Joy's LIFE Diet: Four Steps to Thin Forever

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Millions tune into Today for Joy's Fit Club, a celebration of ordinary people who have lost at least 100 pounds each through diet and exercise alone. Thousands of inspired viewers have written to Joy and declared, "I am ready to lose the weight. Can you help me?"

Joy's LIFE Diet is her answer to all those viewers. L.I.F.E. stands for Look Incredible, Feel Extraordinary, so not only will you shed pounds, but you'll wake up each morning feeling more energized and more enthusiastic. The secret is in following these four steps:

1. Release: A single intensive week that focuses on stripping away negative eating habits.
2. Relearn: Two weeks when you reprogram your appetite and discover the joys of healthy eating.
3. Reshape: An easy-to-follow eating plan that can be integrated into any diet and lasts until you reach your goal weight.
4. Reveal: Designed to help you find your maintenance groove. It's time to celebrate your weight-loss success! Welcome to your LIFEstyle!

Book Description

Forget low-carb, no-carb, low-fat, high-misery diets. How about a diet that's just no-gimmick and low-fuss?

Each week, millions tune into Today for the Joy Fit Club, a celebration of ordinary people from around the country who have lost at least 100 pounds each through diet and exercise alone. Since Today nutrition and health expert Joy Bauer launched the segment last year, thousands of inspired viewers have written to Joy and declared, "I am ready to lose the weight. Can you help me?"

Joy's LIFE Diet is her answer to all those viewers. But Joy's LIFE Diet isn't just about weight. L.I.F.E. stands for Look Incredible, Feel Extraordinary. So not only will you shed pounds, but you'll wake up each morning feeling more energized and more enthusiastic. The secret is in following these four steps:

  • Release: A single intensive week that focuses on stripping away negative eating habits.
  • Relearn: Two weeks that will help you to reprogram your appetite and discover the joys of healthy eating.
  • Reshape: An easy-to-follow eating plan that can be integrated into any lifestyle and lasts until you reach your goal weight.
  • Reveal: Designed to help you find your maintenance groove. It's time to celebrate your weight-loss success! Welcome to your LIFEstyle!

With flexible and inclusive plans that can be tailored to your needs, Joy's LIFE Diet is a revolutionary weight-loss book that will keep you feeling your best and teach you to love healthy and delicious food.

A Note to Amazon Readers from Joy Bauer

Deciding to take action towards a healthier lifestyle will improve nearly every aspect of your life. Ive witnessed the effect weight loss can have from personal clients and from Joys Fit Club members, those determined dieters who on their own, without my help, took off between 100 and 300 pounds...and kept it off. They went from channel surfing to paddling a kayak, running marathons and triathlons, and hiking across Europe. They feel so healthy and energized that they get remarried on a Caribbean beach, play ball with their kids, discover hidden talents, and even forge new careers. Starting an effective weight loss plan is the best gift youll ever give yourself.

I believe that if you are going to expend all that energy, you should get something more than broken promises, disappointment, or a temporary drain of water weight. You deserve to get something spectacular for your efforts. Thats why I created Joys LIFE Diet, so you can Look Incredible and Feel Extraordinary. Imagine waking up each morning feeling rested and alert, loving the way your body looks, and enjoying a steady flow of energy and enthusiasm.

It is important that you realize that starting a diet is not an act of defeat. Beginning the LIFE diet is an act of courage and hopefulness and success! It means you havent given up on yourself. Your search for the right diet has brought you here, which means you have already done the initial work. Congratulations--you have that passion for action!

Now, if you are willing to invest even a fraction of the energy youve already given to all the other diets youve probably tried, you can Look Incredible and Feel Extraordinary. LIFE--it is my personal code, and it can be yours, too.

LIFE Dark Chocolate Cherry Muffins

1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon real maple syrup
1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce
3/4 cup fat-free milk
1 tablespoon strong coffee
3 large egg whites
3/4 cup fat-free vanilla yogurt
1 teaspoon vanilla
1-1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
6 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
2/3 cup dried cherries

Heat oven to 325F. Prepare muffin pan with muffin liners and spray with nonstick spray. Combine dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, combine the wet ingredients: maple syrup, apple sauce, milk, coffee, vanilla, egg whites, and yogurt. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir well to combine. Stir in the cherries. Fill the muffin cups 3/4 full with batter. Bake at 325F for 20 to 25 minutes, or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean. The muffins can be frozen in an air-tight container, sealed freezer bag, or individually wrapped for up to 2 months. For best results, freeze muffins immediately after baking and cooling to room temperature. Makes 12 muffins.

Customer Reviews:

  • It Really is Possible to Lose Weight without Starving
    I don't watch TV -- I know, horror of horrors, how can somebody openly admit that in this day and age -- so I didn't know who Joy Baurer was until I picked up this book. But that didn't really surprise me, one day I ran into somebody called Dora the Explorer in the Mall in Portland, Oregon. She had a gaggle of kids around her and when I asked who she was, several of them wondered what planet I was from. I'm saying this here so that you won't think I'm being influenced by someone on the tele.

    This is not just a book about diets and dieting, it's a book about changing your life, though she does give you some of the standard advice you'll find in other diet books, like eating on schedule and pre-planning your meals, she also gives you advice I'd not seen anywhere else, like making a playlist (and playing them) of songs you find inspirational. She also advises you to find a diet buddy, that's a great idea.

    But any diet book will fall flat if the recipes aren't up to snuff. If you feel like you're eating cardboard, you're not going to stick to it. If you feel hungry ten minutes after a meal, you're not going to stick too it either. True, like Joy says, you've gotta have a plan and you've gotta stick to it, but the food has to be tasty and you have to feel full after your meal and that feeling's gotta last for more than fifteen minutes and that's where this book shines. Dr. Bauer will help you take the weight off without you feeling like you're starving yourself....more info
  • Finally...something I can live with
    Finally, an approach that seems doable. I am the owner of every diet book out on the market. With each book I hoped to find "the answer." The only problem is that none of the approaches were a lifestyle that I thought I could maintain for the rest of my life...was I really going to give up carbs forever??? Will I never have a glass of wine? Could I really just live on protein and vegetables?

    We all know that we should eat more fruits and veggies and less processed carbs, but how to implement it into our crazy lifestyle? I know I've read the same stuff over and over again, but Joy finally puts it together in a way that looks like something I can actually do...for the rest of my life....more info
  • Changing your lifestyle
    Losing weight short term is easier for many than keeping it off forever. Joy Bauer gives us specific steps to take to stay thin forever, she offers real peoples stories and many recipes, shopping lists and tips to help you stay away from "trigger" foods. If you don't have someone to help you through your weight loss journey, this book can be your "coach"....more info
  • An ongoing review and diet
    I am just starting my diet so the review will start with an overview of the book from my reading. As I have more experience with the program, I will revise the review to reflect my experience.

    There is nothing freaky or gimmicky in this diet -- no alternating fasting and feasting, no requirements to eat some "magic" ingredient with every meal -- and it seems nutritionally sound. A person who faithfully follows this program will almost certainly lose weight, assuming no metabolic abnormalities. There are examples in the book of people who lost significant amounts of weight. But the test of any diet program is whether it is something you can stick with for the long term and that is often a matter of individual preference.

    This program is divided into four steps: Release, Relearn, Reshape and Reveal. Step One, Release, lasts one week and is pretty severe. It is intended to break destructive food habits, in particular sugars. There are no added sweeteners, natural or artificial at all this week. That means no diet soda and no sweeteners in your coffee or tea. Even fruits are more limited during this week. It is cold turkey withdrawal from sweet things. Scary. On the plus side, you won't be hungry during this week if you eat all the vegetables that are prescribed or allowed. There is a list of non-starchy vegetables you are allowed to eat in unlimited quantities. In addition, the dinner meal begins with a LIFE Dinner Salad or 2 cups of LIFE Veggie Soup. Men and active women may eat unlimited portions of lean proteins at meals but there is no starch at dinner.

    Step Two, Relearn, lasts two weeks and adds more foods, including up to 2 items with artificial sweetener each day. Other additions are the option to each a prepared frozen meal for dinner (with either the salad or soup), more foods added to the approved list, and a daily 150 calorie healthy treat from an approved list (including wine and light beer). These "Healthy Extras" should be enough of a treat to keep a dieter from going off the rails and eating really unhealthy snacks or desserts. The program for these two weeks is still fairly strict, but much more flexible than the first week. After the severity of the first week, it should seem like a dream.

    Step Three, Reshape, lasts until you reach your goal weight - or as long as you need it to. This is the program for the long haul and, thankfully, it has much more flexibility than even Step Two. At long last starches (in portion controlled amounts, of course) are allowed at dinner and because of this you can substitute any lunch or dinner menu suggestion for a dinner meal. And it is no longer mandatory to have either the LIFE Dinner Salad or LIFE Veggie Soup at the beginning of every dinner. There are a few more food options in the various categories. Most importantly, the daily 150 calorie LIFE Extra can now be used for whatever you want so you can have a taste of dessert or anything else you want. Unfortunately for diet soda lovers the 2 item artificial sweetener limit remains. This stage of the program seems to have the flexibility to stay on for as long as needed to lose the weight.

    Step Four, Reveal, is for maintenance to keep from gaining weight back. This part of the book is the shortest. One of the main features is the ability to "bank" the daily LIFE Extras to use all at one time or a couple times a week for special occasions.

    There is a chapter on exercise and one with answers to frequently asked questions.
    ...more info
  • FOUR STEPS: Taking One at a Time
    Banking on "Joy's Fit Club" on the TODAY show, I am trying this book as the last diet I try (except for all the ones that came before that I said that about but hope that this is THE ONE to make it happen as it has the potential!). JOY'S LIFE DIET has 4 steps which are supposed to be secrets but for anyone the least bit familiar with any of all the diets there are to choose from, these are common sense and found so many times elsewhere. The difference from what I see starting out is in the presentation that is common sense. The "LIFE" stands for Look Incredible Feel Extraordinary. The steps are the 4 R's (and reading, writing and `rithmetic are not 3 of them...although you do have to READ the book), which stand for Release, Relearn, Reshape, and Reveal. Fairly common, no faddish ideas...Release for a week pretty strictly to get rid of negative habits when eating; Relearn takes two weeks where you adjust your appetite to a new life style; Reshape is the core of the program where one's plan for eating comes into full swing until you attain that illusive goal f your best weight; and Reveal is like a maintenance program.

    I am giving this a shot and so far so good as the four steps are common sense, for a normal life style, healthy, and probably why the diet works for so many (and we hope that includes me). The first week really gets you going and while you are normally enthused for that first week, isn't that hard to get through. The recipes do not require a gourmet chef, which is good for the queen of the microwave and fast food fixings! They are also fairly economical which is important to all of us these days.

    We all know there is no magic pill for real and healthy weight loss but this practical, easy to follow guide just might be the one that works for you---and for me---if you are ready to do it! Appropriate portion sizes, good food filled with the right foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and lean meats, not only help you lose weight but are great for your health over all. Joy Bauer seems to have a way, after reading the book, of taking the simple, medical facts and presenting them sincerely, easily, and practically so that everyone who WANTS to, can follow it. Perhaps I will be able to update my progress after a while and THAT, my friends, will be the real review of this diet----and of my attitude and dedication to making it work! Give it a try! If I can, so can you!

    ...more info
  • Good, common sense guide
    Joy Bauer presents a common sense guide to losing weight in a healthy, manageable way without quick fixes or strict calorie starvation. The trick for her program is that she tries to help people combine common sense with practicality and sensibility. The program is made up of the four Rs: Release, Relearn, Reshape and Reveal. I feel that she makes it possible for women with active, busy lives to restructure their habits realistically to improve their health by figuring out the underlying reasons for behavior patterns. She also answers questions that people have like: What foods burn belly fat? Answer: None. This is a healthy, well-managed plan. And the recipes are actually good. I made a few and even though I'm not gifted in kitchen arts, they were easy enough for me to complete (I liked the Chicken Puttanesca). And all the recipes seem good for the whole family so one would not have to focus on cooking separately for the family....more info
  • Commitment
    This diet is a challenge, you must be committed to following it. If you are ready for a life change - you'll need a bit more including cash to revamp your entire pantry and purchase the food for this meal. ...more info
  • Nothing New Here
    If you only have even a rudimentary knowledge of nutrition, if you have ever picked up any woman's magazine, or any man's magazine for that matter, you already have all the information this books offers. Eat less, move more, duh! It's true, as another reviewer stated, this book presents no gimmicks, no quick fixes, but it also does not offer anything you don't already know. The author lays out Four Steps to get "thin forever". The first step, is to closely follow her menu plans for a week, which are fairly simple, portion and calorie controlled meals. The first week excludes natural or artifical sweeteners completely, and eliminates starches (old fashioned term, essentially high glycemic carbs such as potatoes, rice, etc.) at dinner. Again, she advises you to follow her menus closely for the first week, but at the same time, she says you can make substitutions(?). Meals are comprised of foods with low to moderate levels of healthy fats, and balanced amounts of carbs and protein. The organization and layout is inconvenient as the weeklong menus are laid out first, citing page numbers where the recipes are located. (There is nothing remotely interesting about any of the recipes, example: Chicken Parmesean - skinless chicken cutlet, tomato sauce, and parmesean cheese. Wow, really!?) Following the menus, there is a summary page listing the "easiest recipes" which don't refer to where the recipes are located, but back to the menu page. Subsequent "steps" are laid out in the same inefficient way, so lots of flipping back and forth.

    In between chapters, there are short testimonials from folks who successfully lost weight on authors "plan".
    Testimonials are useless and are essentially overused in marketing of diet and weightloss plans, and each testimonial offers nothing useful to the reader as they all say the say thing, '' I love this plan and I lost weight." That's not very informative and is just a waste of pages. Also, the chapter on exercise seems to have been added as an afterthought and the "sketches" of the exercises and stretches are so rudimentary as to be laughable. Its as if the book was finished and the author decided, whoops, I better mention that folks should exercise.

    Bottom line, everything is this book is common sense, so if you have been living in a cave, or have no common sense, you might learn something, but not much. The only reason this book found a publisher is because the author makes frequent appears on the Today Show as their nutrition consultant. She may be a fine nutrition, but this book is a waste of your time and money...more info
  • Starving but weight is disappearing!
    Diet is hard to follow long term. Sooooo many vegetables and almost no starch. I lost 5 pounds first week and my husband lost 7lbs. We are struggling to lose. She has a lot of recipes and tips. Over all it is a pretty good book....more info
  • Good book, no gimmicks
    I have A LOT of diet books and am one of those people who likes to collect them, but has only followed them temporarily. I have enjoyed Joy Bauer on the Today Show and thought that she offered more of a life plan, so I decided to give this book a try.
    There is nothing new here as far as the right and wrong foods to eat. I like her idea of having certain foods in unlimited quantities, but I already knew that I could have as much raw broccoli as I wanted and not gain weight...
    With that said the plan is a healthy yet strict way to diet giving definitive phases and time frames. It also gives the lists of foods to eat and foods to avoid in each phase, which I find helpful.
    There are testimonies, meal plans and recipes ~ all standard fare for diet books. The first 7 days are her "detox" and it cuts all the sugar, artificial sweeteners and carbs. Her perspective is you have to get used to NOT have the sweet flavors, like re-training your palette.
    The one thing I did take away from this book was her idea of the television room being a "no eating zone" because so much unconscious eating gets done in front of the's true and a really great tip.
    I gave this 4 stars because it is a solid diet book...nothing new but solid.

    Shelly...more info
  • Another diet book, with less information
    I agree it is a sound diet book. Same old advice - eat less, move more. What I didn't like about this book is that it showcases people or refers to people in the text that lost A LOT of weight - on their own. Not on this diet mind you, on their own. She throws out info, but doesn't back it up with anything. And really... a week will undo all my unhealthy eating habits? These habits I've perfected over years will magically disappear if I follow a strict diet for 1 week? Wow.
    The diet plans are fine, and for some people they work great. They don't work for me while I'm feeding a family. I need to learn to adjust how much I eat and why I overeat. This book doesn't address that....more info
  • Joy's Life Diet works!
    This book is a great read with very sensible advice. It is about a lifestyle change, not just a diet. The recipes are delicious and easy to make. I have been following the diet for 3 weeks now, and I have never felt better. I have lost 10 pounds and I am never hungry. It's about mindful eating and not mindless eating. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to lose weight and living a healthier life!...more info
  • Helps if you're already motivated...
    Maybe it works well for others, but Joy's Life Diet didn't do much for me. It was January, I gained a few pounds over the holidays, and I wanted to drop them before I got too used to upping my jean size.

    That doesn't exactly scream motivation, esp. when it's cold out and all you want is comfort food and a quantity supply of the Big C(hocolate.) Dieting was the last thing on my mind, but the first thing on my waist (I hate it when you feel like you need a pair of pliers to zip up a pair of jeans!)

    The Life Diet book arrived at the right time. It has all the right elements you've heard before, but this time encased in a Four Rs program (Release your old eating habits; Relearn new ones; Reshape your eating until you hit goal; and Reveal, the maintenance forever phase.)

    Ho hum.

    Well, you DID know this stuff already, didn't you?

    It's a good book for dieting brush ups. Some interesting recipes accompany the text if you're into diet cooking (just give me a big salad.)

    If you want to go over the basics and need a low key tutor, Joy's Life Diet is what you're looking for. Me, I just got my expanded butt in gear and got down to calorie counting.

    Down two pounds so far. Hey, maybe Joy helped me more than I realize!...more info
  • Easy to Read... Easy to Follow?
    This is not just another diet book. This book is well written, and it contains some great ideas and easy menus to follow. It doesn't require a lot of special ingredients to follow the recipes. It will force you to go the store to purchase healthy foods...fruits, veggies, and whole grain items. The recommended way to lose weight in the book is sound, and it is not just another gimmick. It is intended for long term weight loss.

    I need a diet that will tell me what to eat each day and give me ideas on how to make those foods convenient and easy to get to... This book does that! I am excited to start this plan and move forward. I wish I was writing this review with all of my weight goals met, but I thought I should read the book first. I've read it, and tomorrow is Jan. 1st... It's going to be a great year! Thanks in advance Joy for your assistance.... ...more info
  • Start off 2009 RIGHT!
    I started this plan a little over 6 months ago, thinking that hey, maybe I could finally lose the 30 extra pounds I've been carrying around my entire life. Granted, I'm only 24 years old, but I had absolutely NO idea this plan would actually work for me, let alone allow me to lose a total of 40 lbs to date!! I far surpassed my original goal of losing 20-25 lbs and have totally shocked myself and turned my entire life around. All thanks to Joy Bauer and her simple, easy to follow plan on the LIFE diet. I have tried many "fad" diets before, and have successfully lost weight, but was unable to keep off what I lost once I got back to my normal everyday life. This is why this plan works. Its not a fad, its a realistic way of living and eating HEALTHY. Even though I've been following this plan for months now, I bought the book the day it came out, and I HIGHLY recommend you do the same! Joy Bauer is most certainly on to something with this plan, and if you are looking to turn over a new leaf and get healthy and shed some pounds in the new year, THIS is the plan to start. Joy Bauer ROCKS!! :)...more info
  • Look Incredible, Feel Extraordinary
    I don't watch Joy Bauer's show so I was totally unfamiliar with her ideas or her approach to weight loss. She does have an impressive resume and educational background. So she knows her stuff, which is always a good thing.

    Basically she has four steps that you need to work through. This is the stuff as most diet books. Nothing new or nothing that you don't already know if you are a veteran dieter.
    ** Diet plus exercise equals weight loss. **

    Her four steps are....
    ~ Release - a week of getting rid of bad eating habits.
    ~ Relearn - two weeks of reprograming and strict food restrictions - detox from sugar and salt
    ~ Reshape - the core of the diet, which is surprisingly flexible and customizable
    ~ Reveal - maintenance

    I tried a few of the recipes in this book and found them to be tasty and easy to prepare. I will probably use this book more as a cookbook than as a diet book. Lots of great food suggestions and alternatives. There is lots of variety on the allowed lists so nobody would really feel deprived of something they enjoyed.

    The author is very upbeat and positive and makes the reader feel like the program is do-able for people with large amounts of weight to lose. The exercise program is sensible and has some variety for all levels.

    The one thing about this book that I don't like is the numerous success stories scattered throughout the pages. I am a person who does not feel motivated by other people telling what they did and what they learned, but if you are inspired by things like this, then this book will do it for you....more info
  • Sensible
    I bought the book and then started the diet. I just started the third week and as of Monday, I have lost 3 lbs I have over 30 to lose but I am not a horrible eater so I expect my weight loss to be a little slower. I hope to be writing somewhere down the line that I have reached my goal which I have never done. Although, many say it is commons sense I do require more regimen and this book provides that for me. Good Luck!...more info
  • It Works! Finally a Plateau-Busting Plan that Really Works!
    I've been using the LIFE diet for the past 3 months. I lost 180 pounds on my own, but was "stuck" trying to get off 50 pounds more. This program works great for people who are stuck on a diet plateau. The recipes are great, easy to follow, and actually taste good and keep you full. The restaurant advice is very helpful for those of us that live active, busy lives.

    Joy's LIFE diet combines science with a common-sense approach for busy people who struggle with weight issues. I highly recommend it because it's overall goal is to change your eating lifestyle, not just offer a quick fix or a one-time solution. Diets do not work, but programs that help you re-program your life like the LIFE diet DO work. Do yourself a favor and give it a try!...more info
    Joy's LIFE Diet makes losing weight simple. It's easy to follow, offers delicious meals, and best news of all....I'm not feeling hungry. I just discovered her website and signed up for her daily newsletter. I genuinely feel like it's not another fad diet, instead I'm learning how to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle going forward. I highly recommend this diet book. ...more info
  • Not worth it..
    This could have been a great book. I have her "90/10" book, and it's full of great information. This book has different phases, starting out very restrictive then progressing. I don't want to live like that, even for a week. Then the next week, I can add this, but not that. You'd have to carry the book around with you to know what you're allowed to eat. I wish she'd included more help with changing bad habits, emotional eating, etc. Three-fourths of the book is worthless to me. On top of that, a support offer was given, with access to her website and phone support. This was a large part of why I purchased the book. I sent my confirmation to the instructed email and never got a response....more info
  • Not as good as ohers of hers
    I found this to be more like her 90/10 book with a similar meal structure: 3 meals and one snack. (If that works for you, then go for it.)

    Many dieters have an all-or-nothing approach to dieting, and this book may not be a good choice for them. The diet is very structured which for some people can be a setup for failure and quick abandonment. And this diet IS intentionally for those who need a lot of structure and hand-holding.

    I also don't believe it's helpful when you're trying to change habits to label any food as "forbidden." You'll never learn moderation by avoiding some foods completely. And if you do have that "forbidden" item, are you the type to beat yourself up about it afterwards? If so, this diet is probably not for you. (She also promises you'll lose up to 7 pounds your first week, but given out the "outlawed" foods, that's not surprising.)

    Some information is just dated. For example, "try to not eat after 9 PM." A study published in Obesity Research in 2006 confirmed previous studies that consistently show that the notion that "late night eating leads to weight gain" is a myth. While Joy says that late night eating affects your sleep, so does a rumbling, empty stomach.

    All in all, I was surprised at how much I didn't care for this book. I like her Prevention 3-2-1 book much, much better. For me, it's more workable for my lifestyle. ...more info
  • Love Joy on Today - Not Sold on the Book
    I love the segments with Joy on Today, so I thought I'd like the Life Diet book. I was let down. Typically, I expect a lot of science to back up the author's plan. My intention was to give it a four week trial, but I just could not imagine having the same food daily (the "life" salad or soup). I have salads nearly every day, but the way it is presented in this book seemed very monotonus. Also, the exercise portion is not very extensive. In my past weight loss attempts, the lower fat stuff just doesnt work. It seems like Joy is trying to please everyone with a little good fat, and a little good carb, etc. but it's just the old stuff again and again. I have always had good results with low carb, and I feel great. The science, and my own medical records prove that eating fat doesn't make you fat - it's the sugar and refined carbs. But more than that, it's MOVING that burns it off. THis book just didn't seem to emphasise exercise enough in my opinion. ...more info
  • Great gift for the New Year
    My girlfriend has decided that she wants a sensible, easy diet for the New Year, and is bringing me along for the ride. In addition to getting us a gym membership, I bought her this book and so far she loves it. Major bonus points for me!
    She's bought several diet books before but she has never been able to stick with them because they are so complicated, restrictive, and expensive to follow. This book, on the other hand, is so straightforward, easy, and fits in seamlessly with our lifestyle. No need to purchase weird ingredients - it uses mostly stuff we already have or would normally buy. We've already made several of the recipes from Step 1 and she really loves the grilled chicken parmesan and the vanilla pumpkin pudding.
    I'm not the type to post opinions on here, but this has brought so much goodwill into our house, that I thought I should mention what a great gift this is for wives / girlfriends / moms, etc. Perfect for those who have made New Years resolutions to start a more healthy lifestyle....more info
  • Standard diet plan, you will loose weight with it.
    This book is another variation on the low-fat, no-starch, no refined product diet. It is similar to any number of other diets out there. The eating plan seems perfectly healthy, heavy on the vegetables, no starches, portion control on fats and protein. As the diet progresses the restrictions on some foods are relaxed. The exercise program is very good and does not require a gym or exotic/expensive equipment, that is a great plus. The author does not push her own supplements too strongly which is nice as well.

    So why give 5 stars for a relatively generic diet? The reason is there are a huge number of recipes, and they are pretty tasty. The author also gives a substitution list if there are certain foods you don't like.

    The book is well written. There are a bunch of success stories, not useful to me, but some people are motivated by that type of thing.

    Overall this diet isn't very difficult to follow, and will show results....more info
  • Good Program to Learn Healthy Living
    Joy's LIFE (Look Incredible, Feel Extraordinary) Diet is a four-step program to help you break your bad health habits, learn new ones and lose weight.

    Step one--"Release" is one week of "stripping away negative eating habits." It is really strict. No caffeine, no sweeteners, including artificial sweeteners, no alcohol, no processed foods, no added salt. There is a big list of allowed foods you can choose from and information on substituting if you want to vary from her prescribed menus. Every day, there is a list of what to eat for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a mid-afternoon Snack.

    She also provides "easiest meals at a glance" -- a list of what you can eat that requires little cooking or preparation, and Restaurant options -- how to stick to the plan if you are eating out.

    Then, Joy provides lots of recipes, some quite good new ones, and some staples, such as Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes.

    "Relearn", the second step, lasts for two weeks, "Reshape", which is the plan you'll follow until you reach your goal weight, and then, "Reveal", which is the maintenance plan. Each step in the plan gets its own chapter in the book.

    These steps are similar to other programs because losing weight is a process that involves changing your habits, learning new ones, persisting with those until you achieve your goal, and then living with your new habits to stay slim. Nothing rocket science about it, but sometimes "easier said than done", hence the bajillion-dollar diet industry.

    There is a lot of repetition in this book in the food "lists" -- as the plans progress, the acceptable foods list is repeated, with additional allowed options. Also for each step, menu plans are detailed, you get the "easist meals" list, the restaurant eating options, and a new slew of recipes to try.

    In Chapter five, Bauer shares her exercise program; one she promises is "simple and effective and entirely doable for everybody". The exercise plan is tied to the four-step diet plan. Step one is 30-60 minutes of cardio every day (she recommends walking or other low-impact cardio).

    Step Two (Relearn) is the same, adding Speed Play (intervals) three days per week, and what she calls "Life Enhancers" (minor strength & stretching moves) three to five days per week. This step, like with the diet, lasts two weeks.

    In Step Three, you repeat Step Two and add a circuit of resistence or strength exercises.

    Throughout the book, there are numerous success stories to inspire you. Some are quite motivating, and all have before/after photos and stats to remind us that we can do it, too.

    Overall, this is a decent program and it seems quite safe. However, it is quite restrictive, especially at the beginning and will not work for everyone. It seems to me that its gung-ho beginning is just the type of plan that people cannot stick to and fall off, or fail.

    To go from zero exercise to 30-60 minutes a day, all the while cutting out quite a lot of food and food options is quite drastic for most people with a weight problem. It seems rather "cold turkey" to me, and while that is great for some people, it might not work for others.

    Other than that, there are some great tips and some good recipes, and this book can be a real help in losing weight. ...more info
  • A lifestyle, not a diet
    Off the top of my head, I can think of four different diet books I've purchased over the years. This book is something very different. In fact I believe it should be called Joy's Life Style, rather than Joy's Life Diet, because the eating plans contained within this book will change ones eating habits in four steps; and change is what we are after--not just a temporary change to lose weight, but a change that will keep weight off for life. I have been looking for a healthy eating plan than gives some flexibility and I believe this is it.

    The first week of this eating plan is the most restrictive, but it still allows a varied, balanced diet. By the second week, the eating is less restrictive and a daily treat--or LIFE Healthy Extra as the author calls it--is allowed. There are many options for this treat such as extra fruit, dark chocolate, a banana dipped in chocolate syrup, or even various alcohol options for those who like to drink in moderation.

    Besides the four-step eating plan presented clearly and in detail, the book contains many delicious recipes, an extensive restaurant guide for eating out, and a two-step exercise plan. In addition, scattered throughout the book are accounts of many dieters who have lost varying amounts of weight, many of them over a hundred pounds.

    Unlike many diet books I have seen (or already own) the author is not trying to constantly "prove" that her diet is the best. Instead Ms. Bauer presents the steps clearly and thoroughly, acknowledging that it will take time and that it will be work: "All these goodies don't happen by magic, though. You also have to bring something to the table...."

    If you are looking for a guide to make a lifestyle change, I recommend this book. I hope you have great success....more info
  • Nothing new, and some very faulty, old-fashioned recommendations
    I have read a lot of diet and nutrition books, so I often find myself reading about information I already read elsewhere. However in this case you don't need to have read a lot of books to feel like you have heard it all before: Joy's LIFE Diet is a lot like Weight Watchers, although she tries to give it a new spin by dividing the diet in phases - or better, "steps".
    Step 1 lasts a week, and the main difference with Weight Watchers (or other low-fat diets) is that she rules out all sugar and artificial sweeteners, as well as processed foods, and she limits the amount of starches you can eat, asking you to forgo starchy foods altogether at dinner.
    In Step 2 you already lose the good habits like avoiding artificial sweeteners and packaged foods, as you introduce "moderate amounts" of foods containing aspartame or sucralose and a prepared frozed meal for dinner (as long as it has less than 350 calories).

    The book's title is not the only thing that sounds gimmicky: the steps have been given names, like "Step 1: Release", "Step 2: Relearn" and so forth. She also recommends using a food diary, drinking lots of water, planning your meals and exercising 30 minutes a day. Hear, hear. But we *have* heard it all before.

    She also recommends a multivitamin and Calcium+vitamin D supplements, but *only* if you don't always eat healthy. I didn't think anyone still believed you could get all you need from food at this time and age. And Calcium? Without Magnesium for good absorption? While consuming all the dairy products allowed? I didn't think anyone still believed that worked, either.

    Good points:
    1. She doesn't just recommend exercise, she actually dedicates a chapter to it, including actual exercises (with drawings).
    2. There are lots of recipes and they are not bad at all - she incorporated recipes to fit all tastes and incorporate a variety of foods.

    But these things you can find also elsewhere (including on the Internet, *for free*) in a much more appealing, less convoluted package....more info
  • I expected more from you Joy!
    Let me preface my review by saying that I have been a member of diet programs for the past almost 50 years (since I was 6 years old), most predominantly Weight Watchers and Intuitive Eating, and I've devoted my life to trying to find the "answer" to losing weight and keeping it off. At one time, I was able to lose 160 pounds, but didn't go on a maintenance program, and gained much of it back. I, therefore, continue to search for an answer. I have no formal training in nutrition, and I'm just stating my opinion in this review, and I'm also reviewing this book from my own perspective. Everyone has different needs in finding a weight loss program that fits them, and no one program fits everyone.

    I love Joy Bauer on TV, so I was excited to get her book; however, I must say that I am somewhat shocked and disappointed at some of the content. I know that she is a trained nutritionist and dietician, but I'm just not sure that this makes her an expert at weight loss.

    If you are looking for a weight loss plan where you have the structure of being told exactly what and when to eat, and having a list of "no's" being given to you, this book fits that bill. After completing Steps One and Two, which last 3 weeks "you stripped away the worst nutritional offenders and learned a new way of eating." Step Three "lasts as long as you need it to.....[it] is your opportunity to reshape your body and reenergize your spirit." In Step 3 you can change meals around, and there is more flexibility in when and how much "starchy foods" to eat, and the "pre-dinner soup/salad requirement" from Step 1 and 2 is dropped. You lose til you reach the weight you want in this step. Then in Step 4, you are to maintain your weight loss with a list of "do's" and there aren't any "don'ts" as in the other steps. Therein are the 4 Steps of the program.

    I have problems with several aspects of the program which I will discuss here:

    1. Ask anyone who has dieted succesfully and tried to keep that weight off and they will probably tell you that maintenance is the biggest challenge of all. The Maintenance step in this book, Step 4, has only a tiny 11-page chapter devoted to it. The book says that on Maintenance one can "splurge, but not binge" and go to the "more dangerous side of the table" sometimes as opposed to in Steps 1-3. This kind of phrasing reminds me of restrict, restrict, restrict, and then "whew, I can get back to normal again!" instead of learning to eat moderate portions of "dangerous" foods while you're losing.
    2. Most everything I've read about eating dairy and calcium, says 2-3 per day, but the menus in Joy's program only include one dairy serving.
    3. The list of "do's" and "don'ts" in the first steps is reminiscent of the old Weight Watchers program that was so difficult to follow because of the restrictions. It's easy to focus on lists of what you can't have.
    4. "Men and active women under 40" are allowed unlimited protein at meals. I can see having *increased* protein, but unlimited?
    5. If you get hungry on this program, you can eat from the "unlimited" list, which consists of non-starchy veggies, calorie-free beverages, and some condiments. From experience, this is a disaster waiting to happen. There is no discussion in this program that if you weigh more, your body needs more calories than someone smaller. So someone over 250 pounds or so may feel like they're starving....and try to fill up on rabbit food. Other programs allow more food for bigger individuals, and allow for after dinner snacks if one prefers, which this program does not.
    6. The book talks about not ever having to count calories, but then "extras" have to be counted up to 150 calories. One such 150 calorie portion mentioned is "two forkfuls of your friends' decadent dessert." I can just see a dieter sitting there while her friend eats chocolate cheesecake, and, instead of ordering something for her/himself that is not so loaded with fat and calories, drooling over the friend's plate, begging for a couple of bites.
    7. Starchy veggies and grains are limited in Step 1. As said before, I don't believe restricting any one type of food is sound advice.
    8. In the Life Exercise Program chapter, she says that, to avoid the negative connotations connected with exercise, "stop calling it exercise." Why doesn't she rename the chapter? Also exercise is not discussed until the end of the book, leaving one with the feeling that it is not an essential part of the whole program and a healthy lifestyle.

    On the positive side, I find the recipes and menu plans to be excellent, and can't wait to try some of them. The rule to have a salad or soup before lunch and dinner in the 1st few weeks is a great one, as we can't have too many veggies in my opinion! Also, the Exercise chapter is well-written and the exercises are ones that are very effective. I also found the pictures and stories from those who have lost weight on the program are very inspirational.

    I believe that when most people buy a book to lose weight, they're trying to do so on their own. Living with the restrictions in the 1st steps in this program would be very difficult for anyone working alone, I believe. Maybe in a group setting or with much support, loss can be achieved and maintained, or if, as I said before, you like extreme structure and rules, you may be successful. I believe other plans out there are much more balanced and realistic.
    ...more info
  • Joy's Life Diet
    I saw this book mentioned on the Today show and wanted to check it out. It seems like a good program. Lots of samples of people using the program and losing weight....more info
  • Ready To Change?
    Joy's Life Diet takes you through a four step process that other ordinary people from around the country have used to lose weight each through diet and exercise. Nice easy to follow step-by-step eating plan with food choices and recipes to choose from. The author offer more of a correction of eating habits that will reward you for eating healthy without feeling as if you are starving yourself in the process. This book guides you day by day with good food groupings and are not boring or repeating in nature....more info
  • Good News Bad News
    The good news is that there are some inspiring succcess stories and good recipes. The bad news is that it is really just another diet book. If you are looking for a magic bullet it is not here. What is here is common nutritional sense, information on the value of exercise (along with a few exercises) and some tips on how to look at food. There is value in the book but it should be looked at as just another tool, not anything special....more info
  • From someone who REALLY knows! "Joy's Life Diet" works! Sensible & Thorough !! A+++
    Hi There Y'all :-)
    I have been Over 215 pounds when I was pregnant with my first child (up from 115 pounds!) & as low as 103 pounds after my first four children....., I am 51 years old, 5'5" & weigh about 115 pounds,a VERY toned size 4, + or - a bit, & have seven children ages 10 to 32, (& have had 5 miscarriages on top of that!) poor body has been through the wringer!!

    I give you all this info, not to shock you, but to let you know that there is hope in maintaining & returning (IF you have one!) to a size & fitness level you actually will feel GREAT about!! ..........let me tell you as I am the self proclaimed "Queen" of dieting & Diet books! This book is GREAT! It is not only "do-able", but complete in that it gives you easy, basic recipes (no need to buy ANOTHER recipe book from the author like sooo many others make you, can we say "Ka-Ching $$$" & incremental increases in adding foods once you get stabilized with what you are doing , along with exercise tips & actual inspiring histories from men, women, couples from various backgrounds & weights..........

    I got this for a friend who wanted to know HOW to do what I have done, & while I've "tweaked" her Diet for myself, as I know what gets me my BEST results, it is a fantastic start to a new you!

    It's like walking, 1 step at a time, & before you know it walking gets easier & easier, it is so exciting to do things EASILY that were once so difficult!

    She also gives you the info you need to "alter" your choices for meals, like for breakfast, instead of 1 egg, you could have 4 egg whites, 3 slices of turkey bacon, 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese, 1 cup skim milk or plain nonfat yogurt,6 ounces nonfat flavored yogurt not over 100 calories

    I have tried myriads of Diets from Zone to Cabbage soup etc....but they all deal basically with the losing of the weight through altered eating styles, then you try , Try, TRY...(BIG sigh!) to keep the weight off by figuring out how to eat what you like in different portions or days etc ...& it inevitably all returns (& usually a bit more!)

    One thing she will tell you is that once you lose the weight, you cannot return to eating the amounts of calories you used to, unless you want exercise like CAH-RAZ-EEE! Your new weight will be MUCH less, requiring much less calories!! I know it isn't rocket science, but there you have it in a nutshell!!! IF you are a person that LOVES to chew & chew & chew or feel STUFFED once in a while (or all the time) find some foods that will give you that CRUNCH or chewiness you crave without the calories, whether it be a MOUNTAIN of salad or slices of cucumbers & veggies sprinkled with your fav lo-cal topping, or beef jerky or jello or no calorie liquids all day long to keep that tummy topped off! LOL
    Whatever it takes for YOU! But there is a solution, you just need to stay with it & once you get there & KNOW HOW to stay there, wild horses can't drag you away!

    I have been my "goal size" for quite some time now (years), & have helped many people achieve this very same thing that Joy shares in this book! So YES, I do recommend it, it is sensible complete, & does NOT require any expensive supplements or other stuff! You get this & you will be "good to go"! :-)

    One tip from me to you, is EXERCISE......yes the dresded "E" word! I absolutely HATE (yes Hate! aerobics!) I will only do an aerobic routine maybe once a month or... 2...or 3 (I'm bad!), while my daughter LOVES running & HATES lifting weights! LOL :-)

    We are all different, but WHATEVER works the best for you, DO THAT!
    I made a rule for myself, that I HAVE to do my exercises EVERYDAY that I brush my teeth...........well unless I am soooo sick I cannot get out of bed to brush my teeth, I DO my exercises! For me, a semi empty or empty tummy works best (after a bit of stretches in the morning), iF I put it off, it gets harder & HARDER as the day wears on to do them.........but that's ME!
    You do whatever you like, but do it CONSISTANTLY!! :-)
    You eventually will feel so gOOD (I know, hard to believe) AFTER you finish, that you will look forward to your next session or even sneak a second one in later in the day! Aaaand as the clothes get looser & you get MORE energy, it will be easier & easier!!

    But do...DO ...DO as Joy says, purge your cupboards/home/workplace etc,,, of all "TRIGGER" foods that will sabotage your goals!

    & Here's to a great NEW YOU!
    ...more info
  • A Traditional Diet Book
    Joy's Life Diet - Step by Step Program

    Not being a fan of the Today Show, I knew nothing of author Joy Bauer before reading this diet book. I found little in this book that would lead me to rush to the TV to see the show. Here's what I did find:


    1. It's not just dieters who need a little inspiration with menus, and this book offers new twists on old favorite recipes. I'm trying out Grilled Chicken Parmesan and Cauliflower Mashed "Potatoes" today.

    You'll find these recipes throughout the book, tailored to match the week's diet plan.

    2. Also included in the book are motivational stories from people who have successfully used Joy's Life Diet. Some of these stories are almost miraculous, and all are followed up by "Lessons Learned" that provide helpful diet tips.

    3. Week by Week eating plans are helpful, if not revolutionary.


    1. Joy's acceptance of artificial sweeteners gives me pause (haven't we figured out the dangers of Aspartame already?).

    2. While there's good (and not so good) advice in this book, I don't see anything new or unusual. When I buy a new book, I hope to learn something new or rearrange old information in new ways. This book offered neither.


    The utility of this diet book will depend on your level of expertise. For those who are unfamiliar with the diet books that have flooded the book market over the past twenty years, this book will provide an adequate introduction to nutrition and dieting. For those who buy diet books every January, this will add very little to your knowledge base. It left me asking "what's new?" without providing an answer....more info
  • Extremely Helpful
    I've tried many diets in the past, but this one feels different.... more
    like an overall healthy lifestyle that I can follow long-term. I'm down 15
    pounds after four weeks on Joy's LIFE program -- which is a pretty big deal
    for me. The best part is I don't feel deprived and I'm enjoying the recipes
    (easy and delicious). I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling
    with their weight or simply looking to eat healthy....more info
  • It Makes Sense, but Not a NEW Method to Lose
    The book is a good one, but there is really no new information here.

    If you are familiar with the concepts of eating less, no added sugar or salt, drinking plenty of water, getting some exercise each day, no snacking after dinner (limited types and times throughout the day), limiting carbs initially and portion control of the healthy foods you eat forever more, you may not reap many benefits from reading this book.

    On a positive note, it's all good information and it does work. Inspirational, real-life stories, basic exercises and recipes round out Joy's LIFE Diet book, and it would be ideal for someone who has no idea of what to do to lose weight for a lifetime.

    The bottom line is that no book will do the work for you, but if you find you need some inspiration and basic information to guide your weight loss, life-changing goals... this book may be for you....more info
  • Good way to start the new year
    With so many people starting the new year with the goal of losing some weight, this is a good book to turn to. Joy Bauer has simplified dieting by creating basic meal plans which don't require counting calories, carbs or fat grams. The first week your diet is jump started with meal plans focusing basically on lean meats and loads of fruits and vegetables. Weeks two and three are the same but with the addition of some limited foods, such as, starches. By the fourth week, the diet is mainly a low calorie diet which you are asked to adhere to until you reach your goal weight, whatever that might be.

    On the plus side, the diet plans are easy to follow and allow plenty of flexibility. For example, you could switch any breakfast for any other breakfast, any lunch for any other lunch, and any dinner for any other dinner. So if you're an "oatmeal in the morning" person, you could eat oatmeal every day. Also on the plus side, there is very little work required of the dieting reader, such as, no charts to fill in or journals, etc. Who needs more stress when you're dieting, right? As the weeks progress and you add back some of your favorite foods (within reason), it doesn't seem like a diet so much as a new way of eating. The first few weeks are your turnaround period. Joy has also included some great recipes which I think most people will enjoy.

    On the down side, there really isn't much new in this diet plan. It basically tells you what your mother told you all along, "Eat less and exercise more." I saw echoes of the Atkins later versions of diets combined with a bit of the South Beach diet. Frankly, mashed cauliflower will NEVER taste like mashed potatoes to me! And I wondered about the suggested daily menus; EVERYONE is required to follow the same menus no matter if you are 6'4" or 5'2". How can this work? There is a caveat at the beginning of each step where the dieter is told that men and "active" women, i.e., women under 40 who do an hour of cardio a day, can eat an unlimited amount of protein. If you're doing an hour of cardio a day, you probably don't need this diet to begin with, do you?

    One serious omission I noticed is the severe lack of calcium enriched foods. Joy is a dietitian and surely should have been watching this. Skim milk is not listed on any of the allowed food lists yet it is listed in several of the daily menus, such as, cereal and milk for breakfast. I think Joy needs to address this in future editions of this book.

    Also, one minor irritiation to me was that the reader was directed the Joy Bauer website where one could download a wallet-sized copy of the allowed food lists. However, when I went to the website and spent quite some time there, I could not find a link to that list. Perhaps it is available if you sign up for her diet program (for a fee) but I didn't want to do that. I already spent the money for the book. Why would I want more of the same diet advice? Either make the list available for a free download or put it as an insert in future editions.

    Overall, if you're looking for a no-brainer diet plan, this is a good book to start with. There's nothing really new here but the meal plans are easy to follow and the stories of successful dieters are inspiring....more info
  • This Diet Really Works!
    I have been following Joy's LIFE Diet for 3 weeks now, and I have lost 13 pounds! The book spells the plan out clearly, and it is very easy to follow. There are sample meal plans and many recipes. The recipes are easy to make, and the food is delicious. Additionally, there are lists of approved foods for each step of the diet, and the food options are extensive. I was shocked at how much food I get to eat on a daily basis while still seeing results on the scale! In no way do I feel deprived. Not only did this book help me start losing weight, it has helped me to adopt a new healthy lifestyle. These pounds are not coming back!...more info
  • OK advice but VERY STRICT & not do-able for most mortals
    OK, if you need shock treatment to stop over-indulging on sugar, fat & processed food, than this plan may be for you. However, there is nothing here that is new. Even more problematic is that some advice is exactly that -- advice based on opinion rather than recommendations based on science (for instance, she advises not eating over 9pm and restricting carbs in the evening -- not supported by science). Finally, the author "borrows" and repackages other diets, then calls them her own.

    Much of the "life diet" plan seems to be lifted directly from Weight Watchers. For instance, Joy recommends journaling, selected unlimited foods, water requirements, essential oil, well-balanced eating, daily activity, and a daily multivitamin. These are the foundational elements of Weight Watchers re-packaged as something new with additional restrictions.

    Joy's life diet is exactly that -- a DIET for LIFE. Susan Powder encouraged us to stop the dieting insanity over 20 years. Other sound, reasonable plans, such as Weight Watchers, encourage us to eat & live in moderation.

    As a life-time WW member, I simply can't recommend this book. I'm disappointed that others are recommending this book yet have not followed the plan. ...more info
  • Excellent book and sound plan that works!
    I was a diet coach during the pilot phase of this plan and can vouch that the LIFE diet really works. I am a Registered Dietitian and work daily with clients struggling to lose weight. I was looking forward to the release of this book so that I can recommend it to clients that I see. It is sound, based on science, healthy, tasty (I've taste-tested most of the meals and they are dee-lish) and what's best about it is that it's adaptable and simple. You have the option to follow a meal plan, or to use the allowable foods to create a plan of your own, using your own foods. You will relearn how to eat within your preferences and can individualize this program to work for YOU. I think this is the element lacking in most diet programs. I reviewed this diet before choosing to coach my parents on it. If this were a "diet," in the restrictive, unrealistic and harmful sense of the word, I would not have recommended this to people who I knew would both not enjoy "dieting" and people who I would not want to undergo harm, discomfort, or rebound weight gain. My parents have successfully lost 55 lbs together on this plan over the course of 6 months, and they were not significantly overweight to begin with. They both have a new sense of confidence, health, and vitality that I can say I have never witnessed during my life as their daughter. I can say with confidence, both professionally and personally, that if you are looking for a book that won't give you false hopes and disappoint you, this is an excellent pick. Here's to 2009 and the opportunity for healthy, steady weight loss from a true expert....more info
  • Awesome
    This book is great! Easy to follow, perfect if you want to change your lifestyle and become healthier and more fit!
    I have been following the diet outlined and have lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks. The recipes are great and my husband and children (ages 9-16) are enjoying the healthier twists on regular foods.
    I think it will be simple to continue this through goal and maintenance.
    Joy makes it easy to become thinner, healthier and more fit....more info
  • the 4 Rs
    If you're ready to stop dieting and lose weight, this is the book for you. THis books is not a quick weight loss program but a sure weight loss program. You relearn how to eat and enjoy the food you're eating more. You take the time to release your negative eating habits in one week. You reshape yourself by fitting the program into your lifestyle and that makes it easier to attain your goal weight. You find out how to maintain your weight without couting every cornflake. If you are looking for a way out of the diet spiral, this is the book for you....more info
  • Joy's Life Diet
    While the diet in this book might not be revolutionary, it was a refresher course for me on some tips for eating healthy. I can't say that I will follow the diet plan for week 1 strictly, but that doesn't matter since the diet allows for substitutions. I found the recipes to be so so for this picky eater and will probably make alterations there as well....more info


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