Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems

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Fans of the National Geographic Channel's The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan will be grateful for Cesar's Way, an accessible guide to help new and current dog owners better understand the needs of their beloved pets. If you are not yet a fan, try to catch a couple of episodes of the remarkable show--you will be amazed, impressed, and motivated to create a healthier, more fulfilling relationship with your dog. In Cesar's Way, Cesar explains that dogs are not complicated, and despite what various owners think--not human. They rely on three key elements in their lives: exercise, discipline, and affection (in that order). "Problem dogs" can be attributed to "problem owners," owners who don't understand and misinterpret their dog's behavior. Cesar's Way is really a training program for dog owners, with chapters devoted to understanding the "power of the pack," taking responsibility for "how we screw up our dogs," and learning how to manage aggression. Cesar's book (a must-have for new and old dog owners) moves beyond basic obedience school techniques, and teaches owners how to change unwanted behavior by better understanding their "best friends." --Daphne Durham

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Watch Cesar in action in this clip of The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, courtesy of the National Geographic Channel. Or, tune in on Friday nights, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Cesar Millan's Top 5 Tips for Going to the Dog Park

1. Make sure your dog is spayed or neutered, has all her shots, and is in good health. Under no circumstances should you bring a sick dog to a dog park!

2. Do not use the dog park as a substitute for the walk! If you drive to the park, leave your car a block away and take your dog on a vigorous walk of at least thirty-five minutes to drain some of her energy. Never take an over-excited dog to the park.

3. While at the park, don't "punch out" on your calm-assertive leadership. Be aware of your dog at all times, and take responsibility for her behavior.

4. A calm-submissive dog will not attract another dog's aggression--but an excited dog, a weak, timid dog, or an aggressive dog can become a fight-magnet.

5. Know your dog! If your dog has poor social skills, is overly fearful or is dog aggressive, or if you have not yet established your calm-assertive leadership with your dog, find a more controlled way to introduce her to the company of other dogs, such as "play dates" with one or two other dog owners.

“I rehabilitate dogs. I train people.” —Cesar Millan

There are at least 68 million dogs in America, and their owners lavish billions of dollars on them every year. So why do so many pampered pets have problems? In this definitive and accessible guide, Cesar Millan—star of National Geographic Channel’s hit show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan—reveals what dogs truly need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

From his appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show to his roster of celebrity clients to his reality television series, Cesar Millan is America’s most sought-after dog-behavior expert. But Cesar is not a trainer in the traditional sense—his expertise lies in his unique ability to comprehend dog psychology. Tracing his own amazing journey from a clay-walled farm in Mexico to the celebrity palaces of Los Angeles, Cesar recounts how he learned what makes dogs tick. In Cesar’s Way, he shares this wisdom, laying the groundwork for you to have stronger, more satisfying relationships with your canine companions.

Cesar’s formula for a contented and balanced dog seems impossibly simple: exercise, discipline, and affection, in that order. Taking readers through the basics of dog psychology and behavior, Cesar shares the inside details of some of his most fascinating cases, using them to illustrate how common behavior issues develop and, more important, how they can be corrected.

Whether you’re having issues with your dog or just want to make a good bond even stronger, this book will give you a deeper appreciation of how your dog sees the world, and it will help make your relationship with your beloved pet a richer and more rewarding one.

Learn what goes on inside your dog’s mind and develop a positive, fulfilling relationship with your best friend

In Cesar’s Way, Cesar Millan—nationally recognized dog expert and star of National Geographic Channel’s hit show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan—helps you see the world through the eyes of your dog so you can finally eliminate problem behaviors. You’ll learn:

• What your dog really needs may not be what you’re giving him

• Why a dog’s natural pack instincts are the key to your happy relationship

• How to relate to your dog on a canine level

• There are no “problem breeds,” just problem owners

• Why every dog needs a job

• How to choose a dog who’s right for you and your family

• The difference between discipline and punishment

• And much more!

Filled with fascinating anecdotes about Cesar’s longtime clients, and including forewords by the president of the International Association of Canine Professionals and Jada Pinkett Smith, this is the only book you’ll need to forge a new, more rewarding connection with your four-legged companion.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Cesar? No Way.
    Sorry. I'm not a "spoiled-sport". Just a long time dog professional who knows that Cesar Milan's "methods" have set back modern dog training 40 years.

    Dogs can be effectively trained without aversives, using positive reinforement, and achieve the same results. You can be a leader without being a bully. You can lead effectively by example instead of by coercion.

    Many people nationwide are becoming wise to Milan's methods, and I have a feeling his "media star" is about to burn out in favor of more dog friendly trainers.

    Don't waste your time or money on his book. Use your "energy" to create a bond with your dog based on mutual respect and not fear....more info
  • It's better than the (3) stars I'm giving it
    I wasn't, and still ain't, mentally ready to listen to Cesar. Maybe it's because I'm a stupid, spoiled American. I pay the mechanic and he fixes my car. But it turns out that there's all kinds of ongoing maintenance that I need to perform on my car - check the tire air, change the wiper blades (yeah! change the wiper blades!), and so on. Listening to Cesar is like listening to my mechanic tell me that maintenance is also my responsibility. I tell you, I nod, but I don't get it. And that's my disconnect with the book.

    When you watch him on TV, what you see is Problem / Solution. It's not that simple in real life. Real life is Problem / Struggle / Struggle / Struggle / Better / Struggle / Struggle / Better... One day, I'll be mature enough to listen to the book and it will earn it's five stars. Until then, my pup will struggle with me.

    But I'm on the right road today, with the right understanding, and absolutely credit the book with drawing the map. ...more info
  • A slight disappointment
    Having seen Cesar on TV, I was a bit disappointed in this book after reading a few chapters. It seems to go on and on and on and on about the same thing - being the leader and giving off calm-assertive energy. OK! OK! We get the point!! However, I LOVE to watch Cesar and he is right on the money about dogs. I just wish it was more info on working with my dog than his philosophy (even though he is 100% right)....more info
  • Inspiring.
    Cesar's Way, is a wonderful book. I have been watching the Dog Whisperer for some time. Through observing my mistakes and working hard to correct my issues I was able to fix every agressive, dominate anti-scocial issue my dog had because of my ignorance. This book took his instruction further and truely helped me understand my dogs needs better. My dog can now be trusted while an infant in on the floor...she always gives them space because I now know how to give her leadership and boundries. It was a nice bonus to learn more about Cesar and his background. Dogs really do change who we become if we work to give them what they need. If you have problems with your dog and you are willing to change what your doing to get the outcome you want this book is for you! I'm now the kind of person and the kind of dog owner I had always wanted to be. Thanks Cesar! ...more info
  • Cesar's Way
    This book was not quite what I had expected. I was looking for a more in depth book on training. This just hit on a few items. If you want to know more on Cesar this is the book, but not for some one who wants to do your own training....more info
  • Cesar's Way
    A very interesting and original approach to the dog psychology. It changes your perspective on how the dog thinks and reacts and improves your understanding on how to correct undesired dog problems...more info
  • Dog Owner's Bible
    Written in an easy to read conversational tone. Lots of common sense here. Will keep this book within arms length for quick reference! My dog is happier already....more info
  • Cesar's Way... the Best Way
    I have read numerous dog books, covering training, behavioral problems and general information; and Cesar's has by far been the most innovative and beneficial to me and my dogs.

    Even if you, a dog owner, aren't having any serious problems with your pet... read this book! It will give you the knowledge to really provide your dog with the best life possible. There really isn't anyone out there with the point of view that Cesar expresses through his books.

    This book is totally worth the read because it works. Your dog deserves it!...more info
  • Great information on how Cesar started and his phylosophy
    I learned about energy shift needed in oneself to acquire change in the dog's behaviour. Before reading the book I did not get how he did that transformation in the dogs just watching the videos, I needed to read the book before I "got it".

    It helped me change my life with my dogs and with people as the same energy is needed to deal with oneself and others.

    Louise...more info
  • I believe in his philosophy but this book was lacking
    I do believe in his philosophy for the most part. But this book was seriously lacking. I didn't want an autobiography! I didn't want to read cases from his TV Show. What I wanted was down and dirty how to correct common dog problems. I did not get that at all. All I got from this book was his philosophy of "Exercise, Discipline, Affection". That is all I got out of this book. Seriously, it might work for Cesar who has plenty of time to exercise his pack for hours a day but I don't! I wish I had that time for me as well.

    Like I said this book was more like his autobiography (it took almost 1/4 of the book on that). Did I get insight into my dog's mind? Maybe a little, but not enough to correct common dog problems. I know my dog wants to be a dog. That's all he talks about ... dogs are not breeds but dogs first then breed next.

    I would not recommend this book if you are already watching his shows. This book is definitely a waste of money....more info
  • Cesar's Way
    Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems

    I've been reading his books slowly. I have so many books to read so I'm savoring him. I've enjoyed learning about his background growing up in Mexico and coming to this country to persue his dream and his consequent success. What I've learned I've shared with the rest of the family who find him interesting. Why no one else ever considered the psychology of dogs but Cesar Milan is remarkable. It took a young man growing up on a farm with working dogs to bring his experience and observations to dog training. I'm not even a dog person; I have always lived with cats. Recently I moved in with my daughter and granddaughters. They have a beagle who has a few bad habits that I'm trying to deal with so I began watching Cesar's show. And that's when I discovered this body of little known knowledge and found it fascinating. And then I learned that there were books. I haven't read enough about correcting the problems and I don't know if I will have any support from the rest of the family but I have found discovered a new interest-dog psychology. Thank you Cesar Milan....more info
  • Dog lover"s handbook
    Great book. Practical Advice. Ceasar is Amazing! I recommend this book to all dog lovers....more info
  • Interesting, detailed read from start to finish.
    This book was wonderful. It's not simply a book about how to train a dog. This book is both a great autobiography about Cesar Millan, and a book that shows how to have companionship with a dog. Cesar not only explains his methods he uses when rehabilitating animals, but shows the origins of where he developed his methods through years of observation. Overall a very wonderful and informative read. A definite buy for any dog lover out there....more info
  • There is a reason most comments are positive.
    I am a huge fan of Cesar Millan and his instinctive training methods. As a dog trainer with decades of experience, I appreciate his no nonsense advice that cuts through all the current politically-correct, butterflies and sunshine, new age, not so effective dog training that is becoming all the rage in certain small circles. There is a reason that most of the reviews are purely positive, Mr. Millan's training suggestions work. Bottom line, THEY WORK.

    I rehabilitate "difficult" dogs using his methods and end up with happy, well behaved dogs and happy owners.

    I found the part of the biographical sections of the book very entertaining. The book is a little light on training advice, but his second book more than makes up for that....more info
  • Get This Book Not "Be the Pack Leader"
    I really liked this book because it was not about a "how to" but on how to "relate" to your dogs and understand them. Now, everytime I am in training mode or walking my dogs I make sure I check to see what type of mood I am in and then I close my eyes, take a deep breath and imagine myself walking on a deserted beach (calm part). I am already assertive so that's good! I do get frusterated but that is where the deep breath comes in. And you know what...It works! Your dog(s)can feel your energy. what a big difference! I am now starting to read his recommendations in the back of his books just so I have a better understanidng with my canines!...more info
  • excellence
    Cesar millan should have been a social worker, his patience and understanding of dogs is amazing. This book is very informative and helpful in training my dog and meeting her needs. one of the best training books....please buy it!!!!...more info
  • A Little Disappointed..
    The book was def. a good book, dont get me wrong, but it didn't exactly live up to it's title. It says it teaches you how to correct common dog problems, but instead of teching you, or giving you advice, all I got was examples of what he did without a lot of explanation. He said what he was doing, not how or why, to help me better understand how to correct my own dogs problems. And the first half of the book was Cesar's life story, which, I thought, was kind of unnecesary information. Tell me how to fix my dog, not how you jumped the Mexican/American boarder......more info
  • Our dog "Layla" did not go back to the pound! Excellent book!
    Carefully read the book, and then read it again. With lots of exercise and work we turned our "wild" biting and attacking 8 month old rescued Lab-dalmation "Layla" into a sweet dog that is actually quite bright and can fetch and hike for hours, and sit and stay. We even have her getting along with the cat. We almost took her back to the SD Humane society, she was attacking our 12 yr old German shepherd and any other dog or person she saw during a walk. But with Cesar's help we didn't fail our dog, "Layla". She still needs work out on the trail, but what a difference....more info
  • Great Reading to understanding your new pet...
    I received this book to give it to my grandaughter for her new( first time owner)dog. I did read before giving it to her. I found it full of information for her.I also received it in a timely maner. Many thanks....more info
  • Understanding and Training your dog
    A great book, brings perspective on how dogs think, process, and can be trained. We had just gotten a 1 year old small dog from the humane society, we had been without a dog in the house for years. This really helped
    work with her even though we had not gotten her as a puppy! She is probably the best overall of the 4 dogs we have owned over the past 40 years of marriage....more info
  • I'd give it no stars if that were an option.
    There are SO many better books out there. This book shows you how to shove your dog around and justify harsh techniques that were old in the 80s - not how to actually TRAIN your dog. ...more info
  • A Dog's Perspective
    My name is Orson; I'm a Siberian Husky. I used to be top dog in this house, but ever since my people read Cesar's book they've been thinking they run the place. They make me do things like letting them go through the doorway first and walking beside them instead of out in front. The weird thing is, I don't mind. Heck, I'm perfectly willing to let them be in charge as long as they keep doling out the chow and scratching my back. Gotta go. It's nap time. ...more info
  • Good, but....
    I absolutely love watching Mr. Millan's show, and think that the way he understands and interacts with dogs is magical, so when our family got a chihuahua puppy, we also bought this book, assuming we'd learn how to raise Sam. While the book is full of interesting advice and understanding of dog psychology, I find it lacking in techniques to actually help you deal with common dog problems. For example: no advice on housebreaking, chewing, etc. The book is an interesting read, but I'm still searching for the one that will give me more detailed exercises to work on with my chi (I'll still watch Dog Whisperer on tv, though!)....more info
  • A must read especially for those who plan to get a dog
    I love his Dog Whisper shows and thought I understood his philosophy pretty well already but I was wrong. I learned a lot from the book too. I have a problem dog at home and can't stop wishing I had this type of info before I get my dog.

    But after reading the negative reviews on this board, I realized those who never had a dog or problem dog, never watched his shows, or not open-minded enough to appreciate the positive messages Cesar is trying to spread, will not appreciate this book. So I suggest, be open-minded, watch his shows and read the book too. Seeing is believing. Reading this book alone may not be enough.

    To those who had never have a dog but plan to get one, please do not underestimate the damage a dog could bring (of course joy too). Consider yourself lucky if your dog turns out to be a happy-go-lucky one. But don't count on luck. Make it happen by being informed. Be prepared. Learn from Cesar and so many others who have the knowledge.

    Thanks to Cesar's influence, my problem dog has much less problems now. I used to think he can not co-exist with other dogs but now he enjoys other dogs' company in dog park every weekend. ...more info
  • An easy, enjoyable read!
    I enjoyed reading this book. Although I didn't always agree with everything, there is much merit in what Cesar teaches. I do notice the difference that exercise makes in my dog's disposition. I don't have time to do as much of the exercise as he suggests, but I now make it an important part of my day to make sure we get our walk done!

    Whether you use this as a dog training guide, or get some tips from it, it is easy to read and very engaging!...more info
  • If I read the phrase "calm-assertive energy"one more time...
    I have never watched Cesar Millan's television show, but my petsitter talks about him a lot so I was curious about this book.

    This book is a fun read for dog lovers, especially the early chapters in which the author describes his life and how he came to be the famed dog trainer that he is today. It is also fun to read about the celebrities he has worked with (Oprah, Jada Pinkett Smith) and how their dogs walk all over them.

    However, do not choose this book if you are looking for detailed advice about dog training or correcting problem behavior. Although the title may imply otherwise, all the solutions here are very vague and generally fall into one of the following categories: you (the pack leader) need to work on "calm-assertive energy," you need to take your dog for a half hour walk, or you (still) need to work on "calm-assertive energy" so that your dog will have "calm-submissive energy." Unfortunately, Millan doesn't really tell the reader HOW to obtain that kind of energy, other than perhaps by emulating Oprah.

    Although the stories of dogs rehabilitated by the author are heartwarming, ultimately the novelty wears thin because not much insight is given into how the dogs' behaviors are turned around (other than by the author's "calm-assertive energy.") This book would have been much more interesting had the author spoken more specifically about fewer cases, or made the book shorter.
    ...more info
  • Great book!
    This book is wonderful! His book teaches you how to "think" like a dog and how to train your doog with methods that WORK! I highly recommend this book:)...more info
  • Dog's are not humans
    This is an excellent book, it all makes sense. Yep, I was one of those people who spoiled the dog and didn't get all the responses I expected - although never a red-zone dog lucky me! My new pup is happier then ever. It's an eye opener. I'm sure some people have a problem with the fact that they may be creating the issues their dogs have (and that they could be wrong in the "training" they're doing), most do not want to take responsibility for their own faults/health etc. so to take responsibility for their animals....this would be tough. Great reading for all dog owners. ...more info
  • Cesar's # 1
    Haven't finished the book, but so far very enlightening. I can see where he's coming from and I can digest the wisdom....more info
  • He always in the know
    My daughter's new friend has 6 pugs, and she has a 13yo small mix. I've learned so much from Cesar's way that I know this would come in handy!...more info
  • It's Common Sense
    As someone that teaches on a daily basis, I have yet to find a way to teach common sense. This book, for me anyway, broke down the dog psyche into little, easily digested bits. It was really breaking things down into common sense. I didn't buy this book as a training tool. I read the reviews here at Amazon and was able to figure that one out right away. I wanted to learn more about what drives my Weimaraner to do the things she does or doesn't do.

    My dog Amara is not a nutjob but she is VERY high energy and I needed to learn how to help her release that energy without drugs. After reading the book I realized that all it takes is some time, effort and training on my part and the results are amazing. The big thing for us was the barking at the door when someone arrives and enters our home. This was fixed in about a week utilizing some common sense and direction from the book. You don't have to use the HISSING sound that Cesar utilizes but you need to use some command or word to associate a redirection when an undesirable action is taking place. He only uses the hissing because his grandmother used it on him!

    On conclusion, remember this book is NOT a training book but a tool to use to better understand how your dog thinks, acts and behaves and why they do the things they do. It does offer some forms of training but not commands that many people are looking for.

    ...more info
  • Must Have For All Dog Lovers
    Forget what you think you know about dogs and let Caesar teach you the proper way to interact with your canine friends. In almost all cases of bag dog behavior, Rule #1 "It's the owner, not the dog that's the problem." Even the kindest gentlest of humans are making mistakes that can lead to problem dogs. Caesar sets us straight with Dog Psychology....more info
  • The Very Best
    Cesar knows what goes on it a dogs head. It all put out in clear easy to understand language. I would recommend this book to any person who is a dog owner or before they become one. Its an update to some very old thinking about dog training. Definitely a must have....more info
  • Fantastic Guide for Dog Lovers
    Cesar does it again with a great book. If you're an animal lover overall with horses as well, then Joe Camp's book "Soul of A Horse" will also touch your heart and teach you many things about animals and life in general. The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd...more info
  • excellent read, very knowledgeable
    i love this book, i got it for my boyfriend and he cant stop talking about it. he never ever reads and finds himself not being able to put this one down. i completely recommend this to any dog lover wishing to learn more. ...more info
  • Overrated
    Cesar Milan's methods may be effective at training some, if not most, dogs. However, I used these methods on my dog and it made him completely neurotic. He is a breed of dog that is VERY sensitive to a stern voice and the method Cesar uses to hold dogs on the ground to establish "pack leader" completely intimidated my dog. He became extremely submissive and because he was a puppy, totally confused. In the dog world these behaviors are not natural. The leader will roll the rest of the pack onto the ground but quickly let them back up, whereas Cesar explains that they must stay on the ground until they are calm. After using his methods, when we would walk into the room he would pee everywhere! And no, we never beat him in any way. Once we figured out that we had caused this behavior, we had to rebuild his confidence by letting him win at tug-of-war and ignore him when we walked into a room. Like I said, this is a cautionary review created so that people may heed the warning that these methods do NOT work on every dog. Just be aware. ...more info
  • huge fan
    first time i've reviewed a product i haven't used, but i'm ordering the book, so perhaps i can be forgiven this one time.

    i am a huge fan of this show, and i don't even have a dog (right now). Cesar Milan is obviously a beautiful human being with a great spirit that shines through and through, and his love of life and his work is infectious.

    i have found his show enjoyable to watch as an animal lover, helpful personally on many levels, and that the ideas he communicates have helped me be my best self - a better wife, mother, employee, and therapist/teacher, and better at being myself - by helping me find my calm, assertive point of balance in relationship. not only the techniques - simply watching helps me find that place on a regular basis, which allows me to find it for myself more easily on my own.

    Cesar's methods are specific and appropriate to dog training. at the same time, if you back up to what is essential about them, they are timeless, simple, and based on principals that show up again and again in effective and enduring paradigms of health, spirit, philosophy, science, and religion across the planet and throughout history.

    That his methods work so well is testimony to how sound these principals really are. His ability to embody and communicate these principals is testimony to both his character and talent.

    i do think that experience is an essential part of method, and the TV show provides a much more direct sense of exactly what Cesar means by 'calm assertive' and 'calm submissive' states. the book i am getting to broaden my understanding and learning on another level of mental process, which engages the brain in a different way that i usually find useful. i expect them to be complementary. ...more info
  • Amazing!
    This book provides great insite to Cesar himself.. from the very beginning! I am fascinated by him and how he helps so many dogs. It must be a wonderful way to live your life and still be able to make a living with it! I loved this book and I have bought his other books to date as well. He is so sincere and honest about his passion for dogs and I believe that his methods have completely changed my dogs' behavior. Everyone is happier in my household thanks to Cesar!...more info
  • A Must Read for Any Dog Owner
    A must read for ANY dog owner! You won't truelly understand how to love and care for your dog until you read this book!...more info
  • Gems of Knowledge Through Autobiography
    This book has several pages of gems about the human-dog relationship. I found these gems, that could have been summarized on a page or two, to be quite useful in working with a rescued Australian Shepherd. To get these gems with an explanation you will need to read Cesar's story which is interesting enough but does not carry the book.

    So read the book for these gems, essentially:
    (1) That you treat a dog like a dog, and not a human baby. Cesar's point is that we act in ways that are counter-intuitive to dog culture. We do not realize that dogs first communicate with the nose, then the eyes (watching and decoding our moves and their meanings) and then ears.
    (2) That we must be calm-assertive (or what I prefer to call calm-confident) -- that if you are nervous your dog will pick it up, that if you get angry your dog will find a way to resist the very behavior that would have made you happy.
    (3) That exercise, and lots of it, is critical to a calm, balanced dog (key concept here is balanced and stable -- most dog pets aren't). That discipline (meaning consistent application of rewards for desirable behavior, and interrupting undesirable behavior) is critical to a dog that knows its place in YOUR pack, and that affection, which is LAST on Cesar's list, should be carefull meted out so as not to thoughtlessly enforce undesirable behavior. If you are lazy and will not exercise your dog properly, get a goldfish! If you are undisciplined yourself, get a pet rock! If you need affection, do not make it your dog's problem. Get a lover!

    Thanks, Cesar, for an enjoyable book!...more info
  • Wish I knew about this a few years ago
    I read Cesar's Way right before I retired from my job. I knew that in my new lifestyle, I would have much more time to give to my two dogs, who are a female toy poodle and a male Lhasa apso/schnauzer mix.

    I can say without hesitation that Cesar's methods were just what I needed. The biggest change is that I now walk my two dogs every day, whereas before, I just couldn't find the time. Just that one change has reverberated throughout my dogs' lives and they are now so much better off. They are happier and more well-behaved. Although I still have a few minor things to work on with my two, I am trying to follow Cesar's advice. I don't always get it 100%, but I am very satisfied that he knows what he is talking about.

    If there are any Amazon readers who have a male dog who has urine marked inside the house for a long time, let me say that my male dog did the same thing for 7 years. Amazingly, after reading and applying the principles of this book, he no longer marks! Who would have believed that?? Once I retired, I was contemplating confining him every time I left the house, or leashing him to my belt and watching him closely when he was out of a crate. But, it has not proved necessary after all. I'm so pleased with the change that I now watch the Dog Whisperer quite often on television.

    The book is valuable as a general overview and to teach the reader to understand how a dog naturally thinks, not as a list of specific techniques. I recommend it to all dog owners so they can provide their canines with the best life possible. Three cheers for Cesar Millan!...more info
  • the good and bad
    If you are an avid watcher of dog whisperer and 'get it' then this book won't be much more helpful to you. And a lot of it is a biography so it depends if that is what you are looking for.

    Pros -

    But I did quite enjoy it - a lot of it is a biography of Cesar which of itself it really interesting. It helps to know his background and where he is coming from.

    Cons -

    Repeats itself though this is the fault of the editor.

    The biography could be a con to some!

    No quick tools or solutions

    Any few tips he gives (emphasize few!)is hard to get to - no quick find of it.

    And like any of his books he is not a dog trainer so don't expect this to be a step - by -step dog training book!

    But this is helpful if no one has watched many shows as it does condense all his repeated thoughts on the show to a book.

    Overall I would suggest you pick up a copy of it at the library. I didn't buy this book but borrowed it. I would put this under the category of not one to own but a pleasant read if you borrow it.

    ...more info


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