Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works

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We've all been there-angry with ourselves for overeating, for our lack of willpower, for failing at yet another diet that was supposed to be the last one. But the problem is not you, it's that dieting, with its emphasis on rules and regulations, has stopped you from listening to your body.

Written by two prominent nutritionists, Intuitive Eating focuses on nurturing your body rather than starving it, encourages natural weight loss, and helps you find the weight you were meant to be.

*How to reject diet mentality forever
*How our three Eating Personalities define our eating difficulties
*How to feel your feelings without using food
*How to honor hunger and feel fullness
*How to follow the ten principles of Intuitive Eating, step-by-step
*How to achieve a new and safe relationship with food and, ultimately, your body

With much more compassionate, thoughtful advice on satisfying, healthy living, this newly revised edition also includes a chapter on how the Intuitive Eating philosophy can be a safe and effective model on the path to recovery from an eating disorder.

Customer Reviews:

  • Refreshing outlook
    This book is the best written testament for yo yo dieters. If only I had it available to me when I was in my twenties, maybe I wouldn't be dealing with the health problems I live with today. It teaches you how to deal with food whether your an over eater or a person with an eating disorder. Food is not our enemy! It's a refreshing outlook for people with any issues with food. It is NOT another diet book!! ...more info
  • This book might help you
    This book might help you to eat intuitively, however, it does little to overcome over-eating. It does little to deal with the true cause of overeating--the pleasures you get from it. trust me when i say that if you eat compulsively, this book won't help much. all this book does is tell you to never diet, which is a good start but it won't solve nearly all of your problems with food. You still have to resolve why you eat & over-eat.
    ...more info
  • Worth Reading
    What I enjoyed about this book the most was that I walked away after reading it feeling positive about myself. So many diet books only reinforced the guilt feeling that seems to lead to more overeating or starving behaviors. The authors really focus on finding and defining your personal boundaries with food and gaining back trust in yourself. Following the steps takes food right off its pedestal and places it where it belongs. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles with eating issues. ...more info
  • An Interesting Perspective on Issues with Eating
    This book was recommended to me by a nutritionist. Since I liked her approach to nutrition counseling, I ordered and read the book. I could relate to it in many ways, and read it quickly, yet thoroughly. Although some of the analogies were too focused on classic eating disorders such as anorexia and bulemia, for me to relate to as an overeater, overall, I still rate the book highly. In fact, so much so, that I have become a patient of one of the authors....more info
  • Great program
    Great Book. This is the first book of its kind that tells us not what to eat or how much to eat like others really know our bodies more than we do, but tells us HOW to eat. And that is the key to weight managment.
    A must for everyone whether they are trying to loose wt or not....more info
  • Intuitive Eating
    This is just another diet book that doesn't call itself that!!
    That seems to be the trend these days."Let's call it a change in life style. They won't know the difference"...more info
  • move on!
    Not a good book at all. The excerpts that the author allows you to read online are great but that is as far as it goes. I would look at buying a book by Kay Sheppard, but not this book. No way no how!...more info
  • Great book!
    I found this book to be very helpful in letting go of the guilt associated with eating & re-training my body to eat when I am only really & truly biologically hungry. Easy to understand & completely logical, I would recommend this book to anyone who struggles with diets....more info
  • Terrible book wish I never bought it
    A lot of talk about intuitive eating but not much discussion on "how". I stuck it in the donation bin....more info
  • Have your cake, and eat it, too!
    This is a great book for those who are sick of dieting and ready to "make peace with food," which, by the way, is the third principle of the book. It teaches you how to end the deprivation-overeating cycle so that you can maintain a natural and healthy weight while still enjoying foods that you love.

    This is for real; the authors of the book (both registered dieticians) want you to eat, but be aware this is not a "get-slim-quick" plan. The authors want to teach you how to normalize your relationship with food, so you don't have to diet, and you need to be ready to give up dieting and put aside initial weight loss goals to acheive this. Intuitive Eating is a personal process not a plan, and weight loss is not its primary aim, just a delightful side effect.

    As for my personal testimonial, I have been working with Intuitive Eating for a little less than a year, and the principles in the book are finally beginning to gel for me. The result is a net loss of 8 lbs ( I was only about 10-15 lbs overweight to begin with), but, more importantly, I feel great about myself and my body. I am healthy and happy and look forward to continuing my intuitive eating journey. ...more info
  • Helpful Healing for Eating Issues
    I am in process of working this method but I have to say that these ladies definitely have the idea here on how to heal eating issues that one has! They definitely break it down for the reader and give ideas of the different stages one will go through while healing. I bought this book because Katherine McPhee (American Idol-last season) mentioned that this book make such a difference for her in her healing while at an eating disorders clinic. I, too, am a performer, and need to heal from within. Diets do NOT work--at least not forever! This book is definitely worth the read and the program contained within worth working!...more info
  • to an extent, it's ok
    although this book might help you to eat intuitively, it does little to overcome overeating. it does little to deal with the true cause of overeating- the pleasure you get from it. trust me when i say that if you eat compulsively, this book won't help much. all this book does is tell you to never diet, which is a good start ( that's why i gave it 3 stars and not 1) but it won't solve nearly all of your problems with food. You still have to resolve WHY you eat & overeat.

    all in all, this book is just to break you away from dieting, it's not to solve your overeating problem, nor will it tap into your unconscious.

    If you get pleasure from food, then you need to find out why you're using for constant pleasure. ( you stuff yourself senseless because unless food is extremely good, it does little pleasure, so you keep eating to get the fill ) ...more info
  • Good but skims over the #1 reason for eating "problems"
    I read this book over and over. I know it works but I could not get my behavior in sync with natural eating. Until I sought professional help. Mild-heavy depression, bi-polar, and other conditions that cause a serious drop in seratonin to the brain among other complications may in fact be the cause of your overeating more than you estimated. I feel like if I would have just sought help from a professional earlier I could have avoided a lot of pain mentally emotionally-all over. As I adjusted to meds I felt the cloud that proceeds binge eating disappear. As good as this book is, it kept me from seeking help. The authors mention in one sentence that some of their clients have gone on to seek psychiatric help. I think this needs more attention than one sentence. When your body's chemistry is off it is hard to explain to others how and why you cannot change. Good luck sisters....more info
  • Non-dieters are finding success with this book!
    I run a free Yahoo! message board for non-dieters. They come to the board having read a variety of books. Increasingly, new members are reporting success after reading Intuitive Eating, which they fondly abbreviate, "IE." ...more info
  • Changing My Life
    This is the first book I read on intuitive eating. It really made a lot of sense to me. I researched intuitive eating online, looking at the relevent studies. There's not much research, yet, but the research does support intuitive eating. Just knowing that diets fail 95% of the time, on average, tells the story right there.

    I jumped right into this eating approach with both feet about a month ago. When I started this diet I was a restrictive eater/binge eater. I was about 10-15 pounds overweight. I weighed myself one to four times a day. I never kept any food in the house that might truly make me want to eat a lof of it. Then, when I was out and had access to food that I craved, I would binge heartily. I'm extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, and only allowed myself to keep whole grains, no trans-fats, etc. in the house.

    I really thought that I had a very healthy approach toward food. Then, I started intuitive eating a month ago. At first, it was stadium franks, hot dogs, chocolate, cream horns, turnovers, and a lot of them. I weighed myself recently, and found that I had only gained 3 pounds after eating this way to my heart's content. I stopped when I felt satisfied, and only ate when I felt hungry.

    Just recently, do I feel the need for sugar/fat tapering. I'm starting to crave strawberries and cooked cabbage. I'm down to 2 cream horns a day, instead of 5. I don't even care to eat most of the other sugary food I keep around. I have to throw it out. My pants are starting to feel like they're loosening back up slowly.

    I can't believe it. I'm 33. I've obsessed about my eating, dieted and binged (sometimes on a daily basis) for the past 18 years, only to weigh more than ever.

    Now, to be surrounded by the food I always craved and binged on, and to not even want it is amazing!!!!

    I can't support this concept enough.

    Trust you body!!!! It knows what it's doing!...more info
  • What a GREAT book!
    This book addresses all types of issues related to eating. I recommend this book for people who have eating disorders of all kinds, from anorexia to bulimia, to overeating and beyond. Talk about a new-found freedom with food!...more info
    This book hits home for anyone that has dieted,
    or even if they know someone who has struggled with
    dieting. It doesn't preach, it just helps teach you
    how to eat normally. My favorite lesson in the book:
    I would be happy at the weight that I was at when I started
    my first diet. Somehow all the dieting has just added
    pounds when I could have just maintained that weight
    to begin with!...more info
  • Exactly what I needed...
    This book is amazing. It makes so much sense you almost feel stupid after reading it. I had been struggeling with problems of undereating and binging as well as having strict rules about calorie intake and what was okay to eat. I have not binge ate once since following the guidelines in thia book and it feels great! I am no longer counting calories or eating only "healthy" bland foods. I eat what I want when I am hungry and I feel great. I highly recommend this to anyone who has had problems with dieting and/or binging and also to anyone who just wants to eat and feel better!...more info
  • Diet? Never again. Halelujah!
    I loved reading this book. After a lifetime of dieting, and gaining it all again, thirty years of trying every diet around, finally relief. Eat what you want and enjoy it. All the good things I have been denying myself are now back on the menu. Nice crusty fresh bread and salad with DRESSING, a glass of wine, a POTATO! Two potatoes. Maybe three. Don't worry. My body is supposed to regulate itself and gradually I will become a slim person, at my natural, ideal weight. I just have to forget about dieting. Just who am I kidding? After three weeks on this wonderful regime I am six pounds heavier. I think I better look for a new diet book. There is enough of them around....more info
  • Helps with Emotional Eating
    A great help for those that wonder why they can't lose weight.

    We have had so many different fads, and plans telling us when and how to eat, it is refreshing to read something that addresses the emotional issues associated with eating....more info
  • One of the best books - You will actually learn how to lose Weight
    I lose more than 200 lbs, but it wouldn't be fair to say that it was completely thanks to this book, since I recently bought it and have just finished reading it, but base on my own experience I believe this book is a great inspirational tool to help anyone keep the weight off, and if you want to, or are just starting to lose weight it will give you tools to go all the way and will also keep you motivated in order to lose more weight in a healthy and smart fashion.

    This book is not about diet but about common sense and good nutritional habits, its about learning to understand your body in order to eat smart, and by smart I don't mean starve yourself or being hungry, I mean by smart eating: eat when you are hungry, eat only exactly what you need, and of course eat the right food.

    I have read a lot of books on weight loss, and this may be one of best book on this subject. You will learn in this book how to honor your hunger, know your body language and feel your fullness, cope with emotions, and honor your health

    What worked for me? You eat more frequently, you eat consciously, and you exercise. It works !!! This plan keeps your metabolism at maximum speed all day long. I eat more (but I choose better) than I ever ate before, and I have been able to keep in good shape. "Intuitive eating" will help you in this field by letting you understand your body language in order to establish new nutritional habits.

    This actually works, and I have been able to keep the weight off for more than six years now.

    In short terms, based on my experience I can recommend this book, and its also a great reading as well.

    Another tools you may want to consider, to complement this book and your strategies for boosting your metabolism, loosing weight, and even more important keeping that weight off are:

    - A Body Fat Monitor or Scale. This will help you monitor your progress, to assure that the weight you are loosing is fat (fat lost = increased metabolism) and not muscle, water or bone mass (decreased metabolism).
    - "Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss", which is another very practical, readable and insightful book, focused on how to boost your metabolism.
    - "The Abs Diet: The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life". Don't be fouled by its title, it is not a diet, but an effective and inspirational read with a lot of sense.
    - A Heart Rate Monitor Wrist Watch. This is an excellent tool that will help you monitor and control your Heart Rate in order to keep yourself in a burning fat state (increased metabolism).
    - "The Hard Body Plan". Excellent strategies, programs and workouts, aimed to help you increase your muscle mass.

    If you are focused only on your nutrition, the first three may be worth considering. If you exercise, or want to start doing it right, the last two are for you. If you do both, all the five options can improve your results. And "Intuitive eating" will provide a great beginning for your journey.

    These worked out for me, and I believe it can also work for you, just keep in mind that there aren't easy solutions out there (if they are easy, they won't last, so they are not real solutions), weight lose requires commitment, discipline and a change in your habits. Again, "Intuitive eating" will help you in this field by letting you understand your body language in order to establish new nutritional habits....more info
  • Comment for Readers
    I haven't bought this book, so ignore how many stars I gave it. I was thinking of buying it, however after reading all of the reviews - both good and bad, I realized one important item. Most of the positive reviews do NOT indicate that the person lost any weight. They just say they feel better about their relationship with food, that they don't feel so guilty, etc. Basically - they have been given permission to eat somewhat unhealthy by this book and therefore feel better because of it. I don't necessarily agree with that. It's important to eat healthy, but if a person really wants a donut -they should go ahead and have that donut, then stop. Don't eat 2 or 3 donuts and don't do it everyday. You don't need a book to give you permission to do that. Every person who has a diet gimmick or exercise gimmick has that gimmick to make money - bottom line. ...more info
  • It's the last diet you'll ever need.
    Evelyn Tribole is an award-winning registered dietitian with a nutrition counseling practice in Irvine, California, through which she often helps women struggling with eating disorders. Tribole has written six books:
    -Healthy Homestyle Cooking
    -Stealth Health
    -Eating on the Run
    -More Healthy Homestyle Cooking
    -Healthy Homestyle Desserts
    -Intuitive Eating.
    Tribole believes that a healthy relationship with food is just as important as proper nutrition. This nutritionist proudly divulges that one of her favorite foods is chocolate. In Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works Tribole stress' that because diets are about rules and regulations people tend to stop listening to their bodies. The book focuses on nurturing your body, encouraging natural weight loss and finding the weight you were meant to be.
    The chapters cover:
    Eating personalities, how to reject the diet mentality, honor your hunger, cope with emotions without using food and respect your body. There are step-by-step guidelines, a frequently-asked question and answer section, as well as references and an index. All which will help guide you to your ultimate weight loss goals. No other book offers the amount of positive information as Evelyn Tribole's Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That Works! ...more info
  • Morbidly Obese Binge Eater stops binging by eating forbidden foods
    Are you looking for the answer? This is it.

    I would have never believed it, but this book is changing my life. I weigh 400 lbs and have been on every diet imaginable, spent over 10 years in OA and I have also been to 4 eating disorder units for binge eating disorder. My binge eating has only ever gotten worse in the long run.

    Every program i've tried works temporarily until i return to my old eating habits (binging on junk food voraciously and insatiably because of an inexplicable compulsion and drive).

    Who would have thought that all i needed to do was GIVE UP DIETING, start feeding myself all of my favorite forbidden fattening treats as meals....and I'd STOP binging??????

    When you realize you're to the point where you can never go on another diet and feel deprived again, you don't have to. Order this book and learn to just eat what you want.

    Now I eat forbidden and fattening foods at meal times and I can't quite believe i'm able to stop when my hunger turns off. I'm so aware of my hunger/satiety levels now and learning how to please myself by eating what feels and tastes good. I was scared of hunger before. Now it's my friend!

    It always amazes me how much BETTER food tastes when i'm hungry.

    Still quite a newbie, I often leave a meal with a slight distrust, like i did 'bad' and ate something soooo fattening that i'll NEVER be hungry again and that i'll gain weight by eating such fattening foods.

    Am i shocked when, after that hearty meal, hunger appears again in 4-5 hours, on a somewhat regular and predictable schedule, even after eating super fattening foods. I wake up in the morning hungry and am so thrilled i am now allowed to finally eat what i want!

    Yippee, as soon as i get hungry, i am free to enjoy eating as much as I need and want. Now my tummy tells me when enough is enough. I never had a sense of when to stop because i didn't know how to listen.

    When you hear what i eat in a day, you'd think i would gain weight by allowing myself to eat icecream before bed and eat fried pierogies and put mayo on my wraps, and drink chocolate milk and cream and sugar in my coffee and regular coke instead of diet coke. Nope!

    I used to eat DIET food all day and appear pious. The minute i would eat something forbidden, i would be sent into a tailspin that would send me binging voraciously. It was as if i opened the floodgates to 'pleasure' and they said, 'i want more!'

    Then i would hit every fast food joint on the way home from work and devour 5-6 combo meals. Did they taste good? Yeah, they did. Then i would continue to binge until i couldn't walk. DId it taste good? Yes.

    Then i was filled with such self-loathing and hatred that i would continue to binge or I'd start a diet. But the minute i'd eat or even THINK of something forbidden, i'd be uncontrollable again.

    Now I eat fried foods for lunch, sugary cakes for breakfast, fatty meats for wouldn't believe how good it all tastes...and I have no compulsion to binge! I'm even losing weight!

    How is that? How many calories is the average binge? 5,000? I'm eating so much LESS food because I'm not BINGING anymore. I'm a normal person.

    Plus, I'm enjoying what i'm eating, so i'm not feeling deprived and less satisfies me. The old drive to binge...has just...evaporated.

    My enjoyment of food has increased 100 fold and i've put away my need to stuff myself to feel good or to feel pleasure.

    Feeling pleasure is now waiting until i'm hungry and eating whatever i want: donuts, scones, pizza, hambergers. Oh, the taste is so sublime and heavily when i'm hungry for what i choose to eat!

    Yesterday i ate a slice of pizza for dinner and was so satiated. It was delicious and I didn't need or want a 2nd peice. I even went to the movies and didn't have that old drive to get popcorn.

    I'm receiving intense pleasure (more intense pleasure than binging) in meals now and don't have a need to eat forbidden treats outside of meals.

    This book is changing my life!

    Let's support each other and email each other.

    Michelle at and info
  • Dan't even escape the spammer's in reviews.
    In reading some of the negative reviews of this book, I noticed that none of them (I did not read ALL the negative reviews but refer only to the first 6 or 7 I came upon) actually said they tried this approach and that it did not work for them. Instead, they took issue philosophically with the ideas in the book. On the other hand, the people who say they tried this approach (like me) also said it worked for them and more important than losing weight they made peace with food. If you are a chronic dieter, as so many of us are, this is a life changing shift, and people like "Special K" who would dare to say, "Just eat healthier foods in smaller portions, it's not rocket science"* are obviously not familiar with the problems we suffer with. This book, and probably others that advocate the same ideas, will change your life if you apply it. I am so happy to have done so myself.
    ...more info
  • I recommend this book for all my clients.
    I have taught eating disorders clients to eat intuitively for over a decade and have had all of my clients (both inpatients and outpatients) read this book. The chapter "gentle nutrition" has been confusing for clients who are not fully out of their eating disorder or those with dichotomous(black and white) thinking. I also recommend "One Day at a Time Food Journal" which compliments Intuitive Eating and many clients find very helpful One Day at a Time- Food Journal and Hunger Fullness Monitor....more info
  • Excellent resource for regaining a healthy relationship with food
    I picked up this book after it came recommended to me by not one, but several friends. I had managed to lose a good deal of weight dieting but my diet had quickly turned into an obsession. I found myself unable to derive pleasure from food and ridden with anxiety over every food decision. This book is designed to be a gentle approach to freeing yourself from chronic dieting and getting back to a healthy relationship with food. In fact, nutrition and exercise are among the last chapters in the book.

    The book starts by helping you evaluate what kind of eater you are and then moves through the stages of reclaiming your ability to eat intuitively. It includes strategies to help you get there and exercises to help you assess what is a healthy weight for you. It includes stories of people who have been through the process as well as special considerations for people who come to this book after dealing with an eating disorder.

    It is a great book and has really helped me work through some of my struggles with my diet and weight. The one thing I will worth noting is that what the authors talk about in the book is really a process and you need to be prepared to take things in your own time. As laid out in the book it's a five stage process and you may find that some steps are easy for you to reach, while others take working at. I think this book is most beneficial when you give each step the time you need. The first time I read this book it was not so effective for me because I breezed through it as I would a novel and didn't put my whole heart into heeding the steps. I revisited it a second time becoming committed staying on each step as long as I needed to and really committing myself to it and then found that it was very affective in not only maintaining my weight, but getting back to a more balanced approach to food.

    I have recommended this to many friends and will likely continue to do so in the future....more info
  • I lost weight after reading this
    I've read several comments that said that no one who reviewed this book mentioned that they had actually lost weight, and that therefore, this book is just giving overweight people permission to eat badly. So let me just clear that up right now. I read this book (an earlier edition) in 2000, and lost 40 pounds in the next 2 years. In the 4 years after that, I lost an additional 25. And...I've kept it off.

    This book does give readers permission to eat what they want, but not to eat AS MUCH as they want. It teaches you to pay attention to your body, to your hunger and fullness signals, and to how certain foods make you feel. And once you've got that down, then it goes into nutrition.

    My biggest problem was eating food just because it was there--and adding to that, the habit of ordering the largest size at restaurants. Once I learned to pay attention to what I was eating, and experimenting with smaller servings, the weight just dropped off. It may not work for everyone, but here is one woman who it did work for.

    Let's face it, in this day and age it IS virtually impossible to eat 100% intuitively--we all have times when we eat for reasons other than hunger--many of us have jobs where we have set meal times, we are guests at other people's houses, etc. But even if you are able to learn to eat intuitively 50% of the time, it is an improvement.

    So it goes without saying that I highly recommend this book. It's not conventional diet wisdom, but if that was what worked, we wouldn't have a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry, would we?...more info
  • The Best Directive Yet!
    I have read a number of referrals in magazines lately to an intuitive type of eating so I ordered this book. I have tried a number of dieting books and programs in the past but never successfully.
    I read a little everyday and try to put into practice what I'm learning. This is a whole new refreshing approach in learning how to eat and how to truly enjoy eating. I am in no hurry to lose a set amount of weight in a certain amount of time; I want to learn how to eat by listening to my body and forget about ever dieting again. So far this book is everything I've been hoping for....more info
  • the best way of life
    This book is quickly becoming my "bible." Over the years, I went from a person without a weight problem to an obese person who often ate unconsciously, on autopilot, for emotional reasons, you name it. I've been on several diets as well, losing all the weight I wanted, only to regain all or most of it. Then I learned that the only thing diets ever really did for me was make me obsess about food.
    I am already putting the principles into practice and feel empowered for the first time in a long time. It may be a long process for me to learn to eat in response to hunger, without judgment of myself, without silly, illogical rules, and most of all, with acceptance and peace with food and eating.
    I recommend this book highly....more info
  • Changed my life.
    I have gone through ever diet you could ever possibly image. Although some of them did work for a while, I could never really stay on them. After reading this book, I will never diet again. I now realize that eating when your hungry, and not eating when your not hungry is the ultimate way to train your body. I don't worry every time I get hungry now, I sit and think about what I would like to eat and then eat it. I haven't lost a significant amount of weight, but I have lost some and will continue to lose until I am at the natural weight I am supposed to be at. I feel great and enjoy being able to eat out with my friends and having the willpower to set the fork down when I am full. I suggest this book to everyone. ...more info
  • A very good book
    In the past, I never really cared about my diet. I ate what I want, and when I wanted. I never really gained or lost a lot of weight, but suddenly one day, I decided to get a gym membership to begin getting back in shape. I did well. I paid attention to my diet, and my exercise. Never before in my life had I been able to swim a mile, or run a mile for that matter. I felt better than ever. I lost quite a lot of weight, bought new sets of clothes, and life was good, or so I thought.

    Little did I know, my world suddenly came down. I was hit with a major eating disorder. I was never into any particular diet. My rule was simple: eat natural food that you can think of in the wild, and any processed food is bad for you. I thought this concept was a very healthy concept. I wrote down all my calories per day in a journal, and at any point and time I had a craving, I would suppress it by exercise, drinking water, or punishing myself by eating fruits or veggies instead. However, about 7 months of this, I suddenly came into constant concern with food. One day, I spent nearly 1 and a half hour at a super market picking things up, reading the calories and fat contents, putting it back, picking it up wishing I could eat it, then not being able to eat it. Never before in my life, I had weird cravings: I wanted fried food (I never really liked fried food even before I started a diet), I wanted pop-tarts (again, I never really eaten pop-tarts before my diet), I wanted things like oeros, cupcakes, and many other things. I wondered to myself why did I want these things. I started to not enjoy myself with things I loved to do, exercise became a chore and I wasn't enjoying it because I figured I wasn't burning enough calories, and I started to go on binges. I would eat a whole box of "bad" things, and when I blew it, I figured, "Oh well, might as well eat everything else I can't eat, and tomorrow, I will restart." This started happening for about 3-4 weeks, when I started researching it deeply. I thought at first it was a major depression, so I read over depressions. I thought it was an eating disorder, and I read it over and I had some of the symptoms, but it didn't quite feel like a major eating disorder yet, as it's been only several weeks. Then, I asked around forums, and other places, when I realized it was because of my diet. I was too preoccupied with my diet, and therefore, it was my enemy. This book was recommended to me by a forum member. The first things I did were throw out my calories counter book, and I started reading this book. After reading halfway through and thinking over the concepts, I felt better about myself. I went out and bought all my "bad" food, and to my amazement, I didn't eat the whole box. I just ate one or two, and I didn't think about it all day long. I started enjoying my exercises, and I didn't constantly worry about calories, or fat grams. I just ate a bit here and there, and enjoyed it.

    I'm still reading over the book, and I'm finding it superb. It seems like the book is mainly geared towards women (I'm a guy), but I think this book can help anyone. I say if you have a eating disorder, or if you've been dieting and now you want to maintain but you're constantly worried about food or cravings, or if you just dieted and failed over and over again, I recommend this book.

    Hopefully I can keep the weight off, and I'm wishing that my relationship with food can be restored. Just less than a week of following this book put my mind at ease.
    ...more info
  • Good book when supported with additional information
    I have seen so many books on dieting! Each month or so a new title pops up claiming to have the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to our nation's overeating problem. That's right folks, in most cases this is just that - OVEREATING. In most cases we do not need any diet; all we need is to stop overeating - the constant snaking, and chewing usually accompanied with drinking pops. How about drinking just clear mineral water instead? Just by making this simple adjustment many of us would shed a considerable amount of pounds. As the authors of Intuitive Eating rightly point out, there is no ultimate diet that fits everyone. Each one of us is unique, we grow up in different environments, we are all differently "wired" and we have different needs. The problem with Intuitive Eating is that most of the foods that we find in our grocery stores is not natural food any more; it often has so many added ingredients that cheat the wisdom of our bodies. Most of us can probably name one or two snack that we are just not able to stop eating. In my case it is potato chips. Whenever I start eating them, I cannot stop until I eat all of them. Why is that? - I don't know. According to Kevin Trudeau, the author of the book Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About, the food industry purposely adds some ingredients to "hook us up" with their products, to make us addicted to some foods. Whether this is true or not, it is very likely that our wise bodies will not intuitively know when to stop eating modified, unnatural foods. The way I deal with my problem is simple - I just don't buy any potato chips any more. It is only right to follow the well known advice that can be found in any GOON NUTRITION books (do not confuse that with dieting books):
    - eating in small portions, not overindulging
    - eating only fresh ingredients, drinking a lot of water
    - eating a lot of vegetables and fruits
    - eating slowly, well chewing each byte
    - eating all kind of foods, not following any fad diets
    - changing your diet according to the season
    - exercising
    The above well known truths can be found in many sources. In addition, in the book "Can We Live 150" you will find the following bad habits that lead people to obesity:
    - The habit of eating fast and not chewing the food well
    - Frequent snacking or constant chewing
    - Incorrect combining of food products
    - Lying down after meals
    - Sitting lifestyle
    - Eating while watching TV
    - Eating while irritated
    - Eating before bedtime or at night
    - Eating mostly refined and cooked food products.
    Intuitive eating is a good idea, but in the modified foods environment it needs to be supported by additional knowledge of proper food combination etc. Books by Tombak ("Can We Live 150", "Cure the Incurable") and some other authors will well fill the void.
    ...more info
  • A different approach
    The authors took a different approach to the issues of eating. The authors clearly state that their book may not work for everyone, especially those who have an established eating disorders and who may need professional assistance to solve their eating disorder issues. This doesn't mean you're weak.

    I read this book back in January after I picked it up while waltzing through a bookstore. The major take away I got from the book was how dissatified I was with what I ate and why I was eating it. I was substituting foods that were okay tasting or were okay as far as pleasure goes for ones I really wanted. Sometimes I just want some candy or french fries. This doesn't mean I eat it all the time. At first I did after reading the book. I don't know if I gained weight once I tried it or not.

    One night a couple of months after I had finished reading the book, I found myself eating my dinner and not wanting any more of it. I find that I am paying attention to when I'm full and I sometimes eat past that point by my choice. My weight is going down (I did step on the scale a month ago and almost freaked out that I would not be able to sleep through the night). I find that I'm happier with my food choices. I tend to eat decently and I add the fun foods when I really want them. And I do eat them. And I don't feel guilty. For the diet nuts, I was a size 18 when I finished reading the book in January and I am now a size 14. I've not exercised, aside from walking my dog. I've just eaten intuitively. I struggled desperately on Weight Watchers last fall (before reading this book) with counting points and working out 2x a day to lose 10 pounds in 3 months - I was miserable and I felt so guilty eating my points I was entitled. It's not Weight Watchers fault. It is a program which does teach moderation and eating what you enjoy. It just didn't address the real issue for me - dissatisfaction with food.

    How else have I been impacted? For 18 years, I rarely slept through the entire night. I would wake up and eat - dissatisfaction again because the things I would eat when I woke were the things I would hide (chocolate chips, pop tarts, candy)because I was not supposed to eat them. This has had a major impact on me as I sleep through the night most every night (maybe one or two nights a month I now wake up) when before I would sleep through the night maybe 4-5 nights a month.

    For me, the biggest message I gleaned from the book is gaining satisfaction from what I eat. If you have an ingrained eating disorder, you may actually need professional help that a book like this cannot provide. Seek help if you require it. This book could be a good first step towards improving your life....more info
  • great book
    This book is changing my life. I have to say... its not a quick fix. Not at all. I've been following their advice for months now. Its changing my head and my train of thought... my body has yet to catch up. It is a great book for anyone suffering from an eating disorder, or if they're simple obsessed with food. After years of Weight Watchers, I couldn't even think straight about what I wanted to eat for dinner. This book is putting me back on the right track. Its an easy read and it has a quick reference section. I am constantly re-reading it for more ideas and support. ...more info
  • Very Intuitive Reading
    I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever struggled with food, weight, and dieting. While I found one chapter on their suggested nutritional guidelines a bit antiquated, the basic tenets of their philosophy are so universally, intuitively true. It is a common sense approach to food and life that will teach you to look within for answers. Absolutely refreshing!...more info
  • Life Changing
    If you actually learn to trust your body and listen to your body, it can do wonders for your self esteem and outlook on everything. This book helped me get out of the mind set of the eating disordered, and taught me to trust myself. My body knows what it wants and what it needs. Some days I'm hungier than others, and some days I eat fattier foods than the next day. That's all okay because it all balances out in the end, and my body is getting what it wants and needs. The book made reference to young children and how they know when to eat and when not to, what to eat and what not to. They know how to listen to their bodies, and this book helped me learn to listen to mine as well. We are all different shapes and sizes, and we don't have to fit the ideal standard that our world has set out for us - we aren't all size zeros who eat low fat foods every day and avoid cake and cookies like they are poison. Trust yourself. Read this book and learn that food doesn't have to consume every thought that goes through your head....more info
  • Makes sense---but not so easy to do
    This book (and many others on this subject) makes a lot of sense. Eat when you're hungry. Stop when you're satisfied. I agree with this in theory. In my many attempts to follow this, I found that I was only truly hungry about twice a day.

    However, the problem is that complete intuitive eating is somewhat unrealistic in American society. For example, I found that I was never really hungry until around 11:00 a.m. Okay, so I'd eat. Then, I'd be really hungry at about 4. So, I'd eat. But that meant that I wouldn't be hungry for dinner. So, what am I supposed to say to my spouse---"Sorry, but I can't eat dinner with you because I'm not hungry. I'll just sit here at the dinner table and watch you eat while I sip some water." It's unrealistic to put all social situations involving food aside.

    Additionally, this book made me realize something: I don't want to relegate food to just necessity. I mean, food is one of the pleasures of life. Should I forego that once-in-a-blue moon dessert at a fancy restaurant because I'm not hungry?

    I agree that our society does FAR too much social eating and eating for a million reasons other than hunger. That's one extreme. The other extreme is intuitive eating. There has to be some sort of balance between eating only for hunger and eating only for pleasure....more info
  • Not just a book, but a program
    If you want to stop dieting and live your life by treating food like fuel, with no emotional attachments, this may be the program for you. I know people who swear by this program and for them this book seems to be the gateway to how to achieve that new life. For me, this book was not the be all and end all that I had hoped. I think if you follow the instructions to the letter of the law, it may very well work. I guess I don't have the patience for that. It's good reading, just not necessarily a life changing reading for all....more info
  • This Book Has Changed My Life
    After coping with compulsive eating and recently dieting and binge eating, I was desperate to break free from my obsession with food and my body. This book has opened my eyes and set me on a new course.

    Intuitive Eating is a revolutionary concept, even though it is basically the most normal, natural way to eat -- the way a child deals with food! The authors have started a movement that has been gaining momentum and is becoming more and more popular in the midst of all the diet mentality our society shoves down our throats.

    This book is for anyone struggling with eating and food issues: anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, compulsive dieting and exercising. It's for people who can't stop weighing themselves and are constantly criticizing themselves because of some perceived flaw on their bodies.

    The authors instruct us to toss out these irrational, destructive beliefs we have about dieting, exercise, food and our bodies and learn instead to honor and respect our bodies. Their research and case studies are convincing and inspiring, and their clearly explained principles are easy to understand.

    This book has changed my life. I recommend it to anyone who is tired of feeling like a failure because they can't stay on a diet, even though it's the diet industry that is failing us. This book has given me hope that I can become a healthier, happier person....more info