Shower Head Purifier - April Shower Euro Hand-Held Chrome Water Filter APHH-CM

Shower Head Purifier - April Shower Euro Hand-Held Chrome Water Filter APHH-CM
APHH-CM April Shower Euro Hand-Held Chrome Water Filter by NewMarket Naturals

If your water isn?t clean, how can it cleanse you? Treat your skin and hair to the healthiest shower they?ve ever had with the April Shower Euro Hand-Held Chrome Water Filter APHH-CM by NewMarket Naturals. This shower head filter uses patented filtration media to eliminate chlorine, iron oxide, and other chemicals, leaving your water softened, pH-balanced, and pure. The APHH-CM?s adjustable height accommodates seated showers as well as taller adults, and it functions as a stationary or handheld showerhead. Use the handheld option to give infants and young children a bath that?s gentle enough for their sensitive skin. The showerhead features three spray options, including pulse massage. You?ll look forward to washing the day?s cares away with the April Shower APHH-CM.

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Easy installation requires no tools
Patented filtration media eliminate chlorine and other chemicals
Adjustable height accommodates seated showers, children, and taller adults


Removes 98.9% chlorine, rust water, sulfur smell, and other odors
Patented high-performance filtration media include KDF-55 (copper-zinc) and Chlorgon (mineral salts)
Reduces scale buildup on tiles and glass
pH balances the water
Versatile with stationary or handheld positions
Increases shower height by 10 inches
Adjusts to various heights and angles
Perfect for seated showers or bathing children
2.5-gpm multi-spray showerhead with pulse massage
Replaceable/reversible cartridge lasts 3-6 months (depending on water quality)
6-ft. duro-flex hose with lightweight handle
Chromed holding bracket easily attaches to shower arm without tools