE Air Freshener (SI697GY1)

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Product Description

Ionic Breeze is The Sharper Image's most popular product, with more than one million sold. A leading independent research national survey showed that Ionic Breeze is America's most trusted brand of air purifier. It also confirmed Ionic Breeze enjoys the highest customer satisfaction ratings among all major brands, as demonstrated by repeat purchases by Ionic Breeze owners (and purchases by dissatisfied owners of competing brands); and in ratings for "exceeding expectations," "good customer service" and for "delivering on promises." Compelling features include silent operation; efficient air cleaning and odor reduction; no replacement filters; ultra-low energy use; lightweight, attractive, low-profile housing; and 24-7 air cleaning. Created by Sharper Image Design.No air cleaner can protect against the harmful effects of secondhand tobacco smoke. Clean air begins with a smoke-free environment. To learn more, visit

  • Room air cleaner circulates and cleans air with no motor, no fan and no noise. Key features include absolutely silent operation; proven efficient air cleaning; odor reduction; no replacement filters; low energy use; lightweight, attractive housing; continuous air cleaning.
  • Our tests at leading research centers show that Ionic Breeze does a great job capturing particles like pollen, dander and other airborne allergens and irritants. The affordable Quadra Compact has been tested at America's leading allergy research center, prominent universities and independent labs to confirm its efficient trapping of airborne particles.
  • With Ionic Breeze, there are no messy, expensive filters. Quadra is an electrostatic precipitator that charges airborne contaminants and traps them on oppositely charged stainless steel collectors that wipe clean with a cloth. Quadra Compact is powered by only 6 watts. Compared to high-watt HEPA machines, it pays for itself in less than a year.
  • Cleans 24-7! All air cleaners should run continuously but noisy fans and expensive 200-watt power demands make that impractical with those big HEPA machines. Silent, low-energy Ionic Breeze, in contrast, is designed to run continuously, especially in the rooms where you spend the most time at home.
  • Quadra is 19" tall and 4 1/4 lbs, with almost the same cleaning power as the larger Quadra. Uses only 6 watts. Extra collection grid available (SI939). Plug into 3-prong outlet. 5-year warranty. Specials: Full-price unit includes FREE $69.95 Ionic Breeze Air Freshener; buy two air purifiers and save 50% on the second. Created by Sharper Image Design.
Customer Reviews:
  • Great product for allergy sufferers.
    I bought one Ionic breeze for my bedroom and noticed an immediate improvement in my allergy problems throughout the night and woke up less congested in the morning. I seriously cannot say enough positive things about what this product has done for me. I recently had the opportunity to purchase a cheaper refurbished unit and jumped on it, and placed that one in the living room. The unit in the bedroom seems to collect normal dust-like gray fuzz. But the living room unit must collect all the soot that comes off of the candles I burn, and the collectors are always covered with black grime. So I can really observe not only its collecting properties, but the difference in the material it collects in each room. I can't speak for why this product doesn't work for others, but it has definitely made a difference in the air quality of my apartment and helped me with my indoor allergy problems. Perhaps the negative reviews written here by people who admittedly don't even own an Ionic Breeze, are written by employees of the competitors?...more info
  • Absolutely useless
    That is not my opinion but consumer reports, who tested this piece of junk scientifically. In 19 hours of testing in a sealed chamber, Ionic Breeze couldn't even remove the effect of 1/8th of a cigarette. No one should buy this....more info
  • buyer beware
    This "air cleaner" does not actually clean the air. Rather it oozes a constant stream of ozone. What's ozone you ask? It's an unstable molecule which readily collapses and releases free radicals. Think of free radicals as little pac-men, gobbling up anything in their path: germs, lung tissue, anything and everything organic. So, while this little beauty doesn't actually clean the air at all (see consumer reports), it can, in fact, horribly irritate you eyes and lungs as it did mine. So why the good reviews? Effort justification. People spend over $100 dollars on this piece of junk and it would create too much psychological dissonance for them to admit that they got taken. Much easier to just pretend that it works. That and employees from Sharper Image writing reviews themselves. Please, if you stumbled across this review, do yourself a favor and at least look at the Consumer Reports before you make a decision. And then, if you're smart, buy something else.

    ...more info
  • Ionic Breeze Quadra is AMAZING
    I have to say that the Ionic Breeze Quadra product is AMAZING. And I'm not kidding. I am now a regional spokeswoman of sorts! I have really bad allergies, and my sister brought hers over for me to try, because I was remodeling my kitchen, and there was a lot of dust and other stuff in the air, and I was SO impressed, that I ended up ordering not ONE, but TWO of them.

    The product did not get very good reviews through Consumer Reports, but here is my story. I was a TOTAL disbeliever. I saw the commercials (INFOMERCIALS), and my sister was using hers and bragging...but I thought....oh, it can't be THAT good! NOTHING ever works like they say it does on TV! But...I plugged in my sister's Quadra, and approx. 3-4 hours later when I returned to the room it was in, the room had that fresh air, open window smell to it! And this is saying a LOT, given the fact that I have two LONG HAIRED Chow Chow dogs, AND I'm in mid-remodel with dust and dirt flying everywhere. It has cut down my use of Claratin-D, AND my Kleenex consumption is down, too...because I was forever sneezing because of all the dust and allergins in the air.

    So, in closing, I LOVE this product!! If the darn thing didn't cost so much, I'd order one for EVERY room in my home! If you have allergies and/or asthma like I do, this product is essential....more info
  • Not impressed
    This product makes the room smell great. It's the "after-the-rain" kind of smell (due to the ionizer, I'm sure.)

    The collection plates do gather a bit of gunk, but I don't know that it's enough. I still get a lot of dust build up on furniture. And during allergy season, I'm still stuffy and I still sneeze a lot.

    I bought this product because I liked the fact that it didn't use a lot of electricity and it was silent. It is for the most part silent. It needs to be cleaned every day or so, even if the clean light isn't on. If you don't clean it, you get a clicking static sound, which is kind of annoying. Especially if it starts in the middle of the night.

    I would not suggest buying this air purifier. It's definitely not worth the money.
    ...more info