Never Say Diet: Make Five Decisions and Break the Fat Habit for Good

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Chantel Hobbs lost two hundred pounds without the help of surgery, pills, point systems, or a trendy diet. And just as important, she kept the weight off.

Her dramatic turnaround began with five decisions¨Cpersonal, no-excuses commitments that kept her from losing sight of her goals. It worked for Chantel and it will work for you. Once you unconditionally change your mind your body will follow, and your life will never be the same.

In this book you will discover:

¡¤How to move beyond past failures and get over your old excuses
¡¤How changing your eating patterns can break food¡¯s hold over you
¡¤Why winning the weight-loss battle must come from the inside out
¡¤The simple workouts that deliver lasting results and are fun to do
¡¤How to overcome the naysayers, the diet police, and your own nagging doubts
¡¤How to prioritize your health, juggle family and career, and stay motivated when life takes unexpected turns
¡¤Why the diet industry wants you to keep coming back
¡¤And much more!

You will find straight talk on developing the determination, commitment, and personal responsibility it takes to achieve weight loss that lasts. It¡¯s time to stop getting ready for the event and start getting ready for life!

From the Hardcover edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • Her book inspired me
    Hi. I read this book about a month ago with about 50 pounds to lose. Since reading her book I have lost 10 pounds. Her book put everything into perspective. It just made me feel like I really had no excuses. She is at my goal weight and she is about the same height so I though "how can I keep making excuses when this woman has lost over three times the amount I want to lose?" Just something about the way she spelled it all out on the pages for me made me realize that I had to take control of my life and stop blaming my metabolism, etc.... She was just a normal overweight housewife who did it, with no personal trainers or chefs. Her book is very truthful and honest. I loved it. I will re-read it several times to inspire me. Yes, she does mention God throughout the book, but that does not bother me. I don't particularly aspire to one particular religion myself, but I am very spiritual and I feel like most people have a higher power that they relate to, they all just have different names for them. If you are offended by the "God" title, than just mentally insert whatever you want in place of "God" while reading the book. it is not overwhelming by any means. Her beliefs are not mentioned on every page at all, just sporadically throughout the book. That helped her. She is just sharing. Everyone has something besides watching calories and working out to help them lose weight. For some it is meditation, for some it is visualization, for her it is her belief in God and she is just sharing that honestly. The meat of the book is about taking responsibility for your weight, getting off your butt and eating less. I highly recommend her book. I have not been this inspired by a "diet" book (which it is not, it is so much more!) in over 20 years. Thanks Chantel :)...more info
  • Inspiring book that provides amazing results
    We've all heard of numerous diets that claim that you can lose weight in a few weeks, but then we realize that we can easily gain the weight back after the diets are done. Keeping the weight off is half the battle of weight loss, and it can be frustrating to regain all the weight. Thankfully, Chantel Hobbs provides a wonderful solution to this problem with her "Never Say Diet" program. The program works efficiently because it does not make ridiculous demands from people and allows gradual, healthy weight loss and because it provides a way for people to keep the weight off.

    I myself have experienced this weight loss, as I began to change my lifestyle on March 29. Since then, I have lost a little bit over 20 pounds, and I feel much better and much less tired. Before I started to eat right, I ate two dinners almost daily and probably ate more than 3000 calories daily; I also did not exercise. I had been completely ignorant of how much I was eating a day until Chantel helped me realize and learn how much I should eat after she taught me to restrict my daily caloric intake to 1500 calories a day. Along with exercise, this has helped me greatly lose over 20 pounds and about 3-4% body fat.

    Chantel's book will inspire you. If her responses to excuses for not dieting aren't enough, her story and her experiences are sure to move you. They are so poignant that they helped me realize that I was completely capable of losing weight all along. I had always blamed my failures of weight loss on a "bad" metabolism until I lost 20 pounds due to the program. I did have some nadirs in my determination, but Chantel quickly addressed those times by saying that one must remind himself/herself how miserable he/she was when he/she was fat. Chantel constantly stresses that we are not on a diet, as the title explicitly states. She provides the inspiration to help people achieve goals that they probably did not think were possible before, and she helps people on the way to a healthier life....more info
  • Finally, a book for me!!!
    I'm so sick of "dieting"-- I never want to count another calorie or another point. This book is great! What an inspiration. If Chantel can do it, I can do it! ...more info
  • Hobbs gives us the tools to change our lives, inside and out, whether we want to lose ten pounds or two hundred.
    "Learn the secret that helped me lose 200 pounds" the cover beckons. "Make five decisions and break the fat habit for good." With this irresistable cover, Chantel Hobbs has me hooked. This beautiful woman who has appeared on Oprah lost 200 pounds without gastric surgery or diet pills. Now a personal trainer and marathon runner, Hobbs gives us the tools to change our lives, inside and out, whether we want to lose ten pounds or two hundred.

    With generosity of heart she shares with us her love of food as an overweight child, confessing her secret tricks with humor. She isn't ashamed to say that food, especially sweets, was her obsession. It's a painful journey, enduring the "You have such a pretty face" comments, all the way to her first self conscious walk into the gym. But it's our story too - how we can avoid the same mistakes. Hobbs reminds us that God will help us if we depend on Him, and His principle of forgiveness is important for us to move past our slip ups and failures.

    She has nothing good to say about the diet industry, even hinting at a conspiracy to keep us from success and dependent on their frozen entrees, membership fees, bars, and shakes. And she debunks the theory that obesity is genetic with: "Gaining weight doesn't come about by accident, and it's not forced on us. We gain weight through a series of poor choices made on a regular basis over a long period of time." What she says we need is a "brain change". When we sign the contract in the book, making the 5 Brain-Change Decisions, we're ready to embark on Hobbs' sixteen week plan to health, eating right and exercising in a way we can maintain forever.

    Hobbs doesn't sugarcoat the hard work it takes to lose weight and stay fit. "Getting fit wasn't easy-there was plenty of pain, deprivation, tears, and hunger along the way. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, and I won't try to sugarcoat any of that. But, honestly, I didn't give myself a choice. Once I made the unconditional decision that I was going to lose weight and get healthy, nothing could stop me. And nothing will stop you if you make the Five Decisions to break the fat habit for good. That's a guarantee."

    The plan is graduated and not overwhelming. For the first four weeks we are told not to even address our eating habits (other than to make sure we eat breakfast). We focus on establishing the habit of 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. She gives us lots of ideas to get us started, but it's our decision what type of movement we enjoy. There are plenty of diagrams and specific exercises involved when she later incorporates strength training, using dumbbells and a stability ball. The goal is to gradually increase our strength and stamina.

    When she does address eating better, she wants us to eat five small meals a day, and she gives us lots of simple suggestions for making that work. The idea is to actually make food boring in the early stages, to break our addiction to it so we start eating for energy more than for pleasure.

    Probably the simplest and clearest explanation I've ever heard for nutrition, she introduces us to the Three Musketeers - protein, fats and carbs. Once we understand how they work, we learn to distinguish the good ones from the not so good. Hobbs believes that the key to staying on track forever includes some splurges, like a free meal once a week.

    Peppered around the book are "Never-Say-Diet-Tips" which are nuggets of wisdom to help us through. But the most inspiration comes from Chantel's personal story as she works the very program she is presenting. We live through the low points and the high points of her weight loss, the pitfalls and the victories. We experience the hard work and the euphoria that comes as she meets her exercise goals and even runs some marathons. "You could say I traded the pleasure of sugar for the pleasure of peak moments, which is a far more exciting way to live. I firmly believe that if I could take every person in America who has a food issue and let them experience a genuine peak moment - an earned achievement - most of those food issues would disappear. People would realize what they are really after, and it isn't made by Ben and Jerry."

    Suddenly three full pages titled "Considering Plastic Surgery" appear towards the end of the book. Certainly anyone who's lost 200 pounds would have enough excess skin that restorative surgery would be completely understandable. When Hobbs tries to explain her own breast lift and augmentation it feels like an unnecessary, almost uncomfortable moment. It's really none of our business.

    But she really does deliver here an approachable way to make healthy changes stick, living by the 80/20 rule - 80% of the time eating clean food and exercising, 20% of the time enjoying special dinners, parties, showers, and rewards. And she inspires us to reach for our dreams, those peak moments in our lives, even when they seem impossible. You can feel the joy that comes from changes in your appearance and feeling strong. It's not a quick fix or a magic solution, but after reading "Never Say Diet" there's no turning back.

    --Reviewed by Carol Kurtz for TitleTrakk...more info
  • Good book
    I did like this book. Chantell has a great story that is very inspirational. The only thing I didn't like about this book is that it wasn't helpful to me because I am an exercise veteran. My issues are with food. I do not have issues with exercise and her program is great at helping people establish the exercise habit FIRST and then working on food issues later. She does suggest starting in phase two if you do not have an issue with working out. I did try and do this but it still just wasn't my cup of tea. I returned the book but I do think many people could benefit from her story and faith based approach at losing weight. ...more info
  • Great Purchase
    Perfect condition & shipped very quickly. Would highly recommend anyone to purchase from this valued seller...more info
    This book was awesome!!! I read this book in 2 days in December when it came out. I started phase 1 then which is just exercising for 30 days no food changes. I started phase II Jan 7 and have lost 25 lbs so far. It is so inspiring, I felt like I was reading about my own life and every excuse I've ever used as to why I dont have time to exercise or eat right and As a single mom I had plenty of time excuses. Now I workout at 4am and actually get to eat real food 5 times a day. This book really helps you figure out how to find your individual problems concerning food issues and weight issues. And the food journal led me to the epiphany as to why I (THOUGHT) I was doing it right the many times before and why I failed in the past. It was so motivational and inspiring. I'm now on a new path with new goals and small triumphs along the way. Thanks Chantel!!!...more info
  • Excellent, Easy Read - You Will LOVE This Book!!!!!
    I saw Chantel on the Today show and thought she seemed really down to earth. I bought the book from Amazon and literally could not put it down! I laughed and cried as I read through her similar to mine! It was really like she was there cheering me on to do the workouts. I have started the phase one portion and feel absoutely fantastic. I would reccomend this book to anyone wanting inspiration to get started on a health and fitness routine - she doesn't offer any off the wall advice - just practical and doable stuff - you will be so glad you read it! ...more info
  • Want to Make Some Changes Toward Health?

    I'm convinced that any weight loss program can work. But, and it's a big but (no pun intended), most of them won't work for most people. As individual as folks are, and for as many reasons as people overeat, or eat junk, or refuse to exercise, there is need for different stories, scenarios, or different motivation.

    I was a little put off by the cover of Chantel Hobbs' Never Say Diet. Which of us who are in need of self-discipline and diet wants to be confronted by the picture of a blonde Barbie Doll look alike? Can she be trusted? Did she really have a weight problem or was she just a little out of shape?

    Once I started the book I quickly began rethinking my first opinion. Chantel, in all her blonde bodacious beauty has been in the trenches of self-hatred and humiliation. As I read her story, I identified with her and her wisdom, teaching and enthusiasm. I don't know if Chantel's journey will change your life. It's up to you. Her advice is wise, difficult and challenging, and full of common sense and overall simplicity.

    Her cheerleading is designed to spur. If nothing else, her book is cheaper than signing up with yet another weight loss clinic. If you are ready, if you want to change how you think and how you live, you should really consider looking into Never Say Diet. ...more info
  • Must read if you are serious about losing weight!
    This was a very good book. Chantel does a great job getting the message across in a very simple yet powerful way. I love the fact that she is not another "guru" out there pretending that if you just had more will power you could lose the weight. She is a real person with very real struggles that all of us can relate to. She really helps you "get it". You can finally make the necessary changes to lose the weight for good. READ THIS BOOK!!!!!! It has made a huge impact in my life and I know it will do the same for you!...more info
  • Excellent Book!
    What a GREAT book! If you are struggling with your weight, it's a must read!...more info
  • Incredible
    First, let me say that I am no professional. What I am, is a person who has studied it all in terms of exercise and proper eating, I just haven't put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. I haven't done the work to get me to the place I want to be. That said, I was DONE with diet books. I swear I have read probably 75% of the ones on the market! I saw this one and bought it really out of sheer curiosity after seeing her picture on the back cover. In reference to another comment here, there is NO reference to God until you get well into the book. I am a Christian and would have bought it more quickly had I known she was a Christian. She MUST mention God in this book because it is His strength that sustained her. She did the work, but He gave her the will and the strength to do that work. In reference to another comment that this book doesn't focus enough on eating, it focuses on BALANCE. One doesn't work without the other.
    Chantel has written an outstanding book about her struggle with food/exercise and the journey she took while losing the weight. ANYONE, Christian or not, can benefit greatly from reading this book. It is about finding new life, discovering your real potential.
    I am on the program, I have completed Phase 1. I am certain this will be the end to my struggle with weight issues. I am building discipline, one stage at a time.
    I HIGHLY recommend this book!...more info
  • Great Inspiration to Exercise
    Never Say Diet by Chantel Hobbs is an inspiring book with sensible nutrition and exercise tips. Chantel lost 200 pounds and kept it off. Her secret? Change your brain by committing to five decisions, change your eating habits for life and exercise regularly. In other words, there is no secret - just sensible decisions and habits that will result in lasting weight loss.

    Chantel has you commit to exercise first - 30 minutes, 5 days a week. Once you get that habit under your belt, she has you start to modify your diet. Each week brings one or two changes so you can build lasting habits. The meal plan is very reasonable: 1,500 calories spread out over 5 meals a day. I especially like the fact that for awhile, she has you take charge of your food by making it "boring". This eliminates the what-do-I-feel-like, food-is-entertainment, food-is-my-life routine. Once you have mastered all the habits over approximately 16 weeks, you then can begin to introduce "fun" food into your life again. This is not a diet, but a rest of your life eating plan so that you eat healthfully at least 80 percent of the time.

    While Chantel doesn't tell us anything new (reduce calories in, increase calories out, in a reasonable manner for sensible, long lasting weight loss), she will motivate you to get moving. Chantel focuses on the excuses we all fall back on to skip exercise and she will have none of it. Her story is so inspiring, it really is hard to come up with an excuse that sounds reasonable. I mean, if a 350 pound mother of three small kids can exercise every day even when her husband loses his job and her mother's leukemia returns, how can I say, "I'm too busy" or "I'm too stressed" to exercise?! If she can progress from being breathless after 5 minutes on a recumbent bicycle to running marathons, how can I not commit to 30 minutes of exercise a day?

    Chantel gives plenty of ideas for meals and snacks to eat, but stresses you take personal responsibility for your own meal planning. She also gives a number of exercises to do, including cardio and strength training, with a focus on exercises you can do with a stability ball, medicine ball, and a few light weights. The book includes a number of exercises with photos showing and describing every step. Usually, the "how to" exercise photos are hard to follow, but the ones in Chantel's book are particularly good; I think this is because they're real life photographs, not illustrations.

    Chantel also stresses relying on God to help you when you can't rely on your own strength - excellent advice!!! In addition to the book, Never Say Diet, there's a 16 week Personal Fitness Trainer journal. Although the journal isn't necessary, it certainly would be helpful in tracking your progress. ...more info
  • Never Say Diet
    The book arrived in perfect condition. The author makes no bones that you will need to work to lose the weight and the journey will be difficult at times. Anything worthwhile is worth the effort. However, she encourages readers to focus on the goal instead of the effort it will take to get there. Very inspiring and God-centered. She relied on God for her strength and encourages readers to do the same. She's a beautiful author inside and out....more info
  • Inspirational book
    I began reading this book and realized I wasn't ready for it yet. When I was, I picked it up and lost 30+ pounds. Chantel is right...dieting doesn't work - changing your life does. This book was the inspirtaion that I needed. Thanks!...more info
  • Great Book!
    This book actually made me feel like I could lose weight too. I could identify with the author and she made me want to try.
    I just wish there had been more pictures. I loved seeing the changes she made in her life and hearing her stories....more info
  • Not just another "diet" book!
    I was very hesitant about buying this book.I thought it would be another repeat of all the other diet books I have collecting dust on my shelf. I am so glad I ordered it.This is the best book on dieting I have ever read.I am about 3/4 into this book. I can relate to everything she writes about. The feelings she has about food,diets, exercise,failing at diets, to how she felt being overweight and everything in between and after. This is the first book on weight loss that I can totally relate to.Chantel is such an inspiration to me. I have started following her lead and somehow this time I feel different about approaching weight loss.I love her advice on how you should approach your own battle with weight. When she says you have to educate yourself about food...that is just something I have never done. Thank you Chantel for sharing your journey with all of us. You are an inspiration. Great book. This is the first review I have ever written for a book. Truly worth the money and time to read it. I have highlighted so many things in this book. Chantel writes like she is talking to her best friend....more info
  • Chantel Rocks!
    Chantel Hobbs has accomplished an superb feat - she's reduced her body weight by 200 pounds. That is like TWO of me!!! Her suggestions are healthy, doable and easy to comprehend. I feel a sense of balance in her writing.

    She has received criticism for having supplemental cosmetic surgery (breast lift). While my weight loss experience didn't require any additional corrections, I can empathize with anyone who finds they need additional assistance and support (no pun). After releasing 200 pounds, skin sagging alone can require surgery.

    I enjoyed reading about her fitness journey. Upon finishing the book, I was left with a feeling of motivation, enthusiasm and gratitude.
    ...more info
  • Not Just A Diet Book
    I've bought fitness books, read them, and then ignored them, tired of the emphasis on the way we look. This book is different. It's about health. Chantel Hobbs uses humor, and she effectively cuts down every excuse I ever had or ghought of as to why I can't start losing weight. She helps the reader set realistic goals. there are exercises, and a list of recommend foods, all good for you. She also is very frank about her own experiences in losing weight. Never Say Diet is an excellent book. With Chantel Hobbs help, its' easy to stay fit and live life to the fullest. ...more info
  • Something new!
    Having been a repeat diet offender most of my life I was refreshed by Chantel. She has a way of sharing her experience that is just the right balance--not self-pitying--just very honest. I've been following her plan for about 6 weeks now and although I'm not seeing the fast results I did on some past plans (which obviously didn't work or I wouldn't still be trying), I am seeing results and feeling much better. This gives me great encouragement that I'm actually making a life-style change at last--I'm not just on a temporary "diet". She brings it on one baby step at a time which doesn't overwhelm you or cause burn out and give up. I also like her spiritual approach. She couldn't be a better example of her own program....more info
  • Worse 'non-diet' book out there!
    This book claims to 'Never Say Diet,' and proceeds to offer all the same advice as all other diet books on the market. I'm to blame for picking it up but promptly returned it after realizing the book is no different than the others. It offers all the usual inspiration, light bulb moments, food lists, and exercises as all the others. As other reviewers have noted, there are many references to God and quite a bit about the author's need to surrender all her power over food to God. A premise I know is useful to some but an idea I find dangerous to others. Regardless, at the heart of the book is truly what she proclaims it is not ... a DIET! To boot, she has no personality and no sense of humor. Horrible book. Read 'The Beck Diet Solution' if you really want a new approach to losing weight. ...more info
  • Life-Changing Testimony! INSPIRATIONAL!
    Thank you Chantel Hobbs for sharing your story so honestly.Your fierce determination that resulted in you being victorious over your weight issues is REMARKABLE!! I have blessed a sister with this book and going to buy your book for me again!!...more info
  • A must read for anyone wanting more out of their lives
    Chantel's story and her pathway to a healthier life is both touching as is inspiring. Her real-life approach to weight loss and her practical five decisions to break the fat habit helped me recommit to my fitness goals. As a man, I got great insight into core strengthening exercises as well as plenty of encouragement. I highly recommend it.

    ...more info
  • I will "Never Say Diet" again!
    As a lifetime yo-yo dieter this book has given me hope. The phases in Chantel's book are almost like baby steps. To tackle a history of poor choices and bad eating habit, this step by step plan allows you to master one phase before having to tackle the next. ...more info
  • Change your mind set
    Like every other diet book on the market this one has many ideas that will work. The difference is that Chantel recognizes that diets don't work in the long run because of our mind set. Her book is about how to change your mind set, how to recognize what will work for you and what wont. She had her defining moment, then she approached losing weight and getting fit as a "job". We go to our job whether we want to or not, same for exercising and nutrition, do it whether you want to or not. Of course, she also has a chapter on how to incorporate your spiritual reliance on God into your program. Her workbook lays out the 16 week course in a manner that is easy to follow, if your mind is set that way.
    ...more info
  • JUST READ & DO IT!!!!!!!
    After hearing Chantel on Oprah and then reading her book, I am now going on the right track and not thinking DIET! Remember.....if you lose weight it can always find you, therefore, you need to get rid of the weight for good! I also highly recommend another great book for women that will make you look stunning! How to be a Super Hot Woman: 339 Tips to Make Every Man Fall in Love with You and Every Woman Envy You My friend recently gave me a copy of this book for my birthday. I couldn't put it down. I loved how my husband began to respond to me in such loving ways, but even more was how being a woman became a brand new, exciting adventure. ...more info
  • This author inspires
    Chantel Hobbs started her fight with obesity when she was 11 years old. Realizing that she was different from other children because she was bigger than them, she endeavored to lose her excess weight through dieting. But these diets did not help her in her fight.

    At age 21 she married her high school sweetheart, and six months later she was pregnant with their first child. During this time, she did not concern herself with her weight issues. Even though inside she was feeling ugly and helpless, to the world she showed a self-confident and strong Chantal Hobbs. It was not until she had her third child and was at 349 pounds that Chantel hit bottom. She realized that she needed to change and that no diet in the world could help her.

    She heard God's voice reminding her to be the best that she could be. Hence, that day she decided that she will start to take care of her body and health. With the help of God, her husband Keith, and her family and friends, she started a way of life that enabled her to lose weight. Today she is more than 200 pounds lighter and still keeping it off.

    Chantel Hobbs book is very enlightening. For those fighting obesity, dieting is not always the answer. Dieting lasts for a month or two and then it is back to the same routine of eating unhealthy food. Chantel encourages her readers to change their way of thinking so that the desire to live life to the fullest is the foremost desire. She has introduced a winning combination of healthy eating and exercising designed to decrease the weight and to keep it off.

    Her book also offers five phases that a person losing weight goes through, which I found extremely helpful. The phases also have routine exercises that are designed to lose weight, and the pictures make it easier to do them.

    Reading her story and her struggles with weight will give many readers hope about their own weight issues. Her helpful points and ideas will encourage readers to step out and change their way of thinking so that they can achieve the results that Chantel got!

    Armchair Interviews says: This is a must read for those struggling with their weight and those who are disappointed with diets and their poor results!...more info


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