Sharper Image Philips 15W Germicidal Sterilamp (SI922)

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Product Description

Our Ionic Breeze GP "Germicidal Protection" Silent Air Purifier (SI730) comes with one Philips 15W UV Germicidal Sterilamp installed. This Sterilamp is manufactured in Holland and has an 8,000-hour effective life about one year at 24 hours a day! Replacement Sterilamps are inexpensive and easy to install. What is ultraviolet germicidal protection?All light is measured in wavelengths, ranging from the invisible ultraviolet through the visible and up to infrared. Germicidal UVC found in sunlight, is at the range of 2537 angstroms and its photons have just the right level of energy to physically destroy the DNA of microorganisms. Ultraviolet germicidal protection is a safe and proven technology that uses lamps resembling ordinary fluorescent tubes to generate UVC light to kill bacteria, mold, spores and viruses. Unlike antibiotics, microorganisms cannot develop immunity to UVC light. Viruses are especially susceptible to destruction by UVC.

  • Replacement lamp for Ionic Breeze GP Silent Air Purifier.
  • Ultraviolet lamp kills bacteria, mold and viruses.