Why Choose a IQAir GC Odor Controlling Air Purifier Over Low-End Air Purifiers?


Why Choose a IQAir GC Odor Controlling Air Purifier Over Low-End Air Purifiers?
The IQAir GC series is a specialized line of advanced air cleaning devices that meets almost any gas phase removal need in residential, commercial or medical environments. Since different gaseous contaminants can only be effectively removed with specialized gas phase media, the IQAir GC series is available in a range of special gas phase media configurations. IQAir GC units are perfectly suited to take control of gaseous contaminants in residential, commercial or medical environments.

GC Gas Cartridge Technology

The IQAir GC series uses four (4) cartridges to hold up to (GC 13 lbs.) (GCX 25 lbs.) of gas phase media. The cylindrical shape of these cartridges allows for optimum contact between the air and gas phase media, which ensure high removal efficiencies. The large surface area of the cartridges enables high air flow rates.

High-Efficiency Particulate Filtration
The particulate filtration in GC units complements the gaseous filtration process by removing over 97% of particles before they can reach the gas phase media. This increases the efficiency and life of the media by preventing its pores from clogging. The GC units' overall filtration efficiency for particles is 97% at 0.3 ??

Superior Performance and Energy Consumption Ratio!

The IQAir ? GC Series use the most economical high-performance fan in the industry. No other fan delivers more air with less energy consumption. By the way, this holds true at all fan speeds. While many other air cleaners use a disproportionate amount of energy at low fans speeds, by "burning off" energy, the IQAir ? Units use the industries most advanced fan speed control system to guarantee the lowest possible energy consumption at any speed. Plugs into wall outlet.

Top Mounted Control Panel!

The IQAir control panel allows you to select from five fan speed settings. A two line LCD displays the corresponding air delivery rate at each speed setting. A sophisticated filter life monitoring system calculates the remaining life of each individual filter. An integrated timer lets you program the unit for automatic operation. For added convenience, the GC units also comes with a remote control.

Take the Guesswork out of Replacing Your Filter - Intelligent Filter Life Monitor!

Conventional air cleaners either let you guess when to replace filters or give you fixed periods in which to replace filters. In most cases this results in pre-mature filter changes which cost you unnecessarily high filter replacement costs. Conversely, not knowing when you need to change your filter may cause filters to be changed way past their effective lifetime, resulting in a drastic reduction in performance and increased wear and tear on the unit. The IQAir ? GC Series features an intelligent filter life monitor, so advanced, that it informs you of the remaining life of each filter ?C up to the hour, taking into account actual use and air quality conditions. Unlike others that simply use a timer or air flow rate to measure life of filters, IQAir uses sophisticated filter monitoring which monitors each filter separately and calculates life based on usage, air speed of unit and air quality coming into unit. You can ACTUAL see the remaining life for each filter at any time on the digital display and LEDs let you know when filters are getting near replacement time. You can even set the unit up for particular environments for filter loading which allows the unit to be even more accurate for filter replacing!

Intelligent Integrated Timer System Works Around Your Schedule!

The IQAir ? GC Series Air Purifiers are designed to work around the way you live and work. The integrated timer allows the unit to be programmed to turn itself on and off at specified times. In an office environment, the unit may be programmed to run Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm, and not on Saturday and Sunday. In a home environment, it may be desirable to have the unit start cleaning the air two hours before you return from work. The IQAir ? GC Series units are also supplied with a wireless remote control, which allows for on/off, speed selection and timer activation from as far as 30 feet distance.

Attractive Modular Design!

Elegant Appearance and Professional Odor Control! The one thing that a lot of people dis-like about air cleaners in general is that many of them are simply Ugly! NOT the IQAir! This superior air cleaner stands unobtrusively anywhere you put it. Its attractive appearance is both professional and elegant. All major housing parts of IQAir ? units are made of high-grade ABS polycarbonate, UL approved plastic. This material is one of the toughest materials available today. It is fire and shock resistant, contains no heavy metals, is entirely halogen-free and doesn't offgas. The IQAir ? GC Series unit will last for years!