Boundaries Workbook: When to Say Yes When to Say No To Take Control of Your Life

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Based on the best-selling, award-winning book by Drs. Cloud and Townsend, this is a psychological survival manual that will give you biblically based answers to questions you have about setting and maintaining boundaries.

Customer Reviews:

  • Retain more information
    The workbook helps by making you think about what you have just read. You retain more of the valuable information. The questions and comments are great. ...more info
  • Boundries Workbook Review
    This workbook has a specific use and is not for general reading. It is a fine guide for a group discussing Boundries or segments of the book. I do not recommend this for the average reader who just wants to read the book, Boundries....more info
  • more info please
    I received an miniature version of this book. Was not aware that that was what it was. I emailed them, and never heard back. I then looked up the order and it does say that. My bad...more info
  • Boundries Wookbook
    Perfect condition and arrived ahead of schedule. Thank you!! Will do business again!...more info
  • Has nothing to do with real psychology
    I am a psychologist, and am writing this review as a good-natured warning to consumers to be informed. Certain authors pretend to be spokespersons for psychology who are actually anything but, and who (in this case) seem to actually know very little about the study of psychology. Boundaries, a bestseller, has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever at all with sound clinical practice. It is nothing but Christian evangelism and apologetics. It references no studies, and has no research or evidence to back its claims. It is simply a book that tries to use the Bible and a narrow interpretation of Christianity to advance a certain religious viewpoint. It is silly fluff that might make someone of faith feel warm and fuzzy for awhile, but is not likely to instigate any important behavioral change or substantive and meaningful improvement. If this is what you are looking for, then more power to you. But beware, if you are actually looking for what REAL psychology (the science of clinical psychology) has to say about the importance of setting boundaries in your personal, familial, and professional life, as well as evidence-based suggestions on how best to do it, then it would be best to avoid this touchy-feely, religious propaganda. All you'll find here is nebulous vacuity, such as when the authors tell us that God respects our boundaries by not doing our work for us. Such passages least allowed me to enjoy this book as unintentional high comedy. This book is irresponsible nonsense all around....more info
  • Knowing healthy boundries-Excellent
    This is an excellent book for anyone needing to know how and when to say no. How to implement healthy boundaries in your life based on Biblical principles. Awesome!...more info
  • Self-help
    great book...with change your life, how you view yourself and others, very practical psychology with Scriptual support...more info
  • You need the original book
    What is not clear when you buy this is that you need the original book, not the "new and revised" Participants' Guide. This workbook refers extensively to portions of the original book and loses a lot without having the original. It does not relate to the participants guide. The substance is good and helpful....more info
  • Workbook Helps
    I have read the book Boundaries before, but this time, I read it while doing the workbook. I must say, the workbook adds great value to the whole concept and I highly recommend it for people who are struggling with boundaries in any area of their lives....more info
  • Excellent workbook to accompany the book
    We're using the book and workbook in a Single's group at a local church - we're finding the exercises very helpful and the way the benefits of setting boundaries without guilt are explained is extremely helpful to us....more info
  • just what I needed
    I am the one the family who is always helping everyone and I do like to help out. But sometimes I needed to say no. I would feel guilty if they did not accept my answer and so I would go ahead and help when it was a hardship. The times I wasn't able to help I'd feel guilty. This book showed how it is okay and is sometimes the right thing to do to not do things when you are not able to or feel you shouldn't. It sounds so simple but the book helps you to understand you need to help yourself also in doing that everyone ends up better off....more info
  • very thorough
    connects well to the book with easy references; lots of thought provoking questions; step by step approach very useful; useful for a wide range of problems...more info
  • Boundaries workbook review
    Follows the latest edition of the book adequately and provokes some good discussion; however the related DVD is not as effective as I would have liked....more info
  • there is freedom in setting boundaries!
    This is a great book. I encourage anyone who has issues with setting boundaries for themselves or if you find yourself butting heads with other people more often than not, to read this book!
    It gets a little redundant towards the end of the book but the message is powerful and the authors quote scripture to support the position that it's ok to say no and take of yourself (physical, mental, emotional,spiritual). We are responsible for our own lives and should be encouraged to not let any person or situation overwhelm us to the point where we feel enslaved to what we think God wants us to do.I also like there is no blaming other people for ones unhapiness. We are essentially in control of our own lives and who we allow to be a part of it. I especially like the chapter where they talk about "family of origin" as it relates to and is distringuished from our spiritual family.

    This is an excellent book with a Christian perspective on how one can successfuly achieve and maintain a healthy and happy life. The title does not reveal that this is a biblical text but anyone who is familiar with Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend knows that God is the source of all their work.
    Read, learn, apply and be blessed. ...more info
  • As a supplement to the class: Boundaries
    I taught this class and required the Participants Guide, but recommended the Workbook. If I were to do this again, I would more strongly recommend the Workbook, as it goes much further into study and is much more helpful and rewarding. The very nature of this study - is on a schedule (it tries to keep its boundaries!), means that it often brushes over very complex and valuable information, whereas the Workbook really causes the reader to think about the information and digest it more completely. I would recommend this book, even without the class....more info