Water Filter Review - Crown Water Filters Crown water purifiers - countertop or undercounter water purification for clean drinking water

One day earlier this summer I got a request from my staff asking for a water cooler with bottled water. I was amazed, if not a little annoyed. We had installed a water filter underneath the sink in our kitchen just 6 months ago. So what was wrong with the water? I also had visions of a litter of empty bottles all over our kitchen floor and spilled water, to say nothing of what I saw as an unnecessary expense. "We will even pay for the water cooler ourselves", said a number of our staff, so I guessed this was a hot issue.

On close investigation I found out that the water from our current water filter, which uses UV, came out rather warm and slow from its special water filter tap. People did not like to take the time to fill up water bottles to cool off in the refrigerator and felt it tasted funny until it had settled down and cooled off.
Despite my feeling that this was a fuss about nothing, I could see that the water buffs felt strongly about this.
We looked at a number of water filter solutions, and thankfully one of our water filter manufacturers came forward with a solution that has been enthusiastically received, and the price was right. What we got was a countertop water filter which installed in a matter of minutes if not seconds. The water comes out cooler, the flow of water does not slow down the people who are on the run, and best of all a couple of people said to me brightly "this tastes as good as the bottled water in the health-food store". Water crisis over!