What to Do if Exposed to a Suspicious Powder How to Clear Sinuses to Defend Against Bacteria or Spores by Murray Grossan, M.D.

If exposed to suspicious powder

    Leave the area.
    Blow your nose into the sink so material won't spread to others. Take air in via the mouth, and blow out the nose.
    Sniff salt water in the nose and spit it out.
    It is best to use Breathe.ease XL nasal wash. This has calcium and potassium ions that speed the cilia so you can defend against bacteria and spores. The Xylitol is added because it has been shown to inhibit bacteria from entering the cell wall of the nasal tissue.
    We suggest you use Breathe.ease XL if you have chronic sinusitis or post nasal drip. If your nose is functioning normally then the good nasal cilia and natural enzymes can defend the body. But if mucus just lays in the nose, then bacteria have ample time to enter the body.

In these days of crisis it is even more important to have a healthy nose and sinuses.
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