Surround Air XJ-3000 Ionic Air Purifier

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Product Description

Combines the top 5 technologies in one purifier. Six stage air purifier combines, air ionizer, HEPA filter, germicidal UV lamp, activated carbon filter, ozone option and anti-bacterial pre-filter. Disinfects viruses and bacteria trapped in the filtration bank of the Multi-Tech XJ-3000C that would normally reproduce in the typical filter.

  • Covers up to 500 sq. ft.
  • Negative Ion Output: 12,000,000/cm3 (trillions per second)
  • Germicidal UV lamp is effective at destroying the DNA cell of microorganisms
  • UV lamp life: over 10,000 hours (over a year)
  • Fan Speed: 71 cfm (cubic feet per minute)