TrueAir Air Purifier 180 Sq. Feet

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Customer Reviews:
    I bought this item for my newborn one year ago and I thought it was great. Ultra quiet at nap time or anytime. I use it for an hour or so in each room in the house. But now that he suffers from allergies, the worst is in the mornings so I started using it again. I have upgraded this product from great to FABULOUS! I gotta tell you it has cut down his symptoms about 60-75%. I definitely recommend anyone buying this product. Other great features is that it uses a Heppa filter. It's very light weight and easy to move from room to room. Filters are very easy to change and it has been a year now and I haven't changed the filter as yet so I would say the filters last some time and they are about $13 for a refill. But like with any other product you buy - everyone's situation is different- I think this product is well worth the cost. I don't have cats and I think it would be asking too much to have a filter clean the hairs off your furniture - then honestly you weren't looking for an AIR PURIFIER you need a couch cleaner and everything else cleaner....more info
  • very unhappy
    I bought this to reduce the amount of dust and cat hair floating in the air. What a waste of money! It did absolutly nothing (even in our small apartment!). I am dusting furniture just as much as I was before I bought this product and there is still cat hair floating around . My baby is due in June, and I want her to breath clean air, so I am planning on getting an Ionic breeze purifier (which doesn't need filters) from the sharper image (sorry Amazon). I have heard very good things about it....more info
  • Love it!
    I must admit that at I debated for a long time whether or not to buy this product because it was a little expensive, but so far it has been worth every penny! I bought it to help with allergies and pet odor, and it has definately proven itself! I knew I wanted one with a HEPA filter because those are the most efficient at filtering out small particles in the air. I run it on the lowest setting in my bedroom at night, and when I wake up in the morning I don't suffer from morning allergies like I did before purchasing this air purifier. It used to be I'd wake up with my eyes watering and my nose running like crazy, even though I take daily allergy medication. It's great to not have to suffer through the mornings! Also, I have pet ferrets which are all kept in one room, and as you can imagine it can have a pretty strong pet odor. I run the air purifier on the medium setting in the room for an hour or so, and when I go back in there it smells fresh and clean! I was in awe. Since it covers 180 sq. ft. I can place it in an open centralized location in my house and it keeps the dust out and the air fresh. I like the three setting controls which allow you to pick how much air you want going through the filter, and I like how portable it is - not too heavy to move around. The lowest setting is whisper quiet, I barely notice it's on at night unless I really listen for it. The higher settings just sound like a fan is running in the room, so they aren't too loud either. The product is easy to use, changing the filter is a piece of cake! Over all, I've had a great experience with this air purifier, and the investment has certainly been worth it....more info