A Member of the Family: Cesar Millan's Guide to a Lifetime of Fulfillment with Your Dog

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Many of us think of our dogs not as pets but as full-fledged members of our families. If you own a dog—or are thinking about getting one—A Member of the Family is the ultimate resource for integrating your canine companion into the life of your household.

What should you do if you need to leave your dog alone at home while everyone is at work? Are you providing him with the exercise he needs? How can you make sure your children and dog get along well? How do events in the human family—such as birth, marriage, or divorce—affect the family dog? All of these questions and many more are answered by bestselling author Cesar Millan in his new book.

Brimming with practical tips and techniques, A Member of the Family addresses the most common issues and questions that emerge over the course of a person’s lifetime relationship with a dog, explaining what it takes to be a good dog owner. From choosing the right dog for your particular family’s needs to setting the rules of the house (yes, you and your family are in charge) to finding a quality veterinarian and monitoring your dog’s health, Cesar offers essential advice for a harmonious home. No topic is left untouched. With success stories from Cesar’s fans and clients throughout, A Member of the Family includes sections on travel and doggie day care, the needs of an aging dog, and dealing with the death of a pet and its long-lasting effects on a family. A chapter on dogs and children is written from the perspective of Cesar’s sons, Andre and Calvin, and one on the role of the strong female pack leader is by Cesar’s wife, Ilusion.

In his frank, simple, and calm manner, Cesar acts as your personal guide as you build a fulfilling, satisfying relationship with your dog.

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful, approachable book for everyone and every dog!
    Cesar Millan's and Melissa Jo Peltier's latest book continues their line of smash hits in their canine ownership and dog psychology series. Coming out its first week as #8 on the New York Times Best Seller List, Cesar Millan and his faithful sidekick, Daddy, at the Dog Psychology Center of Los Angeles show that there is still so much America - and the rest of the world - have to learn from and about relating to Man's Best Friend: dog.

    This book, Millan's and Peltier's third collaboration, is a continuation of the ideas and concepts developed in Millan's other two books: Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems and Be the Pack Leader: Use Cesar's Way to Transform Your Dog . . . and Your Life. However, in this book, each chapter provides a vignette or an insight into a cornerstone of family life, whereas the two prior books sought to lay out Cesar's fundamental theory and philosophies regarding canine psychology, ownership, and human (pack) leadership and how to use the triad of that philosophy to solve basic human-canine behavioral problems, such as pulling on the walk, chasing squirrels, and so forth, this book is wholly different. Here, Millan seeks to show how dogs influence everyday family interactions in both beneficial and detrimental ways, and how to change our human behaviors so our dogs understand that we human are the pack leaders (the building block of his philosophy) and that they must follow us for guidance and direction. This, in turn, thus leads to beneficial interactions with family members.

    Other chapters include input from Millan's wife, Ilusion, on encouraging women to become leaders in their own right, and his two sons, on how children should approach and care for dogs (i.e. no screaming around dogs, no pulling tails or ears, etc.). While in no way is Millan's book meant to have political overtones, Millan is the primal feminist who recognizes the strength that women have and that is denied to them, by themselves or society: a power that he seeks to restore to them through his philosophy of "calm-assertiveness."

    Albeit, this is a simplistic review of a deep and richly toned book well worth reading and reflecting on.

    I highly, highly recommend getting it. Not only will your pet benefit, but so will you. You may not agree with all of Millan's teachings, but it will strengthen you in ways you never imagined possible....more info
    This has got to be the best of Cesar's three books! It's informative, entertaining, charming, and comprehensive. It covers everything from the day you bring your new dog home to the day he leaves you. You want to know how to house train your dog? Read this book! You want to know how to get your dog to walk nicely on a leash? Read this book! Cesar's wife, Ilusion, and their two sons, Andre and Calvin, each wrote a chapter in the book talking about how Cesar's philosophy has permeated their lives: calm, assertive (but not aggressive), and balanced, with exercise, discipline, and balance; rules, boundaries, and limitations; patience, persistence, and practice; and above all, exercise.

    It's a dog owner's dream come true as far as how to make your dog happy and make you, your family and your friends happy with your dog. I heartily recommend it, along with Cesar's previous two books "Cesar's Way" and "Be The Pack Leader" for anyone and everyone who wants or has a dog of any breed or size! ...more info
  • Excellent book for anyone thinking about bring a dog into their home.
    Cesar again Hits the nail on the head with this book. He goes through every aspect of the process from adopting the dog that is right for you to working through the loss of your dog that you love and when would be the right time to get your next dog. His family takes part in this book and that is very impactful especially for any wives or girlfriends taking part in the adoption of this new pet. Enjoy! I know I did....more info
  • Member of the Family by Cesar Millan
    Cesar Millan has done it again! Definitely another "Best Seller" from the Dog Whisperer and family! Cesar's "PUPPY" chapter is by far the best instruction manual a new puppy owner can find anywhere! The entire book is without a doubt one that will be read, re-read and used by dog owners as much---if not more than new parents used "Baby Books."
    Illusion Millan's chapter leaves no doubt in the reader's mind this lady has the same devotion and energy to open her heart and home to dogs, dogs, dogs. So nice to have a "role model" so warm and friendly you'd love to invite her for morning coffee. What is a bonus is the chapter by the Millan Boys (Andre and Calvin) that will guide and help children to both understand and be "Pack Leader's".
    Cesar's attention to the Senior Dogs who unfortunately can't be with us as long as our human family is one that will help those of us who are faced with helping our dog's make the journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Loving our dogs and having to say good-bye too soon is never easy, but with Cesar's help we can have the strength to make it easier for our dog and other family members.
    Cesar Millan (and Family's) contribution is one we will treasure! Thjs is his latest "classic" that will never leave our sight or be borrowed...of that I am very sure. Thank you Cesar, Illusion, Andre, Calvin and Daddy for a beautiful read and your efforts to help us have the relationship with our dog(s) we've always hoped for and couldn't have reached without you.
    Elaine and "Cesarized" Alfie
    ...more info
  • One more Great book to add to your collection!!
    This is my favorite thus far and I've read them all. Cesar and Melissa Jo make a great team once again! I really love Ilusion's chapter. I started with that one and once I opened it I sat in my car reading, unable to put it down.
    Cesar's books motivate dog owners and non dog owners alike learn to become more balanced. His energy jumps off the pages and you can't help but take it in. In this book he talks about adoption (really important to me), preparing for a visit to the vet, how the family energy as a whole effects your dog, healing and energy.....SOO much more. This is a must read!...more info
  • "A Member of the Family" Cesar's best book so far!
    I received Cesar Millan's third book, "A Member of the Family" today. I have both of Cesar's other books, and figured by the third book it probably wouldn't be so great. Boy, was I mistaken!

    I turned randomly to the chapter written by Ilusion Wilson Millan, Cesar's beautiful wife. I was instantly hooked, and could not put this book down. I then turned to the chapter Cesar wrote about his beloved sidekick, Daddy, the greatest representative of Pit Bull known to man.

    I know there are a lot of people whom I call "anti-Cesareans". These are people who dislike Cesar Millan because a) he doesn't have a degree and b) they (erroneously) believe he is cruel to dogs and c) they (erroneously) believe he is an illegal immigrant. For those anti-Cesareans, I have a message for you. READ THIS BOOK. You will find out about a man who has a deep and abiding love for dogs of all kinds, his family, his friends, and all human beings. Millan is a true specimen of humanity. The definition of "a good guy".

    After reading this book, there should be no doubt in ANYONE's mind that Cesar is uniquely qualified to work with problematic dogs as perhaps no one else in popular culture today. But what is most remarkable is his open-arms approach to other dog behaviorists (some of whom have degrees, some who may not), and his understanding that there is room enough in this crazy world of ours for everyone. There is time and space for every method of interaction with canines, as long as it does NOT harm the dog. That is what Cesar Millan stands for.

    I cannot stress enough (and for the bazillionth time!) Cesar Millan is not a dog trainer. He understands canine behavior and "what makes a dog tick" (pun, sorry) based on a lifetime of living with, and LOVING dogs (and humans alike).

    Do not pass "GO". Get this book, now! I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

    And for those anti-Cesareans: life is too short. Stop being so petty and give this guy a chance. If he were standing in a room with you, he would give YOU a chance, of that I am positive.

    Happy tails.

    K.S. Mueller
    ...more info
  • A Member of the Family,A Family book
    This new book is a must for a dog owner to have. It covers where you can go,and how to pick out the new family member,housebreaking,choosing a vet,how to set rules and boundaries,traveling,and more,to saying good-bye to your old friend. Even Cesar's wife Ilusion,and son's Andre,and Calvin have something to say in the book. I recommend this book to anyone getting a new dog as A Member of the Family,its a family book....more info
  • cesar millan - a member of the family
    I bought this book for my husband as part of his birthday gift. it was his favorite gift! Anyone that has an interest in Cesar Millan and what he does with dogs will love this book. It is also a little peek into Cesars family life. Enjoy!...more info
  • Cesar Millan: A Member of the Family
    I just finished reading this book: A Member of the Family. It is a great read. You will learn from Cesar what to do and how to do it. You'll get good advice for every day doggie problems. This is one of those books that will be reread and kind of used as a Doggie Bible.
    This is a must read for all dog owners. I give this book all five stars. Not only will your dog benefit from what you learn, but yourself and family will benefit from it too.
    Lucy and Schroeder
    ...more info
  • Cesar's Awesome

    This, as well as all of Cesar Millan's books, should be required reading for anyone with a dog or who's thinking of adopting a dog.

    I recommend all of his books. Every one of them has important information and helps piece the puzzle together of understanding your dog and being a great pack-leader. Many people see that positive only behavior training doesn't work for long without using it as a packleader.

    Cesar has learned how to work with dogs by working with them the way they work with each other in nature. This is why everything works so quickly and so well with his philosophy. It really is eye-opening.

    I used to have issues with my dog, but since I've been reading his books and applying what I've read, watching his tv program, and taking his "Sessions With Cesar" course (Cesar's online training program), my dog (a pit mix) has become a true gem and ambassador for the breed and I am most definitely a better and more confident dog mom. ...more info
  • Another Great Book!
    Cesar does it again! Just when I thought he had outdone himself with his last book, he comes out with another great practical way to have a more fulfilled relationship with your dog.

    Even if you are a faithful Dog Whispereer watcher this book is for you.

    Thanks Cesar for another great one!...more info
  • Cesar's Best
    I have found A Member of the Family to be the best in the series. We have recommended it to our potential adopters, foster families as required reading. The puppy section addresses all of the information one will need to raise a puppy the right way. Charts, schedules, and common problems with solutions are provided.
    Focusing on adoption and rescue...this bokk will also help you find a reputable rescue, answer questions on personal assessment of energy levels.
    A must read for all dog owners, and a must have for those considering adopting a puppy or adult dog...making them their new family member!
    A book with chapters written by the Millan family for your family, this is definitely Cesar's "Marley and Me." I loved the book! ...more info
  • Cesar A member of the family.
    This book arrived on time in perfect condition. I have all the books Cesar has written,have watched all his shows, and "my pack" has gotten so much more controlled. And, I not longer have to pretend to be the Leader, Cause now with Cesar on my shoulder all the time,I AM THE LEADER OF MY PACK.
    My kids watch his show also,they each have dogs of their own and belive in Cesars ways too. Oh wait, thats a book I have too.I just wish my chihuahua would read and save me some work,he's been the hardest so far,but if I stay calm assertive,we will all be a balance pack.
    Thank you Cesar!!!...more info
  • A real treat!
    I am always amazed by The Dog Whisperer!! This book gives great insight and is easy to read and follow through with the instructions. Love this one!!!!!!...more info
  • Cesar's Best Yet
    This is a wonderful book for both first time dog owners and experienced owners. This gives a step by step direction from the moment you bring home your dog/puppy up to the sad day that we must face when our dogs reach the end.

    Cesar Millan shares many of his own life experiences which are wonderful to learn about. Also his wife and sons share some of their thoughts. This book is truly about family.

    This is an excellent book for people to read BEFORE getting a dog and also for those of us who have had dogs for years as there are many insights that we can overlook.

    Cesar Millan understands dogs from the dog's view and helps us to understand in an easy way how to have a fulfilling life for both dog and human.

    I highly recommend this book. I will read it many times over and keep it close by for future reference.

    Carol from Canada...more info
  • Cesar Millan Books
    This may be the best of the books that Cesar has written so far. While I do not have any of the Cd's I do have all the books. The main thing that is so helpful in learning from Cesar is he tells you what to look for when training the dog and the actions you need to take. He explains things thoroughly taking the guess work out.This book covers more training and why plus it also has some personal things about Cesar and how he has arrived at the point he is now in training and looking at the dog as an animal. There's a bit more in here about our favorite "Daddy" which we all like to hear about also. Good read and in my humble the "best of the best."
    Rita ...more info
  • Cesar Millan's best book, however...
    (4.25 stars) Cesar Millan's books have shown a progression both in his ideas and in the ease with which he presents those ideas. This book is the easiest of the three to use as a guide for life with your canine companion(s).

    MAJOR kudos for Mr. Millan's chapters on choosing the right fit for your entire family (other pets included!) and for how to evaluate a shelter dog. These chapters are the best of their kind I have read. Continued kudos for not shying away from the hot topics of food quality and vaccination shedules.

    Other chapters that present his ideas for creating a balanced home and a balanced dog are easy to follow and contain sound reasoning, though he was still somewhat vague IMO. In particular, he fails to outline his concept of "corrections." He on occassion is explicit (I was especially pleased with the advice to withhold attention from a dog that jumps up, since jumping is usually an attention-seeking bevahior, and his caution that a pinch collar can simulate a bite and further arouse an aggressing dog). In other instances, he merely said "correct the dog." This vagueness leaves too much open to interpretation - is he talking vocal interruption, collar correction (which is what most people will assume), body blocking, what? Although I haven't gotten the impression from his books that he relies heavily upon collar corrections, because this subject causes him the most grief within the profession, he needs to be more specific.

    There is a letter in this book from a couple who adopted an 85lb dog and, a mere one month into their relationship, put her into a down and held her there until she showed "submission." Earlier, Cesar acknowledged (hooray!) that submission is an offered behavior, not something one canine forces upon another. Does he still support a forced down? And for heavens sake, even on an 85lb dog that you barely know? His inclusion of this letter suggests he might, and that's unsettling. ("Surrender" is a more appropriate term in this context than "submission." Pinning is done in fights, not in ritualized dominance displays or disciplinary actions.)

    Much as I enjoyed most of this book, I had the nagging feeling something was missing. It wasn't until Ilusion's chapter that I understood what - affection! Cesar focuses so much on excercise and discipline that - ironically, as he did with his wife so long ago - he neglected affection! By leaving out this third part of the equation, Millan has unfortunately created an "unbalanced" book.

    Nonetheless, it is his best offering to date and a sound, comprehensive guide to provide dogs a balanced life (just don't forget the affection!).

    p.s. For a more detailed and helpful discussion of body blocking ("claiming space,") Patricia McConnell's The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs can't be beat....more info


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