Sharper Image SI697 Ionic Breeze Quadra Compact Silent Air Purifier

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Product Description

Room air cleaner circulates and cleans air with no motor, no fan and no noise. Key features include absolutely silent operation; proven efficient air cleaning; odor reduction; no replacement filters; low energy use; lightweight, attractive housing; continuous air cleaning. Our tests at leading research centers show that Ionic Breeze does a great job capturing particles like pollen, dander and other airborne allergens and irritants. Quadra Compact has been tested at America's leading allergy research center, prominent universities and independent labs to confirm its efficient trapping of airborne particles of one micron or larger. Save money! There no messy, expensive filters to find, buy, store and replace. Quadra is an electrostatic precipitator that charges airborne contaminants and traps them on oppositely charged stainless steel collectors that wipe clean. Quadra Compact is powered by only 6 watts. Compared to high-watt HEPA machines, it pays for itself in less than a year. Cleans 24-7! Turn off a noisy HEPA air cleaner and air pollution goes right back to where it started. All air cleaners should run continuously but noisy fans and expensive 200-watt power demands make that impractical with those big HEPA machines. Silent, low-energy Ionic Breeze is designed to run continuously. Plug into 3-prong outlet. Quadra is 19" tall and 4 1/4 lbs, with almost the same cleaning power as the larger Quadra. Uses only 6 watts. ??View Sharper Image SI697 Ionic Breeze Quadra S