Ultraviolet Light in Duct Work - Letter from a Member by Gil V.

I found your mid-October 2001 newsletter very interesting, particularly the response by Derek A. Laferriere, Vice President - Commercial & Medical Sales for NQ Environmental Inc. Mr. Laferriere apparently is a marketing person and not technical. He implied that ozone is emitted from within certain UV lamps, and leaks out. Had you given this reply to Dr. Godish, I'm sure he would have immediately seen this fallacy.

Ozone is formed from the oxygen in the air. It is a highly energized form of oxygen (tri-atomic instead of the usual di-atomic form), the extra energy coming from something like a lightening strike, or UV light- thus the stratospheric ozone layer, up where air is thin and solar UV radiation is strongest. And, as Dr. Gadish suggested, from UV lights in a ventilation system.
I suspect both of these experts raise valid points, and the truth lies somewhere in between. SBS is commonly caused by HVAC grown microorganisms, and UV may keep these in check, but must be properly sized and placed withing the system, and not just by anyone who has simply read about these wonder machines.