Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength

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My goal is to help you achieve your goal. That starts by helping you become focused on and excited about your opportunities to live life at a much higher level of health and happiness, but it doesn't end there. You see, I'm well aware of the fact that once you begin your BODY-for-LIFE journey, you're going to have questions, and you're going to need clear-cut answers in order to move forward with confidence. Body for Life is designed for YOU to reach your fitness goals.

The Inside Scoop:
12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength

Suggested Use:
This book is an excellent guide to feel stronger, healthier and more energetic in as little as 12 weeks.

Bill Phillips had been publishing bodybuilding magazines and marketing nutritional supplements for years when he had a weird revelation at a trade show: many of the most loyal and enthusiastic readers he had were totally out of shape. From that uncomfortable realization came his popular Physique Transformation Contest (top prize that first year: Phillips's own Lamborghini), now world famous, and this book.

The three-times-a-week weightlifting program in Body for Life is deceptively simple. If you've spent any time in the gym, you've already done all the exercises. But Phillips includes a couple of high-intensity sets at the end of each exercise that should compound the training effect on each muscle group. Same goes for the cardiovascular exercise he recommends: just 20 minutes, three times a week. But those 20 minutes are spent jacking the intensity up and down, accomplishing more in less time.

Phillips arranges all this into a 12-week program, along with nutritional and motivational tips. Be warned that the nutritional advice gets a little spacey. For example, he puts "carbohydrates" and "vegetables" into separate categories, and recommends three daily doses of a nutritional supplement called Myoplex, which his company manufactures. (Fortunately, he gives tips on how to make each dose taste different, such as by adding drops of peppermint extract.) Despite this strangeness, Body for Life still motivates because so many others have achieved astounding results in similar 12-week windows, and the pictures and testimonials are here as evidence. --Lou Schuler

  • My goal is to help you achieve your goal
  • That starts by helping you become focused on and excited about your opportunities to live life at a much higher level of health and happiness but it doesn't end there
  • You see I'm well aware of the fact that once you begin your BODY-for-LIFE journey you're going to have questions and you're going to need clear-cut answers in order to move forward with confidence
  • Body for Life is designed for YOU to reach your fitness goals
  • The Inside Scoop:12 Weeks to Mental and Physical StrengthSuggested Use:This book is an excellent guide to feel stronger healthier and more energetic in as little as 12 weeks

Customer Reviews:

  • my review
    great book slllloooowww on shippin i waited over a month to get and when i got in touch with seller they never emailed me back...more info
  • Down to earth
    I love his book. He is very down to earth and explains things clearly and simply (with a sense of humor). The plan is very simple and easy to follow, that's why it works. He tells you things like eat 6 meals a day. Each meal should have a protein and a good carb portion. That's it! We choose how we want to use those portions. With eating 6 times a day, I really am not hungry. Also, since we get a day off a week to eat whatever we want, it helps curve the cravings during the week. The other day at work, someone brought a beautiful birthday cake. It was actually easy for me to say no, because I knew that my day off was coming up in three days. So, I don't feel like I am saying "no", it is more like a "not right now". I've been on his plan for a month and I am starting to see changes. I now have definition lines on my arms, which I have NEVER had in my whole entire life! Also, the pride I am getting from sticking to the plan is hard to describe.

    Buy this book. It is the first step toward a positive, healthy future.

    ...more info
  • Best Fitness Book Ever Written
    Are you fat? Are you overweight? Have you been going to the gym day after day, but haven't seen any progress? Are you unhappy with the way you look? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this is the book for you. Bill Phillips will teach the basics about nutrition and exercise. In addition, he has created his 12 week Body For Life program. He will teach you what to eat and when and will help you reduce the time you spend in the gym, yet your results improve. This book will help you acquire the body you've dreamed of. If you follow his program, you will experience the success that millions of others have already experienced. A must read!...more info
  • Motivational
    Body For life is becomeing a classic for anyone starting out trying to get rid of the fat and get into great shape. Recommended for anyone who doesn't know the basics and needs help. The diet section throughout the book is good basic information while discussing supplements(note author's product line) but any good protein or meal repleacement will work. Overall very good....more info
  • Good, but one approach of many
    I picked up Body for Life (B4L) after reading about the new P90X workout stuff. Some folks suggested following the program in B4L before even trying P90X. So I picked up the book and gave it a read through. I actually skipped a lot of it because a good portion of the book is testimonials and personal stories - stuff you really don't need. The core of the book - the stuff you actually want - is an easy read. Phillips outlines a decent fitness approach. The two key elements, IMO, are good nutrition and putting thought and planning into your workouts. You have to devise a way to monitor your progress and figure out how to increase the intensity through "progressive overload."

    Phillips advocates the approach of eating several (in his book specifically six) small meals over the course of the day. Like any approach this is not foolproof. It'll work for some people and won't for others. Since he has his own line of supplements he naturally bases the diet plan around including shakes or bars from those products. This is one part where he's clearly trying to increase his return on the plan, rather than outlining other ideas for healthful snacks. But, you can at least get the idea from the book.

    I was disappointed by his general workout plan. It's not that it's not a solid one - he has a good plan for outlining progress and has a fair number of exercises, but he doesn't include bodyweight exercises. He really misses out here because bodyweight exercises are a good way to work multiple muscle groups and increase fat burning. They're also a good way for people who are just starting to develop a fitness routine without investing in a lot of equipment. His exercises are good, but some are the usual fare of kickbacks, curls and such that develop "beach muscles" - that is, muscles that look good but aren't recruited a lot in daily living. For example, working up to chinups is more useful than doing curls for actual fitness versus simple aesthetics.

    One pitfall is that he encourages readers to workout first thing in the morning before you eat, or later in the day after a few hours without food. This can really mess with your blood sugar and such and is not advised by most fitness professionals. It may make a difference in the results some experience, but use at your own risk. As always consult a doctor about new fitness programs and especially the idea of working out on an empty stomach.

    Overall there isn't a lot in this book that you can't find online with a little research for free. That's not to say it's useless. For many people that don't know where to start in the fitness game this can be a good starting point that consolidates a lot of basic ideas into one place. It should be noted, however, that despite the numerous pictures in the dust jacket the results shown fall under the usual "results not typical" disclaimer. Most people are not going to get a body like that in 12 weeks without serious time investments and strict, strict diet....more info
  • works if you do it!
    This is a great program.

    First of all and most importantly, you DON'T have to buy his supplements!! He never says that in the book! It is true that if you use, for example, a protein shake it will help you lose weight and build muscle, but you don't have to and the workouts will still work! Even Slim Fast sells a high protein shake, just use that if you want something.

    The workouts are TOUGH. I had for months been spending 8 hours per week in the gym with little to no results. These BFL workouts make maximum use of your gym time and teach you how it feels to make your workouts work! (not painful, just not a walk in the park). I jog and the cardio workouts blew me away, the interval training is hard! I thought "no way 20 minutes will be enough!" because I had been running for 45 minutes 4x a week. Well, they do work! My metabolism is totally made over and my 20 lbs finally came off!

    Diet: In a nutshell he teaches you how to eat small healthy balanced meals throughout your day. It's not gimmicky or "low carb or whatever", it's plain healthy eating to fuel your tough workouts.

    It's true he doesn't go into th much nutrition basics, like why you should eat such and such. As he says in the beginning, this book is for people who know what they should be doing but they just aren't doing it. Motivation! Most people learn the basics just by picking things up on the news and/or in magazines.

    I totally recommend this program. Just try it for a month if you're intimidated. Change your life! Like anything else, you have to commit to doing it. If you do it WILL work!...more info
  • Need to Change your Life, read this book!!!
    This book breaks down how to get fit, not just lose weight but really get your mind and body working together. It is simple and once you read it you will wonder why there is so much fuss around losing weight and getting fit. It is written in easy to read language and gives you points of reference all the way through. A great resource in your fitness journey....more info
  • Awesome workout plan...
    This is an awesome and easy to follow plan to getting in awesome shape. I use a toned down version of his technique, but nevertheless, you need to read this before attempting to transform your life....more info
  • Save your money
    Bill Phillps is a once greatly revered man, who is now looked upon with disdain, by his peers, as a traitor, motivated solely by greed. This book is an ill-conceived piece of worthless trash, written with the sole purpose of deceiving the reader and feathering his bank account....more info
  • I have a BS in Health Science.
    I have a BS in Health Science and was curious to read this book to see if it was quacky. Pretty much everything in the book is true to what my professors in health, nutrition, and physiology explained. I didn't have any classes on weight training, but my spouse is an athlete and agreed with the methods Bill Phillips recommends. It sounds like a good program if you're really ready for a lifestyle change. Go for it!...more info
  • Body for Life is makes healthy living seem easy
    When you read a "diet" book, you should be motivated and think this is easy enough for me to do. This book did not disappoint. There were great healthy living tips and the information was broken down nicely. I would recommend this book and am pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Very user friendly
    A guide to exercise and working out that is perfect for those who exercise at home, and it's very user friendly....more info
  • Great on workouts but consider something else for diet
    I've been using these workouts for about 3 years. The book and companion websight has saved me hundreds of dollars in personal trainers. I rate the wisdom in the weight training and running sections better than the trainers I've known. Other readers have surely benefitted more than I, staying more disciplined.... but I'm so happy with the efficient workouts. I've reaped a lot more than I could have hoped for otherwise.

    Bill Phillips also has the guts to be honest and say that this workout does not fill the bill as an easy, quick fix thing. You have to stick with it; it's hard and takes discipline.

    However, as other reviewers have explained much better than I could, yes, he does push his supplements in the book. This is why I don't give the book 5 stars. I recommend The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, Thomas M. Campbell II, John Robbins, and Howard Lyman for a more researched viewpoint on what foods bring vibrant health.
    ...more info
  • Body For Life is for real
    Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength

    I bought the book because I wanted to know what a friend of mine was doing. She bought the book because a friend told her about it. My friend saw her friend's transformation and wanted to share it with me. I've got the book and am now transforming myself! I had to tell my friends. Get in the gym. Eat right. Work hard. You will get results. I lost 12 pounds in a month! I'm keeping this Body For Life....more info
  • Need inspiration? Pick up this book!
    Whether you're a guy or gal, you need this book! I don't like to work out. Never have. I've done it and do it because I have to if I want to keep in shape. But I just can not get motivated on my own--you either love to work out or you don't. BODY FOR LIFE is one of THE BEST programs I've discovered and I've tried everything from Scarsdale Diet, the Cabbage Diet, Akins Diet to South Beach Diet. Bill Philips program single handedly helped kick start my fitness post childbirth 6 years ago. It's a 12 week program that includes smart, easy to follow eating for men and women AND it includes easy to follow VERY EFFECTIVE work out plans. The best part of the book is the motivation and inspiration it offers with story after story of successful clients. He has a website site for support and usually a contest where you can win money if you stick with the program--a lot of money [...]. Truth is, I've slacked off in the last few months and just passed by this book on my shelf. I'm picking it back up today to regain my motivation and getting my body back for summer! I already have personal proof it works so here I go again!...more info
  • It's a good guide. It takes hard work. Check with your doctor
    I started Body for Life a few years ago. When I first started it, I followed it pretty much to the letter (without taking any of the supplements--I don't think the supplements are necessary), and I got great results. I didn't look super muscular or buff or anything spectacular, and I wasn't overweight to begin with, but BFL made me a bit more toned. I checked with my doctor to make sure that it was okay to eat like the BFL book recommended. I'm in pretty good health so he told me it was okay. However if I had had kidney problems he would have said it was not okay because apparantly it's difficult for your body to process so much protein if you're kidneys aren't functioning well. After the 12 weeks, it was hard to keep up with the meal restrictions so I just used them as a guide. I started eating between 3-5 meals a day instead of 6 because I just didn't have time to do six and I try to make sure that all of my meals include some sort of protein but I'm not picky about measuring it. I try to stay away from Trans Fats, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and other such ingredients that seem unhealthy. I also don't do the binge day. I just try to eat healthy every day. If I want something sweet every now and then, I don't deprive myself of that sweet. I just try to eat sweets in moderation. I'm lucky because I consider fruits to be desserts. I'll take fruit over ice cream any day. I also like those Popsicles made out of real fruit, which at least seem healthy. My guide for eating is stop when I am full and remember that if I eat fast, my brain may not know right away that I am full so I give it a few minutes. It may be that I am hungry anymore, but thirsty instead. If I'm almost full but not quite, I'll drink a glass of water, and sure enough, that fills me up.

    My favorite part about this book are the exercises. I had been going to the gym, using the machines with no real clue on how many reps I should be doing and what parts of the body I should be exercising, so the BFL book helped in that area. I've gotten to the point where I have memorized all of the workouts, and I don't keep the journal. I think I kept the journal for the first 1 or 2 month or so. I figure what is the point of keeping track of the workouts. As long as I am working out, I should make progress. I vary the work outs, and try to find different ways to work out different muscles in my body, so that I don't get bored.

    There are times when I get extremely busy that I don't work out for a month maybe up to 3 months but I always go back to the gym eventually and do the BFL workouts. For me, it takes about two weeks of doing something consistently so that it becomes a habit. I keep this in mind if I have a hard time getting back to the gym. Once I get back in shape, I cut back from going 6 days a week to maybe 3-5 days a week if I'm very busy.

    Also, I think it's good to read up on other perspectives on health, nutrition and exercise, especially if you are a beginner.
    ...more info
  • Body for Life Fan
    I've been using BFL on and off for the past 3-years. If you stick with it it really works. Just tailor it to suit you. If your a woman you might want to substitute some of the excercises for those that are geared towards women. Awesome book for just getting started and workout junkies....more info
    His ability to market is LEGEND...Does his program work long-term for all? I wish it did. Is it one of the best books every written on fitness? It's certainly one of the most helpful and widely read, if not applied. If you have never seen it before, it may just blow you away. Will it be your long term solution? Lot's of good, solid, advice; difficult to follow long-term....more info
  • Incredible Program
    Wonderful book containing a very effective program. Follow this regimen and you are sure to capture the physical being you have always imagined. Highly recommended....more info
  • Exersize
    This book has a lot of good information and it is easy to understand. It is a good book for any level you are at. Beginners can easily read this and come up with diverse and safe exersizes to do....more info
  • I gained 10 lbs of muscle!
    I love this book. Before reading it, I knew very little about working out with weights (although over the years I have consitently ran and done calisthenics). I decided to try to develop some more muscle once I hit the big "40" and found this book to be the perfect guide. Following its principles, I gained 10 lbs of muscle! Not exaclty Mr. America, mind you, but hey I'm not complaining! I highly recommend it....more info
  • Probably the best physical fitness book for beginners
    I originally checked this book out of the library along with a few others in order to help me come up with some kind of a plan to get into shape. Once I started reading it though I could not put it down. I read the entire book in one night. It gave me everything I was looking for including plans for weight training, cardiovascular training, dieting, recipes, and more. It even came with a number of worksheets that let me track my progress. It is a great book. The day after I finished the book, I went out and bought a copy. It really does work. ...more info
  • You can begin to rebuild and rescuplt your body in 12 short weeks.
    You may have missed the Body For Life fad the first time around, but the book, tapes, supplements, etc. are still with us.

    You may not realize that it takes 30 days to make a new habit, but using Mr. Phillips 12 week program, you can put a firm foundational habit in place to change your life.

    It does take work and discipline, but then again so do most things worth working for.

    I used Body For Life a few months before my wedding to lose the weight, and managed to drop 23 pounds in the 12 weeks. Since then I have gained it back, but the program does work if you stick to it.

    You can save money by eating high protein foods such as Cottage Cheeze, Buffalo or Ostrich meats. You can also buy protein powders such as whey or soy in bulk to avoid buying the recommended supplements.

    I give the program four stars because if you travel with work alot or are a road warrior eating in restaurants it can be hard to stick with it.


    Cheers!...more info
  • Great book, but....
    Ok, here is the scoop. Body For Life is a great book in terms of Bill Phillips enthusiasm for health, the workout routines and food recommendations. Excellent stuff... but there are few problems (thus 4 stars)...

    He never even mentions any type of stretching. It's as though this important part of overall fitness doesn't even exist -- strange.

    He says that you always need to be improving and growing stronger - always - but, logic tells you that NO ONE can always be growing stronger. At some point we hit our peek - and gosh, sorry to say people do age and their bodies change. This is obvious, of course, but it should be acknowledged.

    And, oh, Myoplex... there are lots of in-between meal snacks, etc. as good as Myoplex...

    So, overall this is powerful book and can be extremely helpful in starting a lifetime of fitness; however, I've learned that it's best to augment his recommendations with stretching, a realistic perspective on potential gains and know that you can succeed with mid-day snacks that are not branded by Bill.

    ...more info
  • The way to Live
    Body for Life has changed thousands of people's lives and my own in just a few weeks. Sure you can use it to lose or you can use it to lose and keep it off by continuing on with this way of eating and exercising plus setting goals to improve you life along with your body. Just go for it! ...more info
  • Good Ideas--Relatively Easy to Implement
    The author manages to simplify exercise and nutrition into a formula that can be incorporated into a busy life. His message to the reader is inspiring, and challenges him/her to improve themselves in basic, yet essential ways. I highly recommend it....more info
  • I got results
    Pretty good fitness plan - first one I ever tried. I was definitely leaner at the end of the program and in the best shape I've ever been in. Completed my physical fitness test (Air Force) with my highest score ever so I was very pleased with the results. The book was annoying to try and read - the first several chapters made me feel like I was watching an infomercial but once you get past that they make good points and explain why they have you do certain things a specific way. I have an enormous sweet tooth and yet I was able to complete the program - the "free Sundays" really helped.

    They push their own diet products in the book too, but if you shop around you can find some comparable products that do just as well.

    I highly recommend the program!...more info
  • Good,basic,introductory, beginner's workout plan...motivating read
    The best things about this book are that it is written in a highly motivating way, and it gives a good, basic, introductory overview of standard,conventional, strength-training exercises. And that can be of great value to people who are absolute beginners in weight-lifting and know nothing about the subject. And that in part, explains the success of this book, along with the many "before and after" photos, which are not genuine, but altered, by the way.
    But the workout plan itself is very basic, and all of these exercises are ones that have been around for many years. So there's nothing new here, in that regard.
    However, the most important shortcoming of this workout plan is this: the plan will not enable you to achieve "maximum results in minimum time". And since your body, your health and your time are probably your three greatest assets in life, isn't that what most people want in an ideal workout plan? And the reason that this program does not deliver in this regard is simply because the book never defines "intensity" adequately to begin with. Having the "right" definition for intensity (i.e. one that works both in theory and can be readily applied) is vital for obtaining "maximum results in minimum time" for two reasons:
    1) The secret to building muscle lies in subjecting your muscles to a higher level of intensity than what they are currently accustomed to; then your muscles grow bigger and stronger to adapt to that higher level of intensity.
    2) Intensity is inversely proportional to duration. The higher the intensity of an exercise, the shorter the exercise has to be in terms of time duration, simply becuse you'll tire faster.
    Thus it turns out that the "most effective" way to build muscle is actually the "least time-consuming" way, IF you know the secrets to maximizing the intensity of any given exercises that you do. And for that, you need that right definition for intensity (which this book doesn't have), because without that definition for intensity, you won't know which strategies work best to achieve maximum intensity for any exercise that you do. But then no conventional, workout plan has ever defined intensity adequately, which explains why they all fail to deliver when it comes to enabling one to obtain maximum results in minimum time. Thus, it's no surprise that Sylvester Stallone (in his book "Sly Moves")disappointedy states that it took him at least six years before he finally got his "after body", when using a plan like the one in Body For Life.
    The best published book that I currently know of for obtaining maximum intensity (and thus "maximum results in minimum time") is John Little's book "Max Contraction Training".
    In sum, I gave this book 4 stars, simply because I think it gives a good, basic, introductory, overview of conventional weight-lifting exercises for beginners, and it is highly motivating to read. The dietary advice might be revelatory to junk food addicts who don't even know what healthy food is, but for others, it's nothing enlightening, and even outdated at this point.
    I should also mention that you can get good results from this workout plan if you've never lifted a weight in your life, since in that case, almost ANYTHING that you do will be more intense than what you were previously doing, which was nothing. But even if you're a beginner to weight-lifting, you still won't get maximum results in minimum time from this plan, for the reasons explained above. Additionally, this book leaves out a lot of important motions that need to be done to develop the muscle fibers that come into play only for those particular motions. So as a result, you will never fully develop your biceps, or your triceps, or your glutes, or your pectoral muscles, or your hamstrings, or your qudriceps, etc., with a plan like this. ...more info
  • Great book for everyone
    I own this book, and would buy it again. The great thing about it is that it's easy to read, well laid out and simple to understand...for the most part. I find the high point technique a little hard to master, mostly because it is subjective and not definitive, but it is well explained. The "diet" portion of the book is very simple, and while he mentions supplements, that is just as an alternative to eating six small meals a day, to save time. When I did it, I ate 5 small meals a day and had great results.

    I started just doing the food portion of this book, and lost about 10 pounds. Then I started eating whatever I wanted and did the exercise portion of the book, and lost an additional 5 pounds. I can only imagine what the results will be if I can just do both at one time! I plan to start my next 12 week effort again, and will incorporate both aspects of the program - diet and exercise together - to see what the results will be.

    This does work if you do it. I agree with other reviews that it requires discipline. Definitely check out the Body for Life website for additional info and inspiration! This will work for all fitness levels because it is customizable to you. And you can start anytime, anywhere! No need to buy a lot of fancy equipment. You can walk for the aerobic portion and just use basic weights (or whatever you have on hand - books, canned goods, etc will all work) to work out with. I would recommend upgrading to dumbbells eventually, though.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at www dot beautipage dot com backslash marieolson. Good luck! ...more info
  • If you are ready to look great and be healthy, this is how!
    As a physician, I have taken people off hundreds of medicines thanks to Bill Phillips. Blood pressure medicines, cholesterol medicines, diabetes medicines, and pain medicines. I myself lost 6 sizes in six weeks and have keep it off for 3 years now. My before and after pictures are at least as impressive as the ones in his book. This is for the person that's really ready to go for it. It takes organization, but it works. It holds your hand through the process and teaches you about portions and being hungry in quite a simple way. Highly recommended. Also highly recommeded, Bill Phillips, Body for Life Journal and also his Eating For Life, receipe book....more info
  • Great book

    Bill Phillips breaks down exercising to its basics. He clarifies many myths and teaches you about the right mindset, right eating habits, and right exercise routine you should follow.

    I followed his program - kindof. I would say I followed it to 80% accuracy. Also I didn't buy the shakes recommended in this book, I bought another off the shelf protein shake. I felt more energetic and stronger than I have in a long time. Still, I think the expectations set by the pictures were a bit too optimistic. Don't buy and follow this book expecting to have such a dramatic change as many of the pictures would show, but do expect to lose fat, gain muscle, and feel much better inside and outside.

    Enjoy....more info
  • I lost 4 inch's and 35 lbs-
    I had been working out and dieting on and off all of my life. I always seem to lose it, gain it back and get discouraged. I found that the advice and systems in this book were invaluable to my success. I even took 2.5 months off at the holidays and my body continued to metabolize. I have maintained my new body for over a year now. The most important lessons I gleened from this book: eating more times per day along with the exercise turns your body into a calorie burning furnace. The key to my success I believe was the interval cardio traing taught in the book. I don't really watch what I eat to much anymore because it's on autopilot now. I spend only 3 to 4 hrs a week in the gym and I'm in the best shape of my life. This book was a great motivator to me. The best part for me is the cheat days. It's so unbelievable that it works. All the best. You can't go wrong reading this book. ...more info
  • Lost the first - had to get a second!
    I love this book and I love this program. After having baby #3 I decided to take Bill's challenge again. I looked around for my book and couldn't locate it so I had to order another one. The information is great and the photos are inspiring. ...more info
  • The only thing better is if you can get Bill as your personal trainer!
    Bill has shared his secrets of building beautiful, healthy bodies and a lot of the information just isn't available without hiring a personal trainer. The knowledge in this book, and the way he lays it out is very useful especially if you are just starting out into 'fitness world' and have little knowledge or experience. Having dieted my entire life due to a thyroid disease, I can tell you his eating plan, where you take the 7th day off from dieting, might just be the biggest secret to not hitting a plateau. His food suggestions are right in line with some other 'great' diets, so you won't have any issues with adopting this healthy lifestyle. His page 136, with a list of the exercises targeting the entire body is about the best page of the book, but then he goes on to full explain, with photos, the exact way to perform each exercise to its fullest benefit. The only thing better than this book would be to have Bill as your personal trainer!...more info
  • Diet advice is great!! Exercise...not so hot. Here's why...
    What Bill says about eating properly and drinking water is very insightful, however, I find it hard to believe that anyone has the energy to push themselves for a "Level 10" experience 6 days a week. Don't get me wrong, pushing yourself both aerobically and muscle-wise is the right way to do it, but I'm a healthy 25 y/o and cannot do this more than 4 days per week. Doing 32 sets of weights for 5 different muscle groups in 46 min is not healthy. I did this for the first 3 weeks and suffered from a bout of exhaustion. I actually went to the doctor to get tested for mono! (which came back negative)
    You need more than 1 day rest per week when lifting weights like that. The only way I can see anybody recovering that fast is if they sleep 12 hrs per day or they're on steroids (which Bill is an authority on, has written advice columns about, and has admitted to using).
    If you read a bio about Bill Phillips and his rise to fame, you would see that he is a very vain, slick character who is always looking to make a quick buck (as evidenced in this book by constantly telling readers to buy his "MyoPlex" supplements).
    To recap, I still follow the BFL plan as far as diet advice goes, but the frequency of exercise is not practical....more info
  • I've benefited from BFL yet recommend SFL even more highly
    I've benefited immensely from Bill Phillips' 1999 mega-bestseller, Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength (BFL). It dramatically helped to rekindle my passion for fitness.

    Using the BFL approach, by combining dreaming; goal-setting; planning; tracking; frequent small meals; weight training and brief but intense aerobic training, I personally completed multiple, 12 week transformations. I clarified and achieved goals. I burned fat and grew muscle. My physical strength skyrocketed. Many felt astonished when they saw me in person and when they viewed my before and after photos. Frequently others, even strangers, stopped me for advice.

    During such journeys, I studied, learned and made ongoing progress in my fitness. I reliably kept my body fat low - and I've kept it low. Thanks to patterns of action learned from such practices, even when I've sometimes "drifted," I'm convinced that I've kept nutrition, training and fitness at much higher levels than I ever would have without the influence of BFL.

    With time, I also learned and put into practice other fitness strategies. (These others included a 12 week transformation using a BFL-similar program from the 2002 book, ABSolution: The Practical Solution for Building Your Best Abs, written by Bill Phillips' brother, Shawn Phillips.) In the process, I learned volumes about the impact of training and nutrition on my mind and body.

    I also found value in Bill Phillips' other books, the 2002 Body for Life Success Journal (BFL-SJ) and the 2003 Eating For Life (EFL). BFL-SJ further emphasizes and assists with planning and tracking, while EFL can help clarify and vastly expand healthy eating options. In the form of success stories and related tips, both books offer additional inspiration.

    Much more recently, however, I finished my first reading of Shawn Phillips' new (2008) book, Strength for Life: The Fitness Plan for the Rest of Your Life (SFL). I'm already reading it again. Even though I've read dozens of books about fitness, SFL now stands as my favorite. G. Porter Freeman and Lynn Lingenfelter - whose physique and life transformations Bill Phillips dramatically profiled in the BFL book - both have enthusiastically endorsed SFL. To read their words, I recommend visiting the Amazon page for SFL.

    In an email message that he widely distributed on May 1, 2008, even Bill Phillips recommended Strength for Life, calling it "very smart," "positive and powerful."

    SFL looks at BFL's limitations and in my opinion makes clear how to surpass them. To find out much more about why I recommend SFL, I suggest reading my review of it, which also appears on Amazon's SFL pages.

    As a complement to any fitness program, I also highly recommend the concise book, Eat by Choice, Not by Habit: Practical Skills for Creating a Healthy Relationship with Your Body and Food, by Sylvia Haskvitz. By my standards, Eat by Choice, Not by Habit (EBC) wonderfully integrates the consciousness of Marshall Rosenberg's amazingly powerful Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process. I predict EBC will provide additional tools for dealing with "failures" in compassionate, self-accepting and insight-producing ways. I predict such ways will dramatically help a person to cultivate inner peace, growth and further progress.

    A person could draw inspiration and information from all the Bill and Shawn Phillips books. I know I have. Even if a person did, though - or if one chose only one book - I'd still recommend Strength for Life to frame whatever else one did.

    One might ask about supplements. All the Bill and Shawn Phillips books recommend some supplements. Even so, all such books admit that each of their programs can be done without supplements. I've done 12 week transformations sometimes with more supplements, sometimes with hardly any. Either way, I've felt deeply satisfied with my results. I remain convinced that nothing fuels the body like real, healthy food. So I heartily recommend making such food the centerpiece of any nutritional strategy.

    In short, I'll remain forever grateful for Body for Life. Now, though, I even more highly recommend Strength for Life.
    ...more info
  • This "diet" works. Period.
    I have read many of the reviews for this book and I am dismayed at those people who have given it less than four stars. I seriously doubt they have actually followed through with the program. Pick up a copy of Men's Health magazine. They are preaching the same thing: high-protein, moderate carbohydrate meals, six times a day. EVERY issue gives specific recipes supporting this eating lifestyle. Heck, I picked up a Fortune magazine a few weeks ago, and they said the same thing: six small meals a day. Bill Phillips just figured it out before everyone else did.

    I am 41, five foot ten inches tall, but I am very athletic for my size. I am seven weeks into the program. I have lost 20 pounds of FAT (272 down to 252). I have kept my muscle. I had been lifting (340 lb. bench press, 400 lb. squat) for about a year and a half, but could not drop the weight, no matter how much I exercised. I found my answer in Body for Life!

    Is it hard? Yes, the running and lifting are, but not the diet part. How can you be hungry eating six times a day? Do I take the EAS protein shakes? Yes and no. I buy a two lb. tub of EAS whey protein ($13 at Wal-Mart, or $.26 per shake, plus the cost of the skim milk) instead of buying the ready-made shakes. They mix up much better than other whey protein I have tried, and they taste great. I also eat protein bars, made by MetRX. They taste just like a candy bar. 330 calories and 32 grams of protein. I run three miles three times a week and lift upper body twice and lower body once. AND I splurge on Sunday (free day)!

    Simply put, this program works. It isn't starvation. Does it get plain? I mix it up: chicken, steak, fish, pork loins. But seasoning is the key. Zatarain's makes an awesome blackening seasoning. Put some on talapia fillets. Doesn't get better than that! The key is preparation. You have to make your meals the night before. When I work I make chili. Easy to warm up. It's not hard, and I feel it helps me overall with my time management.

    I can't say enough about this book. I didn't get caught up in the whole "EAS propaganda" like so many others seemed to dwell upon. I think a lot of people just don't believe it will work because they have been burned before by other diet promises. THIS WORKS! I am proof. My goal is to get to get a flat stomach, but I want to stay big, and keep my bench and squat maxes the same. I think this is very doable. And anyone else can do it to. Just buy the book!...more info
  • Simple and effective
    I have read dozens of fitness books and Body for Life is one of the most simplistic, easy-to-follow fitness books for beginners that I have come across. Beginners be warned that much of the training is more intense than the average aerobic routine. But, it is difficult to beat Bill's simple explanations of training, eating and recovery. Being lactose intolerant, I only tried the recommended EAS supplements for a couple of weeks. Did not work for me due to my own nutritional requirements. For people wanting to look good and get into good physical shape, this book is a great time-saver. Many other readers whom I have talked to speak very highly of Body for Life. It is no surprise that this book continues to be a best-seller. Not really suited for advanced body builders and athletes. Still good info.

    Doug Setter
    Author of Stomach Flattening and One Less Victim
    ...more info
  • Supplement Push? Relax People...
    This is the program that all other fitness "gurus" glean from. The info in this book is presented in a structured, user-friendly format. I know of several bodybuilders and fitness beginners who've obtained stellar results. As for those who are bent-out-of-shape (excuse the pun)claiming Mr. Phillips is pushing the Myoplex line..relax. You don't need to buy his meal replacements, and he clearly states that in the 1 1/2 pages dedicated to this subject. Anyone can tell you that supplements are an important component in an effective nutritional plan - whether you use an EAS product or chose another line - you'll be well served to invest in a portable protein and/or MRP supplement. Outstanding book and already a classic....more info
  • This has been my life changer!
    My daughter's physician wrote an article on weight loss and recommended this book and program. Having tried every diet known to man, why not try one more!? Well, FOR ME this has truly been life changing. The food plan is easy to follow and you DON'T have to use the supplements. Since I eat six times a day, hunger is never an issue. The exercise is actually fun. I've never done actual weight training before and even for a 51 year old grandmother, it works and is enjoyable. As already mentioned, the program is based on 12 week challenges. I was going to wait until the end of my first challenge to write a review, but my results are already so great, I wanted to give my two cents worth NOW. I am in my 8th week of the challenge and I have already lost 23 pounds. My only problem is having to buy more clothes when I know that they, too, will be too large within a few weeks.

    I had almost given up on finding something that would "work" for me. Body For Life came to me at the perfect time and I plan on continuing this way of life from now on. And this is the first time I've ever felt like I could do that.

    The companion book, Eating for Life, has been another huge help with the program. It has great recipes and meal plans to make this much easier to implement into your lifestyle. I HIGHLY recommend both books.

    I'll be forever grateful to my daughter's physician for recommending this to me. Without hesitation, I recommend it to anyone who wants to find a healthy way to live. ...more info
  • This fitness program is the real deal! Great book!
    "Body For Life" is the most approachable, motivational, and effective fitness program I have encountered. Several of my male friends were getting in extremely buff while following this program, and their wives were getting into great shape, so I had to toss my skepticism aside and give it a try. Sure enough, even after 6 weeks, people were noticing that I looked "physically fit."

    The book explains the workout process and the eating process in a clear, informative, and motivating manner, not only explaining how to work out and eat correctly, but WHY it must be done correctly. The book also contains many photographs demonstrating proper workout techniques, as well as lists of "proper" foods, and even some recipes!

    Probably the most effective part of the book is the inclusion of dozens of "before-and-after" shots of "Body For Life" success stories, along with several testimonials of those who followed the program. These success stories really make it seem possible that even you(!) can get into awesome shape, really fueling your motivation.

    I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get into fantastic shape relatively quickly (and who doesn't?). If you're not self-motivated, find a workout partner and follow this program, but by all means take the "Body For Life" challenge and get yourself into great shape!...more info
  • It works.

    Exactly one year ago, I read Body for Life and Eating for Life and decided it couldn't hurt to try. I am 5'10" and have never had a problem with weight, and had never actually been on a diet; however, after 4 pregnancies, and not much excercise, I realized that I was going to need to go out and buy some size 14's to replace my 12's or do something different. Everyone said "You're so tall, you look great, you don't need to lose any weight", but I did need to get in shape. I was a size 5 when I married in 1993, and knew by body would never be the same (kids do that to you), but it could be better, so I started.
    I went shopping last weekend and purchased size 4 jeans!!! I still don't think I am as small as I was when I was a 5. I think the designers have started to fudge on sizes, and the spandex they are adding to pants now helps folks to fit in smaller than you'd think sizes...but I am NOT complaining! I feel better, look better and proudly wore a bikini on the beach last summer.
    The excercise plan was SO easy to start. I few dumbells and a super cheap weight bench from Wal-Mart made up my weight program and pounding the pavement or an $89 "Gazelle" on super cold/rainy days has been all the equipment I have used. No fancy gym for me. This allows me to be finished with my workout, before my kids even get out of bed.
    The eating plan was the hardest at first. Not the menu or the foods or the measurement - that part's easy. It was SO HARD to eat 6 times a day, and I kept thinking I hadn't eaten enough when I was finished, but about 20 minutes later I forgot that I was still hungry. I managed to follow the plan FAITHFULLY (not even ONE "cheat) for about 8 months. Sometimes that meant sitting in a restaurant watching my family eat if it wasn't time for me to eat, which was a bummer, but it paid off. My "free days" were gorges, and just like to book said, I would feel so sick the next day. Now, if my family is eating and it's not quite time for me, I am not so rigid and will usually join them, and my "free days" aren't such gorgefests.
    Overall, I have a healthier lifestyle and choose healthier foods than before the program. That's the best part, the weight loss is a bonus. I never in a million years would have thought I would go from busting out of a size 12 down to a 4!
    Give it a try!

    The best part of this book is the planning pages for your exercises. It REALLY helps to keep track of what you've done and how much you have exerted yourself so you can keep trying to improve. It also helps to have a plan so you aren't wondering what you did last time or what you should do next. I have really increased my strength, stamina, and energy level over the last 8 weeks of following the program.

    The reason I gave it a 4 was because if you are going to do all your workouts at home with free weights and a bench (which I do), your choices of exercises are limited. I would have liked to see more choices that don't need those fancy machines like they have at the gym.

    PS. Check out Eating for Life as well. I didn't think it would ever work, but combined with does!...more info


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