Whole House Humidifier Filters

FiltersAmerica.com provides an excellent selection of whole house humidifier water panels and evaporator pads.

FiltersAmerica.com recommends changing your your whole house water panel at least every season or more depending upon how cold season becomes. We encourange the use the OEM products when available.

When shopping for filters look for "OEM". The acronym OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that the product was manufactured by the original company that produced the product. For instance. If you have a Holmes air cleaner you would purchase a replacement filter that was manufactured by Aprilaire for Aprilaire products. Other companies may sell replacement filters however, many of the generic knock-off's or fake brand name filters may be of inferior quality in order to get the price down. It may be an old cliche, but you do usually get what you pay for. FiltersAmerica provides genuine OEM products together with some generic products that meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications. It is a fact that generic replacement filters cost less, however they do not last as long. So preserve your warranty and look for genuine "OEM" filters. Most all whole house water panels are treated with a powdery-like substance that assists in the distribution of water.