Vicks Waterless Vaporizer

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Product Description

For those battling a cold or the flu, this waterless vaporizer helps open nasal and sinus passages for easier breathing and better nighttime sleep. The vaporizer works with Vicks menthol scent pads, utilizing dry heat instead of water to warm up the pads and release the soothing vapors into the air for up to 8 hours per pad. Three temperature settings let you choose the strength of the vapors, and all settings operate silently without disturbing the patient. A built-in nightlight makes this vaporizer perfect for a child’s room or for locating it in the middle of the night to replace the menthol pad. The vaporizer’s compact design lets you place it just about anywhere--even on a tiny bedside table. This vaporizer comes with five scented pads and is covered by a one-year warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • Five pads included; 1-year warranty
  • Releases soothing menthol vapors into air via heat
  • Uses VSP-19 Vicks Soothing Menthol Scented Pads
  • Waterless--no spills or refilling
  • Three scent levels; silent operation
Customer Reviews:
  • Small and quiet
    I have bought humidifiers in the past and if you are looking for something to add moisture to the air, this is not for you. I had gotten rid of humidifiers because of the mold smell that grows in them if you do not replace the filter. I do not like them. My daughter came down with croup and towards the end of the illness came the respiratory (coughing and wheezing). Mixed with her asthma, she was just miserable at night. This really seemed to help. She came to me with a coughing attack and we realized the vaporizer was not on. So, I plugged it in and the smell seemed to calm her down and she was able to get back to sleep.

    So if you have a child who seems to have respiratory problems (breathing conditions, etc...) you might want to talk to a doctor before running the mentholated vapors through their room. But, for the occasional cold or just stuffed up then this is for you! Worked great for us. ...more info
  • wonderful for young children
    When my two-year old is congested this is an absolute life-saver. There is nothing you can give to a toddler to ease congestion, so we use this along with a cool-mist humidifier, and it absolutely helps her to breathe more easily. I have used it myself as well and it helps me too! ...more info
  • It is NASTY!
    I bought one of these for my son's room. The first night we had it, he and I stayed with my mom where we share a guest bedroom, so I was in the room too. I woke up around 1:00 am dreaming about rotting soup and quickly realized the rotting soup smell from my dreams was actually the waterless vaporizer. It was the most disgusting smell I have ever smelled. I want to gag just thinking about it now. It is boxed back up and will be returned next time I'm out. ...more info
  • Great Product
    This works so good.It's waterless and comes with 5 Vicks scented Pads.Just pop the pad in and there's three settings that control the amount of the vapors.The pads last up till 8 hours and it even glows a light green so it's a night light so you can see it in the dark.It's good for chest congestion or if you have a stuffy nose....more info
  • Getting Another
    We bought these a couple of years ago. They are the best investment for a child with congestion.

    We live in a humid climate, so there are times the humidity is just right, but a vaporizer is needed. This is the product to fill that bill. We also have a couple of humidifiers, to help adjust the humidity level, if it is too low, but many times, I've not wanted to raise the humidity, so I'm glad there is something like this that I can use.

    And it has helped my three toddlers immensely. I can tell a difference, as to how it helps, and yes, I also get relief, as a by-product, even when I'm not aware I may have been stuffy myself.

    We do not leave it on all night, only about four hours at a time, and I wipe it down, once it's cooled down, after every use. I think this has helped avoiding any skin irritation, we've not had problems with any residue, other than handling the new pad, before it's use. Per the instructions, I wash my hands immediately after putting in the pad, and have had no skin reaction, or irritation.

    We've had ours since fall of 2004, and I intend to get another, for when the life of the ones we have now expire. I don't recall when that's supposed to be, but right now, they're still going strong....more info
  • The BEST!
    I purchased this vaporizer over a year ago and it's AMAZING! Not only has it been helpful when my daughter (now 3) has been congested but my husband and I also have felt relief from cold symptoms as well. The only down side (in my opinion) is that the lid that covers the vaporizer pad is a little flimsy and broke when my daughter got a hold of it. Also, best to place it where the little ones can't reach it....the vapors leave a residue on the lid of the unit and if you get them on your hands and then touch your eyes, nose or face in general it can be quite daughter and I have both done this (unintentionally, of course). But all in all, if using all the appropriate safety measures and with proper handling this is a GREAT value for your money. The vaporizer pads are easily found at local drugstores and it's so compact that when it's not in use I can store it in a dresser drawer (I store mine in a zip-lock bag to make sure none of the vapors touch anything else). The unit emmits enough light to count as a nightlight in my daughters room....which I love, so I can monitor her more closely while she's sick.....I usually go in her room and check on her several times a night when she's ill. I would have to say, however, that the light is a little bright for my husbands preference....he prefers to sleep in darkness. But the unit is completely silent and has 3 different "strength" settings so you can get a mild to strong vapor depending on your need and preference. I love this unit and will likely buy a second when our new baby arrives....just in case they're ever both sick at the same time....more info
  • Convenient, easy clean-up and no sweaty walls! Same great Vicks vapors
    This waterless vaporizor is amazing. I have always had problems with congestion and it used to drive my mom nuts when I'd run the vaporizor all night only to wake up to sweaty walls. Any dust in the air would then run down the walls and leave dirty streaks. All that humidity also ecnouraged mold growth which just made it even harder to breathe.

    If you don't want to wreck the paint-job in your children's rooms or if you have mold allergies, you simply have to try this waterless vaporizer and the pads. Yes, the pads are single use, but they do last all night. They have that same soothing, theraputic Vicks aroma you've always known.

    The less than glowing reviews below are comparing apples and oranges. If you need steam, then get a personal steam inhalor to use. The days when people thought it was healthy to steam up a room over and over again are long gone. Keeping the humidity level that high for so many hours promotes the growth of mold and other mirco-organisms. In addition, keeping a room that wet night after night can damage your bedding and draperies and leave water droplet stains on your matte finish walls. Steam is great, but there are better ways to use it than an old fashioned vaporizer. Vicks now makes some great personal Steam gadgets as well.

    The waterless Vaporizer gives you the benefit of the Vicks vapors that consumers have relied on for years. A unique blend of Eucaplyptus, Menthol, Camphor and other oils, it's more potent than most generics or competing brands. If your child won't let you rub vapo Rub on their chest, this is a great way to give them the same effect. Of course, I'm an adult and I still depend upon this product to help with my terrible snius headaches.

    Great product! Wish they had thought of it years earlier. ...more info
  • Fantastic and No Sound!
    The waterless vaporizer is fantastic. Choose from hi, med, and lo settings and, other than the glowing nightlight, you'd doubt the machine was on because there is zero noise! I'd turn it off when I left for work and 10-12 hours later would arrive to a light, fresh scent throughout the house. Replace the used scent pad and the vaporizer is ready, set, go. ...more info
  • Amazing!
    This is perfect! No mess and is a great comfort during a chest cold. Great product, small and easy to use. ...more info
  • mom w/ coughing baby
    Picked this up becasue of it's small size. Seemed to be the perfect alternative to the regular units in my son's room. It certainly makes the room smell like Vick's but you miss out on the most theraputic part of a vaporizer...the warm water vapor that fills the room. Good if you only want to smell the suff but not so great for relief. Somtimes newer isn't better....more info
    Cute little product, but the refills are awful ! We thought they used only Menthol and Eucalyptus oil, but they use lots of other's and we can't figure out why. They only smell bad and don't help your cold at all. I looked up some of the oils and the descriptions said they were dangerous and shouldn't be used for Aromatherapy at all ???
    I bought a different model that was made in the USA and used onlt pure Menthol and Eucalyptus and I found it to be 1,000% better....more info
  • best buy this season
    I love this, my 1 year old and I can both use this waterless vaporizer, before I was rubbing vapor rub on me and cuddling , this way we all get to sleep peacefully. No hassel, no mess.
    Tip; pads can be used again if re-wet do not soak as you do not want to damage the product. but damp the pad and get more use....more info