Subscriber email: Reducing dander in cats by premium cat food and new cat litter by Tara P.

Editor's Note: This email came to us in response to our last newsletter
Just read your email, and have to concur on the premium natural cat foods. I have nine cats, 2 of whom are handicapped and had irritable bowel and needed to be on prescription diet for several weeks to stabilize. The vet then suggested a switch to a natural food (I was feeding a 'premium' brand already, Science Diet) - I tried Wellness, and will never feed anything else. I have also noticed less dander, so much so that I wish they made a food for rabbits, we have an indoor one, and she sheds quite a bit.

A great litter is Swheat Scoop. Not only does it really keep the smell down in multiple cat homes, it also helps with cats that have allergies to clay litters. Flushes easily.
Thanks for the info on the Airfree Sterilizer, I think we need one for our Rec Room. Will it also get rid of that 'damp' smell?
Have a great Holiday.
Tara P.