Vehicle Air Purifier and Air Freshener

Vehicle Air Purifier and Air Freshener
The air freshener that actually cleans
the air in your vehicle.

Eliminates Cigarette Smoke. Even if you smoke in your car, your car can smell brand new inside with the Beetle car air ionizer/air freshener. The ionizer eliminates the particulate and odor from cigarette smoke, while the fragrance adds a pleasing scent to your car.
Remove Pollution and Allergens. The ionization will effectively remove pollution from the roadways that enters your vehicle, as well as allergens, reducing allergies and other health problems that can occur while driving.
Five Fragrances to Choose From. The "Beetle" XJ-800 car ionizer comes with your choice of the following fragrance packets: Vanilla, Apple, Pine, Forest and Lavender.
Ultra-High Ion Output. The "Beetle" XJ-800 car ionizer is one of the few vehicle air purifiers that uses "Needlepoint" ionization, which is the highest ion-producing method available, making it more effective than other car ionizers.
Ultra-Low Power Consumption. Using only 3W of electricity, the "Beetle" auto ionizer can be left running in your vehicle all night long without draining the battery.
Place It Anywhere. Due to its compact size, the 5-foot long cord, and the adhesive pads that are included, the "Beetle" auto ionizer can be placed just about anywhere in your car.

Surround Air XJ-800 Car Air Ionizer - Advantages

Effectively Removes Allergens and Other Pollutants.

The high negative ion concentration produced by the XJ-800 effectively removes just about any type of airborne pollutant (list of pollutants removed). This includes allergens, chemicals, odors, bacteria, viruses, and other types of compounds.

High-Density Negative Ion Output.

The XJ-800 uses 3 stainless steel needle points to generate a high concentration of negative ions. The needlepoint ionization method produces a higher level of negative ions than any other method.

Long Lasting, Durable.

Since the needle points are made from stainless steel, they will not corrode like other needle points, which are typically made from less durable materials. Most needle points will erode, and will produce only low ion levels after the first few months or so of operation. Stainless steel needle points will continue to produce high ion levels for the life of the unit.

Very Low Noise.

The Surround Air XJ-800 air purifiers are virtually silent. You can only hear a very soft "hissing" sound.

Compact and Attractive.

The size of the XJ-800 makes it inconspicuous, wherever it is placed. The compact size (180 grams, and 50mm (H) x 90mm (W) x 140mm (L) allows it to fit virtually anywhere, and also makes it extremely portable. Also, its sleek and modern design compliments, or even enhances the appearance of the vehicle interior in which it is placed. The shell is covered in a sleek black velvet to compliment any interior.

Extremely Low Cost of Ownership.

Surround Air Ionizers require no maintenance , and no replacement costs. Because of the very minimal power consumption, the Ionizers will not drain your battery.

Fresh, Pleasant Scent.

The XJ-800 comes with a replaceable Vanilla fragrance. It is also available in Apple, Pine, Forest and Lavender.

The Surround Air XJ-800 ionizer also produces a very clean-smelling and sweet ozone scent, which is very reminiscent of the fresh smell in the air after a thunderstorm. Surround Air purifiers are far less likely to produce a "metallic" or "bleach-like" smell, since no nitrogen oxides are produced. Nitrogen oxides are produced by ozone air purifiers that use glass plates, and other ozonators that use the corona discharge method of ozone production. Nitrogen oxides are a lung irritant.

Safe Ozone Output.

Only a minimal amount of ozone is produced by the XJ-800, making it safe to operate even in small vehicles.

Reduces Odors.

The combination of ionization and ozone results in a fresher, cleaner smell.

Backed by an Established and Reputable Company.

Surround Air has a real service and repair department which can fix ionizers quickly, and also economically after the 1-year warranty if needed.

Surround Air has the experience and knowledge to support you even after you buy, with degreed and experienced environmental health professionals and other support staff.

Surround Air is a multi-million dollar division of Indoor Purification Systems, Inc., which has been in the air purifier business for 5 years, and operates out of a 7500 sq. ft. warehouse and office complex.

Warranty and Guarantee.

The XJ-800 is supported much more strongly than most ionizers, with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

XJ-800 Car Air Ionizer -

Model Name: XJ-800

Negative Ion Output: 100,000 ions per cubic cm (at 25 cm distance).

Negative Ionizer: Needlepoint ionization (highest ion-producing method available) using stainless steel electrodes (to prevent corrosion).

Ozone Output: .01 to .04 parts per million.

Ozonator: Ozone produced as byproduct of needlepoint ionization.

Types of Airborne Pollutants Removed: See Below

Electrical: 12VDC adapter for cigarette lighter outlet in vehicle.

Cord Length: 5 feet DC (Vehicle) Plug

Maintenance: Maintenance Free!

Dimensions (inches): H- 50mm (2 inches) x W- 90mm (3.5 inches) x L- 140mm (5.5 inches)

Weight: 180 grams

Enclosure: Environmentally-Safe Corrosion-Resistant ABS Plastic

Warranty: 1-year parts and labor

Surround Air Service Department: Indoor Purification Systems, Inc. has its own staff of highly qualified and experienced service technicians to honor the 1-year warranty that is given. There is nothing that the service department cannot fix when it comes to the model XJ-800. This way, you can rest assured that just about anything that could possibly go wrong with your XJ-800 can be repaired, even after the 1-year warranty period.

Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

Replacement Costs: No replacement costs required.

Power Consumption: 3 Watts

Control Settings: Three settings available: (1) "Hi" - runs at full capacity. (2) "Lo" - runs at half capacity. (3) "Off".

List of Pollutants Removed

Negative Ions

Exhaust Fumes
Carbon Monoxide
Acid Odors

Cigarette Smoke
Mold/Mold Spores
Fertilizer Chemicals
Carbolic Acid
Ether Alcohol
Industrial Waste

Solid Particles
Dust/Dust Mites
Dead Skin
Insect Feces (Allergenic)
Mold Spores
Animal/Pet Dander
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)