Pocket Style Manual: Updated With Mla's 1999 Guidelines

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The first of its kind, A Pocket Style Manual continues to help student writers get answers to their writing and research questions. Its concise and straightforward content is flexible enough to suit the needs of writers in the humanities, social sciences, sciences, health professions, business courses, fine arts, teacher training courses, and beyond. Its slim format, brief length, and spiral binding make it a portable and practical tool. With its signature Diana Hacker quick-reference features, A Pocket Style Manual has always provided quick solutions to writing problems. Supplemented by the best free and open Web resources, A Pocket Style Manual offers the best value for students.

In the Hacker tradition, the new contributing authors ¡ª Nancy Sommers, Tom Jehn, Jane Rosenzweig, and Marcy Carbajal Van Horn ¡ª have crafted solutions for the challenges today¡¯s college students face. Together they give us a new edition that provides more help with research writing and one that works better for a wider range of students.

Customer Reviews:

  • Generic and trite
    Way to costly (even used at $2) for the quality of information inside; you can go online to learn how to write bibliography in APA, etc style. What writers of these books forget is that there is more to APA, MLA, Chicago than the 20-30 pages devoted to each one. Most of the entire theoretical relaying of information in this formats are missed such as, in APA you will not ever write "I believe"...why do this books refuse to continue to resist providing crucial information like this? It makes the writer look like a fool when not adhering to style vernaculars....more info
  • Handy little guide
    Pretty nifty actually if a bit pricey for the size. Spiral bound, nicely presented, small enough to fit in a computer bag or purse. It has a section on clarity (tightening sentences, etc.), grammar, punctuation, and mechanics (capitalizing, abbreviating, etc.). There is also a big section on research paper styles, including MLA, APA, and Chicago. Nice layout, clear type, color coded page edges so you can find your section easier. (I've added some sample pictures I scanned of the pages.)

    The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because of the quality of the cover. Since it is spiral bound it is a bit flimsy. It would be nice if it had a heavier cover to give it some resistance to damage....more info
  • Great Tool for Your Writing
    I am excited to use the MLA tools in this pocket guide for writing my college papers. There is so much in this little book, and was worth ever cent of my purchase. There are lots of little things that students forget like noun/verb agreement, and possession. It is very helpful, and every student should have this!...more info
  • Excellent APA GUIDE.
    If you are in college working on a paper that requires you to utilize the APA style, this booklet is a life saver....more info
  • Quick resource
    This is a very good book for those that have limited time to master APA style. However, it still managed to be very comprehensive. A very good resource to have with you in graduate school....more info
  • A pocket style manual
    its an excently book to have handy. its very helpful for every class thats consists of writting....more info
  • Straightforward Guide; Expanded Fifth Edition
    A Pocket Style Manual covers five sections on writing: clarity, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and--the most important of all--citations. Straightforward and clear, this manual offers no frills, just the basics to writing research papers.

    The new fifth edition teaches how to cite new sources (podcasts, Wikipedia, blogs, MP3s, etc.) and even where to find citation information. It also includes more diverse research paper examples (including nursing and business) and offers more help to ESL students.

    Personally, I used A Pocket Style Manual just for its sections on citations. It covers MLA, APA, and Chicago style. Many of my college courses would demand different styles for research papers, and having this slim, accessible book made it much easier to skip from style to style. I barely used the other sections, not because they were faulty, but because there are more engaging resources out there.

    Overall, it's a solid resource to have if you're a college student. Diane Hacker also has a useful Web site (http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/pocket5e/) that contains much of the same information as her pocket book. I have the print version, because it's useful to have on hand at anytime, and I hate reading books online. Get the cheaper fourth edition (A Pocket Style Manual), if you think the fifth (see second paragraph) doesn't add anything you need.
    ...more info
  • Pocket Size Portfolio
    The pocket size portfolio I received was in great condition and came in a timely manner....more info
  • The best book for college
    This is by far the best book i have ever bought. I had classes and it was never required so i never bought it. Then one day i used my roommates and was so happy with it that i bought it. THe best investment for all classes . ...more info
  • Very handy and worth every penny!
    The Pocket Style Manual is the best compiled notes ever for any English class from junior high to college. I use it everytime I have a paper to do and has all the examples in most major formats and outlines. The PSM will cover Clarity, Grammer, Punctuation, Mechanics, Research, MLA papers, APA papers, Chicago papers, Glossaries (of usage and of grammatical terms), A list of style manuals and index. The PSM also includes Menu of charts and lists, menu of student papers, checklist for global revision, and Revision symbols.

  • very useful in content and portability.
    this book is great because it's compact and has all the info you could ask for involving documentation,grammar,etc.worth the price!...more info
  • Really great, I'm buying my own copy!
    I am in highschool taking an AP english course and we write a lot of essays and do a lot of proofreading. This style manual is so well organized and makes checking everything listed on the cover so easy! I have read several style manuals before and this one is for sure the best one yet. My AP English teacher even told our class that she spent all summer looking for the best style manual out there and this is the one she chose. This style manual is so great that she gave our class a copy that we have to return at the end of the year... and i want my own copy. I do not know how I will survive at college without it!

    Just in case anyone is wondering whats inside... this is just a breif of the "breif contents" :
    Clarity, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, research, MLA papers, APA papers, Chicago Papers, and a Glossary (Glossary of usage- ie. who or whom, that or which, etc....... and Glossary of grammatical terms)

    I HIGHLY Recommend this amazing book to anyone!!!...more info


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