Whole Room Adjustable Standing Air Circulator

Vornado Whole Room Adjustable Standing Air Circulator:
Four seasons, many uses. The Vornado's vortex action surrounds you in comfort by circulating all the air in your room, not just some of it like other fans. Use it alone or with an air conditioner to cool in the summer and to circulate heat evenly throughout a room in winter for energy efficiency all year long. It's innovation that's spawned imitation with a 110-watt motor, a deep-pitch propeller that takes a big bite of air, and a tightly-curved grill design that focuses air into a woven beam traveling up to 75 feet. Features include a serpentine base that adjusts in height from 27-in. to 42-in., a variable speed control, a pivoting head that moves both horizontally and vertically, and a removable grid for quick cleaning. Whisper-quiet, it's ideal for the bedroom or kitchen, cooling low in a corner or high behind home or office furnishings. (Sku: #196447)


Model:   785B
Color:   Black
Dimensions:   17 x 18 x 42-in.
Weight:   15-lbs.
Power Source:   AC 120V (60Hz)
Speeds:   Variable Speeds
RPMs:   from 600 to 1,500
Warranty:   5 year
Origin:   U.S.A.