Pressure Perfect: Two Hour Taste in Twenty Minutes Using Your Pressure Cooker

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Under pressure to get a tasty, nutritious dinner on the table in a flash? Like the idea of preparing fork-tender beef stew in thirty minutes and pot roast in under an hour? All this and more is made possible by the pressure cooker, a magical appliance that produces soul-satisfying, homemade food in one-third (or less) the standard cooking time.

In Pressure Perfect, Lorna Sass, the country's leading authority on pressure cooking, distills her two decades of experience into one comprehensive volume. First learn everything you need to know about buying and using today's 100% safe cookers. Then enjoy?more than?200 recipes for preparing soups, meats, poultry, grains, beans, vegetables, and desserts in record time. How about whipping up a savory risotto in 4 minutes, chicken cacciatore in 12 minutes, or a delectable chocolate cheesecake in 25 minutes?

Because the pressure cooker tenderizes tough cuts of meat quickly, you can prepare fall-off-the-bone beef short ribs or lamb shanks on weekday nights instead of waiting for a special occasion. The pressure cooker also allows you to make delectable one-pot meals in minutes. Among the many innovative recipes and techniques, you'll learn to cook meatloaf and potatoes simultaneously in 10 minutes, and meatballs, pasta, and sauce at the same time in only 5 minutes. Many recipes also suggest Cook-Along ideas for preparing vegetables and grains along with the entr®¶e.

To further?help?those cooking under pressure (and who isn't nowadays?), each chapter contains timing charts for quick reference. Tips and Pressure Points in every recipe ensure optimum results.

This ultimate guide to pressure cooking is a must for all busy cooks, boaters, brides, college students, and anyone looking for a great way to make irresistible, healthy, home-made food fast.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Book for Jumping Off
    This book has recipes in it, but even better, it has instructions for variations on the recipes. It's a good basic book that shows you how to improvise and have fun with your cooker....more info
  • great book
    I had never used a pressure cooker before now I make meatloaf in one thanks to this book....more info
  • Top Tool
    This book is an invaluable tool for both experienced & novice pressure cooker users containing many useful tips on pc use as well as a multitude of easy to follow recipes.An absolute must for beginners....more info
  • Wish I had looked inside
    The book is okay, the recipes are of things we don't even eat let alone heard of before. The book is not what I was looking for....more info
  • Very good
    For beginners, I recommend "Miss Vickie" first because of her much longer chapters of valuable reference tables and guidlines. Next buy "Pressure Perfect" for Sass' thorough descriptions of cooking steps. I don't see much "gourmet" in any pressure cooking book, but rather very tasty, healthy, quickly prepared food. Sass' excellent, but simple, corned beef and cabbage recipe is a fine example that will make enthusiastic converts. ...more info
  • Pressure Cooking 101: Easy, Safe and Oh So Delicious!!!!!
    Having purchased and thoroughly enjoyed Cooking Under Pressure and The Pressured Cook, it was a no-brainer to purchase Lorna Sass's latest offering for the pressure cooker. For persons new to pressure cooking and even for us 'old hands', this may be her best work yet.
    The first twenty-two pages are a primer for pressure cooking. Ms. Sass demystifies this cooking genre and guides the reader through what she calls, 'The Language of Pressure Cooking'. She reassures the novice of the safety of today's pressure cookers and generally provides all the information that the reader will need to be successful.
    What I really liked about this book (besides the recipes) are the 'extras': Variations, Transformations and Pressure Points. The variations suggest alternate ingredients, the transformations explain how to modify the recipe to create other dishes and the pressure points provide information, techniques and suggestions specific to different sized cookers. This is particularly useful as electric pressure cookers are now becoming popular and recipes don't always work the same as for stovetop models.
    But, you buy a cookbook in order to make great food! Pressure Perfect won't disappoint. I admit to being a poultry lover and the pressure cooker can turn out mixed results. The Chicken Cacciatore recipe was my first choice and it was a keeper! Subsequent recipes, all highly recommended were Spanish Rice with Chicken and Sausage, Beef, Mushroom and Barley Soup and Chicken Noodle 'Casserole' with Mushroom Sauce. I'm still experimenting and at least for now, every recipe has been outstanding.
    If your pressure cooker has been in storage, drag it out and dust it off. Buy this book, read through the first two chapters and get ready for a wonderful culinary experience. You will be very pleased with your results...I know that I am!...more info
  • Lorna Sass' Dirty Pressure Cooker Book
    Lorna Sass' passion for cooking is in every recipe description and comes through in the resulting food. I was blown away by the Curry in a Hurry and her method of cooking rice in a serving casserole on top of the curry (or other recipe). What a time saver and its much easier on the clean up too. I took this combo to a pot luck and just had to tell everyone how to do it. Also delicious and quick was the Beef Stew to which I added a bottle of Guinness!
    Lorna gives so many wonderful variations which entice you to personalize the recipes. It's also a great introduction to using a pressure cooker with so much information on how they work.
    This book is versatile, organized and imaginative and its going to get very dirty!...more info
  • Lorna does it again!
    Just when I think I've gotten hold of the sorts of things I can make in a pressure cooker, Lorna Sass comes out with another recipe book. There are so many exciting things in this book that I've been walking around hungry for days, just thinking about what I'll try next.

    Tonight, I made the Meatloaf with Cheddar Smashed Potatoes. I was reticent. I love meatloaf, and I love my pressure cooker, but still... steamed meatloaf? I envisioned some kind of meat dish that fell apart instead of holding together. I pressed onward despite misgivings. It was possibly the best meatloaf I've had. Moist, flavourful... I had to cook it a couple of minutes longer to get the inner temp to 155 (16 minutes as opposed to 10 - I'm wondering if I let my cooker hiss too much while it's cooking so it's not getting up to the highest pressure), but it was completely worth it. Using the potatoes as a trivet in the bottom of the cooker while the loaf cooks is fantastic, because all the liquid from the meatloaf goes into the potato water. When you mash them up with the cheddar, they taste just fantastic. It was one of those recipes that you're not quite sure why you're doing things in the order listed, but after, it's an "aha!", as she once again gets everything done at the same time, with little to no nutrient loss at all. It ends up feeling like magic.

    I can't recommend her books enough. When I think of how much cooking time I've saved over the years because of her guidance, I smile. Thank you, Ms. Sass, for another gem of a book....more info
  • What a cook needs to learn to use a pressure cooker
    When I received my new pressure cooker, the small cookbook included was uninspiring to this cooking enthisiast. Then I found Pressure Perfect. Perhaps not for a novice cook, Lorna Sass's approach to her recipes to full of information and inspriation. By offering variations and transformations, it is easy to see how you can create your own dishes. Yes the includes all the information on timing and use of your pressure cooker that you need to feel confident with this new tool. I'm looking into her other books! ...more info
  • Perfect, indeed
    After all the experience that this pressure cooker prima donna has had a chance to glean over the years I was hoping for plenty of expert advice, not just recipes for another stew, and great advice is just what she delivers! There are tips enough in here to make up an entire cooking methodology for this wonderful time-saving device. Then she adds to this her "transformations", which alter a recipe, with easy changes, into an entirely different potastew. On top of that (no pun intended), she gives us recipes for two-tiered dinners that offer potatoes and meatloaf in the same pot, among others. Hats off to you, Lorna! I highly recommend!!...more info
  • Excellent book
    I recently bought an electric pressure cooker off of QVC and needed some recipes. I would use my old regular pressure cooker once in awhile, but only to do meats in and nothing fancy. This cookbook explains alot! It really walks you through everything and has variations on the same recipe. I have not made anything yet, but will make something tomorrow. I know it will be easy because you are walked through it all. Now I just wish I had bought 6 qt instead of a 5 qt! I hope the author comes out with another recipe book as I am looking forward to more recipes/...more info
  • Wonderful! I love it.
    I love this cookbook. I've never had a bad meal from this cookbook. This cookbook is versatile. Each recipe has notes after the main recipe that allow you to vary the ingredients and spices. One master recipe makes many variations.

    I especially like the pasta with meat sauce recipe. You brown meat and onions, add spices and wine, then water and dry pasta. After mixing well you put a can of tomatoes on top and seal the pressure cooker. After 5 minutes at high pressure you have a great pasta dish. Everything cooks quickly in one pan.

    Another winner is the risotto recipe. With classic risotto you need to add broth a little at a time and stir constantly for a half hour or more. In the pressure cooker there is almost no stirring and the risotto is ready quickly. Sometimes I add scallops to the risotto after I open the pressure cooker and they cook quickly in the residual heat.

    Those are just 2 of my favorite recipes from this book. There are many more. It is a great cookbook and one I use frequently....more info
  • Great for first time pressure cookers!!!
    I received this book as a gift with my first pressure cooker and I absolutely love it! The beginning of the book is dedicated to understanding and learning your pressure cooker and was a huge help as well as a stress reliever since I had grown up hearing those horror stories about pressure cookers exploding.

    Every recipe has sugguestions for alterations as well as cook alongs if you want to cook sides in the same pot. After trying one or two receipes directly out of this book by following Lorna's directions (in section 1) I was even able to modify crock pot receipes and slow cooking oven receipes out of my other cookbooks - I made a pork shoulder that would normally take 3 1/2 hours in the oven in under 1 hour and it fell apart when I tried to take it out of the pressure cooker; it was wonderful!!...more info
  • Pressure Perfect to Perfect meals!
    The first time I bought a pressure cooker I was on the phone with a friend to make sure it didn't explode and kill me without anyone knowing it! 12 minutes later I had the best split pea soup I have ever tasted in my life! No peas to puree...just PERFECT! The next thing I tried with Lorna Sass's guidance was Rissoto! Holly cow and I didn't even follow her exact receipe just used as a guide to make mushroom, cheese Garlic was unbelieviable! My Sicilian Sweetie couldn't believe it.. have you ever made Risotto the old fashioned way??? Hey trust me it's easier to buy a pressure cooker and Lorna Sass's book and it will turn out perfect! Since then, I have created perfect Roast, perfect Turkey, the cabbage pot of Irish stew and sent my friends home wanting the book! I made the corned beef and cabbage for St. Paddy's day one year and my friend who didn't like corned beef took the left overs home! I tried making corned beef in a crock pot and the tough rubbery nightmare put me off the crock pot for years! I am telling you this book is wonderful. I use it as a reference book more than anything. You have no idea how many friends have purchased pressure cookers because of this book and the meals it has helped me come up with!

    If you're cooking meat and you aren't planning to grill it me the pressure cooker is the way to go, and if you want a wonderful instruction manual for your pressure cooker look to Lorna Sass! She's a true artist, and she'll make you seem like one in the kitchen too!...more info
  • pressure perfect
    bought this book thinking it had a lot of recipes. i was wrong i wish that i had not bought this book. it was such a disapointment. the review on line i thought was very misleading. the best thing i can say about this book is the cover....more info
  • Not what I'd hoped for
    I'd hoped for a good old-fashion pressure cookery resource, with basic, clear and handy instructions and guidlines on timing & liquid amounts. My guess is that most cooks who use pressure cookers are simply looking for a quicker way to get dinner on the table, adapting their own commonly used recipes. This book is not representative of the 'grandma's kitchen' type of pressure cookery that I was personally looking for.
    The first 20 and last 20 pages offer a lot of helpful information though (especially for the novice PC cook) including the different types of pressure cookers, where to get them, how to use them, timing charts for meats, grains, beans and rice. For many this may balance what I felt the book was laking - just basic pressure cookery instructions and good old-fashioned recipes. ...more info
  • Excellent reference manual
    I am not necessarily interested in all the recipes in the book (why would I want to make desserts in the pressure cooker?) but this book has excellent information on the differences between conventional cooking and pressure cookery. I consult this book whenever I need to adapt one of my recipes for the pressure cooker....more info
  • Excellent Cookbook
    I received an e-mail from Ms. Sass the authoress, here it is: "If you're happy with it, I'd be grateful if you posted your thoughts as a review on TX again. Lorna.

    She is a lovely person.

    So, Ms. Sass: Here is my review. I am very, very happy with the cookbook. It deserves five stars. I made the classic Beef Stew EXACTLY according to the instructions. When this was completed - - I am not even kidding you, it was a CULINARY TRIUMPH!!~ Thank you for doing such a definitive book on this modality of cooking. It even tastes healthier than microwaving. What was especially interesting to me was the intense flavorfulness of the stew, it makes you want to sop up the remains with a piece of bread. It is that good. I just wish it would be in a spiral bound book so that it would lay flat on the counter as you begin preparing the recipes. Get this book, folks. It is so worth it. Again, Ms. Sass, thank you for your time and efforts that went into this labor of love. You have blessed all of us.
    ...more info
  • Yummy recipes--love the vegetarian variations!
    I'm a big Lorna Sass fan, and I fell in love with pressure cookers when I bought my very first cookbook of hers (Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure). I couldn't believe then how easy it was to use a pressure cooker, and I was bowled over by the results. This cookbook is no exception. We don't eat a lot of meat, so I really like all the variations that this cookbook offers. Each recipe includes any number of variations, and many of the meat recipes have vegetarian versions. It's wonderful to be able to do different things with a single recipe, depending on your mood and what ingredients you have on hand. And the desserts? I was pretty sceptical when I thought about doing a cheesecake in a pressure cooker, but I was blown away by the results. By far the best cheesecake I've ever made. Yum! I'd highly recommend this cookbook, along with any of Lorna Sass' other cookbooks....more info
  • Great book for pressure cooker newbies.
    I recently purchased my first pressure cooker and this book. Wow, what a combination. The short recipe booklet that came with my cooker actually refers readers to the Lorna Sass books.

    I made the meat loaf and cheddar smashed potatoes, last night, and it came out wonderfully. It really did cook in 10 minutes, as hard as I found that concept to accept. In the interests of health, I tossed my microwave over a year ago (along with Teflon coated pans). Since then, I have had to deal with really long cooking times at dinnertime. Well, with a pressure cooker and recipes like these, I now know that I can get dinner on the table in record time even if I start cooking later than I should.

    I am so impressed with this book that I also ordered 3 other of Lorna Sass' titles. I was also elated to discover that she has a website with lots of useful information, and where you may obtain signed copies of her books. Readers are invited to leave comments or to email her with any questions. To my surprise I got a personal reply within 5 minutes of sending the email! Bravo for Lorna.

    ...more info
  • Two Hour Taste in Twenty Minutes Using Your Pressure Cooker
    We bought an Electric Pressure Cooker that has all these blinking lights, looks like a Space Ship and had NO useable recipes. I was referred to this book by the seller of the cooker and we NOW use it at least twice a week. The Recipes are fast, easy and VERY GOOD....more info
  • Time to buy my own copy
    After using this book for a month on loan from the library and having post-its on so many pages, it's time to buy my own copy to make my notes (things like, "Delicious"). Sass creates the most flavorful recipes I've found and cooking is very easy. This is solid and delicious food, with the added bonus of being fresh and quick to cook....more info
  • Pressure Cooking
    I have made several recipes in the book which were delicious. I recently purchased an electric cooker and find I need to add more liquid to the recipes. I'm looking forward to enjoying more of the recipes....more info
  • A Compleat Guide to Pressure Cooking.
    As a newcomer to pressure cooking this book has served as informative guide as well as a source of recipes that are simple and fast to make. Wildly inaccurate cooking times for those of us living at higher elevations but it's easy to adjust for that.
    This is a very good first book for a new pressure cooking devotee like myself....more info
  • A versatile guide by a real expert
    This cookbook is a pleasure to use. The author has all sorts of creative uses for how to use the pressure cooker, like spaghetti and meatballs (everything cooks together in the pressure cooker), and even desserts. Most of them are so fast, you'll hardly have time to make the salad before the main course is finished. The book is also filled with timing charts for things like beans, grains and vegetables in the cooker,to give you general guidance in using your pressure cooker. The recipe instructions are very clear, and the author's voice is good- natured and humorous. I'm impressed with Sass's broad knowledge of cooking ingredients. The recipes I've tried in the book are all reliable-- the results are quite good. This cookbook has really sold me on the utility and versatility of the pressure cooker....more info
  • Good book
    Very informative and useful. Plenty of recipes to get started and expirement with.......I'm happy. Seller was fast in shipping and great price/condition....more info
  • OK, but I've got a better one
    I have cooked with pressure for 15 years. If you need the basics this book is OK but the recipes I've made aren't all that good--I have yet to find one that I want to make again. If you are looking for tasty recipes, I highly, highly recommend "Pressure Cooking for Everyone" by Rodgers, et al. It has recipes that I make over and over, and still has enough basic instruction for the novice. ...more info
  • Great
    This was a gift to my daughter for whom I had purchased the Demi Pressure Cooker. She is very pleased with this cookbook in comparisson with others she had purchased. ...more info
  • A great book for the inexperienced
    I have had one of the new types of pressure cookers for several years, and I always wanted to use it more but found it difficult to find high quality reliable recipes.

    I am delighted with the delicious recipes in this book, and with the range of tastes. I have not come across a recipe that doesn't cook well and taste great even the first time around.

    It's a fantastic book for people just starting out, and I would have rated it 5 stars if it had some photos of the meals....more info
    Decent, but the lay-out is problematic enough that I won't purchase the book (I borrowed a library copy to try it out). It is formatted like a text book. Recipes should be presented so that it's easy to find your place when you glance away.I would have preferred the recipe sections to use bold print, itemize ingredients and list the step-by-step instructions more clearly. The print is faint & the variations on the recipes are lost in the text. For ex., the Junior League cookbooks have a legible, orderly format & it's fun to flip through them. There is nothing eye catching about Pressue Perfect so I am not all that eager to refer to it. Just personal preference......more info
  • Great all around treatise of pressure cookery
    This book is very thorough and interesting. I highly recommend it for any first time pressure cooker consumer.

    It has a great variety of recipes in it and covers quite a broad number of types of pressure cooking.

    We loved the Pork with mustard and apples, simply delicious!...more info
  • Pressure Cooking
    The recipes, variations & Transformations are a treasure to use. Its easy, quick & simple. She gives enough information to evolve into other areas, after a while. A great gift idea....more info
  • Bring the Pressure Cooker Back for Busy Moms!
    This cookbook has some great 1 pot meals for busy moms. And they are not boring! There are some great ethnic recipes including Moroccan Stew and Chicken Curry. I never used a pressure cooker before, but in the last 2 months I have used it at least once a week. It forces me to try new recipes and that makes dinner much more interesting....more info
  • great cookbook
    I really like this cookbook. I haven't used a lot of recipes yet, but the chart for cooking beans and chuck roast is accurate. I often use my own recipes but always use the timing charts in this cookbook. That is the great thing about this book, the timing charts are very good. The recipes look good too, I just haven't used many yet.

    This book also has a lot of interesting information about pressure cooking. I would highly recommend it, I always use it as at least a timing guide whenever I use my pressure cooker. ...more info
  • Great Stuff
    This book is great for the experienced cook who's fairly new to pressure cooking.

    I love to cook and use lots of different cooking equipment, but the pressure cooker was a little bit intimidating at first, I guess because of the stories you hear about the old ones blowing up. The new pressure cookers have many safety features that eliminate the need for concern.

    Every recipe that I tried turned out beautifully. The directions were clear and concise, and there were many varied and unusual choices. I have 3 of Lorna Sass' pressure cooking books and love them all.

    For anyone who wants to make great and interesting food fast, this is a must have....more info
  • Great book
    I bought an electric pressure cooker and then bought this book. I have been to a class with the author and it was so great. I have made personally one recipe out of the book but it turned out great. I would recommend it to others that would like to have cool and good things to make with pressure cookers!...more info
  • Great All Around Pressure Cooker Guide
    Has great basic information on the pressure cookers and well as the times for cooking all types of food. The recipes I have made so far have all been top notch!...more info
  • Good cookbook for Pressure Cookers
    I just got a Fagor pressure cooker and not a clue how to make stuff in high altitude. I got several pressure cookbooks and this one was a good addition. Pressure Perfect gives many options for one recipe which I really like. The first recipe I tried was the Green Split Pea soup. It has wonderful flavor and was a hit with my husband who loves split pea soup. I just moved to high altitude area near Denver so that is why I got a pressure cooker. The soup was done in 30 minutes! Yum!!...more info
  • Bought 5
    After reading the reviews on different pressure cooker cookbooks here on Amazon, we bought 5 of these to go along with pressure cookers we were giving our children for Christmas. Two of the kids (adults, obivously) have reported back with good reviews on the recipes, but especially liked the information about how to use the pressure cooker and revise your own recipes....more info
  • Tasty recipes & useful info
    I'm new to pressure cooking, and I love excellent food. So far I've found this book useful for a novice pressure cooker user. The recipes are tasty and easy to follow. The book inspires me to use the pressure cooker more often....more info
  • THE perfect companion to your PC
    This book is well thought out and very comprehensive. Every recipe I have tried has been delicious. You won't be disappointed. I also went to Lorna's website and she answered my question the same day....more info
  • No pressure, this one's perfect!
    In this comprehensive cookbook, Lorna Sass goes well beyond explaining the fundamentals of pressure cooking, which she does thoroughly. After giving the basic recipes with very clear instructions, she offers transformations, which show how to completely change the dish into something else by replacing a few ingredients. For example, in her Spanish Rice with Chicken and Sausage recipe, Sass magically makes possible Chicken Jambalaya and a Seafood and Chicken Paella. FOr me, this book went beyond a simple cookbook -- it's one of those books that is teaching me HOW too cook by seeing how Sass creates alternative recipes.

    Clearly, Sass -- who's written fifteen cookbooks -- has experimented a great deal and her recipes are more flavorful than those you'd find in her competitors' books. There are some real surprises here, like triplex cooking: cooking meatloaf on top of potatoes, and making pasta and sauce from scratch in FIVE MINUTES! Her thorugh charts for cooking all kinds of meats, beans, and vegetables are invaluable. If you just received a pressure cooker as a gift and are slightly intimidated, if you are an experienced pressure cooker wizard, or if you are looking for fast, tasty, budget-minded cuisine, THIS is the book for you. ...more info
  • Terrific Cookbook!
    I have three pressure cooker cookbooks, and this is by far my favorite. The recipes are great. But, IMHO the best thing about this book is the detailed timing charts. Apart from timing charts at the beginning of each section, many of the main dish recipes include timing information so that you can easily vary the cut of meat used.

    When I make my own tried & true recipes, I often refer to the timing chart to determine how to best make them in the pressure cooker.

    There are also variations and "transformations" for many of the recipes. For instance, the Pot Roast with Mushroom Gravy recipe can be modified to make German-Style Pot Roast, Pot Roast with Light Tomato Sauce, or Brisket with Mushroom Gravy instead.

    Although the cookbook is not specifically designed for electric/digital pressure cookers, I've had no problem making any of the recipes in my digital cooker....more info
  • Cookbook for those who know how to cook
    I looked at this book when I first got it and decided the receipes were not anything I would ever make I sent the book back because it is too technical example What the hell is a reconstituted mushroom?...more info
  • I use this book very I time I cook with a pressure cooker
    This book has everything that you need to use a pressure cooker. Lots of good recipes and also directions for cooking all types of grians and vegetables. It has very few pictures, but I don't find that I miss them....more info