Today I Feel Silly: And Other Moods That Make My Day

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Today I feel silly. Mom says it's the heat.
I put rouge on the cat and gloves on my feet.
I ate noodles for breakfast and pancakes at night.
I dressed like a star and was quite a sight.

Today I am sad, my mood's heavy and gray.
There's a frown on my face and it's been there all day.
My best friend and I had a really big fight.
She said that I tattled and I know that she's right.

Silly, cranky, excited, or sad--everyone has moods that can change each day. Jamie Lee Curtis's zany and touching verse, paired with Laura Cornell's whimsical and original illustrations, helps kids explore, identify, and, even have fun with their ever-changing moods.

Here's another inspired picture book from the bestselling author-illustrator team of Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born and When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth.

Jamie Lee Curtis has starred in many movies, but she says that the children's books she has written mean more to her than any of her films. She and artist Laura Cornell have previously collaborated on two bestselling books: Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born and When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth. This time, we follow a little girl with curly red hair through 13 different moods, beginning with silly: "Today I feel silly. / Mom says it's the heat. I put rouge on the cat / and gloves on my feet." Of course, silly soon turns to grumpy and mean... to excited... to confused, and so on. Recognizing one's own mood swings is a developmental milestone, one that some adults haven't yet mastered! Cornell's watercolor illustrations--wildly expressive and energetic--effectively capture the volatility of our redheaded star. Whether she is happy or mad or dancing a solo in jazz, she is always "full of pizzazz," and this book is, too. A clever mood wheel on the last page allows young readers to change the little girl's expression--both her eyes and mouth. This is silly fun with a smart lesson for children from ages 4 to 8. --Marcie Bovetz
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Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome Book!
    This is a great book to read to your children. I teach 9th graders and read it to them and they love it. It is a really great choice!...more info
  • Today I Feel Silly Is A great book!
    Today i feel silly is a great book especially for ages 5 or 6. I loved how she took somthing as simple as the way we feel each day and made it into this great book. The illistrations were great because they were colorful and very exciting for everyone to look at. With rhyming words in some parts of the book children will stay interested more easily. Children love the fact that they can realte to the book because they have have felt all of these feelings. I suggest this book for children ages 5-7. It is A GREAT BOOK....more info
  • Today I feel happy!
    My five year old niece and I enjoy reading this book together. We laugh at the silly pictures. The book does a good job explaining emotions and why we feel the way we do. It allows my niece to understand her feelings. You'll never tire of reading this delightful book....more info
  • Great Book for Kids
    I recommend this great book for 4-8 year old children because its very cute and exciting. This book tells the story of a young girl expressing her different moods by the way she acts. This book helps children to learn that its ok to express yourself and to have different feelings about things. For example, when this little girl is silly she dresses like a star, and when she falls on her knee rollerblading she is very frustrated. This book would also be very enjoyable for kids. For example, this book is filled with many colorful illustrations making it fun for the children to look at the book. Also, the book has many crazy examples and is filled with many details. For example, when the little girl feels silly she puts rouge on her cat and gloves are her feet. This book can also relate to many kids and their feelings. For instance, when the little girl is left out on a play date she is very angry or when she is excited she sells cookies and lemonade. Children also often feel those ways when those incidents happen to them. All of these reasons are why this book is very fun and enjoyable for kids to read. ...more info
  • Great concept, but disappointing
    I love the concept of this book, and I think it's so important for kids to learn to identify and feel okay about their emotions, even negative ones. But, this book says it's for ages 4-8, and I found the references to a boyfriend and a crush on a teacher completely inappropriate. I was really disappointed, and those references changed my opinion of an otherwise great kids' book. Please read the whole book before buying it! ...more info
  • Silly good fun!
    Another winner from the creative team of Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell. This book teaches kids about mood swings! It's quirky and funny but educational too.

    Use this book to help kids recognize what they are feeling. A must for the active child and hey, it goes over well with adults too. I'm looking forward to more!...more info

  • This book is a winner
    My 3 1/2 year old loves this book. Her favorite part is the end when you can turn the wheels and make your own faces. This book emphasizes the normalcy of feeling sad, confused, and whatever other feelings people have.

    I didn't care for the part where the little girl says she has a boyfriend. This book is intended for 4-8 year old and I don't know any kids that age that have a boyfriend or really even understand the concept.

    Other than the aforementioned issue, I love this book and read it to my daughter every night. It's a winner!

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Might be better for older children, but what 4 yr old has a boyfriend?
    I bought this book for my 3 year old and after one read I have put it away for a few years. Talk of boyfriends and crushes is something that can wait until she is a bit older. The illustrations are nice and the concept is good, but it is off the mark for the younger ones....more info
  • I would have given it 4 stars, but my kids gave it 3.
    Today I Feel Silly is a rhyming book about a free-spirited little girl who narrates little stories about the days she feels different emotions - silly, angry, joyful, confused, discouraged, etc. The illustrations are fun and informal watercolors, and definitely well-matched to the warm tone that author Jamie Lee Curtis conveys. The main point of the story is a sort of "I'm okay - you're okay" message about how it's all right to feel all kinds of emotions, not just the positive ones.

    I picked up this book on a whim, mainly influenced by the fact that I like Jamie Lee Curtis from what little I do know about her as a person ( I know, bad, bad, bad). My overall impression is that it is cute and fun, but my kids didn't seem to respond much to it - this despite the fact that there's an interactive "emotion wheel" built into the last page. They fiddled with it for a bit and quickly ended up pulling the inner disc out of it in an attempt to see what was inside. I don't think it was put together with realistic kids in mind. Sigh.

    Well it was a nice effort Jamie, but I don't think we'll be looking into your other kids' books.
    -Andrea, aka Merribelle
    ...more info
  • Good book
    This is a great book, my daughter is only 2 and it is a little long for her. Instead of reading it word for word we look at the pictures and talk about that feeling. The end of the book a wheel with different eyes and mouths we think is fun too!!...more info
    This book is wonderful! My son and I love reading this book. It is not only entertaining due to the clever use of words, but also educational. Children have a great resource to understanding their moods. Ms. Curtis provides great examples of what a person undergoes when they are sad or happy, etc. in order for a child to identify with the character and in turn label their mood as well....more info
  • Names for feelings
    In this book, a little girl explains her moods and why she feels that way, all in rhymes. The girl feels alternately silly, joyful, or cranky, and a lot of other moods as well. The situations that put her in these moods are quite believable and real, like learning that she will have sibling, or tattling on a friend. The book is not scary, and the story is engaging. It has about 550 words....more info
  • Today I Feel Silly
    This book is a delightful story about a young girl and the many different emotions she is feeling. Curtis does an excellent job of portraying a wide array of emotions, from jolly to confused to frustrated, making this a book that almost any child can relate to. The best part about thsi book is that Curtis not only lists different moods felt by the little girl in the story, but she also explains what causes those moods, which provides young children with a better understanding of their own emotions. For example, Curtis writes "Today I'm excited there's so much to do. I'm going to sell cookies and lemonade too. I'm starting a club to go clean up the park. And I've got a big crush on my teacher named Mark." Another strength of this book is the way Cornell uses the illustrations to enhance the written text. She does an excellent job of creating pictures that conv ey the emotions Curtis is writing about. On each page, you'll find a jpicture which shows actions or facial expressions related to the mood being described. Her vivid illustrations are not only present thoughout the story, but actually go from end paper to end paper, even on the title and publishing page. Finally, the only downfall of this book is the inconsistency in text layout. On each page, the text is placed in a different location and in a different pattern. This can make the story difficult for young children to read themselves, which makes this book more ideal as a read-aloud for young children....more info
  • Wow, a GOOD book by a celebrity
    Usually the celebrity authors' books are not my favorites, but Ms. Curtis' is a pleasant surprise! This is a rhyming story about feeling different things on different days, and at the end there is a "mood wheel" where your child can dial in the eyes and mouth to show how THEY feel. The illustrations are full of lively, interesting detail, too. A recommended picture book!...more info
  • She's obviously a Mom
    Just got this book as a gift. I Read this book to my 6 year old and her 6 year old girlfriend before bedtime. They giggled and smiled like they totally understood the emotions. I thought this book was great. Kids are moody and up and down from one moment to the next. Jamie Lee lets them know it's okay. I loved the illusrations too!...more info
  • A Great Read for Children, and even for Adults!
    We had an assignment to do in my English class and it was to read 10 children's books. I happened to stumble across this one and it really opened my eyes. This book is a great way to teach kids that everything that feel is normal. I know growing up sometimes I thought I was the only one who ever felt a certain but soon, I learned everyone deals with the same feelings. By reading this book, I was happy to find that kids have the chance to feel freely and not hold back on things because they are afraid they are different. There are also great pictures too. That always helps to entertain kids....more info
  • Great book for kindergarten and first grade!
    This is a book about feelings and emotions. The main character is a little girl. The book follows her daily experiences, along with charting how she feels throughout these events. Feelings such as silly, angry, sad, confused, and excited are mentioned, along with events which trigger these emotions. At the end of the book, there is a page which says, "How do you feel today?" On the page opposite this, you will find an interactive page, in which the child can change the eyes and mouth of the picture to depict his/her feelings at that moment. It is an absolutely wonderful book. The illustrations are OUTSTANDING! They really bring the book to life! You will find yourself reading this book over and over again. It discusses family life and everyday events, which happen on a daily basis. Children can relate to this book because of this. They can use their background knowledge to relate the events in the book to the events in their lives. They can also compare her feelings to their own, and realize that everyone has feelings. This is a wonderful book to share with children and adults of all ages. I would definetely recommend this book to anyone....more info
  • FUN book to read to your Daughter
    I bought this book for my 20 month old daughter after she enjoyed being read "I'm Gonna Like Me" also written by Jamie Lee Curtis. I think this is a wonderfully written book; the sentences rhyme and are rather short so as I read it to her, I can put emotion into my voice with each mood the character is going through. Although I think the words and pictures are a bit too advanced for a two year old to grasp, my enthusiasm while reading this book keeps my daughter very attentive and we can also point out the illustrations together. I will say that the character in the book is a girl and the pages mostly relate to "girl things" like braiding hair, having a boyfriend, going to the movies with her mom and so on. I don't think a boy may be as interested in the book. I personally don't feel offended by Jamie Lee Curtis' reference in to book to the character having a boyfriend or a crush on a teacher. That is just a part of life and emotions girls feel at times and it is addressed in a fun loving way. As a mom who once experience those same things, I feel comfortable teaching her myself about feelings toward boys not relying on a book to educate her. This book can be used to be open up to such discussions. At the end of the book is a 3D wheel of a face and as you turn the wheel the expression on the girls face changes from happy to angry to lonely and so on. Overall, a fun book for both child & parent!!!...more info
  • Great book for boys and girls
    This book teaches a wonderful lesson about moods and how they vary every day. You can tell its written by an actress, who likely has more dramatic moods than you and I, but the message is wonderful. I love reading this book to my six-month-old son....more info
  • There are so many kinds of feelings...
    This is a wonderful book that shows children the range of emotions a person can feel and helps them learn how to identify them in themselves! My preschoolers adored it!...more info
  • SIlly to sad
    Today I Feel Silly is a great book. Not only does it keep your attention the whole way through with the funny things happening but also with the colorful illistrations. I enjoyed reading this book because i know that i have felt the same way as the little girl in the story. I like knowing that the little girl could be a real person just telling how she feels. I also like the "How do you feel" wheel in th back of the book, because i know that when i am done reading the book i can use it and see all of the differnt funny faces. This is a great book and i suggest it for little ones....more info
  • Today I Feel Silly
    Today I Feel Silly: And Other Moods That Make My Day
    Wonderful, whimsical and a delightful book for any child. I love reading this book aloud to my children. I think it is Jamie Lee Curtis' best book! I have enjoyed them all though, as have the children....more info
  • A very fun book to read
    I often read this book to my 15-month old daughter because she loves the rhymes and the pictures are cute. Along with the text, we look at the little girl's expressions and talk about whether she is smiling, frowning, etc. The story is a great tool for showing and describing different emotions as it is extremely important for children to be able to recognize what they are feeling....more info
  • Fun and funny book!
    What a fun book this is to read to kids! The rhymes are great and sure to bring giggles from young readers. There's surprising depth here; this is a book you will enjoy reading aloud again and again....more info
  • Highly Recommend
    I highly recommend this book. It was the best childrens book i have every read. This book was so exciting to me because every page was a different mood. Jamie Lee Curtis did a wonderful job writing this story. The reason why i liked it the best was because it rymed and it makes stories more exciting when they ryme....more info
  • Feelings are oh-so important
    Recognizing our feelings and being able to name and claim them is so important to our emotional health. A meaningful book that travels through the variety of feelings a child may encounter in any day - from angry to joyful to confused to lonely to.... A wide range of feelings are included in this charming rhyme. This is a fun book which can start discussions about how we are feeling while emphazing to children that all feelings are valid. Ben Keckler, author of Incredibly Lonely, That's Me...more info
  • Excellent For "Grownups" Too!
    I bought this book for a "grownup" friend, who didn't seem to quite understand that it was okay for people to have all sorts of emotions. This book is excellent, and straightforward with bright and vivid artwork to go along. Sometimes we must go back to learn childhood lessons in order to be good adults, this book is excellent for that!...more info
  • Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day
    Joyful, confused, angry and happy are just some of the many moods that can make or break your day. Today I feel silly and other moods that make my day by Jamie Lee Curtis is a hysterical story about a spunky little red head girl whose moods changes everyday with each flip of the page. The elaborate pictures change with each mood of the girl when she goes through her ups and downs. The Author does a brilliant job at adding detail to support how she is feeling and why she is feeling that way. Young and old would get a laugh out of this comical and entertaining book. I personally I love this book because it reminds me when I was little and my own random moods. Everyday you wake up new mood that changes you and the people around you in a good or bad way. After reading this book you might ask yourself, what's my mood today? ...more info
  • A perfect testament to little one's moods.
    I read this with my 1yr old daughter, and 5yr old son over and over. It never fails to make us giggle, and it's so true. Jamie Lee Curtis has found her calling as a children's author. We own all of her books and can't wait for more!!...more info
  • Fabulous book!
    This is absolutely my favorite children's book and one I would consider a must-have. My 3 year old daughter loves it so much that she can recite the whole book from cover to cover. It not only teaches kids about their emotions but it also tells them it's ok to be themselves. The illustrations are adorable and fun - they show a child with personality and spunk. Kids can relate to the situations Jamie Lee Curtis writes about - having a fight with their best friend, running in a relay race on a sunny day and needing a quiet day with mom. This would make a fabulous gift....more info
  • Laughed right along with the kids!
    This book is SO much fun! It's a great way to discuss emotions with young children that is fun and entertaining. The text flows with rhyme, and the illustrations are colorful and whimsical.
    5 stars!...more info
  • Today I Feel Silly: And Other Moods...
    I am sharing this with elementary age children that I am counseling for social-emotional issues--they all, from age 7-age 11--resonate with this, even if they're familiar with it already, and all delight with the interactive feeling page at the end! The main character in the story is easy for girls especially to identify with....more info
  • Love it!
    I gave this to my daughter when she turned 5. It is a fun book, but helped my daughter express how she is feeling. There is a face in the back of the book that they can change to show different feelings. I recently bought two more of these books as gifts for little girls turning 5....more info
  • Silly and funny....
    Great book to discuss feelings and moods with a child. My daughter likes this book very much and the main character is adorable. We both love the rhyme and illustrations. Great book for 3 year olds and up....more info
  • Another great book by Jamie Lee Curtis
    I really like all of the books I have read by Ms. Curtis. The message and the rhymes are great. The illustrations are also very cute. My daughter liked the emotions wheel at the back, and it has been helpful in talking with her about different feelings.

    Christine Mitchell, author and illustrator of:
    Family Day: Celebrating Ethan's Adoption Anniversary and Welcome Home, Forever Child: A Celebration of Children Adopted as Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Beyond...more info
  • Great for working with young children
    I am a student therapist (PhD program) conducting cognitive behavioral therapy with children and adolescents. I have often used this book to help children talk about different feelings they have experienced and thoughts they have or things that they do when they experience this feeling. My clients really enjoy this book. They are able to relate to the different feelings the little girl experiences and share from their life. I even had a client who wanted to develop a book about his/her life after reading this. I think it's a great resource for those who work with children and adolescents....more info
  • Fun to read with an important message
    It is so important for children to learn about their feelings at a young age. This books helps children identify and label their feelings in a fun way. The words flow well, which makes it easy to read and fun to listen to. The illustrations are fun, as well. My son (2 1/2) asks questions about the illustrations and the words, as it really sparks his interest. I recommend this book for all parents....more info
  • Children's Book
    The Grandkids love this book! It's fun toread and they think the pictures are funny....more info
  • Feelings
    Jamie Lee Curtis best known as an actress is also a writer of accomplished children's books. She has written, Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day. Laura Cornell's whimsical pictures sets the stage for a little girl with many different feelings. This is a wonderful book to help young children identify their feelings. Each new feeling begins with Today I feel... that feeds into that children are very egocentric and we are just a small part of their world. The little descriptions of why they have certain feelings provide children a concrete reference. The book tells the children that it is okay to have different feelings. The one thing that I would have loved to see is how the young girl coped with her different feelings in a constructive way. The mood wheel in the back of the book is a nice way to have children describe their own feelings....more info
  • Refreshing
    I first heard about Jamie Lee's books on a talk show that she was on. Her passion for children drew my attention.

    I was most impressed by this book. Growing up, I was always afraid to show my emotion. My mother never let me know that it was okay. As an adult, I still have trouble expressing myself.

    As a mother, it is very important to me to communicate with my children and let them know that the feelings that they feel are okay. This book opens the door to those conversations.

    My kids love it!!!...more info

  • A funny way to learn about moods
    This book is terrific. We received it as a Christmas gift and it is already a favorite of my son (age 4), who is just learning to verbalize his emotions.

    The book is about a little girl who shares with readers how the world appears to her when she is experiencing various moods. With its pleasantly rhyming prose and endearing illlustrations, I believe it sets up a warm and safe atmosphere for young readers as they learn to put a name to their feelings and learn that it is okay to sometimes feel sad or angry.

    My son also loves the cardboard face at the end of the book, which allows kids to select different eyes and mouths for the characters, depending on what mood they prefer.

    I recommend this book for all families!...more info

  • A Fun Book for All Ages
    I discovered this book while babysitting for two boys, ages 7 and 4. They chose it as their bedtime story and I read it to them in many different voices- louder, happier and faster on the cheerful days, slow and deeper on the bored or sad days. The kids absolutely loved it. And so did I! I have since bought four copies of the book. I gave two as gifts to 6 and 10 year old girls and one to my 21-year-old sister during a bad few weeks away at school. The fourth copy is archived in my own bookshelf. I have yet to meet a kid (from ages 4 to 23!) who has not loved this book. The younger kids love the pictures- there is always something new to discover in the unique, whimsical scenes. My sister and I laugh at the bad hair day and the clever rhyming. This is a book I will continue to buy and recommend to others. It's an absolute storytelling delight. ...more info


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