Whole House Air Purifiers - HEPA Central Air Cleaner Central air filters offer hepa air purification for the entire home

I am very pleased to announce that our product research team found an excellent whole house air purifier hepa filtration system that can be retrofitted to your existing central air or heating system, which so many of you have asked us about. The problem with most central air cleaner systems including this one is that they only work when your central furnace fan is blowing so this is certainly an electricity consumption issue. However, the beauty of this whole house air purifier is it comes with a set of optional 3 VOC filters for a total of 36lbs of carbon media. This is excellent.

I still think that a good room hepa air purifier, especially for your bedroom, is a good idea on top of a central air cleaner. That being said, we now offer a central whole house air purifier system, and for those of you that hate noise (my husband for one!), the advantage is the fan noise is confined to your furnace room. The air purifier does have to be installed by a contractor, but does not seem to be more than a half day's work. You WILL need to have sufficient space for this system- it stands over 4 feet high, and my own furnace room is so small we are having a hard time figuring out how to squeeze it in. You CAN remove it and take the central air cleaner with you if you need to move.
Whole House Air Purifier For up to 4000 sq. ft. - $1,799 - 700-1000 cfm 600 watts: