The New Bathroom Saga and Its New Shower Filter Chlorine removal with a shower water filter

My husband is a love, but handy he is not, so it was with trepidation I agreed that he could give his bathroom a quick face-lift. However, "quick" has not been the operative word as he is putting up wallpaper at less than one sheet a week!

However, one aspect of this saga I was able to expedite quickly, was to give him a new shower filter that we have recently added to our site. Interviewing my husband over Sunday breakfast, as to what he thought of the performance of the shower filter was a challenge. He has a hard time being serious. I finally wrestled out of him that he was surprised that the showerhead performance was what he might expect from a high quality showerhead that DID NOT have a filter. Of course, when I followed up with the question about did he notice any difference washing his hair without chlorine, he was quick to respond with "what hair!" I might also add that when I told him it took out chlorine, he told me he had just read an article on the harmful effects of chlorine and gave me my marching orders on adding better water filters all over the house as soon as I can. The new shower filter retails at $59.95. A useful gift for the holidays.