What is the best place to put an ionizer?


What is the best place to put an ionizer?

We suggest placing the unit(s) on a table or nightstand, a couple of feet or more from other nearby objects, so that most of the negative ions go out into the room rather than being attracted to nearby surfaces.

You should not place your ionizer in places like these: inside a bookshelf, on a mantel directly against a wall, or right next to another object. Why not? Because in those situations, some negative ions will be drawn to the nearby object or surface instead of dispersing throughout the room as they should be.

Many of our customers put one ionizer in their bedroom and another one in their living area. You can place them about anywhere that you would like, with the guideline here in mind. You might experiment, that is, move them around and see which room is best for you. We suggest against putting any electrical appliance in a bathroom.

If you're only buying one ionizing air purifier, then experts suggest placing it in the bedroom (and we concur). Even though the negative ionizers are rated to cover 400 square feet with high density negative ions, it is really not necessary to get one for each room. However, it would be a good idea to place them where the air naturally is flowing from one room to another (the airflow will help carry the negative ions into the next room). Keep in mind that negative ions cannot travel from one floor to another (nor through walls).

If you have computers, placing an ionizer two or three feet from a computer monitor (to your right or left) will help neutralize the positive ions that emanate from the monitor.