Fleeced: How Barack Obama, Media Mockery of Terrorist Threats, Liberals Who Want to Kill Talk Radio, the Do-Nothing Congress, Companies That Help Iran, and Washington Lobbyists for Foreign Governments

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Here are the facts:

The United States has released 425 terrorists from Guant¨¢namo, at least 50 of whom have returned to the battlefield to fight our troops.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both say they're fiscally responsible. But each has called for $1 trillion in tax increases over the next ten years—and dressed them up as tax cuts!

Mainstream Media has been given marching orders from the Society of Professional Journalists: never refer to "Islamic terrorists" or "Muslim terrorists." And they are obeying! Whenever our brave agents disrupt a terror plot, The media dismisses the culprits as a gang of idiots—lulling us into a false sense of security.

If the liberals win the 2008 election, they will cripple talk radio—forcing stations to give equal time to left-wing programs, and insisting that liberals play a key role in station management.

Up to a quarter of all state pension funds in the United States are invested in companies that are helping Iran, Syria, North Korea, or the Sudan—for a total of nearly $200 billion.

The Do-Nothing Congress is still doing nothing—and the worst offenders are the presidential candidates Clinton, Obama, and McCain, who never show up for their day jobs as senators . . . except to pick up their $165,000 paycheck!

Is it any wonder that Americans feel fleeced at every turn?

As more and more critical problems develop that need national attention, the White House and Congress appear to be AWOL.

Who's calling the shots instead?

Big business, big government, big labor, and big lobbyists. And their self-serving agendas are doing nothing to help the ever-increasing number of American people who are losing their homes, paying credit card interest rates higher than 25 percent, and finding their jobs increasingly outsourced to foreign countries.

In this hard-hitting call to arms, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann reveal the hundreds of ways American tax-payers are routinely fleeced—by our own government; by foreign countries like Dubai that are gobbling up American interests and spending millions to influence government decisions and American public opinion; by Washington lobbying firms that are pushing the agendas of corrupt foreign dictators on Capitol Hill; and by hedge-fund billionaires collecting huge tax breaks courtesy of the IRS.

With their characteristic blend of sharp analysis and insider insight, Morris and McGann call offenders of all kinds on the carpet—and offer practical agendas we all can follow to help turn the tide.

Customer Reviews:

  • Fleeced is an indictment of large government and how it doesn't work
    Fleeced has one of the largest subtitles you can find on the bookshelves today so I will only cite it once -- Fleeced: How Barack Obama, Media Mockery of Terrorist Threats, Liberals Who Want To Kill Talk Radio, The Do-Nothing Congress, Companies That Help Iran, And Washington Lobbyists For Foreign Governments Are Scamming Us...And What To Do About It. But the subtitle does fulfill its purpose by telling, in a nutshell, what the book is all about.

    Morris, an insider in the Clinton Administration, provides insight into how government works. Fleeced is an indictment of large government and how it doesn't work. One of the often quoted quips from his book is that of the 425 terrorists released from Gitmo some 50 have been recaptured or killed in Iraq, clearly suggesting that many if not almost all of the detainees are indeed combatants.

    Without showing any favoritism, Morris strikes out at Republicans and Democrats, left and right wingers, Congress, President Bush, the Supreme Court as well as John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. He points out that both McCain and Obama have taken a year off to run for president but still collect their $165,000 a year salary for being U.S. Senators even though they are not on the job anymore. After pointing out that healthcare is being allocated far more resources than education, Morris shares his concern for the large numbers of teachers leaving their professions and what the long-range implications of that are for our country.

    Fleeced also contains fascinating insight into the anti-work ethic of our national lawmakers, into the subprime loan crisis, and into credit card hidden charges, poison in toys, and how movies are enticing teens to smoke. The authors detail how taxpayers are being fleeced by their own government, how foreign nations and domestic corporations are trying to set the agenda for Congress, how labor unions are fleecing the American worker, and then calls out by name specific lawmakers how are fleecing the American people.

    Fleeced is a well-researched book as well as entertaining. An easy read, the book focuses on several issues without getting bogged down in detail on any one subject. Among the quick topics covered are: the liberals' secret plan to muzzle talk radio; how the media downplays jihad terrorism; how to block toys from China that are poisoning our children, how the NEA entices its members to invest in annuities that sap their retirement nest eggs, contractor fraud in Iraq, the real reason why Hillary Clinton initially supported the war in Iraq, and how a new Democratic President will defang the Patriot Act while NSA wiretapping will remain in force. But the main thrust of Fleeced is to identify the culprits, expose their deeds, and suggest remedies to hold government accountable so taxpayers will no longer be fleeced.

    By Darin Manis
    CEO and Founder
    RJ & Makay

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  • Fleeced
    Excellent exposure to our current financial crisis and what an Democratic congress will do to ruin our nation. Obama is not what the media has told us....more info
  • Reader should be made aware of time frame it was written.
    Not a bad book, but readers should be informed prior that it is set in the time frame of post-election of Obama. This leaves a lot to be desired as to the information given, since it is based on what might happen in the future IF he is elected, not the actual facts that have proven true. Because of this factor, I found it hard to stay interested in the book through all of the chapters. Had I held a copy in my hands and read briefly from it prior to purchasing it, I would not have bought it....more info
  • Truth vs. Liberal Media
    It is always good to study both sides of current issues.After reading
    Mr. Morris's book, I fear that the mindless masses who believed the print media and the big three TV news channels have been brain washed once again. The vicious circle of poorly educated people who tend to vote for personalities rather than purposeful politicians, the dumbing down of our schools led by leftwing teachers and politicians has become a neverending cycle of discontent for those of us who listen to both sides of an issue and vote for the one more in line with our own core beliefs.
    Until we reform our education system to teach students to consider both sides of an issue, and not be suppressed by "left-wing one sided" teachers,this country will continue spiraling out of control and our country will no longer resemble what the founding fathers intended.
    Thank you,
    Michael J. Condon
    ...more info
  • Savvy Political Assessor
    This is a controversial book but one that should be read by every American. Dick Morris is one of the most perceptive political writers around and his book nails certain abuses in the political realm that we should know about. Whether you like him or not, his intelligent assessment is worth reading. ...more info
  • Limp Dick
    Poor Dick. On the outside with the Clintons and the Democrats for some years and now a an old bitter and twisted mouthpiece for the Republican Party on Fox. This book reads like one of those 9/11 conspiracy blurbs and it is hilarious. Take a pill and have a lie down Dick. All this stress cannot be doing your heart any good whatsoever....more info
    Why go into details about this trash!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if it's stupid, but to publish such garbage, unbelievable!!
    I'm glad that I borrowed it from someone else, who couldn't believe the crap that was written. We ripped the pages out together!!!...more info
  • Comprehensive listing of problems (and possible solutions) in Washington DC and beyond
    Dick Morris and Eileen McGann have written this book which expounds upon issues the media seem to miss or underreport. But before you think this is a partisan book (or review for that matter), I can assure you it is not. Fleeced goes into some very good detail outlining problems, solutions and authors' opinions.

    This book will probably make you angry insofar as what our elected officials do (or don't do) on a daily basis.

    Simply stated, most of the "1 or 2 star" reviews of the book appear to come from highly polarized individuals that, in my opinion, didn't read the book fully. I firmly believe that had they read the entire book, they wouldn't be able to draw a conclusion as to the politics of the authors (and as such, wouldn't necessarily be so critical in their review).

    I recommend the book for two reasons:
    1. There is insight to what we cannot know regarding Washington politics (we are not insiders like Dick Morris is)
    2. It is non-partisan and should equally anger Dems and Repubs.

    Great book!...more info
  • A piece of garbage...
    If you enjoy reading trashy books by loathsome political turncoats, this is the book for you. Should be in the fiction section. ...more info
  • Very good, but not great...Mr. Morris could have gone farther
    I bought and read this book recently and I loved it. It was shocking how moronic much of what the Congress actually spends their time on is, (There is a point-by-point, day-to-day telling of just that - including passing resolutions to applaud super bowl winners and rename post offices). Although maybe its hearteneing that much of their time is spent on frivolities, because imagine how much worse things would be if Congress really applied themselves! The book also does a great job of exposing the dangerous entanglements and lobbying that is such a force in both parties. The incompetence and greed shown by both sides in Congress as described helped to open the doors for the economic crisis. My only fault was that he could've probbed deeper in pointing out the hypocrisy and utter failure of our Congress to be our servants in Washington. I look forward to Mr. Morris' next book and he truly is "speaking truth to power"....more info
  • Very Informative, everything the mainstream media will not report!
    The main stream media seems to be falling down on the job. Instead of reporting the news, they report their "views". Dick Morris gives the facts the media will not give. A must read if you are at all interested in the workings of our government....more info
  • Good, but parts are over the top.
    Dick Morris is one of a kind and I enjoyed this book. That said, it probably started out as a culmination of many great columns written by him bundled together to make a book. In the process, some substandard filler material was added. I don't doubt what he says about the left wing/PC agenda, but parts of it are so over the top even for me.

    In particular, when detailing the corrosive effect of liberal influences on the American culture, Dick mentioned movies made which he categorized as pandering smoking to kids. Since the flicks showed people smoking and (so he says) the flick was geared towards kids, they therefore promote smoking to children. Problem is, his list of films includes PG-13 and even R rated movies.

    By no stretch of the imagination should an R rated movie be seen as meant for children. For example, he lists "Walk The Line" as one of the movies of 2005 which shows people smoking and as such is pandering smoking to kids. "Walk The Line" is a movie about the true life of country legend Johnny Cash. Since much of the storyline was set in the 1960s, a time where many people smoked (egad, even indoors!), it of course shows people smoking (duh). How else should the story of real people living their lives as they really did - as smokers - be told? How do we tell a war story without soldiers smoking? Or a cops and robbers flick without scenes of drug use? And as with all R-rated films, children were not the intended audience.

    Though I'm with him on the overall premise of the book, Dick went further than he really had to here. There is so much evidence of the left wing influence and its corrosive effect on American culture that stretches of credibility like his movie hit-list are completely unnecessary. Other than that, good book and a worthwhile read from a unique conservative commentator.

    ...more info
  • Wouldn't Have Known...
    I wouldn't have known that this was a used book! Fantastic condition. Thank you....more info
  • doesn't deliver
    This book promises a lot, but doesn't deliver much. It fails to build a case against the left, or against the media. It doesn't talk enough about Barack Obama's plans. Overall, I would say I was disappointed by it....more info
    Obama is just what this country needs. I feel that it doesn't really matter which democrat won, the Republicans would feel the need to create fear simply since they are out of power. He is the President-ELECT, the key word is ELECT, the Republicans are just out to re-gain power!...more info
  • worth it for the credit card section alone ...
    as i read these reviews, i cannot help but noticing that most of them reek of politcal rhetoric in one sense or another. i guess that is what makes me wonder whether a good number of the reviewers have even read the book! yeah, morris is a former clinton hack who appears on the FOX network ... so what. what's lost in the mix is that morris is smart, informed and most of all ... FAIR. the only side this book leans to is that of the consumer ... whether democrat, republican, liberal or conservative ... i feel this book is beneficial to all.

    aside from his guesswork as to what an obama presidency would bring in chapter 1 ... the rest of the book is devoted to how the average american is duped by the government (and its lack of governing) in almost every aspect of life. but, the first chapter is important in that morris believes an obama administration will institute policies that may have a negative effect on americans. since the book was published before the field was even narrowed down to two candidates ... morris' book has, so far, proven prophetic. only time will validate chapter 1 of this book ... but the rest of the book is where the meat and potatoes are.

    "fleeced" covers a wide range of topics from the way our government is influenced (or even controlled to degree) by countries that hate the united states to congress getting paid for a two-minute workday to the media deciding how much (or little) it wants americans to fear terrorism. the topics are interesting and morris presents them in an appealing, easy-to-digest manner ... there are plenty of juicy incriminating inserts/charts that that disclose names and dollar amounts. where morris separates himself from the rest of the modern-day muckrakers is that he is not content with merely complaining ... at the end of each chapter/topic he suggests what can be done to fix or improve things.

    worth its weight in gold, however, is the chapter on credit card issuers fleecing the public. as a former banker, i found this to be one of the most honest, informative and blistering attacks on an entity that has become fat from eating off the gullible, ignorant and desperate american consumer. anyone that owns a credit card (most of us) can learn something by reading this chapter alone. at the end of the chapter, you're even told what you can do to fight the credit card issuers ... really good stuff.

    if your looking for the book to bash one political party in favor of another, this won't be it. morris is clearly on the side of the american citizen in this one ... and he doesn't hesitate to tell you that both parties in government are guilty in screwing you over....more info
  • I wanted to like this book but whoever did his research sure
    didn't know what he was talking about.

    I have watched Dick Morris for years and like the way he analyzes politics but he sure doesn't know anything about the stock market and the mortgage mess.

    I got the feeling I was reading a bunch of off the wall bull when in Chapter 8 he calls Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank "courageous and heroic" in taking on the banks for their .... ATM Fees!!!

    When he gets to the chapter on the Sub Prime Mortgage mess he never mention those two buffoons who should be duck walked into the nearest prison for what they did... taking money from bankrupt mortgage companies "Wamu" and putting gay lovers in charge of affordable housing at Fannie Mae. Instead he blames Loan Officers for writing bad loans to people the Congress and President Clinton forced Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make loans to.

    Don't believe me... Google "Affordable Housing Initiatives" and see for yourself.

    I stopped reading at this point... no reason to fill my head with a lot of inaccurate rantings from Mr. Morris....more info
  • While Giants Walk Amonst Us
    A masterpiece. My only real qualm is the title could have been a bit longer and hopefully included George Soros or that sexually vague Telly Tubby character.

    I must admit to underestimating Dick Morris, I had in the past thought he was merely a flagrantly cynical hack who had chased the dollar from Jesse Helms to Clinton to Fox News. That was a bit mild, the moral and intellectual gymnastics involved in trashing Obama while lauding George W. Bush, are truly astonishing and shows what one can accomplish if you are fortunate enough to be blessed with the absence of a backbone. Why let logic, consistency, or basic decency oppress you? I mean I haven't read writing this aflame since Rush at the height of his pain pill addiction shrieking about "femi-nazis" and other Freudian drills.

    I did find all the references to women's toes to be somewhat odd, though again I had to admire his dexterity in finding ways to weave his fetish into his larger fantasy, and with genius this deep one does not judge but merely stands back and enjoys the fact that we live in an era with giants like this. ...more info
  • Great Book
    Dick Morris shows how our elected officials are at odds with the U.S. citizens and our Constitution. He backs up his claims with hard hitting facts, most of which can be researched by those who read the book. I highly recommend this book to those looking for truth....more info
  • Great account on current events
    I am not one for the alarmist viewpoint because most of them rant and complain and offer little facts or solutions to the problem. Some of these view points are unsubstantiated also. Many are partial and only explain the viewpoint of the author's belief, not the whole picture. But Fleeced is quite different.

    First if you have read the title, you would notice that the authors mention Barack Obama, but he really monopolizes only the first chapter of the book, the rest is how our country, the press and media, lobbyists, foreign governments, a do nothing congress, Teacher's Unions, others are ripping us off and directing the events that shape the lives of each American. It is disturbing and very factual.

    The book is not an attack on the Democrats and the book sites many Republicans who are also contemptible. This makes the book not only factual, but impartial and a joy to read.

    When reading the book, my eyes were opened to the fact that we as consumers of the media and press have not heard of any terrorist attacks, negative information on the democrat presidential candidate, the real story behind the sub prime crisis, or any real information on what our congress is doing. That is because our media is bias and is trying to convince you they are not. They are trying to dictate who you should vote for president, water down our terrorist threat, the many companies who are lobbying our congress because they feel we are not smart enough to handle the truth. This book is very enlightening this way.

    What was really interesting, the book published in March 2008 explains the sub prime crises to a "T" and how a bailout would hurt Americans, not help them. "The Bush plan doesn't involve any direct federal subsidy, since it capitalizes on the federal government's ability to borrow money at a lower rate then private lenders can. But --- and there is a catch --- if any of these new borrowers defaults, it will be we, American taxpayers, who foot the bill." This is something scary.

    During this election period, we all need to read this book to make sure we are voting for the right candidate, not just the less of two evil.

    I highly recommend this book.
    ...more info
  • Better Than Ever!
    Just finished Fleeced and I loved it. Dick Morris presents each case directly and with supporting facts. A few reviewers said they liked it better when he didn't use someone else's data but as long as Morris verifies the info-I don't care. Morris is a man of integrity. There is SO MUCH CORRUPTION now one man cannot investigate it all. The topics in this book sometimes overlap with Outrage-a book I also very much enjoyed-because he expands on the topics. In Fleeced, the teachers union was discussed again and this time explaining why teachers are leaving in droves. Outrage discussed Congress passing draconian bankruptcy bills written by credit card companies making it hard to get out of credit card debt and Fleeced outlines exactly how consumers have more credit card debt because of high interest rate and fees than on what they actually purchased. Worse, it is now harder to discharge those debts in bankruptcy.

    I found myself having to put both books down repeatedly to take a deep breath because the GALL of corruption within our government is appalling. The Bill Clinton foreign country exposures makes me wonder how effective Hillary can really be as Secretary of State in the Middle East. And, Morris' chapter on stifling talk radio was chilling. Dick Morris' exposure of how FEW number of days Congress actually works was amazing especially considering their huge retirement salaries and health care plans.

    Dick Morris worked for Democrat Bill Clinton and yet Morris TRUTHFULLY exposes corruption in ALL parties. I will say it again, Dick Morris is a GREAT American.

    Yesterday, I changed my voter registration to the Libertarian Party which Judge Andrew Neapolitano, who is a strict Constitutionalist, belongs to. Dick Morris makes a case for smaller government and I agree with him. ...more info
  • Very informative and interesting.
    I found this book to be very well written and documented and extremely informative. At the same time it is scary knowing what actually takes place in government. I recommend this to anyone willing to know the truth and desiring to do something to correct the problems. ...more info
  • Excelent book on today's politics
    This is an excellent book about today's politics. It was obviously written before the 2008 national election. In the book the author predicts what will happen if Barack Obama is elected. Now that we know Mr. Obama got elected, his predictions are coming true.

    In addition Dick Morris outlines how all the politicians are "fleecing" the public. Both Republicans and Democrats. While the book is written from a conservative point of view, the author doesn't give the Republicans a pass. He criticizes them just as harshly as the Democrats for fleecing us!

    I listened to the Unabbridged Audiobook, and it was an excellent read.
    ...more info
  • Misleading title
    William Proxmire's tradition of Fleece Awards is seriously demeaned by this half-effort. Fleeced was accepted as public servant and politician misuse of taxpayer funds. Even with the subtitle suggesting this would be more than that it really does not show how the public is being fleeced Far too much is the author's unjustified predictions of federal actions under a president Obama which largely discounts Mr.Obama's actual statements. Another major part alleges that American people and corporations are supporting the terroist support activities of, largely, Iran. This section first buys into the Bush administration's fearmongering regarding the Iranian government without any investigation or justification and than proceeds to describe a variety of business activities which have no direct effects of terrorism support and which certainly have nothing to do with the American people being "fleeced" Finally, a great deal of the book describes various sales and business development activities of American lobbying firms with foreign governments. While it is certainly the desire of some of the foreign governments to fleece the American people by purchasing the expensive services, there is virtually no description of the actual inappropriate expenditures resulting from the lobbying activities bought. I should have been warned that a rant was coming by the subtitle rather than a fair and extensive investigation of the facts of fleecings....more info
  • Informative, yet not captivating
    I found Morris' book informative. However, it was not a quick read; some chapters I had to trudge through.

    There were eighteen chapters in the book. I found the following ideas (covered in four of the chapters) most interesting: Congress gets paid quite a bit for not doing very much; law firms in our capital make millions by lobbying Congress on behalf of foreign governments; the National Education Association is selling pension funds to their members and charging extremely high fees; the subprime mortgage crisis was a lender's scam from the beginning.

    I enjoyed an idea in the conclusion of the book. Morris says people think Republicans usually are for less government; Democrats for more. Morris says this is a generalization; he thinks both parties should work to pass laws that punish evil and reward good. Punishing bad behavior deters people from doing the same, and rewarding good behavior encourages people to do more of the same.
    ...more info
  • A Sad and Bitter Commentary by the Dethroned
    What upsets Dick Morris is not that we are now being scammed -- it's that the American public has voted to put an end to the rampant fleecing that has taken place for the last 8 years. He's upset that crying wolf about terrorist threats is no longer working to keep the radical right in power.

    Let us not forget that John McCain's top foreign policy adviser lobbied the Arizona senator's staff on behalf of the republic of Georgia while he was working for the campaign. Randy Scheunemann, founder of Orion Strategies, represented the governments of Macedonia, Georgia and Taiwan. So where was the righteous indignation from Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, and the rest of the radical right? If you listened carefully, you could hear the chirping of crickets -- and that's about all.

    Mr. Morris, we know what to do about it -- and that's what upsets you. We know that the way we restore America is to stop viewing the Constitution as some kind of annoyance to be worked around through executive orders, technicalities, and secrecy. We know that turning Iraq into a recruiting station for radical Islamic terrorist groups isn't making us safer. We know that we cannot continue the reckless deregulation that has brought our banking and auto industries to the verge of collapse -- only to be bailed out with taxpayer dollars. We know that we cannot keep stealing from future generations by racking up a national debt that they can never hope to pay off. We know that we can't keep average Americans in good paying jobs when CEOs with seven figure salaries are shipping U.S. jobs overseas, leaving us with a country full of underpaid Walmart greeters and McDonalds fry cooks.

    It's amazing that the party in charge during the worst terrorist attack on U.S soil, the ones who ignored an intelligence briefing entitled "Bin Laden determined to attack inside the U.S.", has the gall to bill themselves as experts on defending us against terrorists. It's astounding that they consider themselves the experts on the economy after doubling our national debt in the last 8 years. The same party that brought us Mark Foley (who sent sexually suggestive, creepy messages to teenaged boys), Larry Craig (who attempted to solicit gay sex from an undercover police officer in a rest room), and Bob Allen (Florida House of Representatives, Florida Chairman of John McCain's Presidential Campaign, who offered an undercover cop $20 to allow Allen to blow him in a men's room in a public park), is still telling us that they should be the arbiters of morality and that gay marriage will tear this country apart (but, apparently, gay oral sex with anonymous partners is just their idea of the American way).

    The American public has wised up, seen through your lies, and has put your kind out of office. Now go sit in your corner (or closet as the case may be) and keep quiet while the adults clean up the mess you made....more info
  • Incredibly Relevant
    If you purchased this book before the election, but haven't read it yet, I would suggest you do so. Although the editing could use a bit of work, much of the information presented in this book will be useful as we move into a new era. Incredibly, Morris presented a clear view of what he thought would happen in the economy when it became clear that Obama would win the election - in my opinion, he was pretty much on target. He describes in detail just how little work our elected officials actually do in Washington (think in terms of days, not weeks). Morris also makes a good case for why the Bush approach to addressing terrorism makes a lot more sense than the "head in the sand" positions of many in the media and on the left. Dick Morris knows his stuff. This book is not a quick & easy read, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for detail, detail, detail on why and how we're being fleeced....more info
  • Dick Morris Speaks the Truth
    I have been a liberal most of my life, but this book, has been very convincing, a lot of it is true, and it explains why so many Democrats in recent years have been changing their positions to Republicans.

    You could consider me a progressive Republican, I believe in most liberal social issues but no liberal can argue that liberal policies are better for the economy or foreign policy, they cannot....more info
  • partial but great
    a friend let me borrow this volume.
    said it would fit in nicely with my 'philosophy'.
    not that I believed everything I read here or anywhere else.
    but the general idea is correct.
    I can look at what is deducted from my paycheck everytime I am paid to know that I am getting the excrement end of the stick, so to speak.
    and having a couple of relatives who are actual representatives and congressmen, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt there is some shady stuff.
    all governments are like this.
    but thats the point.
    in the microcosm that is the usa, no one is fit to lead because from birth to adulthood many if not all of us learn how to deceive and to succeed at the expense of others. not all act on these all the time, but the more 'power' one holds , the more damaging these actions are.
    ...more info
  • A much-appreciated gift
    I bought this book as a gift for my fiance. He really appreciated it and enjoyed it. ...more info
  • Fleeced by Dick Morris
    Our freedom's and rights are slowing vanishing.

    Even if you think you know everything there is to know about politics, government and this past election, you still need to buy this book. You will find much information, web links, emails and addresses to your politicans and express your views. This is one book that will stay in my possession for a good long time....more info
  • Fleeced
    Are you a little pissed off? Do you feel this country is going in the wrong direction? This book falls into the category of pundit books that may change your mind about the source of your discontentment as the once political advisor to Bill Clinton takes aim at Democrats He may bore you with a plethora of facts. Some of which you may challenge because you believe contrary pundit input. Some of which you may challenge because you do not find the fact to be directly or even remotely relevant to his case in point. But if there is one rule Morris holds to it is the one where he does not engage in any rivalry diatribe with other pundits, which really has him in a unique political analyst stature of which you may find enjoyable for a change. What I find puzzling is Dick Morris was Bill Clinton's political advisor and you would assume he leans left. But oh-contraire! What never comes out in his book, unlike most other political pundit or political figureheads in exile is any personal agenda. What I find intriguing is Morris's targeting seems to fall largely with the Democratic Party of which he enjoyed a high degree of success and notoriety.

    to read the rest click here: http://cigarroomofbooks.blogspot.com/2008/10/fleeced_20.html
    ...more info
  • History Passes Morris by...
    How amusing that Morris teh toe-sucker is now already in sudden remainder with this homage to a Bush economy that has exploded and taken most of the world's financial system with it.

    This was worse than betting on the wrong horse: this was betting on a bubble economy, and the bet failed to pay off. This is a fun book to read as you watch your 401k turn into a lump of coal. Otherwise, it's worthless....more info
  • Fleeced
    Like a present day Nostradamus, Morris nailed the outcome of nearly all of the issues from this most recent election. It is kind of spooky! Morris is the Washingon insider that is so politically astute that both sides of the aisle should fear his accurate and pointed disclosures. Morris tears back the veil concealing these Washington politicians and exposes them for all their dubious agendas; in great detail. Yes fellow Americans, we ARE being Fleeced and this book is a must read for all who wish to help drag politics out of the shadows and into the disinfecting sunlight of day. Only there can we begin with the SEEMINGLY insurmountable task of reforming OUR government and putting it back into the hands of the people; putting it to work for us instead of us working for it. Encore Mr. Morris! Encore!...more info
  • Very good read
    Insightful read by Mr. Dick Morris. The book really goes into how bias the media is these days. Mr. Morris hits all politicans hard and the media as well! ...more info