How to Talk to Girls

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Are you smart enough to take over a girl's heart?

Leave it to a nine-year-old to get down to the basics about how to win victory with a girl. How to talk to girls is for boys of all ages°™from eight to eighty°™and the girls they like. So read this book and then you're ready. Good luck!


Comb your hair and don't wear sweats
Control your hyperness (cut down on the sugar if you have to)
Don't act desperate

Customer Reviews:

  • Courtesy of Teens Read Too
    It's very rare for an eight-year-old boy to write a book. It's even rarer that the same boy, at nine, gets that book published by a major company. And it's even more rare that said book, HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS, is laugh-out-loud hilarious, instructional, and something that everyone, regardless of age, can use and relate to.

    Some of my favorite things from the book:

    About 73 percent of regular girls ditch boys; 98 percent of pretty girls ditch boys. (Don't we know it!)

    Don't act desperate. Girls don't like desperate boys.

    Most boys in elementary school can hold on to a girl for only 30 days.

    When you see a pretty girl, don't let her tractor beam pull you in.

    Go for a talkative girl if you are shy. Then you only have to say one sentence, and she will do the rest of the talking.

    Don't brag or she will ditch you.

    Don't scream if you can't get the girl even after you've tried everything. If it doesn't work out, just let it go.

    Alec Greven is a smart boy, and if he puts to use all of his tips and tricks from HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS, he's destined to be an even smarter man!

    Reviewed by: Jennifer Wardrip, aka "The Genius"...more info
  • Fun read
    Really cute book, I quote him all the time
    Life is hard, move on!!!!...more info
  • Two Stars for Effort
    I can't believe that the main argument of supporters of this book is that it is cute and should not be taken seriously at all. If I wanted cute I could buy a picture book, a stuffed animal or a silly movie for the price of this book. A book should be written because it has something to tell the world, somethig that needs to be shared or revealed or even to get us to pause and take in a beautiful moment or memory. Books should never be based on the 'cute factor', and should not be defended as such.

    This book is also billed for ages 8-80, meaning that the publisher is wanting adults to get something out of this book too, in fact looking at all the publicity that seems to be the prime target not children in the author's own age group. Since part of the target audience is adults, and the little boy that wrote this was not attempting to be cute but rather attempting to make a serious statement, his work should be judged as such.

    Quite frankly, there is nothing new and insightful in this book. Perhaps to third graders yes - but even at that age they should have at least some idea that if they take care of how they look more people will like them. This is common sense and if you don't have this or choose to ignore it by the time you are a teenager, then no book will help you.

    I do believe this book was published because it was seen as cute - mostly based on the issue it talked about. It was seen as adorable that a little 8 year old was talking about relationships and doing 'research' out on the playground (the latter being quite insightful but most just think that it's cute). An eight year old writing about love makes about as much sense as someone teaching an elephant to talk - neither work. I sincerely hope that this little boy does not become defined by this book or that his later writing career - should he choose to have one - is not suffocated by this book.

    It is nice to see a young child choosing to donate the money they earn to a cause - hopefully it was his idea. As a cancer survivor that means a lot. But to anyone buying this book as an 'excuse' to donate to cancer research: you do not have to have a reason to donate. The American Cancer Society can tell you how you can donate not just your money but also your time to cancer patients - and anything you give personally will far outweigh the small royality cut that this book will garner. I sincerely hope he does research his $100,000 goal.

    As a caveat - I am not writing this as an attack on a little boy who wrote something he thought his classmates needed to know, but rather the press around this book. MSNBC has him tagged as a guru of all things, which to me is a mistake. It is painfully obvious that this book was brought into existence because of the subject matter alone - and if he had done an equally well written fantasy story, none of us would know who he was. It is also a good comment on society's preoccupation on sex and relationships - especially when 8 year olds become obessed over a relationship, locking themselves in their rooms and being depressed. This is a warning sign and we should thank this little boy for giving it to us....more info
  • Ridiculous, Exploitative, Unnecessary
    Why are we encouraging children to begin mating rituals and judging each other on looks at age 9? Why can't we just let children be children and not worry about gender roles until later in life? Yes, it's "cute"... in that heavy-adult-makeup-and-fake-eyelashes-on-6-year-old-pageant-girls way.

    This also seems like it's ghost-written. I don't believe that a child actually wrote it, as it strikes me as just a marketing ploy. Of course, I can't prove the latter, but the language doesn't seem realistic.

    I say that his energy should be geared towards getting along with all kids on the playground. Adults could learn more from that than this superficial mess....more info
  • Precocious little twerp
    This kid is a precocious know-nothing twerp. I highly doubt he's ever written anything. He's being exploited by his worthless parents because of his "cute little smile". I hate this kid, I hate this book, and I hate any moron who wastes 2 cents on this piece of annoying garbage. The only people who would ever buy this book are tards and people who bought it by mistake. Which one are you?...more info
  • "You Make the World Lousy"
    Who remembers the part in West Side Story when the store owner,Doc, said to one of the gang members after another senseless gang killing, "When do you kids stop? You make the world lousy." And the gang member responded, "We didn't make it, Doc."

    Just a few days before this book came to my attention, there had been a news report:
    Survey: Unprotected sex common among teens
    On average, girls lose virginity at 15; some are having sex at school

    Why are adults supporting and encouraging a 9 year old boy to write about relationships? Why aren't adults encouraging our children to play ball and other games at recess (we do have an obesity problem in America, you know) and discouraging boy/girl "relationship" talk and activities?

    Why are adults so eager to turn our children into little adults? As a rule, people are adults much longer than they are children. Let children enjoy their childhood without all the distractions involved in "learning to talk to girls."...more info
  • Cute!
    I bought this book for a guy friend of mine and he thought it was a "cute" book (his word, not mine). Overall, it makes a funny (and not offensive) gag gift. ...more info


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