Twilight Original Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp ~ 10-16 Lbs

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Product Description

The hygroscopic(water magnetizing)and convective (rising air due to heat) properties of the lit Himalayan Salt Crystals activate a release of large quantities of healthy negative ions, which improve the quality and freshness of the ambient air. These negative ions create a balance with the positive ions which are in over abundance in indoor air due to computers, tv's, microwave ovens, and other electronic equipment. Twilights Salt Crystals were formed 250 million years ago at the foothills of the Himalayas, when the salt lakes dried up. The crystalline structure of the crystal salt was formed via gradual evaporation and the enormous pressures inside the earth due to the forming mountains.(Think coals to diamonds.) They are mined from this ancient primal sea that has been hidden and kept pristine for all these years. While Most Ionizers are man-made machines, Himalayan Salt Crystals Lamps are a natural and beautiful alternative from Mother Nature.

  • Natural Ionizing effect. Eliminates allergens!
  • Purifes the air naturally!
  • Great for us around pets!
  • No fans, no moving parts, no noise!
  • Most beautiful ionizer on the market. Gives off a firelight glow!