Ultraviolet Air Purifier Manufacturing

Before we make anything we think of everything. A long process is drawn out to overcome potential problems. We design & develop several units every year, and the public only sees a couple. The CaluTech DSL, for example, was designed & re-designed for 2 years before we made it available. We do not introduce new systems and put them on the market until a long analysis is complete. Additionally, every unit we manufacture is hand crafted to perfection. Each and every system is not only tested, but inspected twice, by two different people, before it ships. At CaluTech we make every effort to do it right the first time, and every time. Our Made In U.S.A. label means we take pride in our American made products, and that they are, 100%.

The Original CaluTech Clear Air UV Air Purifier, now known as the CaluTech Blue with its advanced features and strong reliability.