T8602D Honeywell Chronotherm Programmable Thermostat

T8602D Honeywell Chronotherm Programmable Thermostat
Honeywell T8602D Chronotherm Programmable Thermostat - For Single Stage Systems

Keep warm or cool off while enjoying energy savings and precise environmental control with the T8602 Honeywell programmable thermostat. This affordable thermostat provides electronic control of 24-V single-stage heating and cooling systems, 750-mV gas heating systems, and 750-mV gas heating systems with 24-V cooling systems. Seven-day programming lets you customize heating and cooling schedules to accommodate your home and away periods. The large backlit LCD gets an extra boost of brightness and clarity from battery power. The T8602 holds your settings in permanent memory storage and retains them even after a power failure.

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Color White Taupe

Outdoor Temperature Sensor None (+0.00) C7089B (+32.95)

Universal Lock Box None (+0.00) Lock Box (+22.95)

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Easy operation and simple programming make this one of our best sellers
Permanent memory storage retains settings in the event of a power failure
Battery operation provides brighter display


Electronic control of 24-V single-stage heating and cooling systems, 750-mV gas heating systems, or 750-mV gas heating systems with 24-V cooling systems
Copy key makes programming easier and faster
Daylight Savings Time key for quick changeover
Temporary temperature setpoint changes for current period, vacation hold (1 to 255 days), or indefinite hold
Frequently used keys are located by the display for easy access
Attractive white styling complements any decor
Large backlit LCD display
Available with outdoor temperature sensor capability; sensor is more accurate than a thermometer
Configurable Thermostat Features:
Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display
Automatic or manual changeover
Electric or conventional heat fan operation
Adjustable heating cycle rate
Minimum off time for cooling compressors and heat pumps helps protect and extend the equipment life
"Adaptive Intelligent Recovery" control brings the room temperature to setpoint at the programmed time, maximizing comfort and energy savings
Setpoints are permanently stored in memory and retained during power outages
Full one-year warranty
7 Day Programmable Chronotherm? IV Plus Thermostat with automatic/manual changeover, 1 Heat/1 Cool stages and R,W,B,O,Y,G,RC, OT, OT terminals for gas, oil, electric or single stage heat pump systems