The Courage to Heal Workbook: A Guide for Women and Men Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

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In this groundbreaking companion to The Courage to Heal, Laura Davis offers an inspiring, in-depth workbook that speaks to all women and men healing from the effects of child sexual abuse. The combination of checklists, writing and art Projects, open-ended questions and activities expertly guides the survivor through the healing process.

  • Survival Skills -- Teaches survivors to create a safe, supportive environment, ask for help, deal with crisis periods, and choose therapy.
  • Aspects Of Healing -- Focuses on the healing process: gaining a capacity for hope, breaking silence, letting go of shame, turning anger into action, planning a confrontation, preparing for family contact, and affirming personal progress.
  • Guidelines For Healing Sexually -- Redefines the concept of "safe sex" and establishes healthy ground rules for sexual contact.
  • Customer Reviews:

      I definitely recommend this book to survivors of abuse!! When there was no one there for me, or when no one knew what to say, this book was there for me. All of the feelings, emotions, etc. were explained in this book and it has really helped me in my journey of recovery. You can either read this one along or along with "The Courage to Heal". They go hand in hand and have been my lifesavers!!...more info
    • This book has changed my life
      The Courage to Heal Workbook (and it's companion book) are the best books I have read on the subject of healing from Child Sexual Abuse. And I have read a lot! This book does as it's title suggests - it encourages the growth of courage in dealing with difficult issues. While the work is challenging, it is also very hopeful. I have developed new coping skills and I have improved my relationship with myself and with others. With the help of this book and it's companion I feel I am getting to a place where dealing with my past abuse is manageable rather than overwhelming, as it has felt in the past. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a survivor of childhood sexual assault. It is a fantastic resource....more info
    • A workbook for a journey
      This workbook is paperback and has lots of room for notes and comments. Well construsted and felxable for use as a workbook. For any survivor this is a very needful journey. This book and its author has gathered the tools that many have but don't know how to use and helps us understand what to do and how to do it. I have greatly benefitted from this. It is a book well recieved by my therapist. For all survivors and their partners and families this is a book that gives hope, understanding and reassurance. Well worth it....more info
    • Workbook is my Guide to Healing
      Just as The Courage to Heal was my Bible in helping me get through the crisis stage of sexual abuse revisited, helping me to decipher what it was I was feeling, and that it was perfectly normal, probably more normal than anything in my life ever had been, and letting me know what I may be going through next, and how people might react to me, ect.....This Courage to Heal Workbook is my homework in learning to become the person I should have started out as. I do a chapter a day, but you can do it a chapter a week, or at your own pace. Pre-reading The Courage to Heal is not necessary, either. It's all self-explanatory. Encourages one to give lots of deep thought to differing topics and to answer honestly and in depth. I strongly recommend this workbook to anyone struggling to heal the wounds of childhood sexual abuse. It allows you to get to know the real you inside all of the protective layers that have been unconsciencously piled on over the years....not who you want people to know, but who you really are, and who you were really meant to be. A bright shining star!...more info
    • Finally, a book that really helps!
      This book was great! I have read many books on this subject and I highly recommend this one above them all. This book is easy to understand and straight to the point. I finally felt as if someone really understood the internal pain an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse experiences. I pray that anyone reading these reviews will not pay attention to the first review saying that this book is dangerous and the authors should be barred from therapy. I have been to many therapists since we move every couple of years and I know that a good therapist is hard to find esp. one that specializes in this area and truly understands how it affects us in our adult lives. This book has helped me so much and the chapter for partners of the abused has helped my spouse tremendously....more info
    • The Courage to Heal Workbook

      Sexual abuse at any age is traumatic, but when it happens to a child, the results can last for a lifetime. Laura Davis' book is a god-send not only for females, but males also. I remember a woman who had gone through a traumatic experience stating that she didn't have the time to live in fear or be angry, because she needed her energy to heal. May these victims find inner peace and learn to use their minds and energy to be overcomers....more info
    • Healing exercises for anyone with any kind of abuse issues.
      This workbook is an excellent tool for survivors of any type of abuse to use during their healing process, whether the journey to healing has just begun or the traveler has been on the road to healing for a while. I shared this book with my therapist, she said she was going to recommend it to me but I had beat her to it! This book can be worked on alone or with support groups or partners. I recommend the companion book as well, but this book can be used alone....more info
    • Be your own therapist
      It is a great compliment to the textbook 'Courage to Heal'. As much as we trust (or should trust) our therapists, some things will always be left unsaid. Allow this book to fill in the gaps. When I write about what upsets me, I feel somewhat relieved. This is a difficult book to work with, it will change your world forever, and it will change for the better. Once you get to the point of no return, hopefully, like me, you will feel that something inside of you just let go. It is OK to be angry, it is OK to cry, it is OK to fight back. Remember: long after your abuser is out of your life, he or she still controls you through the memories. This book guides you through all the hard work you have to do to control those memories and have a happy life....more info
    • A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!
      You guys, I am seventeen and I purchased this book along with the guide for women and let me tell you it is awesome. I have not even gotten through have of it yet but I am very impressed with how informative and well worded it is. It has questions and writing activities that you can answer on how to keep yourself comfortable and safe when working through it as well as questions to help you work through your conflicting emotions. I recommend this book to anyone who is 17 and up! Thanks again....more info
    • The Stalwart Sexual Abuse Workbook A++++
      Laura Davis' knowledge of sexual abuse is again astounding. Revelating, passionate, delving deep into the psyche of the person working the book she gives real options to becoming whole sexually, mentally, and relationship-wise. If you buy only one book in your life (and as a fellow survivor), I recommend this one even over her first book of a similar title.

      In addition, people without sexual abuse may find the book very invigorating sexually for releasing themselves from other subtle forms of not enjoying the rapturious joys of sex. Identiy, sexuality, and love are completely and candidly discussed. Well-written and self-redeeming!

      ...and she does it all with style, class, and a formative authenticity!

      Felecia Constance Rowe, Executive Director, The Institute for Advanced Mind Research...more info

    • Why I Like this workbook....
      I have used this book for about 4 years now...both in therapy and on my has been an excellent tool for helping to develop new coping skills and for learning more about the kind of support that i have/need.....I HIGHLY recommend that you have some kind of support when doing this workbook....because it can be very intense....but it's worth it.......more info
    • Your Best Friend in this difficult time
      When no one else knows what to say or do to help you during this difficult and often deliberating time, this workbook and it's partner book become your best friend and confidont. When you are ready this book will take you through every stage that you need to go through to heal and be the stronge beautiful and confident person that God intended you to be. This book opens your heart again to things you put behind you and thought didn't affect you, and it also teaches you to use them as tools to overcome and heal all that was wronged unto you. And best of all when you can't proceed any further you can put it away for today and pick it up again when you are ready. You do have the Courage to Heal!!!...more info
    • ...
      ...This book is not meant to heal or treat an individual who has problems. It also does not encourage creating false experiences to explain the hurt in your current life situation.... to true survivors, this book is a godsend and far from damaging.
      No one ever told me that a decade after my abuse I would have some of the feelings and memories bounce back that I do now that I am a mother. At that time I had never willingly had sex, no one shared with me how I would feel when I chose to do so. I was very thankful that I had this book to work through my pain when I did have these experiences....more info
    • healing help
      this workbook is a great accompaniment to The Courage to Heal - Third Edition - Revised and Expanded: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse. i worked with a survivor of sexual abuse as she went through both books simultaneously. each session, we would review what she read and gleaned from the 2 texts. there was an appropriate amount of overlap, but she also found that she learned some very different and equally helpful things from each book. the more information and guidance, the better. both are great resources. one caveat is that the book can be overwhelming for some people, and other treatment to break into the territory of recovery may be necessary first. ...more info
    • This book is hard work but good
      I am not sure why people whose lives are being "ruined" or hurt by "unfounded" repressed memories are being so hard on the authors of this book. Sounds like the psychiatric professionals that their loved one or they themselves are seeing need to be held to task for the "bringing forth the memories" problem - not the authors of this book.

      I WAS sexually abused by my father and stepbrother and remember every last memory that was made over a span of 7 years. Courage to Heal HAS helped me with it and has helped me work on the issues that I thought confrontation of my abusers would heal immediately. Yea right.

      I don't think anyone should use this book without the consultations of a counselor or therapist and getting help from them while going through it. Self diagnosis is and can be dangerous. I think, however, it is a good book to help a person work through the issues that surround actual abuses. ...more info
    • Not sure this book is for me.
      On the recommendation of my counselor I bought this workbook. I just recieved it and quickly read through it. My first impression is it is very touchy feely and has a lot of "How do you feel" kind of stuff over and over. I guess that is how a person can get in touch with what is bothering them, but it sorta turned me off to it. I'm still going to give it a try and see what will come of using it.

      I did like the section on anger and forgiveness as this had some very helpful information. All I know is this whole healing process is confusing and a lot of hard work.

      On the topic of forgiveness... I found the book "Forgive and Forget" very informative too. It also talks about what forgiveness really is all about. The Courage Workbook has a small section on this topic too that I found helpful.

      What works for one person may not work for another, but you won't know if it will work for you unless you try it.

      ...more info
    • The best possible therapy I had..and cheapest too
      As a Survivor, I spent, and my family spent, over 50,000 trying to help me move past the hurt and embarrassment. A friend recommended this workbook, and the companion book to read, and I believe this was the most influencial in my healing and also the cheapest therapy of it all.
      I was 16 when I first entered therapy for the abuse and got this book. At the time, there were events mentioned in the book that I hadn't yet encountered. Now, as a mother of two with a divorce and second marriage under my belt, I find myself flipping through and still working on pages in this book today, over a decade later.
      Every time I work with clients who share that they have went through similar experiences, I always recommend this book. It certainly isn't a replacement for therapy, but there are things therapy can't prepare you for that this work book can walk you through.
      I also suggest that you take this book to your support group, conselours, close friends and family, etc., and ask them to sign it. Much like a yearbook. It is so encouraging when you feel alone and hurting, that all these people care and love you and support you....more info
    • This book is VERY dangerous if you have repressed memories
      This book is very damaging to vulnerable people looking for answers about why their lives aren't going well.

      There are many people who have been genuinely sexually abused and their memories of the event have always been with them. But for people looking to find an answer to their problems by claiming repressed memory sexual abouse, this book is a killer. It will cause huge damage to your family - don't touch it. It is written by two women with no psychology/psychiatry qualifications.

      My sister read this book and she has caused immense damge to both herself and our family. I doubt she will ever recover. STAY AWAY AND SEE A PROFESSIONAL OR READ BOOKS WRITTEN BY PROFESSIONALS. This book stinks....more info

    • with reservation
      I read this book because it related to my field of interest, and though I see its appeal and I am sympathetic to the sufferers of sexual abuse, I would not recommend it as a first choice of comfort.
      Yes it's "cheaper" than therapy and it has empowering messages to those who have been devalued by others. My concern is that the contents may be a little too much "coaching" for some sufferers who still deal with revenge fantasies. (and I realize the book addresses the pros and cons of confrontation). However I have some personal experience with a family member who used this book. There are certain personality disorders that challenge a person's perception and in the case of my family, a confrontation served no purpose but to alienate the family member from her family. In other words, she used the book for a substitute because the book told her what she wanted to hear. Though she has backpeddled on her original statements (realizing her mistake) it has caused an impasse between some family members. I don't think this particular offense is something that can be fixed with a book. It is best used by someone as a supplement who is capable of thinking for self and also has the support from someone who will be there if and when the survivor chooses to confront or blame others for their lot in life. That supporter will not be Davies....more info
    • A Must if you were sexually abused
      This book is a true gift - to me and to anyone that was abused in any way, not just sexually....more info
    • This book saved my life
      The courage to heal workbook was recommended to me by my therapist. Together we worked through the book. It made me think of things that I had for gotten. I started to realize just how much damage was done to me because of my abusers. This book has helped me more than I can say. I now realize why I started drinking more and have become addicted.I still work with my therapist every two weeks and we have made great progress because of this book. I recommend this book for surivors....more info
    • dissapointed
      Seller said this product was clean and free of markings, however it had highlights all over it. I need to use it in a professional setting but the markings are inappropriate to use for that. I was very disappointed with this seller's product....more info


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