WindChaser IMC-1 Closet Fresh Ionic Closet Air Purifier

WindChaser IMC-1 Closet Fresh Ionic Closet Air Purifier
WindChaser Ionic Closet Air Purifier IMC-1

Banish musty closet odors and keep your clothing fresh and clean-smelling with the WindChaser IMC-1 ionic closet air purifier. This compact unit easily stands on closet floors or shelves without cluttering your space, but it can also be mounted on walls in your closet or laundry room. Its advanced ionization technology eliminates airborne particles, mold, and musty or smoky odors, keeping your fabrics laundry-fresh! With no messy filters to clean or replace, the IMC-1 requires almost no maintenance. Simply clean off the metal collection plate, and reuse it.

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Ozone technology keeps clothes and closet smelling fresh and crisp
Versatile unit can be mounted on walls or stand on floors and shelves
Silent operation won't disturb sleepers

Unit Weight: 7.5 ounces
Unit Dimensions: 7.9"H x 5.9"W x 2.55"D
Voltage: AC/DC 9-12 V
Power Consumption: 2 W
Active Oxygen Output: <0.04 ppm
Removes small airborne particles
Includes: 12-V UL-listed adapter
Easily stands on closet floors or shelves
Can be wall mounted
Convenient built-in hanger
Silent odor-eliminating ozone
No filters to replace
Static-charged metal collection plate is easy to clean
Removes odors naturally without cover-up scents