I would like to say how much I *love* Fastbrowser. The browser it extremely fast, efficient! - Gary Cannon, 8/10/2001        

Press Release of Fast Browser Pro 8

FastBrowser.net Software - A great new way to surf the web

FastBrowser.net has released version 8 of Fast Browser, a powerful Windows 98/Me/2000/XP web browser that allows users to open up to 180 homepages at once.

Fast Browser can improve your Internet Surfing. It features many excellent functions, including the ability to read pages aloud, translate them, and can stop popup window, open as many as 180 homepages at the
same time.

Fast Browser has an advanced browsing mode, and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. The unique design supports many easy ways to manage your browsing; it can even show each homepage's download progress.

Fast Browser embeds a "Power Search" function which includes more than 500 search engines and 100 search categories, so you can search any information you want painlessly.

The pro version has a "Voice function" which can read aloud a homepage's content in different tones and actions. Fast Browser Pro supports 10 languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish ) . Now you can listen to your favorite websites at any time - in male voice or female voice.

The other advanced functions include: "Casual Browsing" eliminates dullness and shows you an unexpected website each time - a fun way to surf the web. "Translation" allows you to change the language in which you view the page (Fast Browser supports 35 languages). "Website scan" checks all URLs in a homepage and shows each URL's creation date, file size, link state (active or dead), and even the server name. "Quick download" lets you set download options easily, such as picture, sound, movie, or even the

This newest version use an improved browsing engine which lets you surf Internet more stable and faster, and use a new window frame that supports browsing all open pages simultaneously, can display Google PageRank and Alexa traffic rank simultaneously.

Fast Browser is Free now, No cost to you ever, No limitations, No Adware, No Spyware. For more information, and to download a free copy of Fast Browser, visit the web site at: http://www.fastbrowser.net

Please feel free to carry this freeware in your magazine / newspaper cover CD. We'll be appreciated if you can introduce readers about our software.

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