Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning (4th Edition)

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Extensively illustrated, clearly written, and state-of-the-art in focus, this comprehensive MHVAC manual is ideal for both novice and advanced technicians. ASE-based in coverage, it focuses on the generic theory that underlies the operation, diagnosis, and repair of the MHVAC units and subassemblies found in the many makes and types of vehicles students will likely encounter on the job. Features 52 Real-World Fixes (case studies) showing how technicians have solved and repaired difficult problems, and 85 Service Tips (procedures that can bring a job to completion faster or ensure a more thorough repair). The volume has the support of much of the RVAC and Santech Industries cooling system repair industry. Complete coverage of the theory, service and repair aspects of automotive heating and air conditioning. Also includes an index for the "How to Service Operations." A reference for working automotive MVAC technicians.

 Customer Reviews:

  • fill in questions suck
    Chpt. 8 is the worst chapter when it comes to his usual silly Fill In questions.

    Answers cannot be found and in Fill Ins questions the wording has to match the text !

    jerry sagliocca...more info