Wein 2500 Ionic Room Air Purifier

A Major Step In The Fight To Eliminate Mold
Research has shown that mold is the primary cause of Chronic Sinusitis. This Ionic Room Air Purifier is part of a Mold Reduction Protocol developed by Dr. Donald P. Dennis, M.D.

Mold is a major cause of chronic fungal sinusitis and must be eliminated for you to get lasting relief. University studies as well as independent lab tests indicate that this ionic air purifier can nearly eliminate mold from the air you breathe. The Wein VI-2500 takes care of many other airborne contaminants as well. In your home, use this high powered room ionizer primarily in the basement or crawl space up to 860 square feet. As with all of our corona discharge ionic air purifiers, ozone emissions are very low and safe for anyone.

NOTES: Please do not use this product in conjunction with the Hygenaire Cabinet or CitriSafe Air Treatment System because they cancel each other and are not effective in the same room.