Sharper Image SI637 Ionic Breeze Quadra Silent Air Purifier, Full Size

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Product Description

The Sharper Image Ionic Breeze? Quadra Silent Air Purifier offers an array of innovative features that have made it one of the most popular products for Sharper Image?. Completely silent as it operates, this air purifier traps airborne particles (dust, pollen, pet dander and tobacco smoke) with superior efficiency. There are no filters to replace, simply wipe the stainless steel collection grid with a damp cloth. Energy efficient, the Ionic Breeze uses only 15 watts of power. 28" high. Available in gray. Its silent! There isnt any other air cleaner like it on the market. Others claim to be quiet but there simply are no other air purifiers that move air in total silence. Ours uses patented Zenion Effect™ technology to circulate air electronically — without a noisy fan. No filters to replace! Youll never buy or change a filter again. Theres no other quality air purifier that traps airborne particulates on easily cleaned stainless steel collection rods. You save the hassle, the mess and lots of money by not having to buy replacement filters. Run 24 hours a day! Because its silent, and because its powered by so little energy, youre free to run the Quadra 24 hours a day, every day! Other air cleaners have fan motors that use up to 250 watts. But Ionic Breeze is electronic and uses less than 15 a night-light! And because other air cleaners are so noisy, people tend to turn them off — allowing airborne irritants to build back up in no time. Wit

Customer Reviews:
  • Ozone

    I did not like this product because of the harmful ozone it emits into the air that created a bleach like smell, and after a few hours i did encounter some breathing problems and lung pain which is characteristic of ozone use.

    I would recommend an air purifier without ozone. Some good ones rated on consumer reports were the Fredrich, Whirlpool, Bionaire and Hunter. I hope this helps....more info
  • This Puppy May Kill You!
    Here is the scoop: There are serious questions about the safety of this appliance, because of Ozone or nitric oxide output. The sharp smell around the quadra is NOx - a toxic gas, but the odorless gas ozone is poisonous and dangerous. Ozone is generated whenever there is high voltage - such as in the Quadra. Sharper claims that the ozone levels are safe, but there are no numbers or tests done specifically on the quadra to absolve it. Ozone is a toxic gas that attacks the lining of the lung, and any presence of ozone is a fact to be taken very seriously.
    OK - On to the the anecdotal experience. I used the quadra on low in my bedroom. I experienced breathing problems and went to the emergency room. Their diagnosis was an idiopathic dark area on lungs. Cat scans said it was not cancer.
    An elderly friend suddenly developed serious lung fibrosis after putting the quadra in her room. The doc said the fibrosis was recent, and was unsure what caused it. ...more info
  • Very BAD customer service, keep your fingers crossed!!!
    Just got one of this last week. Don't know if it works for purify the air, because it is totally DOA. Making a terrible noise and keeping saying it's dirty and need to clean. Only thing I can notice is a terrible smell make by this machine. Call for RMA # and they said it need ONE WEEK to send. And I will need another FOUR WEEKS after they receive this JUNK and send me a replacement. This is ridicious!!! They took your money and hold your stuff for one and half month!!! Totally unacceptable. Never try to by anything from tham again. BEWARE!!!...more info