UV Air Purifier 5000 Exec Ultraviolet Air Purifier by AllerAir

UV Air Purifier 5000 Exec Ultraviolet Air Purifier by AllerAir
UV Air Purifier - 5000 Exec UV Ultraviolet Air Cleaner by AllerAir

What you don?t see can hurt you?microorganisms, allergens, and toxins in your air put your health in jeopardy with each breath. The AllerAir 5000 Exec UV air purifier eliminates this invisible threat with multi-layered filtration technology. A washable pre-filter traps large particles and irritants, while antimicrobial, HEPA, and activated carbon technologies suppress germs, allergens, gases and odors. The germicidal UV lamp ensures a sterile environment by killing bacteria and viruses. Effective up to 1,500 square feet, the 5000 Exec is perfect for preventing the spread of contaminants and diseases in the workplace. It?s also an ideal unit for the home, providing surefire protection for infants and children, allergy sufferers, pet owners, and anyone looking for a breath of fresh air.

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Color Copper Sandstone Pewter White Black Burgundy Blue Green

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UV technology kills infectious microorganisms
Combination filtration keeps your environment pure and healthy
Activated carbon eliminates offensive odors