Multiple Bles8ings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets

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In Multiple Blessings, Kate Gosselin shares the gripping details of her rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and lows when she discovered she and her husband, Jon, would be expecting sextuplets while still basking in the light of their twin girls' toddlerhood. Strongly encouraged to consider selective reduction for the sake of both mother and babies, she and Jon instead decided to accept the extreme challenge God had handed them. After suffering the long and winding road of infertility, the young couple felt stressed but blessed as they fought valiantly to help their babies survive the fight for their lives. Kate reveals excerpts from her private journal as she describes the daily struggle to carry the babies for thirty weeks. In addition to their uphill medical battle, the family suffered many emotional setbacks such as the loss of Jon's job, forcing the pair to look to God as their sole provider and sustainer of life.

After the miraculous birth, the couple coped with months of neonatal intensive care for their newborns as well as Kate's physical recovery from such complete and prolonged bed rest. Later as the entire family of ten finally arrived home reeling with exhaustion, they still managed to feed, bathe, clothe, and monitor the health of their fragile infants as a steady parade of necessary and helpful volunteers turned their home and family life into a public arena.

The young family lived moment to moment at first, not knowing what each new day would bring and how they would survive on such depleted sleep, money, and emotional reserves. However, as the months progressed, they grew into the next stage of development, proudly letting go of yesterday and looking forward to a brighter and ever-changing tomorrow. Their small home was soon filled to capacity with six cribs, six bouncy seats, several changing tables, never-ending piles of laundry, tubs of colorful toys, stacks of diapers, cartons of formula, rows and rows of bottles, bibs and pacifiers, two triplet strollers, six car seats, and so on. Yes, life was hectic and cramped, but with each major milestone Jon and Kate rejoiced at the miracles that unfolded around them. The crew of six growing babies along with their proud big sisters, Madelyn and Cara, did their part to fill those rooms with squawking, squealing, laughing, and of course, a healthy dose of crying. Kate and Jon eventually came out of the fog of the first precarious two years feeling eternally grateful for the love and support of family, friends, community, and indeed a nation. More important, they felt the ever present hand of a faithful God upholding them and giving them just enough strength and courage to take one day at a time.

Customer Reviews:

  • Love that they share their life with us
    Very emotionally touching. I too am a huge fan of the show. I disagree with the negative reviews. This book tells a lot of detail, what do you expect? Their lives are being video recorded everyday. Of course there is going to be repeat information off of the show. They are recapping the highlights and lowlights of their life. I couldn't put the book down. It was an excellent book! ...more info
  • Wonderful Book and fast delivery
    The book was in great condition and a really good read. It was delivered promptly as promised....more info
  • A True Blessing!
    I loved this book!!! I think that Jon and Kate are amazing parents and I love the fact that they don't ever take for granted the fact that they had six babies and left NICU with six babies! Leaving NICU in itself is a blessing!! I love watching their show and after reading this book I find myself even more in awe of those six beautiful children and those two amazing parents who would do anything for their wonderful EIGHT children!...more info
  • fake
    I read this book with excitement. My excitement turned to disapointment. This book is fake. I felt that the multiple blessings were not blessings at all. I struggled with this book. I think it was made up. Maybe not made up...but very embellished. Like the show the couple loves certain products...clothes get the drift. They love the products that pays the bills. They are fake....more info
  • Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets
    Loved this book. It was a beautiful story. I have been watching this family on the TLC channel for several years. The book was very heart warming & portrayed the true feelings of this couples' determination to raise their family their way. The book was very inspiring & I loved reading every word of it. Highly recommend it. Easy & quick read. ...more info
  • An easy read, but rather disappointing
    Let me preface my review by stating that I had been a fan of the show since before it started, beginning with TLC's one-hour special on the Gosselin family.
    The book was an extremely easy read (I got through it in an hour and a half), but contained virtually no information that hasn't been covered in the television special or the show. This fact made the book a tiny bit boring, in my opinion. It was easy to get through, because of the flow of the writing, but it was very much like reading a well-written transcript or perhaps a lengthy testimonial. It was very much as if Kate Gosselin sat down and told her story, much like one might do at a deposition, and marketed it as a book about the family. There was very little heart and soul here, for me. In fact, the only times when I felt any emotion was conveyed were when Kate relayed the story about having to be bed-ridden in the hospital for months before the birth of the sextuplets (frustration), and trying to make things work when she and Jon first brought all those babies home (exhaustion, peppered with frustration). I did appreciate how genuinely grateful the Gosselins appeared to be for all the assistance they received, particularly in the months following the birth of the sextuplets. In fact, when talking about the gift cards left at their house after volunteers went home for the night, or other kind souls who assisted them, the Gosselins come across much more thankful than they ever do on the show. Perhaps because they continue to get assistance and free things on the show, they have become accustomed to it and might take it for granted now. Who knows, but this insight to how they behaved when they first went from parents of two to parents of eight was refreshing.
    If you are a big fan of the show, you might not regret purchasing this book, even though you probably already know everything that's in it. In addition, two friends of mine have had miscarriages in the past year, and are experiencing fertility troubles. They really liked this book, perhaps because it is a story of triumph from a woman who was experiencing the very same thing that they are now. I would recommend getting from your local library, though. The book wasn't bad, but knowing what I do now, I probably would have just borrowed it rather than bought it. ...more info
  • LOVE the show... and the book!
    I'm a huge fan of Jon & Kate Plus 8! I liked this book beacuse it gave me more insight on this family and a better understanding of their strong faith in God. For not being 'writers' Jon, Kate & Beth wrote this book very well. The timelines were great and easy to follow, and the photographs and scriptures tied everything together very nicely! ...more info
  • very insightful even if you see all the shows
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was quite insightful into the behind the scenes of the Gosselin marriage and births. It kind of explains why Kate is the way she is on the show. I could actually "hear" her speak in her written words. She is a very spiritual person in print, although it doesn't always come through on the show. Even though you might watch the episodes over and over (as I do), you will still enjoy this story and get a truer picture of what this woman, and her husband and twins, experienced. I became a wee bit more tolerant of Kate's personality after reading this. However, if you want the very best financial "blessings" in your life, you must also "pay the piper" in many other ways and learn to show more outward gratitude - which Kate needs to practice. If you love the show - you will love the book....more info
  • Awesome Book!!!!!
    I watch the show all the time, so it was really neat to read the book. It was very well written as well. I couldn't hardly put it down. Highly recommend it!!!!...more info
  • I Love Kate
    I love the show specially Kate because I am picky like her :-)
    Since I'm asian and we don't see many asians on TV I appreciatte this TV show to celebrate the asian lovers.
    ...more info
  • Kate please show more kindness & mercy to husband!
    This book is in the Local Christian bookstores. I don't see a sold out couple for Jesus or one who puts God first (is their faith in God or going to Church deleted by the Producers to appear to a broader audience?) However, this book is highly promoted in the Christians bookstores.
    I cannot judge them but I must ask "where is the fruit"?
    On the Pro side, Kate is brillant in keeping the show interesting but on the negative end, she does not come across as kind or merciful but rather harsh and a little bit bitter.
    She constantly berates her husband over the most minor things. He may not be an Angel but neither is she. (very few are). I am praying hard for this family....more info
  • this book sucks
    This book sucks. Do not waste your hard earned money. If you must read get for free from the library. Do not buy this book....more info
  • Well written,gives further insight into their hectic lives
    I am a fan of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" and decided to give this book a try. Like others I noticed that Beth Carson helped write the book and she has been a fixture on the show as a good friend of the family. It is very well written considering and I barely put it down until finished. Anyone that can manage to somehow keep things together with sextuplets shoud be commended as I know it had to be a struggle. This book gives you a better insight into their lives before the birth of the sextuplets and almost to the second year of their lives. They really let you into their lives on a personal and spiritual level. I would reccomend it to any fan of the show and to anyone who has multiples. ...more info
  • An uplifting real life feel-good story
    What a pleasure to see there are people out there who still have ethics, morals, faith and good values. I enjoy watching the show and the book was a great read for my train commute that made me truly feel uplifted....more info
  • Jon and Kate's Story
    After watching almost all of the past 2 seasons of Jon and Kate plus 8, this book really gave me a further look at their lives instead of the occasional peak we get on TV. I often get very upset with the way Kate talks to Jon, and how their relationship is sometimes presented in their weekly show. This book will help you understand the huge amount of stress their life involves and how well they handle it. I have nothing but respect for both of them and am amazed at how they know each of their eight children separately. I also love their faith. God knew where to put those 6 babies so that they would blossom into well rounded, loving, adults. Its an easy read and enjoyable. Love the pictures, too....more info
  • Who will buy this book?
    Are you people watching the same show. My wife watches the show because she thinks the kids are cute. I agree with her there but come on people. This lady is a monster. If she wrote a book titled, "How not to be like me", I would consider buying it. I don't see how she is fit to give advice to anyone. ...more info
  • Borrow it from a library
    This book has all of the information that is seen on the show. I donated mine to the local library. This family was very appealing and refreshing way back when....... Unfortunately the appeal is lost. The book is a quick read but nothing new if you have seen the show....more info
  • Beth Carson is an excellent writer
    If you have read the story of how Kate and Jon met on their website(written by Kate), and then read this book, it is painfully obvious that Kate Gosselin could not have written this. Beth Carson however is a great writer and should continue writing. It is not worth your hard earned money-if you are bound and determined to read it go to the library and check it out....more info
  • An uplifting story in days of negative-ness
    I received this book for Christmas, and by Christmas eve it was finished,I could not put this down, I was so taken in by the story. I enjoyed reading and feeling the emotions that both John and Kate felt as they went through the many trials during her pregnancy. I have handed this book to several people to read and everyone has enjoyed it....more info
  • Great book!
    I think I've seen every episode of Jon and Kate but there's a lot in the book that you've never see on television. It starts from the beginning of their relationship in 1998 and ends in 2008. It goes into great detail about her pregnancy and what she had to endure to keep those babies healthy. Kate has turned into a wonderful writer and I hope to be able to read more books from her. If you like the show, you'll love the book.
    ...more info
  • Heart Warming
    I really enjoyed reading this book, it helped me remind myself to keep my faith in check. It's a nice, short read about a very interesting topic....more info
  • Great Book
    I thought this book was great. As a mom of more than one, I really appreciated how real to life this book is. Yes, children are not a bowl of peaches all the time. Life can be rough sometimes, and that was well brought out. It made me feel more normal as a parent to be structured with our children. I do agree that this book is not for everyone. However I do think that if you are a parent with trying circumstances, you would enjoy the book too. It does compliment the show, and very well written with a good timeline. Kudos....more info
  • Great book
    This book is great it gives you an inside look at their lives you don't see on t.v. I love it....more info
  • Kate and Jon, don't trade what you now have......
    As a registered nurse, I appreciated all the medical jargon, however, a non medical person might not. Emotionally, it is very deep. The problems and the joys of such a family must be almost impossible, but this book tells us the amount of help the family had, thank God. Their lives are forever changed, with the television intrusion, I do hope this lovely couple can keep their family and marriage as close as it was earlier. I would hate to see them trade all this for fame, notoriety and money....more info
  • Those complaining are tools
    You know what? The book followed the show and those "complaining" about the Gosselins living off their fame are tools. The book is to be expected. As an atheist, I was bored. Those complaining that the Gosselins are profiting off their celebrity -- of course they are you absolute morons. They have eight kids to put through college. Grow up. Who wouldn't take what they could get? No one. No matter what you say you would do exactly what they are in your position. ...more info
  • inspirational, amazing dose of faith
    I thought this book was great! I could not put it down I am not a "reader" I read this book from start to finish in less than 24 hours at times I even cried uncontrollable... Its amazing the faith that Jon and Kate has we all can learn from them. I walked away inspired to strengthen my relationship with my god and encouraged to walk closer to him and listen to him! I had no idea about Jon's job loss and his struggle to find a job.. Me and My husband have been thru this .. now he is in school and about to graduate and I was encouraged that yes you can make it!! I related to her in more ways than I would have ever thought My saying since the day my husband lost his job (after the shock wore off)was "God is sailing my ship he is in control" and I was even more inspired as My husband Gradation nears .. and we pray he is able to find a job.. To let god stay in control. Amazing story of Faith, Hope and dedication! Great book well written! Cant wait till the next one comes out!!...more info
  • Inspirational story of an amazing family
    What an inspirational story the Gosselins have to tell. As a Christian I am pleased to hear how they leaned on God to support them through this whole adventure. I have twins plus one singleton myself and find this family to be truly amazing. They have remained steadfast in their faith and beliefs through trying times and triumphant ones. I was already a fan from watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC, but this book gives a deeper look into their lives. Even though I am busy as a mother of 3, I read the entire book in less than 24 hours. I simply could not put it down! Friends who have read it have said the same thing. I would recommend this to anyone!...more info
  • a pretty good read
    this was pretty good, but i felt it was a little short. maybe more details would have been better, but in all it was still good....more info
  • Loved It!
    I absolutely loved this book. It had so much more info in it than has been on the show. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Awful_Sickening
    These parents are nothing but pimps. They sell their chilren lives for monetary gain. You all should be ashamed to buy anything these two ripoffs sell....more info
  • Multiple Blessings
    This book was sooo good I read it in record time and want to read it again! Kate PLEASE write a continuation from that book! Loved it and would love to meet her!...more info
  • Multiple Blessings
    I enjoyed this book and have had 2 other people ask if they can read it next. It really explains their life and their decisions. If you enjoy their tv show you will enjoy this book....more info
  • Multiple Blessings
    Great book! You truly get into the minds and hearts of this couple and learn more about them than the show can ever tell. Inspiring!...more info
  • Multiple Blessings
    Many insights into having more than one baby at a time. Not a walk in the park. Good read, with some, but not enough, photo's in the book. I rate this a 7 out of 10....more info
  • Great!!!!!
    Loved the book like I love the show. Kate, you amaze me! I'm a single (div) parent of 2 & I have a hard time. This book was touching, sweet & sensitive. It moved like she talks. It was a very quick read. I would recommend this to any fans of the show....more info
  • Great for all fans and more!
    Great book! Talked a lot about the early days. Fast to read, could not put it down. Can't wait for the next Kate book....more info
  • Great Faith!
    I loved this book... I finished it in just hours and it left me wanting more. I would love for her to write another book and give a viewpoint from where it left off. Her great Faith is such an inspiration through out the book. It also helps me understand her personality a bit better on the show. Great read! ...more info
  • Not impressed and rather disappointed
    I read this book in hopes of discovering the people shown on tv were creatively edited to appear arrogant, unhappy and ungrateful. The book confirmed it isn't editing. I will not speak one word about the children or whether it is good to print the book or have the show, but I am sorry, are they ever truly grateful for anything? I cannot imagine complaining about people who gave willingly of their time and effort to help them when the babies were first born! In the book, Kate is very clear she didn't appreciate having all those people there (funny how they now have a tv show and their house is filled with crew!) She manages to complain every free trip they are given and every opportunity they experience. The book made it very clear that they are ungrateful for all given to them. The book had nothing new in it. I just think it is time for them to move on and outta the spotlight. ...more info
  • Living off of their children
    This book, based on the popular TLC show, is a sham. I got this from the library but couldn't even finish it because of how much it disgusts me that these parents neither one have "jobs" and choose to live off of their children. Some day these children will resent their parents for not protecting them from being embarassed on national television....more info
  • Loved it!
    I do watch Jon and Kate plus 8 so was very interested to read the book. I wasn't expecting such a well wrote book. I read it in two days and as I turned the past page and closed the book I said...Well done Jon and Kate. She really gave an insight into what she went through. Their hard times and good times made me respect them alittle more. ...more info
  • Full of faith and honesty
    I have great respect for Jon & Kate for being so honest in their downfalls and for sharing their hardships, trials and triumphs. I love the verses in each chapter. No matter what others may say, this family has survived through faith and love!...more info
  • Waste of money!
    If anything, reading this book has completely turned me off of the show. I always though Kate had issues, but the book highlighted the fact that she is so ungrateful for all the help she has received as well as she is one of the most critical, judgemental people I have ever seen. I felt so bad for the volunteers who were subjected to her tantrums. Also, I am starting to have a negative opinion for TLC as well since they are helping to glamorize the lives of multiples without honestly reporting on world over population and what a drain on the worlds resources a family of this size is. It is plain irresponsible. The show is now one big advertisement and I am sorry I ever bought this book....more info
  • An insight to their lives
    This was a great book. It told so much more about them, things you dont see on their show. I have so much respect for this family and what they have gone through....more info
  • Blessing Blessing
    This is a great testimony beyond the television show. It looks into a lot of personal insights that can't be captured on the small screen. God has truly blessed the Goslin's. ...more info
  • As fun as the show
    I love watching Jon and Kate + 8 on TV. I was really interested in this book because it deals so much with the background that occurred before the show. It really showcases how special they are and how they try every day to live up to their beliefs. I admire them so much for staying half sane and raising their children together. I could not have done as well. ...more info
  • Great Book
    This is such a great book. I couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed reading about their life before the babies, during Kate's pregnancy and after. I love the show and after reading this book, I have greater respect for Jon and Kate and how they have dealt with such a big family. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone....more info
  • Well-written and inspirational
    Multiple Bles8ings is the story of the Jon and Kate Gosselin family, as featured on the TLC show Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht, Seasons 1 - 2. The book recounts the family's experiences beginning when Jon and Kate met and concluding when the sextuplets are toddlers and they are moving into their second home.

    This book is very well-written. I found it so interesting and actually very inspiring to me as a mother (although I only have one!) and as a Christian. Kate talks about her faith in God a LOT in this book. I really enjoyed and appreciated hearing her testimony.

    I am a fan of their show, and this book really complements the show. It tells a lot of background information about the family, but more importantly it is a much more personal view of Kate and all she has gone through and all she has learned. I have read some negative reviews saying that Kate just complained throughout this book - which I completely disagree with. I think that she told her story very honestly - and yes, I am sure it was very hard and anyone would have had the right to complain - but she always describes how she came to terms with things, how God always helped and blessed her and her family, and what she has learned from her experiences as the mother of 8 very young children. I loved her thoughts about motherhood, and how she learned and decided that she would never let anything come before her children.

    This is a very well-written book about an inspiring family. I absolutely enjoyed reading it and would highly recommend it....more info
  • Amazing
    I absolutely loved reading this book. I've been hooked on Jon and Kate Plus 8 for awhile now and reading this book really gave me insight into all that they went through to get where they are today. It's a very inspirational story that makes you realize that God really does work in mysterious ways, and that the Gosselins are an amazing family....more info
  • Love Jon & Kate Plus 8!
    My children and I love the show so much, I thought it would be interesting to read how it all came about. I have not been disappointed. I'm almost finished with the book and plan to buy her second book. It's such fun watching the children grow and change. My eight year old son and I just love watching it together. Great for family!...more info
  • An interesting look into a modern day large family
    The wonders of modern science. "Multiple Bles8ings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets" is the story of Jon & Kate Gosselin, stars of TLC's "Jon and Kate plus 8". Chronicling their story through their rough time conceiving, to what they call a miracle and work of God when they gave birth to eight children in the span of three years, a set of twins then sextuplets. Covering the first two and most hectic years of their lives of parents of eight, "Multiple Bles8ings" is an interesting look into a modern day large family.
    ...more info
  • A Warm and Hopeful read
    I watch the show all the time, so of course I had to get the book. It lets you know the real feelings and the goodness of people. Although they were not looking for help, the goodness of people was there.
    Just goes to show, Americans are good people to good people. I will also buy Kates nexts book, I feel I know the family and love them like my owne.
    Good Luck to the Gosselin's
    Cheryl...more info
  • Multiple Blessings Surviving to Thriving
    Excellent book. I enjoy the show. THis fills in the gaps. What a wonderful tribute to her family and all the people who have helped in times of need. I look forward to the next book....more info
  • Superb!
    I love the show.. I think the kids are awesome...The book reads very quickly, and if you watch the show, you can hear Kate kinda reading the book to you. It is amazing all that they went through and the love they have for each other no matter what stress they went through to get to where they are today!...more info
  • Gift for my daughter - she loved it
    I bought this for my daughter who has 2 little ones and loves the Jon & Kate TV show. She loved the book.
    ...more info
  • A nice Authentic read.
    I thought the book was very down to earth and portrayed Kate OCD ways and john mellow laid back ways well. I thought they were very sensere in their desires to have more kids and I also thought if any parents could do the job, it would be them.

    To those who rudely comment about them pimping out and exploiting the kids, you need to grow up and get a life. We have a name for people like you with the sad unhappy lives you have and that is TROLLS.

    ...more info
  • Little new information; Poorly written
    I have been a fan of the show in the past, and do continue to watch. This book has very little new information (for viewers, and who else would want it?). I know that some feel Beth Carson wrote the book, but it definitely reads like Kate all the way! The book is poorly written, repetitive, and has grammatical errors. The Scripture seems 'forced', as if they were placed in th text simply to appease the Christian publisher. All-in-all, I would not waste my money on this book. ...more info
  • Great faith
    I really enjoyed reading this book, I LOVE the show & had to read this. I was so impressed with the great faith they have & positve attitudes. I think Kate was really opening her heart & being so honest with everything that went on & her true feelings. They are a very appreciative family & so giving to others. ...more info


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