The New American Heart Association Cookbook, 7th Edition

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Since the American Heart Association published its first cookbook in 1973, dozens of health and diet trends have come and gone. Throughout this time, the Association, the foremost authority on heart health, has set the standard for nutritious eating. With millions of copies already in print, the Association¡¯s flagship cookbook, The New American Heart Association Cookbook, is back¡ªand better than ever. In today¡¯s climate of confusing and often contradictory dietary trends, the American Heart Association once again rises above the fray and presents credible, easy-to-understand information about maintaining a healthy heart¡ªand delicious recipes that make it simple to follow that advice at every meal.

The more than 600 recipes, including 150 new ones, follow the American Heart Association¡¯s guidelines for healthy eating and make The New American Heart Association Cookbook, Seventh Edition a welcome addition to the cookbook world. Whether you crave classic family favorites, ethnic dishes, vegetarian entr¨¦es, or the most varied, cutting-edge recipes, you¡¯ll find plenty of options. Orange Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Greek-Style Beef Skillet Supper, and Grilled Vegetable Pizza with Herbs and Cheese are just a few examples of the up-to-date, exciting, and flavorful choices inside.

The New American Heart Association Cookbook, Seventh Edition can even help with menu planning, holiday cooking, and shopping for healthful ingredients. With the latest information about the connection between good food and good health, emphasizing variety, balance, and common sense, The New American Heart Association Cookbook, Seventh Edition is the ultimate healthy-heart cookbook.

From the Hardcover edition.

This 25th-anniversary edition of the classic, bestselling cookbook contains 600 heart-healthy recipes, 150 of them brand-new. The book has been updated to reflect the use of nonfat and low-fat ingredients that didn't exist just a few years ago. Recipes include appetizers, snacks, beverages, soups, salads, entr¨¦es (seafood, poultry, meat, vegetarian), vegetables, side dishes, sauces, breads, breakfasts, and, of course, desserts. Many are healthier versions of old favorites--such as Eggplant Parmesan, Chicken ¨¤ la King, Sweet and Sour Pork, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Devil's Food Cake, and Chocolate Chip Cookies--with some new entries that reflect modern eating trends, like Portobello Mushroom Wrap with Yogurt Curry Sauce, Pad Thai, Curried Quinoa Salad with Cranberries and Almonds, and Artichoke and Chick-Pea Pilaf. Whether you want a quick meal, a nutritious dinner the whole family will enjoy, or a festive entr¨¦e to impress guests, this book has an array of choices.

Most recipes reflect AHA guidelines: no more than 30 percent total fat, 8 to 10 percent saturated fat, less than 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day; plenty of vegetables and grains; and moderate sugar and sodium. Some recipes are higher in fat, but you balance those with lower-fat recipes on other days of the week. Nutritional information includes calories, protein, carbohydrates, cholesterol, fat (total, saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated), fiber, and sodium. --Joan Price

Customer Reviews:

  • Manage blood pressure
    A must-have cookbook for healthy eating to manage blood pressure and heart disease - and for everyone else, too....more info
  • Creative and Tasty Advice for Healthful Eating
    As a person who has suffered a heart attack, I place great value on the recipes offered through this cookbook. Not only are the recipes a guide for healthful diet, they are very creative and quite tasty. This is a fun book to explore and to use. ...more info
  • Yum
    7th Edition, New American Heart Association Cookbook is quickly becoming one of my favorite cookbooks. Nice sauces, delicious recipes from appetizers through entees to desserts.
    I'll be giving this book as a gift to others....more info
  • The New American Heart Association Cookbook, 7th Edition
    Excellent book. Provides us with some great and simple receipes. As with most diets serving size mattters. This book coupled with my new digital scale has helped my wife and I shed weight. As a side benefit my blood sugar has dropped about 10 points on average. It would be nice have a chorlesterol counter included....more info
  • Start your new life here
    My husband just had by-pass surgery. I needed to change the way we ate. Ours was an empty nest so there were a lot of meals out. I needed to start cooking again. There are tempting recipes for everyday as well as special days. I especially enjoyed the written sections about nutritional needs and ways to achieve a balanced diet. A good reference tool for what is good for you and what is not and the why's. ...more info
  • I'd rather die than use this book
    I'd rather die of a heart attack than cook from this book! I bought it for my husband because he has high colesterol, but every recipe we tried was lacking in flavor. The Southwestern Ratatouille was bland, and other recipes didn't fare any better. The recipe titles are tantalizing, but fail to deliver flavor....more info
  • The New American Heart Association Cookbook
    This is an excellent cookbook, a "best in class". As a recovering foodie, I've tried a number of other books for low fat-low sugar-low sodium recipes and this is the best I've found. The recipes are high quality, and the results taste great. ...more info
  • Outstanding variety and healthy alternatives
    After deciding to try to eat more heart-healthy, I checked this book out from our local public library to give some of these recipes a whirl. I have been VERY pleased with every recipe I have tried. The book contains actual recipes that average humans can cook and enjoy. Many other cookbooks I have looked at contain recipes that call for exotic, expensive, or uncommon ingredients. There are certainly some interesting ones in this book, but it isn't overwhelmingly so.

    If you are looking for some variety and for healthy, low fat, low sodium, and tasty dishes, definitely give this one a try. Highly recommended! I finally bought it so I wouldn't get overdue fines from the library!...more info
  • loving fat free cooking
    I bought this book for my Mother because she does the cooking for my father whom has had a heart attack in the past. She uses it just about everyday and we all wouldn't even know it was diet food. We honestly have enjoyed the receipes she has used. Thank you for amazon recommendations that I saw it in. it is a good read also....more info
  • A perfect balance
    I prefer to cook with just my imagination, but this is a terrific book when my inspiration and creativity needs a boost. I'd say that over 80% of the recipies are things that my family enjoys, while most of my other books rarely come in above 30-40%. The bredth and depth of each section is just right and the nutritional information is particularly helpful. Instructions are easy to follow....more info
  • Good Book
    I bought this cook book to try and get started on a healthy eating track, but no picutes make it hard to get motivated.

    The dishes themselves are easy to make. Some dishes I have had to add some extra seasonings, because they were too bland.

    Some recipes were regular recipes just with substitutions ie instead of eggs use apple sauce etc.

    Other than that it is a good cook book, but you have to be willing to read through it to get an idea if it is a dish you would like to prepare....more info

  • Great food can be healthy, get this cookbook.
    Short and sweet review. If you are reading this you've either discovered you have high cholesterol or you've been diagnosed with a ticker problem. On top of everything else the diet they've recommended is bland and boring and leaves you hungry.

    Get this book quickly. I've always enjoyed cooking, but meals are more fun than ever now - and they are good for my family and me!! These recipes make boring foods delicious and satisfying. My wife and I figure the intelligent mix of spices is the key. But who cares, get this book and enjoy eating again - you've got enough to worry about....more info

  • A good start to a healthy lifestyle
    I recently purchased this book since I was out of ideas when it came to healthy, good tasting recipes. I do not believe in no-carb diets, diet pills, etc... I belive in doing it the hard way - eating well balanced meals and exercising.

    The book is amazing. Unlike other "diet" books, there are normal meals in this one... for example, hamburgers, 3 cheese pasta, etc... the meals you normally can't eat on a diet have been converted into nutritionally sound meals! The best part of all, the food tasts great!

    A word of caution however, these recipes are not good for people who don't want to chop vegtables. Many recipes use finely chopped veggies to reduce calories/fat in meal, while still being filling. If chopping isn't for you, invest in a food processor. It will make all the difference. ...more info
  • Good cooking guidance for healthy eating
    We definitely recommend this book as a good guide to healthier eating.
    The recipes are very diversified and for the most part quite enjoyable....more info
  • 7th Edition AHA Cookbook
    My husband just had open heart surgery and has to adhere to the Heart Association Diet. This cookbook is great. We've tried several recipes so far and they've all been excellent. Anyone who wants heart healthy recipes, this is the book for you....more info
  • Great recipes
    I would highly recommend this cookbook to anyone. It's a great way to make delicious meals that are low-fat....more info
  • Basic Makeovers, Great Tips, and Extra Meal Suggestions
    This cookbook is several inches thick and does not have pictures. Please don't let that discourage you. If you're serious about healthy, heart-friendly cooking, this is the cookbook you need. I'm an experienced cook and have tons of cookbooks, but I'm turning more and more to this "all-in-one" cookbook that I can trust to have a healthy recipe for just about anything I have a taste for that day/week. You will SO appreciate that they give heart-healthy recipes for "basics" (gravies, sauces, basic breads, basic salads, etc.). This morning I whipped up a quick bowl of tuna salad to have for my lunch today. It's the best tuna salad I've ever made (and the healthiest), made with light mayo/nonfat yogurt, chopped tomatoes and green onions, cilantro, and lemon zest. There are hundreds of interesting entree recipes, mostly using ingredients you'll already have on your shelves. When "special" ingredients are called for, the book often gives a more common substitution - but do yourself a huge favor and stock your pantry with as many special ingredients as you can and keep your fridge stocked with lots of fresh produce. I've found that the key to success in lowfat cooking is to be prepared to jazz up recipes with spices and various bottled items without having to run to the grocery store. Also, keep citrus on hand - lemons and limes are called for in many heart-friendly recipes and completely transform some foods (like the lemon zest in the tuna salad). Some of the recipe introductions also tell you how you can use the leftovers in another recipe - Sweet-Spice Glazed Chicken can become Island Chicken Salad with Mint later in the week. For a busy Mom who doesn't want to always serve the same old boring meals to my family, those suggestions are helpful. It saves time hunting thru cookbooks and simplifies my grocery shopping. If you're serious about cooking more healthfully, you'll be happy you got this book!...more info
  • Enjoying this cookbook
    While on a bike ride around Lake Tahoe, a friend suffered a heart attack. He was only 43 and in great shape. Needless to say, his experience was a wake-up call. My wife & I have tried several of the recipes since getting the book recently and have been very impressed with the recipes. They are easy to follow, and the dishes have a lot of flavor....more info
  • Best of the Healthy Heart Cookbooks
    This is the best book for I have used when trying to cook for a healthy heart. There are thousands of recipes to chose from, easy to elaborate. The entrees are well seasoned, and the instructions are very easy to follow. I had the old version, and this one is 100% better. I recommend it to anyone who is trying to eat healthier....more info
  • american heart association cookbook
    very good recipes that one does not feel "guilty" to be using.
    Cannot wait to try them! lpg...more info
  • Great healthy recipe ideas
    This is a great cookbook for anyone wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle...good, easy to follow instructions....more info
  • Good book, but needs an addition
    I have the 6th edition and thought I would check out this 7th edition before I purchased it and what I find is that the AHA does not work with, evidently, the American Diabetic Association in guidelines.

    I have had bypass surgery and am supposed to have a low cholesterol - low fat diet. My dad, for whom I am caregiver, has had a mild heart attack and his cardiologist has told him the same thing and to include the low sodium to his diet.

    Well, when the dietician came to talk to us, all she had was food exchanges and did not know how to convert the recipes in the book I have to food exchanges. I sure don't know, so, I don't know how to use this book to help me with meal plans.

    Anyone got any ideas? ADA doesn't seem to concern themselves with how many grams of fat, mg of sodium, or gm of cholesterol are in a dish.

    I wish someone would create a book that does have both of these things in them. Then, it would be helpful for both groups!...more info
  • New American Heart Association Cookbook
    The New American Heart Association cookbook 7th addition is great, after my husband suffered a heart attack I knew we had to change the way we looked at food, all the meals are tasty and well planned. It gives you tools to change the way you cook and eat for a healthy lifestyle....more info
  • buds review
    I recieved the book on time and in good condition. The table of contents
    shows the value of this book. Many good recipes--especally the treatment of fish preparation,this was of interest to me.
    On the whole it I believe it was a great purchase.
    Bill Mackay...more info
  • I've already ordered a second copy
    After my husband's heart attack, I immediately went on a search for heart-healthy foods and found the American Heart Association's "Big Red Book." (Yes, it's true. I took his heart-attack as a great excuse to buy more cookbooks.) So far, each of the recipes has been a hit, especially the "Chicken Curry in a Hurry." But the biggest hit of all was the "Easy Apple Cake" teamed with the Caramel Custard Sauce from the recipe for poached pears with the same sauce.

    So in an unusual move, I ordered a second copy of this cookbook, but this time the hard cover edition especially after I looked at the paperback and noticed the number of creases in the spine. And then I ordered nearly all of the other cookbooks from the Heart Association.

    The recipes are generally short, simple, and do-able on a weeknight. The use of spices is nice, although you may, as one reviewer suggested, want to add more spices (for example, I like a LOT more curry in my curries). But what's nicest is the wide variety of recipes, including quite a few vegetarian recipes that make a nice change. (Be sure to try the Spaghetti with Lentil Sauce. Delish.)

    In all, this one is a real gem and goes up on the bookshelf next to "The Joy of Cooking," "Brilliant," the old "Pillsbury Baking Book" inherited from my grandmother, and, of course, the Betty Crocker "Cooky Book," back in print after all these years....more info

  • Great Heart-Healthy and Delicious Recipes!
    Wonderful cookbook for anyone who is trying to watch their fat, salt and cholesterol intake. Especially liked the crispy baked chicken, only thing I would change would to get breasts that aren't as thick, to maintain cooking time in the recipe. Otherwise, great advice on living healthy, and maintaining a long, heart-healthy life. Recipes are low-fat and absolutely delectible, a combination I haven't seen in quite awhile, and I'm a seasoned cook. ...more info
  • New American Heart Association Cookbook, 7th Edition
    Lots of good recipies and easy preparation. Worth ordering. Great help for newly diagnosed heart patient....more info
  • Heart-healthy Sweethearts
    When a heart important to my heart was told by his doctor that he has high blood pressure, my own went up. All priorities suddenly shift, and you realize there is nothing but nothing more important than the good health of those that you love. I immediately went on a hunt for a cookbook that would satisfy the palate but also keep us heart-healthy. I quickly came across this cookbook. What better sense than looking to an association that deals specifically with the health of the heart? Yes, but.... what about taste? A good diet is only as good as the tingle of the tastebud; it won't do you any good at all if you don't eat what's good for you.

    I've made meals from most all of the sections in this cookbook. Fish, poultry, vegetables, even dipped into the desserts. We have both been pleased with the tasteful results. Low on salt and fat, but high on flavor. Good sense paired with good food - that works! From chicken with broccoli and mushrooms in a creamy sauce, to zucchini stuffed with spicy vegetables, to a rice pudding that was all comfort food, we did not miss what was missing: that nasty stuff that clogs arteries and hammers the heart and adds the slops to the waistline. My only negative is purely an esthetic one... I love to see a photo of what I am about to prepare for the first time. No photos here. But that's a small matter and not enough to keep me from going back to this cookbook again and again.

    Best of all? My sweetheart is a healthy heart. Blood pressure is right where it belongs.

    Bon appetit!...more info

  • Great Book
    Great recipes and they don't have a lot of ingredients. Even though it's healthy eating the recipes are all yummy and there a ton of things on my list to make from it!...more info
  • Good Food Easy To Follow
    When I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. I went to the library to look for cookbooks with lower sodium recipes and I found the 6th edition of the cookbook. I found so many recipes that I ended up buying the 7th edition from This book is awesome. You will be hard pressed to find a recipe that you DON'T want to try. When I sat down to look through it I found at least 6 recipes I wanted to try and that was only in the first 10 minutes of flipping through the book. It gives you tons of recipes that are easy to follow and don't require a trip to a gourmet grocery store. I tried the "fried" chicken recipe that used corn flakes for a coating and it was a huge hit with my husband and myself. I am so impressed that I have bought it for my parents. If you are looking for a healthy new way to eat in the new year pick up this cookbook you won't be disappointed. There are recipes for everything from snacks and dips to dessert. You can lose weight and keep your heart healthy without missing a thing. The only thing I found fault with is that the recipe list at the beginning of each chapter don't have page numbers so you have to flip through until you find the recipe, but is the only fault I found....more info
  • A Delectable Heart Healthy Cookbook
    This book contains many delicious recipes that are simple to make. Moreover, there is a wonderful selection of appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, vegetable dishes, breads and desserts. A bountiful array of fruits and vegetables are featured in each recipe category. As a clinical nutritionist, I have high regard for a cookbook that presents easy to prepare, heart healthy recipes that use many different foods thereby allowing people to enjoy a wide variety of foods in their diet. I encourage readers to explore a most impressive compilation of healthy and tasty recipes. This cookbook will effectively promote adherence to contemporary dietary recommendations and, thus, help lower the incidence of coronary disease. A wonderful virtue of the many recipes is enjoyable eating and, at the same time, heart health!...more info
  • Healthy food doesn't have to taste like dirt
    Like many people these days, I'm trying to improve my diet... but I love good food! I've wasted my money on several "healthy" cookbooks only to find the recipes were simply terrible.

    This book is the exception. Simply put, the recipes are easy to prepare, original, and very tasty. You'd never guess you were eating "healthy." We've tried about a dozen recipes so far, and every one has been a success.

    The book also includes cooking tips and advice that are helpful for any type of cooking, and good advice on healthy shopping.

    If you want to improve your diet without sacrificing the joy of preapring and eating good food, buy this book....more info


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