Change We Can Believe In: Barack Obama's Plan to Renew America's Promise

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At this defining moment in our history, Americans are hungry for change. After years of failed policies and failed politics from Washington, this is our chance to reclaim the American dream. Barack Obama has proven to be a new kind of leader–one who can bring people together, be honest about the challenges we face, and move this nation forward. Change We Can Believe In outlines his vision for America.
In these pages you will find bold and specific ideas about how to fix our ailing economy and strengthen the middle class, make health care affordable for all, achieve energy independence, and keep America safe in a dangerous world. Change We Can Believe In asks you not just to believe in Barack Obama’s ability to bring change to Washington, it asks you to believe in yours.

Customer Reviews:

  • Wish I had read it before the election
    It is a moot point now after the election ... I've voted and Obama's the next president. I just wish I had read this book earlier since it would have helped bolster my arguments with neighbors and friends regarding Obama's plan of action for the next four years. I finished this book in one day which, lately, is unusual for me as I am hitting a reading slump.

    The first half of the book is a summary of the issues Obama would like to address once he is in office. He addresses the issues of global warming, education, women's rights, family planning, the war in Iraq, job security, health care, taxes and more (all issues that are dear to most Americans). I've followed his debates closely and tried to do all the research is necessary in making my decision on whom to vote and this book is a simplified guide to the issues and instead of lamenting what is wrong with our country, Obama is providing a course of action on what he would like to see happen. This is a non-partisanship book, which I really appreciate. There's no back-stabbing, no finger jabs at the previous adminstration and etc. It is just a straight-forward course of action ... if everyone in Congress will work together.

    The second half of the book is his seven speeches and I will be the first to admit that listening to Obama speaking is a treasure ... wish I had the opportunity to hear him speak in person when he was in the area. Reading his speeches is almost just as good. He is an eloquent speaker and the compassion he holds for his fellow countrymen/women is evident in his speeches as well in the written word. If people still have doubts about Obama, this book is a good place to start reading. It may not be Pultizer Prize winning but it is a very good book and a start to get more information on what the Obama administration wants to have for the next four years.

    Throughout his plan and his speeches, Obama has been consistent about one thing. He challenges Americans of all stages in life to work together. He challenges Americans to fight back and regain their lost dreams/hopes and he provides hope for the people. I will admit that he is the first politican who is inspiring. I've seen how many people turn off their TV sets and canvass the streets to provide a way for the people to vote. This is the first campaign where people are active in talking and sharing about their beliefs and how they would like to see things change. Obama has provided inspiration and hope for the people and it's evident in this book as well.

    11/9/08...more info
  • The guide for modern solutions for a country with modern problems
    An excellent breakdown on how Obama intends to get the country back on track. Very forward thinking and logical, he explains how he will pay for all his programs and how he will cut taxes on 95 percent of Americans. Also has a few of his great speeches. great read. vote Obama...more info
  • informative
    i like this book. it is clearly written. it doesn't include lots of hesitancy that's found in soooo many books written by attorneys!!! this book very clearly describes senator obama's positions on so many issues. it's not, of course, absolutely comprehensive, but, it does address most of the more contentious issues. the second factor that is most germane to obama's writing, is his desire to get us all motivated and feel responsible for facilitating change. he does this, oddly, by focusing on the issues, something that hasn't been done in a long while. an excellent book that summarizes his positions and motivates the reader. ...more info
  • cometh the hour cometh the man
    Barack Obama's latest book, Change We Can Believe In, is indeed a sincere attempt to put forth his views and plans to renew America. The amount of thought he has put behind his seven arousing speeches speaks volume of the quality of a leader passionately engaged in envisioning problems specific to America and its global role while not forgetting its glorious idealistic past.

    Like his other most successful books, Barack Obama is truly gifted in seeing the nature of problems with perfect clarity akin to distinct spots on a leopard that can be seen from distance. Little wonder that this book will have a natural and spontaneous appeal on its readers who would learn the all important secret of carrying things through.

    The issues he lays bare in this book are not new and are widely debated ones in the American society. But the difference with other authors is that his book is like a lodestar and the light it emits is the light of truth and sincerity. As a result he is always ahead of time whom not only mankind but the heavens also follow. He is the congealed expression of history and out an out a futurist. Indeed He Can Be Believed.

    Gautam Maitra

    Author of Tracing the Eagle's Orbit: Illuminating Insights into Major US Foreign Policies since Independence. ...more info
  • I was mesmerized while reading!
    I thought I knew a lot about Barack Obama prior to reading this book, but I learned so much about the man himself. What an inspiration. It definitely solidified my vote for him as our future president. I feel he is more than ready and has lived his whole life helping others to prove it....more info
  • Pathfinder
    Just looking around, change is a need that cannot be deferred.
    We wish the change we can understood and embrace.
    In my opinion, embracing is something empathetic, that may come from our vision of the mood of the people and of the time; while understanding comes from reading and listening what leaders and parties propose, have done and said.
    This book has been helpful for me to better understand the change I've already embraced. I believe in it still more.
    ...more info
  • Barack is My Homeboy!
    Hey ya'll what's up in this piece? I just logged in to review my new favorite book, the Audassity of Hope! I feel as dough ya'll should know that I voted for Barack because he is black. That's it. Yo, when I heard my dawg was running fo office dat was all I needed to hear. Now, I didn't acutally vote for ma man, but I did buy the t shirt sos I can sho him my support. Ok, I stole dat shirt, but the thought was still sincere.

    For more good books, read Tupac and Fitty Cent....more info
  • Realing the Change
    CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN should be the perfect household literary companion for every American family! This book begins with a clearly articulated foreword by President-Elect Obama, who describes a burning passion to make a difference on the Chicago Southside. His commitment to America's promise to every citizen to have a fair and equal opportunity to fulfill a dream jumps off the page chapter by chapter with easy-to-follow subtitles breaking down America's infrastructure. CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE In bypasses fancy words and the political tendency to confuse everyday citizens by explaining Mr. Obama's plan for America in the most simplest expressions. Every area of our government is addressed from banking, to air-traffic control, education, and rethinking and reinventing how America promotes the responsible and domestic production of oil and natural gas. Think Green! Think simplicity! Think change! These seem to be the overriding messages that require no translations to fully grasp.

    CHANGE WE CAN BELIVE IN is a handy paperback that encourages every American to become responsible and active to help realize change. It is a convenient tool to reference and even begin to explain to youth, who are a valuable component of maintaining positive change in America's future. CHANGE WE CAN BELIVE IN will inspire you to stay involved in American government on all levels because knowledge is power! Whether you have been following Mr. Obama's message since 2004 or are new to his political accomplishments, own your copy today and completely arrive at the winning significance of, "Yes, we can!"

    Reviewed by Swaggie Coleman
    for The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
    ...more info
  • A Little Late
    If you want to know why the Barack Obama campaign thinks you should vote for him in November 2008, this is the book for you.
    It is a campaign book, lacking the distinct voice that rings through Obama's own writing. The dry writing and dated subject, banished this book to the bookcase after only three chapters. Not even worth the time to finish.
    Written before the financial meltdown had become evident, it's usefulness is questionable, other than as a bit of memorabilia recalling President Obama's historic achievement....more info
  • An End to Anti-Intellectualism ...

    There are a lot of historical speeches that have been given over the long history of our nation. Many of these speeches are available in various forms, from audio presentations, films or books. Most of these are collections of speeches by numerous presidents and world leaders, but this book is a collection of speeches from just one man, and all of them have been historic. Why? Because quite simply, we're going through the biggest historic upheaval in our nation since America broke away from England and the signing of the constitution.

    I think everybody with a pulse, a heartbeat or a shred of common sense now fully understands this.

    Barack Obama has not just been a lightning rod for the country or a catalyst to millions of new voters, but has emotionally motivated all those that have seen him speak at rallies or on television. A political movement like this hasn't been seen since either F.D.R. or John F. Kennedy.

    After the last two years, it would be near impossible to not know: 'Who is Barack Obama?' Unless you've either been hiding under a rock or purposefully turning your head from the bulk of the information streaming across the planet then you should know, without doubt, exactly who 'Barack Obama' is. If you honestly don't know, then you have an opportunity to find out with this book. And please understand, that not every person who runs for public office puts what they want to achieve in print and publish it. So, whether you like the man or not, everyone has an equal chance to know what his policies actually are, what his plans are and who he is without hearing it through the static of negative distortion.

    Maybe we should expect all of our public servants to provide voters with such publications on what they want to do for us. We would get more out of them if we did. Thus, this book is invaluable now and will be even more valuable in the future two, four and six years into his Presidency.

    I can imagine this book will be amended to reflect the speech that was referred to as his 'Closing Argument' and the final 'Yes We Can' speech from the evening of November 4th in Chicago. For the last several months the nation has endured a more toned down version of Barack Obama, probably because some folks didn't too much care for his ability to orate. Unfortunately, when you have a simple message and it has truth to it, it is easy to tell and quickly disseminates. Why? Because people know the truth when they hear it. That may be a bit of a grandiose statement, but it does sum up the political environment that we've all been subjected to in the last two years. The problem though is that the last two years has been short on truth and long on hyperbole.

    It does bother me when I hear folks say 'he's really a slick talker', or any foolish derivation thereof. Barack Obama seems to be successfully taking on one of the biggest problems in our nation that hasn't yet been addressed (yes ... gasp ... if you can believe that).


    People have long been running in fear, and breaking down into fits of furious anger over it, but it looks as though it's day is finally come and the moral compass may just shift back to what once made our country great. Good leadership, smart and sound direction based on principle, intelligence and humanity and of course - compassion.

    This book is a must read that sheds the proper light on a coming Administration and the direction of our nation.

    ... ... ......more info
  • Change We Can Believe In
    This book was new and in great condition when it arrived. Keep up the good work. I look forward to doing business in the futrure!...more info
  • An excellent primer
    Obama has very bold, but ultimately reasonable plans for fixing the mess that this country has become. His platform is not only just and reasonable, but ultimately executable. This is an excellent primer for all those who say "but how can we really know Obama?"...more info
  • Hardcover version?
    Anyone know plans to release a HARDCOVER version of this book? Vote Tues Nov. 4th!...more info
  • Gain insight
    If you want to know where Obama stands on the issues, whether you agree or disagree with Obama's positions, then you need this book. Ideal tool for loading up on ammunition in your debate with friends and family.

    ...more info
  • Specifics on policy from a great future leader!
    For all the people who act like Barack Obama is too much sizzle and not enough steak, this book disproves that notion completely. Clear policy positions and ideas to help the informed voter make their choice this election....more info
  • Change We Can Believe In
    This is a great book,,I have read it and passed it on to my sister to read. I believe if everone would read this book,,they would be glad if they voted for Barack,,,and be amazed at his knowledge...more info
  • Beautiful, succinct policy; and a refutation of baseless "empty suit" attacks
    Regardless of whether you agree with Senator Obama's domestic and foreign agenda, his vision as outlined in "Change We Can Believe In" should finally extinguish the right-wing smear mongers that have consistently labeled him as an "empty suit"; a verbally gifted and ambitious individual without any sorts of definitive, concrete plans. Although those attacks were baseless to begin with, the broad and specific policy discussions in this book lay out the "A - Z" foundation for what an Obama Administration would seek to accomplish - and can leave no doubt that Senator Obama knows exactly what must be done to unravel the Bush legacy.

    The book is divided into two broad sections: "The Plan", the first part; and a second section entitled "The Call." It is in the first part that Obama (or, more specifically, his staff writers - he only personally wrote the foreword) lays out the minutiae of his agenda in great detail; policies are grouped around themes such as "Investing in Our Prosperity" which are then subdivided into more specific areas discussing topics as diverse as universal health care, energy independence and the "greening" of American industry, plans to control nuclear proliferation, immigration reform, and environmental protections. Any undecided voter wondering in which general direction Obama plans to lead the nation on any of the important issues will find the answer among these policy prescriptions. The final part of the book, "The Call", serves as more of an inspirational anecdote. It contains seven selected speeches from the primary and general election campaign, including Obama's candidacy speech, the "A More Perfect Union" address from Philadelphia covering how we might achieve an amicable reconciliation in race relations, and the highly acclaimed "A World That Stands As One" speech from Berlin. Even for those of us who have heard these speeches delivered already, reading them again serves as a poignant reminder of the passion that Senator Obama has for serving his country and the world, as well as why he has rapidly transcended traditional political schisms and barriers to become such a transformational figure.

    "Change We Can Believe In" should be of great interest to Obama supporters looking to learn even more about his ideals, but I see its true value and appeal being to undecided voters who may be reticent in their support of this newly minted figure due to a perceived lack of specificity on the issues. But while it is rich in merits for its direct confrontation of difficult policy issues, it is ultimately more than a rote series of policy prescriptions and a criticism of the failed McCain/Bush right-wing, reactionary politics; it is a compelling vision of what we can accomplish in the next eight years by working together and committing ourselves to the improvement of this country....more info
  • Details of Obama's changes
    This platform for Barack Obama's plans for change is well-written, concise and clearly presented. I have bought 2 additional copies for friends who were not sure what his proposals included. The book is nicely divided to take you to the issue that interests you most. An important resource for those who need more than sound bytes to explain Obama's policies and plans....more info
  • If you believed Johnnie Cochran, then you will believe Obama.
    Obama is a liar like Cochran. If you believed Cochran's claim that O.J. was innocent of two murders, then you will believe Obama's claim that he can deliver "change" Americans can believe in. Obama's change is a form of socialism, a scheme to redistribute the wealth from those who produce to those who don't produce. His scheme is an application of the Marxist slogan, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". If you want to see this scheme in operation, visit New Orleans and observe the "victims" of Hurricane Katrina in inaction. Those "victims" sit around the 9th Ward watchiing volunteers from around the country, mostly white, rebuild their houses that were purchased with sub-prime mortgages. These "victims" believe that they are entitled to a free house and monthly income. Likewise, Obama's core supporters believe that they are entitled to a free house, income, health care because of their status, not because of their productivity. Cochran convinced a jury to let O.J. get away with murder. I hope that a majority of the voters will not let Obama convince them to let he and his hateful wife get away with murdering something more precious: our constitutional freedoms....more info
    When President Obama changes the text-to-speech function to "ENABLE" that will be the kind of Change We Can Believe In! Yes - a president who is not afraid of the big bully Random House Publishers, and can make a decision on his own. The publisher has chosen to disable this feature that many depend on to read on the go, and is depended on by the blind and disabled. Does Pres. Obama even know RH has disabled this feature?
    I think NOT. ...I HOPE not!...more info
  • Another Great Book from Obama
    This is exactly what I wanted to hear from Barack right now. His policies written down in a handy coffee table book. They asked what his policies were, where he stood on the issues, and here it is. Read it or stop nitpicking that he hasn't been clear....more info
  • Unreadable
    I was hoping this book would take the concepts Obama spoke of during his campaign and, having the leisure of a book, expand on them. I expected an in-depth treatment of his policies and goals.

    Instead, this book is a tribute to redundancies and purple prose, and seems to be a protest against pronouns. It's terribly written....more info
  • Read between the Lines
    Haven't read the book since I don't need to. Why? Simple. I reviewed the "reviewers" comments. Some interesting things come to light.

    1. Most of the "reviewers" are professionals. They say right out their "real" name and affiliation. Their reviews are predictable, and one could pretty much "cut and paste" one, then copy it 40-50 times. THEY ARE SYCOPHANTS.

    2. Do you seriously expect us to believe that Senator Obama had the time to write 5-6 books in the last year? Come on, get real! This self-serving nonsense was penned by staffers or others that wish to raise capital for the Senator.

    3. Don't believe me? Go look at Obama's financials that he submitted as required by law. You will see that he made over $4,000,000 in book royalties. Not bad for a sitting Senator that has been running a campaign non-stop for at least a year.

    4. Do yourself a favor and understand this is how the politicians end-run campaign election laws. An individual may only contribute a certain amount to any one candidate...but why not buy thousands of their books and let them rake in the royalties....more info
  • Great Plans
    I've really enjoyed the book. I read it from cover to cover in 3 days. I could've did it in 1.5 days....but there were a few policies in his book at to look up. I really agree with about 80% of his policies.

    The speeches in the back of the book are great to have as well. If you want to know ABOUT OBAMA PLANS FOR AMERICA....THEN READ THIS BOOK. BASICALLY IT IS HIS STUMP SPEECH AND POLICIES WITH MEAT....more info
  • Specifics galore
    Book has plenty of specifics for those who are looking. Some economic plans may need to be changed in light of recent events, but the principles remain the same as those we hear Obama speaking about now....more info
  • Judge for yourself
    I hear many people saying that Obama hasnt been specific about the changes he will make. Well. Here they are...Read on and judge for yourself if they are the right ones....more info
  • 4.5/5 Stars
    Change We Can Believe In outlines Barack Obama's vision for America.

    This trade sized paperback is just 288 pages, but inside the pages you will read about specific ideas about how to fix our ailing economy and strengthen the middle class, make health care affordable for all, achieve energy independence, and keep America safe in a dangerous world. They writing is clear and succinct. I especially enjoyed reading his speeches, as it has been many months since I first heard some of them. The eloquent manner in which his speeches were spoken came to life once again as I read his words.

    Change We Can Believe In asks you not just to believe in Barack Obama's ability to bring change to Washington, it asks you to believe in yours as well. Yes We Can!
    ...more info
  • The Obama Trilogy
    "Change We Can Believe In" fills out the Obama book trilogy. "Dreams from my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance" is a beautifully written, insightful, intimate journey about who he is -- the history that shaped him and the core values that define him. Read it to get to know Barack the person - and for inspiration. "The Audacity of Hope" is a wonderfully written, remarkably thoughtful - accessible and very smart - journey into the world of ideas. Read it to get to know Obama's intellectual framework -- how he weaves together multiple influences into a coherent, powerful understanding of the leading issues of our times - and for wisdom. Both books really transcend their genre, in the quality of writing, and their depth and breadth of insights.

    "Change We Can Believe In" is a different kind of book: while the earlier books revealed the person and the world view, here are the nuts and bolts. The book is worth owning just for the inspiring preface and the amazing collection of speeches in the back, but it's real value is in spelling out the detailed policies and programs that define the "change" that everyone knows we need, but only Obama is clearly defining. The specifics are comprehensive, from health care to homeland security to support for small businesses. An enormous amount of thought, work and expertise has clearly gone into this compendium - and the result is a remarkable and very specific guide to what needs to be done. Capping off the inspiration and wisdom of his earlier books, here's the practical knowledge.

    Everyone I know who has read his first two books has come away believing Barack Obama is a remarkable person. But this book more than the others reminds us that that's not the point. Woven through and informing all of the details are some now familiar big themes: if we invest in the people, places and assets of America, we will prosper again; it's time to get past petty party politics and find our common ground as a people and country again; government's role is not to solve our problems, nor to supplant or dictate, but to catalyze and enable individuals, entrepreneurs, civic organizations, businesses and others to move forward. Most of all, though, it's not about Barack, it's about all of us. The book describes the differences WE can make, and the place America can be again. It's a compelling read, and a compelling call to action.
    ...more info
  • "Hope Too Bright To Last?"
    Finally, a president with both character and a functioning brain! This man can not only think and plan, but he has the rare ability to express what he's thinking and planning in language a wide spectrum of readers can understand. ...more info
  • A great piece of history to have
    Barack Obama's plan in this book provides all the detail and examples that an undecided voter needs to be able to make an informed decision about him as a candidate for president.

    It will be a great piece of history to own when he is elected President of the United States on Nov. 4th, 2008....more info
  • I believe!
    This book clearly spells out his plan for change once he becomes President of the United States. *imho*...more info
  • What change?
    Despite my reasonably high rating for the book (and promises therein), I have to say that I am now rather disillusioned as well as highly sceptical about a great deal of these promises. I had hoped that there would finally be some change in America - and the world, too. However, my faith in the American deomcratic system and hope for America has been disappointed.
    President Obama won the elections fair and square for what he was and what he promised. There was no need for him to make Hilary Clinton (who had been in favour of the Iraq war) foreign secretary. Many of us can remember the ruthless, war-mongering Mrs. Allbright who occupied this post under her husband's term as president. Nor did President Obama have to reinstate Bush's right-hand man,Colin Powell. It seems clear that, despite our initial hopes and dreams, dark forces are operating and the president has already been forced to compromise not only key governmental positions but the future of world peace.I believe that now many voters feel betrayed as a result of these very dubious initial decisions. Hopefully, I shall be proved wrong - maybe not. We shall all have to wait and see....more info


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