Why Choose a Professional Cleanroom HEPA Air Cleaner Over Low-End Air Cleaners?

Why Choose a Professional Cleanroom HEPA Air Cleaner Over Low-End Air Cleaners?

IQAir's products make a significant contribution in reducing the airborne concentration of allergens indoors, because the IQAir HEPA Air Cleaners are the world's only air cleaners with HyperHEPA filter performance. The manufacturer does'nt limit themselves to claims about their filters; their products actually deliver over 99.9% clean air. In addition, IQAir is the world's first and only manufacturer to guarantee the efficiency of each individual device that leaves the factory to be higher than 99.9% for the airborne particles 0.3 microns (that's about 300 times smaller than the width of a human hair) in size and larger. Each and every unit is Tested and Certified for particle removal efficiency, filter leakage and air delivery and each unit comes with a Certificate of Performance with details of the test results.

The reduction of airborne allergens is particularly important for cat and dog allergens. These allergens are extremely small (less than 2.5 microns) and stay airborne for hours. At the opposite end of the spectrum, dust mite allergens (5 - 50 microns) settle much quicker and are re-launched into the air by various household activities such as cleaning activities, when children play on the floor, or from movement from mattresses or bedding.

IQAir Air Cleaners are not only more efficient than conventional air cleaners, they also filter more air. That means IQAir devices can reduce airborne allergen levels quicker and to a lower level than ordinary "off-the-shelf" or "low-end" air cleaners. In fact, in a comparison of 10 air cleaners by the leading German independent consumer products testing magazine "Test", the IQAir Healthpro was found to remove airborne dust particles twice as quickly as the next best device. As a result, it was the only air cleaner to be awarded a "very good" rating for particulate removal.

Filter Seal Design means total air tight filtration!

Unfortunately, the efficiency stated for most other hepa air cleaners is purely theoretical. Internal leakage and air that by-passes the filters drastically reduce the actual efficiency of most hepa air cleaners.

IQAir ? Cleanroom systems feature patented triple sealing technology. First, a unique process ensures that the filter media is 100% sealed in the filter frame. Second, a patented 3D UltraSeal ensures perfect sealing between filter frame and housing. Third, individual seals on each housing module ensures an air tight housing. As a result, IQAir systems have an actual system efficiency which is higher than the theoretically efficiency of conventional air cleaners.

What makes Cleanroom a Superior Solution for Allergy and Asthma Suffers?

The IQAir ? Cleanroom are highly specialized air cleaning systems. They were developed for one specific purpose: to remove allergen particles from indoor environments as effectively and as economically as possible. The Cleanroom is so efficient in removing microscopic particles that even sophisticated measuring equipment, using laser technology, will find virtually NO particles in the Cleanroom's clean air stream.

An Important Factor Why The IQAir Cleanroom Has a Superior Ability to Capture those Allergy-Aggravating Micro Particles

Because of it's unique design and Filter Seals the IQAir ? Cleanroom capture and trap dust and allergen micro particles up to 100 times greater than that of conventional household HEPA air cleaners. IQAir systems are the industry's only air cleaners that are built to deliver over 99.9% filter efficiency at all particles sizes, not just at 0.3 microns. While many conventional "HEPA" air cleaners claim to use 99.97% efficient HEPA filters, this doesn't mean that the air coming out of the air cleaner is anywhere close to 99.97% clean. Due to poor quality controls, such as media breakage during the manufacturing process and leakage between the HEPA filter and the air cleaner housing, conventional HEPA air cleaners deliver air that contains up to a hundred times more particles than a HEPA filter with a true 99.97% efficiency.

IQAir Cleanroom's Superior Air Delivery

Only if high retention rate for particles is matched by high airflow, will an air cleaner be able to bring about a substantial reduction in airborne particles. Air cleaner manufacturers are notorious for overstating the air delivery rates of their units. Many manufacturers actually state only the fan rating or the air delivery of their units without filters. The IQAir ? Cleanroom delivers the highest fan setting, a True 270 CFM for the Cleanroom H13 with all filters installed. The fan in our unit is actually a 700 CFM! Unlike other manufacturers, IQAir verifies and guarantees the efficiency of each device. Air Delivery is Certified for Each Unit!

No More Air Drafts!

Most air cleaners return cleaned air at high speed through a relatively small area outlet. This creates drafts that can cause discomfort. Air drafts, from ordinary air cleaners, may also cause allergens and dust particles, which have already settled on surfaces, to re-enter the room air.

Cleanroom has Ultra Quiet Air Delivery with High Performance Ratio!

You get the best of both worlds. More clean air and greater air circulation rates per hour without the annoying drone of ordinary air cleaners. Because the IQAir ? Cleanroom uses only the correct number of filters actually necessary to remove allergens, dust, and particles our unit is quieter. (The greater number of unnecessary filters the higher the noise level in typical units.) The fan is sandwiched between filters in the middle of our modular device, so it produces more clean air at a lower noise level than most common air cleaners.

Superior Performance and Energy Consumption Ratio!

The IQAir ? Cleanroom use the most economical high-performance fan in the industry. No other fan delivers more air with less energy consumption. By the way, this holds true at all fan speeds. While many other air cleaners use a disproportionate amount of energy at low fans speeds, by "burning off" energy, the IQAir ? Cleanroom use the industries most advanced fan speed control system to guarantee the lowest possible energy consumption at any speed. Plugs into standard wall outlet.

Top Mounted Control Panel with the Information you want at your finger tips!!

Complete control panel is mounted on top of unit to control every feature of the IQAir ? Cleanroom air Cleaner. such as the Programmable Timer, Fan Speed Setting, Filter Life Monitor and has a Digital Readout to let you know ACTUAL Filter Life left and Timer Info.

Take the Guesswork out of Replacing Your Filter - Intelligent Filter Life Monitor!

Conventional air cleaners either let you guess when to replace filters or give you fixed periods in which to replace filters. In most cases this results in pre-mature filter changes which cost you unnecessarily high filter replacement costs. Conversely, not knowing when you need to change your filter may cause filters to be changed way past their effective lifetime, resulting in a drastic reduction in performance and increased wear and tear on the unit. The IQAir ? Cleanroom features an intelligent filter life monitor, so advanced, that it informs you of the remaining life of each filter ?C up to the hour, taking into account actual use, speed settings and air quality conditions. Unlike others that simply use a timer or air flow rate to measure life of filters, IQAir uses sophisticated filter monitoring which monitors each filter separately and calculates life based on usage, air speed of unit and air quality coming into unit. You can ACTUAL see the remaining life in hours for each filter at any time on the digital display and LEDs let you know when EACH filter is getting near replacement time.

Intelligent Integrated Timer System Works Around Your Schedule!

The IQAir ? Cleanroom are designed to work around the way you life and work. The integrated timer allows the unit to be programmed to turn itself on and off at specified times. In an office environment, the unit may be programmed to run Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm, and not on Saturday and Sunday. In a home environment, it may be desirable to have the unit start cleaning the air two hours before you return from work. The IQAir ? Cleanroom are also supplied with a wireless remote control, which allows for on/off, speed selection and timer activation from as far as 30 feet distance.

Attractive Modular Design!

Elegant Appearance and Professional Allergen Control! The one thing that a lot of people dislike about air cleaners in general is that many of them are simply Ugly! NOT the IQAir! This superior air cleaner stands unobtrusively anywhere you put it. Its attractive appearance is both professional and elegant. All major housing parts of IQAir ? Cleanroom units are made of high-grade ABS polycarbonate, UL approved plastic. This material is one of the toughest materials available today. It is fire and shock resistant, contains no heavy metals, is entirely halogen-free and doesn't offgas. The IQAir ? Cleanroom will last for years!

OPTIONAL Inflow Ducting Kit

Enjoy controlled clean air ventilation

The IQAir InFlow W125 can be installed to draw outdoor air into an indoor environment. In this setup, an IQAir serves as a ventilation system, bringing in oxygen-rich outdoor air and a filtration system, which removes undesirable outdoor pollutants such as pollen, mold spores, dust and exhaust soot. As a result, fresh and filtered outside air comes into the room.

Create clean positive pressure areas

The IQAir InFlow W125, which draws air into a room will in most cases allow the creation of a positive pressure. This positive pressure helps to clean the air in a room by constantly flushing out air pollutants and by preventing outside pollutants from entering the room.

Application Examples

  • Protection of allergy sufferers from pollen exposure in their home
  • Protection of patients from microbiological exposure (e.g. aspergillus) in a hospital
  • Creation of clean research or manufacturing areas (controlled environments)
  • Protection of plant control rooms from corrosive contaminants
  • Creation of a clean zone within a home or office which helps to prevent outdoor particulate pollution from nature, factories, traffic, agriculture to enter.

Using an InFlow W125 can improve indoor air quality by:

  • Diluting polluted air with clean air
  • Flushing out air particulate pollutants
  • Reducing influx of new outside pollutants due to a build-up of positive pressure