The Mediterranean Diet

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Scientists have discovered that traditional Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most healthful, nutritious diets in the world -- one that can help everyone lose weight and enjoy lower rates of coronary heart disease and other chronic conditions, including diabetes and cancer. From tasty Moroccan vegetable stew to rosemary focaccia, from eggplant parmesan to lemon almond cake, The Mediterranean Diet offers a program that will make dieters everywhere -- and food lovers in general -- rejoice.

  • Includes a 7-day eating plan chock full of savory meals
  • Essential in-depth nutritional information about each food category
  • A 3-day exercise plan
  • Luscious soup-to-nuts recipes designed to satisfy your individual tastes
  • Lose weight and worry with every delicious meal!

    Customer Reviews:

    • The Mediterranean Diet
      The book was informative, I only wish the print was a little larger.
      I was able to understand the principles of the diet. Some of the recipes were tried, and enjoyed....more info
    • Interesting eating style
      The Mediterranean style of eating is interesting from a nutritional standpoint and I'm sure is beneficial to one's health. It makes for good reading for anyone who wants to learn more about healthy eating. I refer back to it and re-read parts as I try to apply some of the principles to my lifestyle....more info
    • diet book review
      I have not been through the whole book yet. But so far I am learning alot....more info
    • Missing the Mark
      What bothers me about this book is the dietitian bias of the authors. Although they tout the Mediterranean diet, they incorporate non-Mediterranean foods such as salmon and the highly toxic canola oil. There is NO canola oil in the traditional Mediterranean diet!! In fact, canola oil is a toxic substance. Further the authors have a problem with saturated fats, because this is drummed into dietitians as being bad, yet it is the very enigma that is behind the French paradox. It pays to take a very close look at the major industries that back the dietetic association to understand the bias of these authors, including sugar growers, big pharma, the margarine association, Sarah Lee desserts, and so forth. The authors don't even have the guts to claim that sugar is really very bad for you. These biases make for sloppy work and off-the-topic comments and endorsements. Very disappointing. They do not represent the Mediterranean diet as well as could be....more info
    • good
      The book was in good condition. It seems to be very informative but I'm not sure if it is something I can follow. My taste buds don't agree I should say....more info
    • A simple, clear approach to eating well and staying healthy
      Research has shown that the traditional Mediterranean diet is one of the safest and healthiest in the world. People who follow it have significantly lower rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. This book offers dietary wisdom and practical advice in language that is easy to understand. In addition to providing nutritional information, an eating plan, and an exercise plan, it emphasizes the importance of strong social ties and of dealing with stress efficiently.

      The Mediterranean diet works because one can stay with it for life without feeling deprived. There is ample variety, the dishes are not difficult to prepare, and the ingredients are generally inexpensive. When combined with moderate exercise and reduced levels of stress, it can help to maintain good health as well as proper weight. Having said this, however, there is a larger aspect to the Mediterranean diet, which the authors of this book make clear: it is part of an overall philosophy of life in which food is treated with reverence and is savored in an atmosphere that celebrates the joy of sharing with family and friends. Eating healthful food is essential, but it is not enough.

      As far as recipes are concerned, although this book does include some I think you will be able to enjoy Mediterranean food more fully if you take advantage of actual cookbooks that are devoted to the subject of Mediterranean cuisine. For health-conscious cooks who are unwilling to renounce the pleasures of eating well, one of the very best is Sonia Uvezian's "Recipes and Remembrances from an Eastern Mediterranean Kitchen," which I use regularly and which features hundreds of authentic recipes for great-tasting, nutritious, and satisfying dishes....more info
    • Not What I Expected
      This book is so full of theory and scientific-type data that I lost interest in it early on. If I hadn't already had a bit of exposure due to The Sonoma Diet, I wouldn't even bother with this book at all. In fact, it was due to the similarity of The Sonoma Diet that I purchased this book, and now I'm not sure it was a good use of my money....more info


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